Dan Radcliffe Talks New Movie Role as Dan Eldon


Jan 22, 2008

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Previously we told you actor Dan Radcliffe was taking on a new film role for a movie based on the life of late photojournalist Dan Eldon. In a new interview with Empire magazine, Dan Radcliffe confirms he is interested in the film, however notes it is not as close to production as various media reports have stated. Dan says:

“There’s a lot of stuff flying around about this at the moment,” he said. “I am absolutely attached to it and it would be amazing to play that part. But people are making assumptions about when it’s going to happen and it won’t happen ’ if indeed it does happen ’ for a while yet. But basically…Eldon grew up in Africa and discovered a gift and a passion for photography. Eventually he got too caught up in something that lead to his death”.

To prepare for the role Radcliffe spoke at length with Eldon’s family about his life. “They showed me some of his diaries, which the film will be based on mostly,” he continued. “They’re incredible. There have got to be 20 books and they’re all inches thick, with things sellotaped into them and with wires coming out and everything. He was someone who died very young, but seemed to live as full a life as much as anyone who lived to be a ripe old age. It’ll be incredible to play him”.

Dan Eldon was a young photographer who was brutally murdered in Somalia in 1993, when he and three other colleagues were stoned to death after an angry mobbed turned on the journalists in the aftermath of a bombing in Mogadishu. You can read more about Dan Eldon here, as well as learn more about journalists who are killed each year while bringing the news, here.

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