PotterCast 134: Rawffle!


Jan 18, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Melissa is back to her regular spot next to Sue and John in this week’s PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast in which we are joined by a large number of staffers to speak about the latest rumor regarding the “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” film. Passing the mic around, we all take turns giving our take on this news and theorizing as to the possible outcomes. In the news we discuss the latest nominations and wins for Harry Potter actors in various ceremonies, Emma Watson’s diary entry on filming her first scenes for “Half-Blood Prince,” and the rumors about a two-part “Deathly Hallows” film as well as its possible director. We also have some new essay talk from our Scribby 5 girls as well as updates regarding our PotterCast Acting Troupe auditions. To listen, just hit the “Play” button on the right side of the page (->), or use iTunes, or direct download.


- Leaky Staffcast! A couple dozen leaky staffers take the mic this week in New York to sound off on the rumor of splitting “Deathly Hallows” into two movies.
- The Rotfang conspiracy.
- How many times will Rupert get book-whacked on the head in HBP?
- The Trio’s take on the Writer’s Guild strike.
- Del Toro and Cuaron team up for DH?
- Drolling over Phoenix in high-def Blu-ray.
- Moochka Pinatas take over Melissa’s book party!
- Scribby5: A Neville Essay from Scribby author, Linda.
- PotterCast acting troupe audition update!
- PotterCast ending in July 2008?

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32 Responses to PotterCast 134: Rawffle!

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Yeeaaah! Cool! _ Can’t wait to listen!

Welcome back Melvin!

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Just in time for a long trip! Thanks for posting guys – we’ve missed you! We’ve missed you Melvin, but John and Sue, you’ve been great!!!

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Yaaaay! At last it’s here! 8D

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Pottercast acting troupe ehh? Waiting for the update on that :)

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“Del Toro and Cuaron team up for DH?” YES PLEASE!!!!

LOL okay, now that I’ve let that out, I’m off to listen =)

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“PotterCast ending in July 2008?”

That’s the saddest thing I’ve ever read in my life. I must get me a listen to the podcast then, and find out what nonsense this is crosses fingers

Welcome back Melvin! When’s the book coming out??

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Listening now… :) Finally!

Welcome back Melvin.

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POTTERCAST ENDING IN JULY 2008??!!!!!!!! NO! I haven’t listened to this episode yet, but my heart skipped a beat when I read that. Pottercast CANNOT end like mugglecast is!

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prays that the ending in 08 is just some sort of cruel joke But at least it’s up and now I can get my fix.

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PotterCast ending in July 2008? I need a “Time Turner”

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now that I’ve let that out, I’m off to listen =) http://aishwaryaraifanclub.net has more news related to PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast in which we are joined by a large number of staffers to speak about the latest rumor

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PotterCast ending July 08—please say it isn’t true!

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if pottercast ends in 2008, i am going to be soo mad it won’t be funny.

i love you guys and you keep me sane.

going to listen right now.

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Great pottercast! My opinion on where the first movie could/would end would be right at the end of the Godric’s Hollow chapter…right as Harry/Hermione escape Voldemort…and perhaps see Harry passed out and Hermione trying to wake him up, his wand lying next to him broken. Total cliffhanger, total despair. The final movie opens with a flashback (like LOTR)...the expounded version of the night Harry’s parents were killed. The last movie begins with how the story started.

Avatar Image says:

I think the first Deathly Hallow movie will just be a two-hour long recap of Movies 1-6! And then the second movie will be Deathly Hallows itself.

I’m so kidding. Actually, I would prefer for it to be just one movie. I don’t think the book would stand division and a six-month intermission very well.

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Neat podcast, by the way!

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Please don’t do this. We have been nothing but loyal – our intrest has never wavered and we hae never given you the impression that we were tired of you guys or annything. We appreciate all you do and love to listen.

Ideas fand reasons for not ending the show

How will JKR come back if you guys are off air

Ask Fans to host it

Have entire shows of PotterCast Acting Troups

Explore other parts of the fandom

Have other hosts and rotate if you guys are out if yous are too tired or out of ideas

I will hold you personally resonsible for ending the fandom if you do this – you guys keep it alive, your like a daily news paper for a small town.

I thought you were better than MuggleCast

You guys are really hitting ur stide – the show gets better every week – and you’ve just had a surge of new listens after the JKR interview

Have wizard Rockers host the show

I would do it if you guys need a break

Have a show entirely of John making sandwhichs

Have a show of mellisa explaining her book

Have a Hufflepuff theme show for sue – parade and everything

Have shows that go into the extraordainarily complex lore of everything

Have a show of outtakes thorughout the year

Have a show announcing the winners of various forgotten Challenges

Have a show just of your favorite wizard rock songs

Have a show where listeners call up and create a story or song on air – like popcorn reading

Have a show of reading the best fan fiction

As you can tell I am devestated in hearing some of my best friends no longer want to see me – what did we do wrong?

Keep safe, Keep Faith

From listener since Episode one.

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loyal: listen to the show, and keep faith. :)

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Del Toro and Cuaron team up for DH? Oh yes, please please PLEASE! :D

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Whatever happens I’ll be with you through and through.

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Damn, I downloaded the podcast and realised I downloaded the previous version again. I thought it sounded familiar..nevermind, I can think of worst things than t listen to a repeat of podcast! Have to wait unitl tonight to listen the new though.

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I forget to mention in my comment that I totally agree with John when he said that most people don’t consider Harry Potter an art but the “Big Machine” as he put it. Just last week my English teacher came into my art class while I was working on a Harry Potter memorial book and for the page dedicated to the second book I made a basilisk fang to go through the page. She said it look really cool and I asked her, “Do you remember that scene from the books?” and she said, “Well I’ve never actually read them but I’ve seen the movies” A kid sitting next to me said, “You’re anEnglish teacher! Why have you not read Harry Potter?” and she said, “Well, I don’t consider it great literature.”

I have since then lost all respect for her opinions.

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I’m an English teacher, and I think Potter is brilliant literature that will be read for centuries. We’re out there too!

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Guys, I haven’t listened to the podcast, but I’m sure that the line about Pottercast ending is just a joke. They like to tease. I think their 200th episode will be this summer, so John probably joked they would quit after that.

But like I said, I haven’t listened yet so I can’t be certain.

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Thank god it was just a joke …

Avatar Image says:

Thank God thaTending in 208 was just a joke! I was going to cry, I love Pottercast so much!!

Avatar Image says:

that ending 2008 sorry

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“a mixture of dark magic and gum disease”= the rotfang conspiracy. I think luna quoted this as being a plot , as she is talking at one of slughorns parties. I think its brilliant ! Anyway thanks for yet another great potterCast all its great to have you all back together ( I know Melissa was Hiding lol) I look foreward to my weekly potterCast every week Thanks all :)

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Great show! Only…

Snape as Judge Turpin? I don’t think so.

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it was an incredible show this week no joke, definitely one of hte best in awhile, i loved alex and matt they were hilariousssss wrockers are totallllly my fave lol

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I totally enjoyed sitting at Melissa’s and listening to you all talk about Harry. What a brilliant idea to invite all of us to you apartment for the evening Mel! Thanks and welcome back!!!

I particularly enjoyed the cab ride. It reminded me that I got a TomTom GPS for Chirstmas and was thinking it would be cool if I could get it to talk like Jim Dale’s McGonigall: “I daresay, you’ve reached your destination”.

Well at least the cab driver had read Harry.

Avatar Image says:

I too loved being at Melissa’s aptmnt the comments and “banter” between everyone is brilliant, it was soo like being with u guys awesum.(regarding the writers, yes if they hadn’t put things together then the media would not exist, every one involved should be considered when work is released ! )rant over] Oh by the way “parfieroles” are choux pastry filled with cream and fruit also very often chocolate. I am in favour of “intermision” rather than 2 separate movies. I love the Idea of a “tom-tom” speaking with vaious profesers voices that would be kewl big time.(the possibilities are endless). Great show again gang :)))))

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