New Sketches from Beedle the Bard and more in Mary GrandPre Iowa Exhibition


Nov 09, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

An exhibition of works by artist Mary GrandPre has now opened at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art in Iowa, and contains highlights of her work for magazine covers, posters, and notably pieces done for the US editions of the Harry Potter book series. A report has surfaced online saying this exhibit surprisingly contains new work from the upcoming Tales of Beedle the Bard, as well as work from future collector’s editions of the books from Scholastic. Unfortunately no details are available as to what exactly these new pieces of art contain. The report notes:

The show is fantastic!!! 96 items on display and 38 of them are HP.
On display: 20 pencil sketches she did for Warner Brothers in ’04 and
’05 and various scenes from books 1-5. These alone are worth going for!
They also had one color picture of the trio playing the chess game
(from book 1), cover sketches for books 1, 6, 7 (not just the final
cover published but covers that weren’t chosen). The sketches for Book
1 had the original title (Harry Potter and the School of Magic) instead
of Sorcerer’s Stone. Also, there were pencil sketches for Beedle the
Bard and some future Collector Editions.

The exhibition is ongoing now until February 5, with visitors under the age of 18 admitted free of charge. General admission for adults is $5 and seniors/college students with an ID is $4. Anyone attending the exhibit, please send in your reports and photos and we will gladly post. Thanks to MuggleNet.

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Avatar Image says: Cool!! I wanna see 'em!!Avatar Image says: Wish I lived there =( Sounds cool! To everyone who goes, hope you have a good time!Avatar Image says: Super excited for this! Any pics online, or can I just not find them?Avatar Image says: Oooh! My professor's wife is best friends (his words, so I assume it's true) with Mrs GrandPre. He might get her to come talk to our class. I really hope so! I love her illustrations.Avatar Image says: One of the few times I'd say that I could see something cooler back in Iowa, where I'm from, than there is here in NYC where I live now. Enjoy, anyone who can go!Avatar Image says: I would guess that the Beedle the Bard sketches would be for the cover, since I get the impression that the inside is illustrated by Jo herself.Avatar Image says: Oh my goodness! Something HP related in Iowa? I am so excited! Cedars Rapids is only an hour or so from where I live. I hope i can see it sometime. :)Avatar Image says: OMG!!! I live in Iowa! And so close to Cedar Rapids! I'm so going to go check them out. Wow I can't believe this! Nothing ever happens here!Avatar Image says: Harry Potter and the School of Magic ?!?! I want to know the story behind this title. Was it just for the US alternative or was this a JK Rowling original title? I suspect the former. Avatar Image says: Well I just did some extensive research on that title (alright I googled it :). Surprisingly very little information on this but Levine admitted he suggested it to Jo and she dismissed it straight away but then she suggested Sorcerer. Levine was happy with Sorcerer but 'nowww' we know that he still held on to his own suggestion for a while because he had Grandpre do a cover for it! Sneaky fella!Avatar Image says: ha haaaaaaaaaaaaa, nice on, prof. potter!Avatar Image says: Nakwahusams: I have no idea what all of that just meant, but I don't think it's really supposed to be here lol! School of Magic? I am not familiar with this name. I knida wish they'd just stuck with the same name everywhere :SAvatar Image says: now we know who hasn't read Melissa's book! xD she mentioned the 'School of Magic' thing there.Avatar Image says: ahhhhhh!!! this is just 5-6 miles from my house im def. going!!!Avatar Image says: Ha ha, trying to catch me out icymoon ;) HoH isnt released in UK until 19th November :(Avatar Image says: I know Prof Potter, its odd for the UK not to be the first with Potter releated books for once! Tres pooAvatar Image says: I totally live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! Anybody who wants to come and see the exhibition should because nothing, and no one, ever comes to Iowa. I haven't had a chance to go yet what with 16 credits of school and 30 hours a week at work, but if anybody else wants to go, get in touch with me!

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