Winners of the Harry Potter Decor Contest Announced


Oct 27, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Last month, we brought you the Harry Potter Themed Decor Contest, which asked you to photograph a room which you have decorated in a Harry Potter style or theme. After receiving many splendid entries, we now have for you the winners of this contest.

First Place: Carmen Ruybe

This room is decked out like the Gryffindor common room. The fireplace is my most prized item. My friends Dennis and Betty Gronseth and Rich Forgey, my son Derick Jackson, my sister Vicki and my husband Joe helped a lot. Look closely and you will see replicas made by Michele Klau, Ealaveandor, and HPMagician. Some of the other items in the pictures were made by Jennifer K. Clark and Castle.elf. I have been collecting HP for 5 yrs now and have a whole room full of figures and trinkets. Some of the Hogwart’s books in the pictures were made by Order_thru the Phoenix as well. There is a wall with the “Lady and the Unicorn” covering like the Gryffindor common room. The wall hanging was made by Michele Klau. There is a great picture of my windows with the arches in my homemade Gryffindor common room. When I come home this is the first place I come everyday. This room started off being the family reading room. My youngest son likes to read in his room now. Even though the trunk has the Hogwarts emblem upside down I still keep it in my room.

Second Place: Amy Warren

is my newly decorated 8 year old son’s room. The pillows, bed hangings,
and curtains were sewn by me. the walls are “scene setters dungeon wall.

Third Place: Ruth Pendzich

are pictures of my Guest Room which I have decorated with a lot of my
HP collectibles and handmade replicas. Most of the non-commercial Harry
Potter-related items are made by me, (with the exception of the
Knockturn Alley sign and the Slytherin Locket), as this is one of my
hobbies. I know these collage pictures are a bit busy, but I have so
much stuff jammed in this room, it’s hard to show it all. I also have
two other rooms in my home decorated with an HP theme.

Congratulations to all!

29 Responses to Winners of the Harry Potter Decor Contest Announced

Avatar Image says: Those are so awesome!!! Avatar Image says: nice!Avatar Image says: Wow i wish i had rooms like these. they are awesome! :) Great job guys!Avatar Image says: Those rooms are all fantastic; congrats you guys! :)Avatar Image says: WOW! Great rooms! I like the triwizard tournament cup in the third place room! They all have a LOT of stuff! I have harry's wand!!!!!! It would be so cool to have my house like that! Great Job every one!Avatar Image says: I have to say, I actually like the 2nd place best- love the faux stone wall and canopied bed- just what I wish I had when I was a kid!Avatar Image says: Is it just me or is the Harry, A History countdown, counting down to 1 AM and not midnight?? Avatar Image says: I WISH I HAD A ROOM LIKE THIS/THESE! Awesome job!!! I am writing a report for school currently about Leaky-a research paper of sorts about how the harry potter fans have been able to create an entire (online) culture. Hope my teacher likes it! Avatar Image says: personally i love the detail from the 3rd place winner's room! they should have won 1st! i would love a Harry Potter room at my house!Avatar Image says: i personally like the last one the best! i would lose my mind in bliss if i was in thereAvatar Image says: I think the 3rd place one is the best. That is a TON of HP stuff. Must have cost a fortune. I like the 4 houses thing going on too.Avatar Image says: I love the the windows from the 1rst, the stone walls from the 2nd, and all the accessories from the 3rd. Awesome job!!Avatar Image says: I want a room like this. The last one is AMAZING! the second place winner is pretty cool tooAvatar Image says: I want a room like this. The last one is AMAZING! the second place winner is pretty cool tooAvatar Image says: Those rooms are really neat. I got my copy of Harry a History today in the mail so the countdown is over for me. :)Avatar Image says: I loved those rooms, but I would give Amy Warren the first place. It's awesome!Avatar Image says: Yeah, these rooms are totally cool. I like the second one best of all. What 8 year old wouldn't love it. The countdown for Melissa's book is over for me too. I got mine in the mail today also. Have you started reading it yet Michele? :) JKMcGonagall (Kay)Avatar Image says: Envious. That's all I can say. I so want these rooms! Avatar Image says: Wow awesome stuff!! Ruth totally should have won first place though!!!Avatar Image says: Congratulations Carmen, Amy, & Ruth! Such imagination & creativity! Enjoyed scanning over your rooms. WELL DONE!Avatar Image says: Cool rooms. The countdown is counting down to midnight, taking into account the time change for daylight savings which happens this weekend.Avatar Image says: These are some fantastic rooms! I think my favorite has got to be the last one though (the third prize winner)-- it's absolutely phenomenal and looks like it took much effort.Avatar Image says: amazing details! love all of them. i'm glad i wasn't a judge. the contest would never end. lol!Avatar Image says: Oh wow! Each of those winners rooms looks so fantastic! I'm so jealous! I want my house to look like that!Avatar Image says: and some of my friends think I am crazy coz my son has a Nimbus 2000 flying under the ceiling and the walls are painted red and yellow and I have lots of wands and a few schoolbooks on my shelves: Potionmaking by Bunsen and Goshawk.... AWESOME! Great jobs, all of you!Avatar Image says: can we see the other entries? these are so inspiring and fun that i want more!Avatar Image says: Congrats to all. I think the third person shuld have been the winner. If I were you Ruth, I will advertise the room on the net for renting, I am sure lots of us would like to spend a night there :DAvatar Image says: wow. i want my room like these! :D im jelous of 2nd place's room. Actually im jelous of them all! aha. They are great though :)Avatar Image says: I personally think more work went into the 2nd place room then the 1st! I especially love the poster above the bed it looks really cool :D

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