Noble Collection 2008 Harry Potter Catalog Scans


Nov 08, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

A few weeks ago we first told you about the new Half-Blood Prince products due this holiday season from the Noble Collection. Today, this editor received her new catalog from the Noble Collection which contained 9 pages of their Harry Potter products. While we have seen all of these products now, for those interested in collecting things of this nature, scans of the catalog are now in our galleries as follows:

  1. Half-Blood Prince
  2. Hermione (Emma Watson)
  3. Hermione page 2
  4. Harry (Dan Radcliffe)
  5. Harry page 2
  6. Jason Isaacs/Lucius Malfoy
  7. Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes)
  8. Dumbledore (Michael Gambon)
  9. Dumbledore page 2

23 Responses to Noble Collection 2008 Harry Potter Catalog Scans

Avatar Image says: i would like to have a Marauders map,thats a cool thing.Avatar Image says: oooooo this is so cool. this is like my whole christmas list. i love all the stuff the Noble Collection puts out about harry potter! :)Avatar Image says: Ohh, i want that marauders map.. but i never have afforded it XDDAvatar Image says: omg, totally cool! if i was rich i would totally buy some of that stuff since their pretty expensive. but anyways now i've got another few things for my christmas wish list! :DAvatar Image says: Woo! :D I want Ron's necklace, haha Thanks for posting thisAvatar Image says: I was lucky to buy the Timeturner and Dumbledore's wand at the F.A.C.T.S. convention (in Ghent, Belgium) for a lower price. And they're really beautiful collectables. I enjoy them each day since I have them. But first -if you want to buy anything- decide which replica you want the most and then save some money, because some products are really, really expensive (for exemple the sculpture of Hogwarts!!!).Avatar Image says: Wicked awesome stuff!!!Avatar Image says: I want so many items from that catalog!!! But alas my pockets are empty :(Avatar Image says: This comment isn't anything to do with the article, but has anyone else noticed that when reading a news article several articles back from the most recent article, then clicking 'next article', that the link transfers them to the most recent article, rather than the next one along and thus skipping the ones inbetween? I wasn't sure who to direct this to, so to whom it may concern: for your information!Avatar Image says: I want everything! Ugh! Oh why can't the movie be out! : (Avatar Image says: I'm totally proud of them for giving Hermione the bookmarks; nobody does detail like HP fans.Avatar Image says: I already have the Marauder's Map, bought it in Hamley's in London and it's amazing so detailed. What annoys me though is that the locket in the cave doesn't have an S on it! How's Harry supposed to imagine it a snake to open it ah wellAvatar Image says: *Kiwi Mc I* The locket in the cave, found by Dumbledore, was not the horcrux! That was taken from Mundugus by Umbridge when he was trying to sell it in Diagon Alley, having stolen it from 12, Grimmauld Place.Avatar Image says: how comes like everyone has a page (or two), except rupert/ronald, argh i love rupe. anyway i want a marauders map... and Rons sweet heart necklace.. and a whole load of other stuff.. but mainly Rons necklace.. are these out? or out by christmas? if they are it's time to go clean my room and be helpful.. leaving hints along the way for my mum haha..Avatar Image says: i just got the marauders and it is amazing! it full of detail and very true to the books/movies description.Avatar Image says: My aunt got that too!! I have Hermione's wand, Sirius' wand, the time-turner, and the marauder's map!!! I want the horcrux ring for Christmas!!! My aubt always gets me stuff from noble collection!!!Avatar Image says: I would love to have the Wizards Chess board. Avatar Image says: Wants Santa to bring her the Wizard Chess set too. : )Avatar Image says: Hmm... I don't recall of having seen this picture of Lucius Malfoy before. Is it from the 5th? He shouldn't be in the 6th, should he? Thx for posting.Avatar Image says: I have dumbledors army, sirius, snape, dumbledore, draco, and voldemorts wand. As well as lucius death eater mask. Which i do not urge to buy because the plaque that goes on the wall is built upside down. So the mask does not sit properly on it, called noble mgt about it, but apparently I am in the wrong, but I am obviously right. I also have diagon alley, which i recommend! Hopefuly I will get some other items for xmasAvatar Image says: haaa to have money, if i only had some i can think of a few things there i would like to buy.Avatar Image says: Darn! Nothing I really can't live without. What will I ask for for Christmas? Already have the Marauders Map and case and the Coin collection. I have my own wand and the HBP 2009 calander.Avatar Image says: i lik all d products...........but i wish i have seen ron/rupert's pix,he is been ignored again oh GOD i donno y dis fed wit HP n co.

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