Harry, A History Updates: NYC Signing, Election Day, Spoiler Talk from Jo and More!


Nov 02, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Hi all! Harry, A History comes out officially in two days and so far the reaction has been touching. Thank you! Some announcements:

First, I will have my first-ever booksigning at the Borders in Columbus Circle, Manhattan, this coming Wednesday at 7 p.m. I hope to see you there! You can RSVP for the event or invite others HERE. You can get a map to the event here!

If you live in NYC and would like to be part of a special project on Election Day, please shoot me an email at [email protected]

Third, I have posted another piece of the Jo interview, this time about the spoiler derbies that happened before the release of each book after PoA.

Next, I’m issuing two challenges to help spread the word: A YouTube Vlogging challenge which you can read more about here (. Secondly, if you have a Facebook/MySpace/LiveJournal, whatever, and want to help get the word out, in the coming week change your profile pic to either the book’s artwork (a large version of which you can download here), or yourself holding the book. We’ll put them all together somehow. Thank you in advance!

If you like you can get more updates by joining the Harry, A History Facebook group here. More coming soon!

49 Responses to Harry, A History Updates: NYC Signing, Election Day, Spoiler Talk from Jo and More!

Avatar Image says: I wish I was in NY, come to Chicago!Avatar Image says: My copy of the book was in the mail today. Congratulations on being a published book author, Melissa!Avatar Image says: will this book be at Borders? I really want to buy Harry a History when it comes out.Avatar Image says: Mellisa, could you come to Sweden? :DAvatar Image says: Melissa, I am attending your book signing on Wednesday. What is the correct time to be there? I have seen 7 pm and 6 pm. I am comming from L.I. so I have to take a train. Congratulations!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: Hello - this is really cool, and I tried to send and email to Melissa about it, but whenever I click submit on the feedback form it tells me that "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". Is this a problem with your site, or my computer??? Sorry if this isn't the right place to ask, but I'm new here, and I don't know exactly how this is supposed to work. I'd be glad if you could help! H.Avatar Image says: Received your book on Thursday and finished it Saturday night. Awesome!! angelaleighton, my Borders already has it out on their Harry Potter display table.Avatar Image says: yes! finally some really good news...there wasn't any news at all yesterday. Avatar Image says: That is so exciting! It's been such a thrill to follow your experiences with this book. Thanks for sharing it all with us! Avatar Image says: I sooo need to get this book. Unfortunately lack of money is preventing that right now. Luckily, Christmas is just around the corner. lol :DAvatar Image says: can u come to englandAvatar Image says: hp is sooooo cool i wish i could blast people into frogs etcAvatar Image says: Warmest congratulations, Melissa, and best wishes for continued success! And, of course, thank you for making our little HP community possible.Avatar Image says: Oklahoma is really in need of some Harry Potter Fandom action. Even if I am the only person who thinks so. So can you do a book signing here, please?Avatar Image says: *squee* amazon has just shipped the book:) The not so squee-worthy part is that since I live in Norway the book probably won't arrive until next month... Avatar Image says: I just received mine today! Gonna read it right now!Avatar Image says: Congratulations, Melissa! Long time coming. I so wish you could have a book signing, here in South Carolina, but probably not [*sigh*] I, too, have a "lack of cash-on-hand", and will have to wait for "Ho, ho, ho"....with my fingers crossed, of course. I do have an advantage! My In-laws are big HP fans! Again, good going, Melissa! Keep up the good work, and as someone, further back in the postings, said] "thank you for keeping our little HP community together!"Avatar Image says: Looking forward to reading your book Melissa, I've ordered it through Amazon and it should reach me here in London tomorrow! Well done to you and a huge thanks to everyone at Leaky for adding to the fun and enjoyment experienced by all us HP lovers everywhere. It's been a unique experience to live through, helped along by you all. Take a bow, you all deserve it.Avatar Image says: Oh! Congradulations Melissa! Canada is EXTREMELY close to USA, and Toronto isn't far from the border and a small little town called Ajax, isn't far from Toronto! You should visit it! ; ) and do some book signing! Really you should come!Avatar Image says: I just got back from my local bookstore and they had the book already on the shelves, and all I can say is WOW. Ms. Anelli has done a wonderful job. The book took me back to the day I first began my journey with Harry. At times it moved me to tears as I fell in love with the magical story all over again. All I can say is thank you for giving us a way back to the beginning.Avatar Image says: Election Day: No school! Go McCain and Palin!!Avatar Image says: My copy came in the mail and I've already started reading. Congratulations, Melissa, and thanks for sharing!Avatar Image says: Just ordered my copy! It should be here on Thursday- I'm so excited! Congrats Melissa!Avatar Image says: It's wonderful so far Melissa! I want to live in NY! I want my book signed! You think you'll ever do a book signing in WV? lolAvatar Image says: I know your book will be a hit, can't wait to get a copy. I want to know sales statistics too, it may just beat records for HP7.Avatar Image says: omg i cant waite till tomorrw the book is finily comming out! I have been wating so long and i didnt pre-order or anything so i have been wating for what feels like FORVER! but i am am spending my whole day off from school tomorrow reading. ! :)Avatar Image says: Congratulations, Melissa! I got your book through Amazon. Wish I could come to the signing, but I doubt it. Best of luck--I hope it's a best-seller!Avatar Image says: just got your book in the mail today. I skimmed through it first and started reading. the foreword from j.k. is awesome and so far chapter one is exciting. can't wait to read further. wtg!!!Avatar Image says: heeeeeeeeee! it is 12:28 and the book is HERE!!!!!!!! great job Melissa!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Congrats Melissa. And I also wanted to wish all you American's a great day of voting.Avatar Image says: hope to be there tomorrow! i loved the book, great job :)Avatar Image says: Ah Melissa, I just finished the book yesterday. A few tissue moments in there, just like in the HP series. Thank you so much for writing it. Have fun today on your publishing date, hope you get the right cable so you can put the video up on your vlog soon. ABC :)Avatar Image says: Just wanted to say thanks for including the snippets from your JKR interviews that didn't make it into the book. It's quite kind of you to add those to Leaky so we could all read them even if we didn't buy your book (which I did). I don't find it self-promoting-in fact, I found it quite generous that you shared all that with us. Having read the book and read all of the outtakes, I never once got the impression that you took ANYTHING for granted, nor do I get an impression of greediness. Geekiness? Definitely! But in a good way. You're a very lucky fan.Avatar Image says: I've just pcike up my copy of the book in the english original at the local bookstore and am now using it as the ultimate after-college-work-treat. The six hours of drawing I have planned cannot pass quickly enough... Congrats, Melissa! And also: Happy Election Day! NinnyTreetops GermanyAvatar Image says: Got my copy today, it´s like holdning a piece of Harry Potter in my hand again, and I live in Sweden and I didn´t have to wait for months. Now I have to read, bye and many thank´s.Avatar Image says: Picked up my copy this morning after I voted. I was afraid if I waited until after I got off from work, they would run out. CONGRATULATIONS MELISSA!!!! SEE YOU AT BORDERS!!!Avatar Image says: I JUST GOT THE BOOK....IT IS SO GOOD MELISSA I AM SO PROUD OF YOU AND TEH FANDOM!Avatar Image says: Already posted this on the Harry A History site, but wanted to share it here too. I just grabbed the last copy on the shelf here in my home town Barnes and Noble. I thought that was pretty cool.Avatar Image says: Melissa, will your book come to another countrys? I mean, I'm brasilian and I realy want to read your book... how can I buy it? (sorry for the bad english)Avatar Image says: Uh oh, there are already people on MuggleNet who are against the book or skeptical about it...I'm really hoping that's not because Melissa isn't from MuggleNet.Avatar Image says: I just got it this morning, and with voting and work I've only been able to read two chapters, but oh Melissa! It's wonderful, I've already teared up and laughed out loud, and it has already made me remember my journey with Harry Potter, while learning so much about yours and Jo's as well. Okay, okay, I'm off to continue reading! <3Avatar Image says: I'm French ! I just ordered your book Melissa ! Eager to read it !!! Avatar Image says: Aw, too bad I wasn't able to get the book. I really wanted it. It sounds great. Maybe I'll be able to pick up a copy over the weekend. Anyway, it's Election Day and we can only hope that Obama loses. McCain and Palin 2008!Avatar Image says: Other sites are posting a JKR interview for this book about how she was tempted to have a Harry and Hermione pairing. I guess this admission is a perfect payback for all the "delusional" comments that the H/Hr shippers have to suffer through the years. Har harAvatar Image says: salam mən sənin hayranınam ne olar mənə cavam yazda GünelAvatar Image says: Congrat!!!! Milissa and thanks for sharing with us.Avatar Image says: Well, I just got back from it, and it was really great! Melissa is absolutely wonderful, acting graciously and briefly chatting with fans, posing for pictures, despite the quite long line still waiting. The event was very well executed, and unfortunately it was all done after an hour and a half - I so would've loved to get into a lengthy debate about something, like Melissa's lack of support for N/L (it is THE ship, people, and who cares about Rolf Scamander anyway?). And from what I've managed to devour of the book so far, it can be considered an HP book in its own right, it's so well written. This event has made me so happy to be living in NYC! We should do this type of thign more often!Avatar Image says: What a wonderful evening! Meeting Melissa and getting my hands on that book have been the highlight of mine and my daughter's (Krystal, the questions girl) week! I have read the first 100 pages between last night and this morning and am seriously hoping that my boss' meeting runs late so I can read more! Congrats Melissa!Avatar Image says: Great book, Melissa! I read it on my way to D.C. and it brought back fond memories of book parties and NYC, Harry , Carrie and Garp, meeting Emerson, and going to my first Leaky-Mug podcast there. Come to Milwaukee for a book signing (even Chicago is within my reach). I'd love to meet you.

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