Video Interview: Robbie Coltrane Talks Flying Bike Scene for “Deathly Hallows”


Oct 28, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Actor Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) has given a few new interviews while attending the London Film Festival for the screening of his latest movie, The Brothers Bloom. Empire Online has a brief video interview at this festival where he briefly mentions the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movies. In the interview (approx 2:42 in) reflects on completing the series, and also says he has some fight scenes coming up, and is looking forward to his stunt scene on the flying bike, a Triumph 500. Please note at the beginning of the video you can see a short clip with actor Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort) where he discusses some of the many films and great directors he has worked with in his career.

A print interview has also surfaced with Robbie Coltrane where he addresses the filming schedule for the two Deathly Hallows films. Speaking with the BBC, Robbie Coltrane confirmed again that filming begins in February of next year and that “There’s going to be downtime between film one and two. You know,
they’re shooting it in two parts, so there’ll be a week or two in the
middle.” The piece continued:

Each Harry Potter film seems to get bigger and bigger.

Robbie Coltrane: They were always written as another year in the children’s lives and they’re 17 now of course. So life has changed for them.

Romance is in the air. The threats get more and more threatening
as his powers and knowledge and all of their powers and magic get
stronger. They have to up the anti. The books are like that, that’s the
way they’re written.

32 Responses to Video Interview: Robbie Coltrane Talks Flying Bike Scene for “Deathly Hallows”

Avatar Image says: Ooh I can't WAIT untl they start filming :DAvatar Image says: Hagrid on a flying motorcycle. I can't wait!Avatar Image says: I'm really glad they aren't cutting out the flying motorcycle. I wasn't really worried, but you never know...Avatar Image says: ok, i have some questios, i posted them in the other sections of the trailers but i guess has read them. Where professore mcgonnigal and all the students are out, is that that one end scene after they see dumbledorel body? If so, why is neville, hermione and ron have no scracthes on them from the attacks? Is this an indication that the battle scene is cut from the movie? thank you in advamce for any thoughts on my questions.Avatar Image says: To HPfan...I don't really know. I really hope that they have the battle scene in Hogwarts. But you never know, they could completely mess up the movie and leave it out.Avatar Image says: Moody One. I know that is my fear that can totally mess up the movies at the end, which needs to be part of the movie especially to demonstrate that anger of harry towards snape as he runs pass ginny etc trying catch up to snape. Any other ideas?Avatar Image says: Cool. That was an awesome scene in the book I can't wait to see it on film. As for the trailer, the students did seem to be congregated around something/someone. I don't know if they have cut out the fight scene. Can anyone remember if that was mentioned on the movie previews people posted a while back ago?Avatar Image says: yawn Avatar Image says: HPfan-there was an interview a little while back with one of the producers, I think it was Heyman but I am not positive, and he said the battle was cut because there is a battle at Hogwarts in 7 -something about not needing this one because of the one in 7 (a load of bull to me but whatever). I guess there might be a toned down one we really don’t see it kind of thing going on and they focus on Harry running after Draco and Snape instead.Avatar Image says: I was afraid that the multiple harry's and hagrid on the bike scene would be cut too. I am glad to hear that there is hope of it. I think that the battle at the end of HBP is cut. Harry sees dumbledore get killed and then all of the death eaters just walk out through the great hall. The DA is not involved in any way in the scene. Harry chases them then. The death eaters catch hagrid's hut on fire and then harry and snape have a moment. Snape sends the death eaters on their way. There is no battle between the DA and the order members against the death eaters. At least there wasn't in the pre-screening. Avatar Image says: Thanks Louise & Decarus for your comments. Louise, I agree it is a lot of bull that Heyman says that and they actually do it. At the same time they should give us fans the battle scene now that we have to wait till july after we where told and was marketed to be out in november. I would also think that the battle scene is also good for the wb for marketing to attract new people and maintain those that only see the movies.Avatar Image says: everybody needs to FOR ONCE UNDERSTAND THAT THE REASON WHY THEY DIVIDED THE LAST MOVIE INTO TWO IS BECAUSE THEY WOULD INVOLVE ALL THE CRITICAL SCENES IN THE MOVIES AND MAKE THEM THE BEST 2 PART MOVIES OF ALL!!!!! not just so they would make more money...They know that if they involve all the important scenes, they will make MUCH more money. SO I'M PRETTY CONFIDENT THAT THE FLYING MOTORCYCLE SCENE WILL BE IN IT AND OTHER SCENES TOoooo. gosh.... oh, yeah I CAN't WAIT FOR THE MOVIES WOO!! 2 years though...sadAvatar Image says: Your welcome HPfan. I just wonder if they have all of the special effects done by now. Melissa said that it was mostly green screen during the death scene of Dumbledore. I know I'm wishing, but what if the date wasn't wrong on the teaser trailer? What if they have it done and are releasing and Christmas? OMG! I think I would have a nervous breakdown! I know I'm living in a fantasy land. lol WB screwed us over by pushing back the date until freakin July. I hope it's at Christmas. Again, I'm delusional!Avatar Image says: I can't wait to see Hagrid on the bike again! That scene should be absolutely AWESOME! And I'm sad to hear that the DA scene was cut. It left such a warm feeling seeing the few who were loyal to Harry, who kept those magical medallions so near and dear, show up for the fight! Not to mention the "YES!!" most of us were feeling when they came to the aid. I agree, that the future Gryffandors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs and yes even a Slytherin or two who see the movie might say "Wow! That was awesome! I wonder what's in the books?" Oh well, since they (WB's) have pushed that date to 2009 (although I'm hoping that "leaked" clip means that it will really be 2008) will have time to add it. Keeping my fingers crossed but not holding my breath.Avatar Image says: "I don’t know if they have cut out the fight scene. Can anyone remember if that was mentioned on the movie previews people posted a while back ago?" Yeah, they said the fight scene was cut entirely. Snape just kills Dumbledore and then Harry chases after him and Draco, but there is no actual fight with the DEs, at least that's what the person who saw it said. And they said that the end scene was everyone surrounding Dumbledore's corpse with their wands lit in tribute or something like that, since they cut Dumbledore's funeral also. I still want to see the movie now though and am still praying that they'll have mercy on us and release it earlier, even though I know they won't. Oh, well. I guess I just need to get a life. Avatar Image says: glad to hear the 7 harrys and the flight and flight is in DH, as for the fighting at Hogwarts in HBP i think they will imply something like it happened, even if it isn't shown, could be wrong on this, but what decarus said it sounds plausible that is what they were going for or something along those lines . Im still very disappointed they completely cut dumbledore's funeral, they could have at least had the last scene of the movie end in showing the White Tomb and fade out from there as it would establish its existantance for those who have not read the books, as it plays an important role in DH . I seriously doubt they would change the release date a second time, and honestly as much as i want to see it as soon asi can i have already begun to lay my plans for july as many others have I am sure Avatar Image says: agree with Anonymous. I was hoping they wouldn't cut that scene. It will be fab.Avatar Image says: I REALLY hope they dont cut dubledores last scene EVER(except in deathly hallows) or the giganticly cool battle either. pivotal scenes. pivotal scenes. EXTREMELY so. the flight of the prince is cool and real important, but i really hope they dont cut the DA and the Order fighting the Death Eaters, and the bike scene, on a plus, sounds totally awesome.Avatar Image says: ravenclawguy1972 I'm in complete agreement with you. I would hope that they would end the film with a shot of the White Tomb. To Martha: I think I read somewhere that they might begin the DH with Dumbledore's funeral. I might be mistaken. I know that HBP won't be until July. But the 10 yr old in me has hope it's released at Christmas. lol Avatar Image says: I think that the final scene of the film is with the trio plus ginny somewhere talking. I think the top of a tower but don't quote me on that. Ginny and ron are in the background and hermione and harry are in the foreground discussing the note in the RAB locket, discussing that they have to do something about it. Ginny does not take part in the conversation and just walks away when ron joins hermione and harry and we end with the trio together as usually. I also think even though they have split DH into two films, that doesn't mean that they are going to be able to include everything that is in the book. They are still going to have to make cuts and i was afraid that this would be one because it isn't technically necessary. They could just have harry be at the burrow at the beginning of the film. Believe me, i hope not. The seven potters is a great scene that really shows the danger the entire group is in straight off. Avatar Image says: My real fear is that the absence of Dumbledore´s funeral means that they will mess up the hallows plot in DH. If we won't see Dumbledore´s tomb in HBP, maybe Voldemort will not take the wand from it in DH. And depending on how they will film Voldemort taking possession of the elder wand, all the explanation about why the killing curse rebound in the final book will be lost. PS: Sorry about my writing. I'm from Brazil.Avatar Image says: I may have misread, and someone may have addressed this. Some folks seem to be confusing 'Half Blood Prince' and 'Deathly Hallows'...if I remember, there is no "hagrid flying on the motorcycle" in 'Half Blood Prince'...I'm kinda in a run, so I'll check later....let's not get too excited about 'Deathly Hallows' until 'Half Blood Prince' has screened, eh?Avatar Image says: It always makes me think of Hedwig!!! :( So sad that part... :( But glad they are keeping it! everything should be in the movies since they are creating 2 movies! everything!Avatar Image says: Confederate Lady...we were talking about scenes we wanted to see in the DH movie. Sorry for the confusion. I hope they do the scenes justice. It's gonna be awesome to see 7 Harry's flying around everywhere. To Sofia....I agree with you, they really need Dumbledore's funeral to set the mood for the DH movies. It's just such an important part of the books. To leave it out would just be wrong. But I do have to say I love love loved the teaser trailer!!!!!Avatar Image says: Looking forward to seeing 'The Seven Potters' on screen - should be exciting.Avatar Image says: I think the best reason for them to keep the seven potters and have harry begin at his aunt and uncles house is to show his aunt and uncle again. I mean this is the end. There is no more. I sort of think they should have that last moment at their house. I just don't know if the scene is vital to the plot of the films. I agree that not showing the funeral does bring a lot of questions of what happens with the wand. I remember reading that one of the reasons they split DH into two books was so they could actually show the hallows. There just wouldn't have been time to rid the world of the remaining four horcruxes and then kill voldemort in only one film. Does anyone remember in the pre-screening? Do they show draco disarm dumbledore? I just can't remember it being mentioned.Avatar Image says: @Moody One: LOL! I thought I had misread! I'm kinda "fuzzy", that early. VERY cool. I agree with all of the thoughts. I hope it all goes well...DH is so far away. I [for one] hope they do NOT cut Dumbledor's Funeral. But I'm afraid they will. I just don't know how they're going to "tie the two together". At least, as they say, they will NOT be cutting much [if anything] from DH. It will be interesting, decarus, to see just where they split the last one.Avatar Image says: i cant wait for the new harry potter movies either!! rupert gets HOTTER and HOTTER every time!! you would think it was impossible!!!! lmaoAvatar Image says: AAHH! Deathly Hallows! Just hearing discussion about these scenes gets me hyped. They better not mess it up, its my favourite!Avatar Image says: so many things come full circle in DH as Jo many friendly nods to the previous 6 books...I so hope that WB puts those little moments in for the Sirius' motorbike--its the opening scene in HPSS and now we have it confirmed that it will be nearly "opening scene" in the last film (even if it is two parts)...God I can't wait for the remaining films... but even more so, I keep hoping and praying that Jo will relent and write more HP in some form...I know in my heart of hearts she misses it as much as we all do! Take a long deserved break, but some day Jo, pleeeeeze write more HP.... PLEASE???? :-)Avatar Image says: hagrid is freakin' ace, much love for robbie coltrane right here!

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