Hats Off For Dumbledore!


Nov 12, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Thanks to Oclumencia who owled regarding new scans from a sticker book they have, which show some new images from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Among items of interest is this rare photo of Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) without his hat, a shot of the Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement, Hermione (Emma Watson) and another photo of Quidditch Ron (Rupert Grint).

UPDATE: More stickers are online today, such as this of Slughorn, Draco, Hermione, Luna, and Ron.

Thanks Thiego!

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Avatar Image says: Neat. I always thought the Room of Requirement would be more crowded, more chaotic. I wonder how it will look in DH. Thanks Leaky.Avatar Image says: I'm sorry, was that Dumbledore or Gandalf?Avatar Image says: In this pic, DD looks like a combination of gandalf and saruman nice..Avatar Image says: The Room Of Requirement needs to be WAY more messy and have way more stuff!Avatar Image says: Yes. The Room of Requirement should be MUCH more cluttered. Any why does the vanishing cabinet look like an outhouse? Avatar Image says: Well, they will need to clutter it up for DH2, but I like the shot. I'm just glad it looks different than the RoR in OotP. Hey, it's WB - it was entirely possible that they wouldn't have even changed that. And I always thought the vanishing cabinet looked like an outhouse, because of one of the chapter artwork thingies.Avatar Image says: You know what, maybe I should just move into that room of requirement set. It will definitely be as messy as it is in the books by the time DH filming comes along :DAvatar Image says: ok.. that first picture of rupert was HOT.. and the picture of emma was really pretty. but.. its seems as though she looks a lot younger in that picture.. but i dont get it.. its just a picture of dumbledore without his hat.. oooo.. omg! lmaoAvatar Image says: Hermione looks so young in that picture! Omg! Avatar Image says: I just saw a nice photo of Dumbledore on the insert for the soundtrack of Sorcerer's Stone and he's w/o a hat there. He's enjoying Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans.....Avatar Image says: ahehahe It so funny! He looks just like Gandalf!!... Avatar Image says: allright...WTF?! Is that a photo of Gandalf or Dumbledore?Or perhaps Gandalf has two versions:one being played by Ian McKellen and one by Michael Gambon?! That's just stupid,they've simply copied Gandalf's appearance from the LotR movies and miserably pasted them here...even the expression on Michael Gambon's face doesn't fit Dumbledore's description from the books,and his real character is so miserably portrayed by him...sigh...and I had my hopes up when I saw that they had gotten rid of DD's disgusting hobo appearance in OotP,alas I was wrong... :(Avatar Image says: Ech... he looks so stupid there.Avatar Image says: PEOPLE PEOPLE!!!! you need to understand that it's tradition for every old greatest wizard to have long white hair, sometimes glasses and sometimes with or without hats OK??!! jeez i don't care if it's compared to gandalf or the older dumbledore in the first two movies or the animated wizard in "the Sword in the Stone." ACCEPT the fact that it's tradition ok?? I love the new look on dumbledore so quit complaining...JEEZ! oh hermione does look young and as always rupert is hilarious in those quidditch clothes...Avatar Image says: man, why do i even read the comments here ever? sometimes i think, maybe there won't be a ton of people criticizing every little thing, maybe someone won't hate everything. and luckily sometimes there are positive comments, but it seems like harry potter fans are kind of ... pretentious and whiny sometimes. i love the books and whatnot. but i see no reason to complain about every little thing, or to "hate wb" as so many people seem to be saying. whatever.Avatar Image says: i agree with becca, hermione looks young in the "new" pic. and also with joseph. lighten up, guys! it only photos! dumbledore will probably have his hat on throughout the whole of hbp anyway so we probably wont see him like that in the whole movie! dnt reely care about all the "quidditch ron" photos.....Avatar Image says: Emma does look young but maybe its because shes so petite in RL. But she's still sexy as heck. And that's coming from a straight girl.Avatar Image says: Yup, they can't stop whining. Especially on leaky for some reason (younger target audience I guess) First they're whining about Dumbledores hat and grey hair, they lose the hat en give him white hair and they somehow keep complaining! meeeeeh! He looks like Gandalf! meeeeh!! If your day is ruïned because you've seen Dumbledore without a hat, then you really need to find a girl/boyfriend (or no, start with a plant. One step at a time). guess what! They can't resurrect people from the dead, even Rowling knew that, so get over yourselfs, give gambon a hug and learn to love him.Avatar Image says: Heh... I thought that was Gandalf for a sec.Avatar Image says: YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Gabon: "You shall not pass- sorry, what was the line again? Oh yes, welcome to another year at Gondor - er, Hogwarts....."Avatar Image says: I saw lots more stuff in the Room of Requirement as well. Dumbledore looks like a gangsta.( :Avatar Image says: Oh, P. S. I don't think that the people posting are just trying to whine. I'm going to enjoy the movie even with wide paths to the vanishing cabinet and bare-headed Dumbledore. But as most of us are primarily fans of the books its fun to point out little differences to one another. Avatar Image says: Man I hate that hat/helmet thing that Ron wears. do they intentionally want to make him look ugly? Here's hoping it doesnt look as bad in the movie...Avatar Image says: Gosh, Emma looks young in the pic!!!! I took one look at it and flashed back to the first two films. I agree with H, Dumbledore does look "gangsta." Lol.Avatar Image says: Hi everyone! One little detail (that I think nobody has noticed): Isn't Dumbledore supose to have his right hand cursed and dead? In his picture you can see his right hand and it is healthy. I don't think it was his left hand the cursed one. Anyway, stop complaining about every single detail on the pictures. Let's hope everything goes good with the movie.Avatar Image says: OMG! yay more hermione pics!! yaaaaay ron and dumbledore [hatless] :)Avatar Image says: hmm... i wonder if there will be any foreshadowing with the diadem. wasn't it sitting on top of the cabinet? doesn't look like it can with the pointed roof.. but i hope they show it somewhere in the room!Avatar Image says: These are pretty cool, Dumbledor looks weird without his hatAvatar Image says: Gandalf?!Avatar Image says: Kind of looks like Gandalf, but still, much better than hobo Dumbledore I think! I hope the wardrobe improved too..Avatar Image says: cool pics the quidditch ron ones are nice, nice to see more of hermione, i agree i have always pictured that when the room of requirement becomes the room of hidden things, its a huge hodgepodge of objects hidden in there over the lifetime of the school, as for DD he does kind of looklike gandalf in that pose, mere coincidental i hope, I did notice how ever he is wearing the Gaunt's ring( Horcrux ) Avatar Image says: aw dumby took his hat off! bit confused about the vanishing cabinet, looks like a little shed, but then again it looks sorta.. mysterious.. can i get a *ooOooh*. Emma looking very young there, but veeery pretty as always! ..and Rupert on his broom.. looking terrified haha.. gorgeous though ;P whoever said "give gambon a hug and learn to love him." well done. now you've made me want to go track down Gambon and hug him. i hope you're please with yourself. lol ;DAvatar Image says: haha, poor Gambon, Now he's got people running after him at all times, shouting that they want to hug him and love him, hahahaAvatar Image says: i think wen i look closely at the hatless dumbledore pic i can kinda see a resemblence between him and richard harris' portrayal :SAvatar Image says: Stefan - I thought the same thing. He looks more like Richard Harris. This is definitely more inline with how I saw him in the books and matches the look of Dumbledore established in the first 2 films a bit better. I definitely get the sense that he's aged a bit here - could it be the effects of taking on the horcrux?Avatar Image says: I agree with Joseph and Redbeard. The fun is not in whining about the differences but in embracing the diversity. And hoping for the best always of course.Avatar Image says: Is this where he starts singing: "I wish it could be Christmas every day!"?Avatar Image says: Hermione looks really good, especcially the first one. I think it's a really good pose. Dumbledore looks quite good with his hat off and more like dumbledore in movie 1 and 2, crosses fingers. Also, the ron quidditch ones look good but they need to be more wizardy I think and more red, it's too blue his quidditch clothes. Anyway, Luna looks great as always. Slughorn's expression is just right but he needs to be way bulkier, I imagined him a human elephant basically with his big curved moustache. No moustache. Tut. Tut. Anyway, overall, I think this will be the best one so far, but i don't liike the room of requirement picture. The room needs to be as big as the great hall and needs to be more cluttered like an attic. Avatar Image says: Mm...yeah. Tried to avoid seeing him as Gandalf, but this just nailed it in, and I'm not even a LotR fan! Yay, continuity and the Room of Requirement! It's not nearly as cluttered as I imagined, but I still like it a lot. These pictures are great and all, but WB, could you please release more official photos rather than us finding effing sticker books? Geeeeeeez. ENOUGH sticker books.Avatar Image says: I really imagined the ROR as more cluttered also. Just a huge cathedral filled with junkAvatar Image says: Dumbledore died and became the White Wizard!Avatar Image says: i actually really like these photos. i think there great. yes, i know there not perfect, but at least we're getting something. i especially excited about the dumbledore pic. i was so upset when the PoA came out. i couldn't stand the new dumbledore, but now, i think he looks more like the original and how i picture dumbledore from the book. : ) Agustin- his hand probably looks normal b/c they probably have to add a special effect to make it look dead.Avatar Image says: Wouldn't a well-made glove be enough to make Dumbledore's hand look dead? No special effects were made for the Phantom of the Opera's face, and that was darn convencing. But I love these pictures, especially those of Malfoy and Luna.Avatar Image says: * convincing, I mean. Oops.Avatar Image says: naria, the decision lies w/ the movie producers and creative directors.Avatar Image says: i liked the pic of Dumblydore, but i'd like it a bit more if he didn't insist on tying his beard...Avatar Image says: The room of requirement picture was really cool but I pictured there to be more in there. But all in all, the stickers were really cool.

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