Scholastic Announces Children’s Essay Contest to Win Trip to “Beedle the Bard” Release Party


Oct 20, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

As a follow to what we first reported below, Scholastic, the US publishers of the Harry Potter novels, have now formally announced a Children’s Essay Contest to win a trip to Scotland for the release of The Tales of Beedle the Bard. This contest, open to children ages 8-17 and begins today, requires the entrant to write a “an essay of 200 words or less describing how they
have helped others. Because so many kids today are taking an interest
in helping others in their schools, communities and around the world,
the Scholastic contest gives them an opportunity to write about
causes they care about and what they’ve done to make a difference.”

Five winners and their parents/guardians will win an all expenses trip to Edinburgh, Scotland for the release party on December 4 at the National Library of Scotland. The press release also notes that “the extraordinary celebration will
be a children’s tea party with 250 children. J.K. Rowling will read
from “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” and then take part in a Q&A
session hosted by Barry Cunningham, publisher of The Chicken House(R)
and Rowling’s first editor.”

To enter, CLICK HERE. This contest run now until 5 p.m. EST
on October 30. Entrants must be legal residents of the United States
with a valid U.S. passport and between ages 8-17. Each winner will have to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who must also
have a valid U.S. passport and be available to travel with the

23 Responses to Scholastic Announces Children’s Essay Contest to Win Trip to “Beedle the Bard” Release Party

Avatar Image says: 1st post! SCOTLAND! YAY! The link to enter doesn't work.Avatar Image says: OMG! That would be so fun! no way!Avatar Image says: That is fantastic! Makes me want to live in Scotland and be between the ages of 8 & 17. [Alas...I don't even begin to qualify] I'm thinking about having my own "release party"....not as nifty as this, but fun. And both Adults and Children. In stead of a "write an essay" thing, we're just going to discuss and take turns reading the Tales. [all to be recorded, audio, naturally] You go, Jo and Scholastic! what better way to celebrate a literary event! Avatar Image says: Im gonna enter!! Link to enter isn't working. Avatar Image says: OMG!! That would be amazing. BUT the contest is only open to the US, not Canadians :( how sad. Avatar Image says: What are you guys talking about? The link is working.Avatar Image says: WOOT! So glad to be 17 :D And work with little girl scouts. [I hope that counts, I mean IT SHOULD. I'm an assistant girl scouts leader afterall -__- ] Hopefully I win *crosses fingers*Avatar Image says: i'm totally entering!!! yay for helping water-deprived people in Africa!!Avatar Image says: i'm totally entering!!! yay for helping water-deprived people in Africa!!Avatar Image says: Noooo! I'm 18 :`(Avatar Image says: entering as we speak!!Avatar Image says: I'd love to enter, and I fit the age requirement, but I haven't done anything worthy of winning in my life :(Avatar Image says: Only US residents... :-( I wish I could enter...Avatar Image says: only U.S. residents? wahh! i live like an half an hour from scotland, yet i cant enter? (north england, just below the border!) Avatar Image says: I imagine there will be Amazon and Bloomsbury (and other publishers?) competitions announced shortly, and some of those might be open to those at the far north of England, or the Edinburgh Evening News ballot might be open more generally. I think it is most likely that the competitions will be restricted to children though.Avatar Image says: I am to old to enter but if the winner needs a chaperone I am available. Passport and time off and ready to go at a moments notice :-) Avatar Image says: It's about time! I was beginning to think that people had forgotten about the half of the teens now who STARTED reading Potter when they were 8 and 9 and 10. It seems like every contest nowadays is for little children in elementary school and adults. I have hated the feeling of being left out when I've grown up my childhood with Harry Potter. Well I just turned 17 so I guess I can enter if it's good enoughAvatar Image says: OMG!! That would be soooo cool and the 4th of Dec is my 15th Birthday. But I haven't really done anything that deserves a place. Would helping out at my local Brownies count?? And I'm in England why is it only open in the USA? Or is it open to the English? Laurel xxAvatar Image says: I live 40 mins away from edinburgh (dundee) and yet i cant enter!? i this a joke or have i misread? :S Avatar Image says: Why Whyyyy is it only open to people in the US! :(Avatar Image says: crap! i'm eighteen.Avatar Image says: THIS contest is only open to the U.S. because Scholastic is the U.S. publisher. Rowling herself said that other kids could win tickets through Bloomsbury and Amazon also so visit those sites to continue trying if you're outside the U.S. Although I still think that it's going to be 17 and under :/ sorry guysAvatar Image says: The winners were supossed to be posted on November 14th, but i can't find it posted anywhere. I worked very hard on my submission. Does anybody know where the winners are listed? it is not on as it said on the scholastic site.

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