Design Ron’s Chocolate Frog Card Contest Now Open, New Years Contest Winners Announced

Jan 13, 2008

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Our contest crew has a new venture to bring you today. The Design Ron’s Chocolate Frog Card Contest has you creating your own Chocolate Frog card for Ron Weasley, one of the beloved characters in J. K. Rowling’s series. With your minds to the post Deathly Hallows era, we would like you to create both a biography and photo of this now, grown up wizard. Here , on the contest page, we have for you a few examples of the kind work to aspire towards as well as complete information. More than one person is able to enter as part of a single entry in this contest; complete rules are available on the Contest Page. As always this contest is open to readers 13 or older who are not part of the judging. Please e-mail your submissions to [email protected] by 11:59 pm ET on 10 February. Please place in the e-mail header “Ron’s Chocolate Frog Card”.

On a related note, we have now announced the winners of our last contest asking for New Years resolutions for your favorite Harry Potter characters. Below we have the winners of this contest as well as a few Honorable Mention (HM).

Hogwarts Personnel

  • First Place: Mallory V – Sir Cadogan – Defeat all the scurvy braggarts, rogues, dogs, and knaves in the castle, while soundly mounted on the great grey beast!
  • HM: Anna K – Severus Snape – Stop watching wildlife documentaries about the mating season in the animals with antlers.
  • Order Members

  • First Place: Rachel Zander – Arthur Weasley – This year I resolve to find out where exactly this ‘World Wide Web’ is located and exactly what kind of spider made it. Oh, uh, just don’t tell Molly¦ Please¦
  • HM: Curious – Aberforth Dumbledore – Don’t let the Death Eaters get my goat.
  • Magical Creatures

  • First Place: MistyH – Crookshanks – I, Crookshanks, resolve this year to leave alone any tempting little thing that looks like it might come from Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes. The ear was pretty good, but I saw what that ton-tongue toffee can do. How in the world would I bathe???
  • Students

  • First Place: Rachel Zander – Vincent Crabbe – I resolve, after I have killed Harry Potter single handedly of course, to do what I have been dreaming of doing ever since I spent all those hours standing guard outside the room of requirement last year. And that is to do what Barnabas the Barmy in that tapestry could not, and actually teach those trolls, once and for all, to do ballet. That way the dark Lord and all of Hogwarts shall know just how strong and what a powerful leader I am. It will also allow me to show of my prowess as a great ballet dancer, which I have kept quiet because Draco has made me, I think because he is jealous. But he and his family have lost the Dark Lord’s favor and now it is my turn to prove myself¦
  • HM: Curious – Vincent Crabbe – Seek enlightenment.
  • Rotten Tomatoes

  • First Place: Rachel Zander – Dolores Umbridge – My resolution is obviously to punish that Harry Potter. Also, I must remember to accuse the owner of Twillfit and Tattings of being a mudblood. That way when the ministry seizes that shop of hers I can take that delightful pink cardigan in the window, the one with all of those charming little bows on it, for myself. It will go perfectly with that lovely pink taffeta bow-topped alice band that I recently acquired from that Mudblood I sent to Azkaban yesterday¦
  • Others

  • First Place: Curious – Xenophilius Lovegood – Update homeowners insurance policy.
  • Although Aunt Marge was absent from DH and thus ineligible for placement in our contest, we’d like to acknowledge MistyH for her creativity.

  • Aunt Marge – I, Marge Dursley, resolve to find a self-help group this year and stop drinking. That last round of brandy a few years ago caused horrible dreams – dreams of expanding to 10 times my normal size and floating through the air, unable to get myself down. Although, when Ripper attacked Vernon’s leg, that WAS quite comical….

    Congratulations to all!

  • Finding Hogwarts

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