Additional “Half-Blood Prince” Location Filming Photos ; Costume Fitting this Week at Gloucester Cathedral

Jan 27, 2008

Posted by: SueTLC


As a follow up to our previous post , crews from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince continue to prepare for location filming at Gloucester Cathedral in England. Thanks to TLC reader Becca, you can now see some additional photos of the work and sets being prepared for filming due in the coming days and weeks. Anyone who attends the filming, please send in your reports and photos and we will post.

UPDATE: This is Gloucestershire has another preview article online this am, noting that costume fitting is to take place this week for the 174 students who will be seen as extras in the upcoming sixth Harry Potter film. The students are looking forward to getting fitted for their Hogwarts robes, as one student notes “I’m very excited about seeing the celebrities, and I most looking forward to meeting Emma Watson (Hermione). I can’t wait to have my costume and am excited to see what house I will be put in – I hope it’s Slytherin.” Year six pupil Emily Summers said: “The two things I am looking forward to the most are watching everything going on around me, like filming and getting my costume fitted, and having my hair and make-up done. I love Harry Potter and I am really excited about being in the film because it is going to be like we are really at Hogwarts.”

Thanks much Becca!

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