Rumor Alert: Hogwarts, the Ride and More on the Wizarding World of Harry Potter


Oct 22, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Several rumor alerts tonight regarding the upcoming Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park attraction under construction at Universal Orlando. Screamscape is reporting that the giant castle of Hogwarts will not only serve as the center of the park, but will also be home to a “big new ride [that] will be placed inside the massive Hogwarts castle that is currently under construction.” The report also continues to say “Once the ride portion of the castle is finished and walled in, they
will begin to move in the pieces and build it up away from prying eyes
until they are ready to make the big announcement. As for Hogwarts
itself¦ if the rumors are true this thing will grow and grow. According
to one source the massive castle structure will top out somewhere over
the 200 foot mark, making it bigger than the castle at the Magic
Kingdom (189 ft).”

Also a second piece of news involves a potential Harry Potter show to take place at the theme park. Screamscape states that “one of the Hollywood casting sheets has posted a
rather interesting casting choice looking for a SAG actor for a
“Project Strongarm” shoot for a “Theme Park Attraction”. The shoot will
only last 1 day in mid November, but they’re looking to shoot a British
professor role (Male 50s ’ 70s) who will be “A friendly, welcoming
professor who greets new students enthusiastically. This character
appears as one element of a Harry Potter theme park attraction.” This also follows a report they have that the current Sinbad show will evolve into a Harry Potter show. Readers will recall that back in March, we at TLC had a report regarding casting beginning for “all the major parts for the characters in the books’ in
addition to others such as “a wand instructor for the kids. They
basically show kids how to do wand magic tricks.” Others “will be
traveling actors through the park playing the parts of wizards that
come together in duels. They have specific spots in the park that this
happens for special effects. For example, one wizard throws a spell at
the other, the other reacts, does stunts and the places around, or
behind them, bursts into flames or there is an explosion.”

As exciting as all of this sounds, please keep all of this very much in the rumor category for now. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park is set to open in 2010. Thanks to UHP for mailing!

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Avatar Image says: wow this is the first time ive made a comment and im first! i cant wait for the theme park its gonna be awesomeAvatar Image says: I am so looking forward to the opening of the park! As soon as the Official Opening is announced ... I'll be making my reservations!Avatar Image says: that sounds sick, especially the random duels happening in the parkAvatar Image says: whoa im so excited! i cant wait for it to be open, i want to go so bad! its like, every fans dream come true to walk inside the castle.......(: goodness im getting chills just thinking about it!!!!Avatar Image says: thank goodness for season passes. go florida :PAvatar Image says: I can't believe I lived in Orlando for 6 years, and now that I'm in Oregon, I'll have to visit like a tourist(expensive!). I could have WORKED there! FYI, though, the summer is hot and stormy, so visit in the winter...I think that would fit the snowy Hogsmeade village theme anyway. Avatar Image says: Hmmm, seems like the right thing to do. Incorperate a ride with the castle experience. That way they can control the flow of people better. Id suppose the castle will be a HUGE attraction and people will stuff inside like sardines! Clostraphobia anyone?Avatar Image says: Ooh, they should have like a Hogwarts version of a "Dream Suite" in the castle, and then randomly select a guest to stay there each night!Avatar Image says: im so excited!!! i cant wait for it to come!!! this is AWESOME!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I'm so pumped for this!!! Thank goodness I go to Florida like every 5 minutes =/ but now I'll actually be happy to go hahaAvatar Image says: im so excited. i live in florida and go to orlando all the time. i hope they let audience members participate in the dueling parts. Avatar Image says: I can't wait! My hubby and I are taking our kids on a vacation to Islands of Adventure in Feb. They don't know! I can't wait to see how much of the HP Theme park they have done in Feb!!!!!! I just love HP!!!!!Avatar Image says: My dreams have now come true. A ride inside of Hogwarts?Avatar Image says: This is great! I know it's still "in the rumor" stage. @Chad and ihartpink: I think the whole "duling" thing will, most likely, will be like the "cowboy stunt shows" at Knot's Berry Farm. Except they may just be random,"spur of the moment" instead of "special advance timed". Also, if they are going to do "pyrotechnics" along with them, they will, for safety reasons, be set, where visitors can't get hurt...Surprised, yes. "In the way", nope. Too dangerous. Could be pretty neat. Just remember: Theme Parks usually work these things out with safety, plus visual, in mind. I like the "walking around the park" character thing. Probably like 'Cinderella' and 'Snow White' at Disney. No "papier mache" heads [or do they use fiberglass] That would be "ridiculus"! Can't wait! Some friends and I, already have a "road trip", from South Carolina, planned!Avatar Image says: Hey guys what do you think of this: This theme park will open sometime after Deathly Hallows comes out and it will attract many more people to Harry Potter. With that much excitement and popularity, surly JK will change her mind and pick up the story again with Harry and Ron's kids. Surly enough people will write to her, begging her to continue the story with the new generation. Even though Voldermort is dead, there will always be somebody who wants to become the most powerful wizard. I'm sure that after Dumbldore defeated the other Dark Wizard, every one in that world thought that evil had been defeated once and for all, but wait, here comes Voldermort. Avatar Image says: Very clever article title. :)Avatar Image says: In a way I think it's a shame the park isn't being built in England as it IS Harry's home, but of course we don't really have the room or, I suspect, the money! I'm going to have to get rich quick if I want to go all the way to the States for this.... :(Avatar Image says: Like always, only the Americans are benefitted. If the park works well they could make the European version like Disney made. Don't forget that Harry Potter is totally English! And though I'm from Spain its very easy to go to any European country than a flight to Florida with hours and hours in a plane, you know.Avatar Image says: I live in Florida and I can't wait until this opens. I have never gone over to the universal park-I usually go to Disney with my niece who is six but I now will go over to Universal for this. Plus Florida resident discount tickets are a plus. :) On a side note. Did anyone else get an e-mail from Amazon saying they shipped Harry a History yesterday? I tracked my order and it should arrive on Monday. It has not travel far yet just going from FORT WAYNE IN to INDIANAPOLIS IN but it is on the way. :)Avatar Image says: Ahh! Exciting! :DAvatar Image says: eep! i can not wait! but ya, deffinally go in the winter cuz summers here r misrable. better yet go in fall..Avatar Image says: I really do feel for the people in England that have to fly over here and spend hours on a plane. But I am grateful that we do have it here in the US. I have a 10 and half hour trip from WV. But I'm not complaining. I can't wait!!!Avatar Image says: perfection....Avatar Image says: John Noe, if this rumor is true, you will have been right once again.Avatar Image says: Sounds great - I'm so glad I can get to Orlando for free with work. :)Avatar Image says: I do hope that the castle is big enough to accommidate the huge crowd expected at the park, the bigger the better.Avatar Image says: ZOMG SO COOL!Avatar Image says: Don't mean to sound like a killjoy, but I think it is TOTALLY unfair that America is to get this theme park - it should be built in England for heaven's sake! Building Harry Potter world in America is the equivalent of the first ever Disneyland being built in London. Harry is an English creation and we should get the theme park!! (And I mean no disrespect to the US fans of course)Avatar Image says: I want to see a ride inside Gringott's, a runaway vault cart with a dragon and everything!Avatar Image says: I agree with you on that point Faith, but then you have to wonder why the English never jumped up to do it before the U.S. did. It's not like people take claims on who gets to do what just because something originated in their country. It was an idea started in America and they just followed through with it with Rowling's permissionAvatar Image says: 2010 is sooo farrr awayyy... & so is orlando. :(Avatar Image says: As to why the park was built in the US and not the UK? Um, Warner Bros. is greedy? Same reason they moved HBP's release to summer, a better movie market (though they lose out on Christmas toy season). Now, if they're smart, they're having the real HP actors film things for the park that are unique, like maybe some scenes for inside the ride - they didn't say if this is a roller coaster or a slower ride with some quick spots (like the Spider-Man ride). If they're real smart, they get at least the Trio there for opening day. And since they know that'll probably draw a record crowd, I'd expect them there.Avatar Image says: I am so excited, I live in FL and will be there opening day. I will wait in line hours or days to be one of the first. I was planning on moving out of the state in 2009 before this news came, know I plan to stay around for a while longer.Avatar Image says: All of this sounds really cool I cant wait till I go to go to the park and try everything there is. I love getting these comments about the theme park, because Iv been paying attention to it and how they're coming along with the whole setup. Keep trying to Post more of these.Avatar Image says: i know you people say you mean no disrespect to American fans when you say things like "we don't deserve to have the park" or "it's unfair that Americans are always benefitted"...but it is very disrespectful, to me as an American fan...WE can't help it. WB is an American company and like a previous person stated (and we all know) WB is SOOOOOOO greedy greedy greedy. Also mentioned, it could have been built in the UK but no one jumped on the opportunity so when the time struck, Universal Studios snatched it up with JK's permission....stop bashing America, i know you don't mean anything by it, but it's still unfair to us.Avatar Image says: I understand the pain of those who say it should have been done in the UK. After all, its roots are there. However, this project is very expensive, and I'm sure they want to get as much profit as possible from that portion of the park. Not only does the USA have over five times the population of the UK (as of 2008), but the city in which it's being built (Orlando) is a hotspot for tourists due to it having a ton of internationally known theme parks and attractions. Avatar Image says: omg. im soooo pissed. i would absoloutly ADORE to go there. but i know the chances of me goin gare like, 1 in a million. urggg

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