New Half-Blood Prince Trailer


Nov 14, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

WB has sent fan sites the links to a new Half-Blood Trailer, which will be live with Twilight NEXT Friday. Enjoy!

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This trailer features Harry and Dumbledore going on one of their missions; Slugnorn’s class, Ron passing out, a return of Pyromaniac Seamus, Ron’s “in love” with Romilda scene, Luna in her Spectrespecs, Tom at the orphanage, Harry being called the Chosen One several times, Harry and Dumbledore at the cave, Quidditch, the young Tom Riddle, a smoky Dark Mark, a scene of Death Eater excitement at Hogwarts, a pale and worried-looking Draco, the just-before-kiss for Ginny and Harry, Harry and Hermione talking on top of the Astronomy tower, the fire scene at the cave, “Fight back, you coward!”, Snape, Death Eaters destroying a bridge, Harry trapped as Dumbledore faces Snape, and a score that sounds much different than those that have come before.

504 Responses to New Half-Blood Prince Trailer

Avatar Image says: Firsties? It's amazing! Avatar Image says: I'm commenting it AGAIN saying HOLY CRAP I WANT IT OUT NOWAvatar Image says: It's loading! I am so excited! Yay! Another trailer! In just a few weeks!Avatar Image says: Yay!!! I'm so excited!Avatar Image says: oh my gosh Oh my Gosh OH MY GOSH!!!!!! (actually it was more like HOLy... well you know the rest) Avatar Image says: wow wow wow wow WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!! That looks sooooooo amazing! I cannot wait! So excited! And what an epic version of Hedwig's theme at the end!!!Avatar Image says: I kind of don't mind waiting until July now. It was... wow. TrailerCast?Avatar Image says: this is great....i think the ron/lavender/romilda stuff is going to be hilarious. it's great that rupert will get to show off even more of his talent.....and i really like the almost sepia look of yate's films. Avatar Image says: can't seem to get this to work???Avatar Image says: Oh..Be still my heart. It looks so good. Damn WB. Your just being a tease now. D:<Avatar Image says: oooh this makes me excited!!Avatar Image says: OMFG. That was just perfect. Perfect perfect perfect.Avatar Image says: yay! got it to work - it looks fantastic!!!!Avatar Image says: i can not waitt!!!! what a fantastic trailer!!!! sooooooo cooooool I would cry!Avatar Image says: I agree with Jonathan. Any bitterness about the date-move is gone for me. This movie will be totally worth the wait!Avatar Image says: Gosh! Absolutely fantastic! I'm speechless. I was swearing and swearing and screaming all the way through! It was just.... wow. epic. and ....Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! Oh my Gosh, I want this movie! It looks like it could be the best one yet! WOW!!!Avatar Image says: Yeah someone else already said it! Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh! Oh My Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah that's how I feel! Hahaha! Not fair! I am going to be watching trailers for forever! Can't wait till July!!! I am having a hard enough time waiting for next month!Avatar Image says:!Avatar Image says: I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED TO SEE A MOVIE!!!!! I am willing to wait to see it because it looks that good!! Avatar Image says: I'm currently student teaching and this has made my entire semester!! I'm so excited about this trailer that I will go see Twilight willingly. Super, super, super excited for the movie!!!!!Avatar Image says: Holy (insert fav obscenity here)! I just sat there with my mouth hanging open and chills. Only 244 days to go!Avatar Image says: OMG! Thanks Leaky! There goes my workday, lolAvatar Image says: I'm also wondering when the Soundtrack would come out I mean, postpone the Movie fine but the Music would be just as nice <3333333 I do love this trailer so....Avatar Image says: Looks good, very good.Avatar Image says: Now THIS is a trailer!!!! Avatar Image says: HERMIONE HAS BUSHY BROWN HAIR!!!Avatar Image says: OMG AMAZING. It's like the first teaser, except longer and expanded! I CAN'T WAIT!Avatar Image says: OH MY GOD. I think this is actually one of the best trailers we've gotten for any of the movies.Avatar Image says: OMG!! cannot wait 3 trailers but like 8-9 months? still. *Dies* C'mon WB u can change the date a third time a bit closer... we wont mind. This looks amazing btwAvatar Image says: OMG!!!!!!!!!!! THAT Was the most wicked trailer EVER. NICE WARNER BROS!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: OMGOMGOMOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!! Hyperventilating right now!:D:DAvatar Image says: OH MY FACE. Siriusly. *goes to re-watch* OH MY FACE.Avatar Image says: Also stop saying 'this year' cos its not dammit!Avatar Image says: OMG! That's all I can say. OMG! I can't wait until its out! The trailers keep getting better and better.Avatar Image says: Emma's hair in potions class! That's our Hermione. Oh yeah baby. Oh yeah baby. Bushy brown hair coming through!!Avatar Image says: Yay! Check out Hermione's hair in the potions class :) And Draco looked so troubled and the G/H kiss and the cave and OMG I can't wait!Avatar Image says: This is the most awesome wonderful exciting trailer i have ever seen from wb.Avatar Image says: Awesome trailer. It's fantastic - but I'm still bitter they make us wait.Avatar Image says: I'm still really pissed at Warner Brothers though. The trailer, though it is amazing, makes me feel worse that about this time, I could be getting rather excited for the Half-Blood Prince. Instead, Twilight takes the spotlight. Great trailer, but wish it was coming out in a few weeks.Avatar Image says: OMG it looks great!!!! Is it summer yet?Avatar Image says: I love the trailer but a little bitter sweet since we were all suppose to see the movie next Friday not the trailer but what can we do but wait.Avatar Image says: testesteseeAvatar Image says: SWEET!!! And it will be shown before Twilight next Friday...maybe I can get all my twilighters to read Harry Potter next!Avatar Image says: ahhhh omg!!!! i cant wait to see the movie now!!! this is so amazing!!Avatar Image says: OHHH MY LORD THAT WAS AMAZING!!!! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT! I can't wait, why do they have to tease us about it :( but its TOTALLY worth the wait!! GO HBPAvatar Image says: THAT WAS FREAKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ron was hilarious!Avatar Image says: This should destroy any doubts people have about David Yates carrying us through to the end. The acting, cinematography, and loyalty to Rowling's text is absolutely impeccable. Sure there are new things here and there and removed things, but these guys know what they're doing and they know what works in film and what doesn't. That was an incredibly stunning trailer, the best I've seen for a Harry Potter film yet. The Deathly Hallows trailers are going to put fans into a catatonic state.Avatar Image says: one word. AMAZING! cant wait!!!!Avatar Image says: Amazing, absolutely amazing... Are you guys still PotterCasting or am I too late?Avatar Image says: people must not forgot........rupert......e was amazing..........pls give him some recognition...i think e deserves it...doesnt e?????????? atleast now???????? Avatar Image says: WOW WOW WOW that was fantastic !!! But could somene explain what dubledore says at 0:59 ? Im from sweden and I can't really hear what he is saying ThanksAvatar Image says: Woo-hoo!!! I think this one captures the general idea of the story--Harry must uncover Voldie's past--better than the other trailers. And plenty of shippy goodness in there, too:) Avatar Image says: Wow, just wow. I Is it bad that I watched this 5 times in a row?Avatar Image says: most awesome thing ever!Avatar Image says: OMG!!!!!OMG!!!!! That was awesome,but now I want to see it so badAvatar Image says: AMAZING!!!!!!! Poor Herminone crying after Lavender kisses Ron :-(. The special effects are sooo great. The inferi look so scary.Avatar Image says: AMAZING!!!!!!! Poor Herminone crying after Lavender kisses Ron :-(. The special effects are sooo great. The inferi look so scary.Avatar Image says: I feel like a total fangirl right now! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It can not wait :)Avatar Image says: UNBELIEVABLE!! David Yates...I believe in You!!!!!!! Loveitloveitloveitloveit!!!Hermione's hair...the special effects...the humour...the tone...the!!I hope that the movie will surpass PoA!!!Avatar Image says: Sorry if this was commented before but....DID THEY BLOW UP HAGRID'S HUT?!?!?!?!? (1:37)Avatar Image says: They lit it on fire.Avatar Image says: I absolutely love Hermione's hair in Slughorn's class. That's the way it should look all the time. *grins*Avatar Image says: I bet Hermione's hair looks bushy in that class because of a potion... In the other scenes her hair has beautiful blonde curls.....Avatar Image says: Very impressive, this trailer reveals the most HBP plot points yet. Now if we can only wait until summer...Avatar Image says: I was having the worst morning i've had in a while... I've been crying on and off for a good couple hours... and this just made me smile. Now I'm going to go get book 6 and read it for the rest of the day. Thanks for the wonderful timed trailer!! :-) -Muggle-Born-Witch Avatar Image says: That was great. But I hate that stupid "flying death eater" thing they are obsessed with. Avatar Image says: The cinematography looks really awesome!!!!Avatar Image says: Ahhhhhhh....... ii Love Harry Potter Soooo Much It's Rather Shadyy That WB Keep Teasing Us ii Can't Wait Til Next Year It's Crazy Ahhhh..... :( But Anywho This Trailer Is 1 min 53secs Of Pure Gold Ahhhh.... ii Can't Get Over It. Teehee Children In Need Is On Now Sooo Au Revoir 'OxAvatar Image says: I didn't think it was going to be better then the last trailer. I was mistaken. It was so better. I am sure i have more to say but i think i will watch it a few more times first. Avatar Image says: Whoa! I just was checking leaky and saw this! Love the trailer! I like all the new things we have seen with this. LOL at Ron and Harry with the love potion!Avatar Image says: That was AWESOME. I am so psyched to see Ron playing quidditch! YEAH!!! Avatar Image says: Three words - OH MY GOD!!! ... more words - that trailer is absolutely amazing!! Going to watch it again and again!Avatar Image says: Wow! Thanks for the iPod version of the trailer. I just watched it in fullscreen mode through my laptop's iTunes player and the quality is terrific! Trailer itself is thrilling. Good job WB.Avatar Image says: Awesome!!Avatar Image says: This is amazing!! I'm actually glad we have to wait for it... I love the big summer blockbuster feel of it, you know? Plus the trashy twilight movie won't be competing with it. Avatar Image says: Wonder why Hermione's hair is huggee in the scene with Slughorn. That's actually how I imaged her hair should be the whole time! Avatar Image says: Her hair is normal at the beginning of the class and then it's bushy because of the potions.Avatar Image says: OH MY... I'm breathless, I'm absolutely breathless! Everything I longed to see in the film is in the trailer! I wanted to see Ron in goal. I wanted to see Luna. i wanted to see Slughorn, Malfoy, Dumbledore, Snape. But there's also so much more to digest here...Hermione crying, Ron smitten, the comedy is gold, the tension looks cranked up and, oh my...what a i must watch the trailer again in HD a hundred more times....This is the best HP trailer of all. OotP trailer was great but...oh my..this tops it...I'm saying "oh my" a lot, i guess I'm not in kansas no more...Avatar Image says: None of the other trailers have really got me THAT excited about this movie....until now! HOLY COW it looks amazing!!! Avatar Image says: Whoo!! Gave me goosebumps!! Avatar Image says: OH MY GOOOOOOOOOD! I JUST WATCHED IT ON YOUTUBE ABOUT 5 TIMES AND I CAN NOT GET OVER IT. THE FIGHT BETWEEN HARRY ANS SNAPE LOOKS INCREDIBLE. "FIGHT BACK YOU COWARD"... HONESTLY IT GAVE ME GOOSE BUMPS. HERMIONE CRYING WAS SAD :'( (sorry about the capitals I'm just so excited) with all the promotion stuff that Warner Brothers is releasing it's just getting more and more frustrating that we have to wait until next summer to see the whole movie. but my god it looks worth it. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! <--- sorry that was my last fan girl moment. DenniexAvatar Image says: It won't load all the way for me.... That's OK, though. I'm a big Twilight fan, so I'll see it on the big screen next weekend! :DAvatar Image says: OH my goodness...holy crap. I cannot wait to see this movie. Avatar Image says: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Looks amazing!!! I'm so excited! Haha, does this mean I have to go and see crappy old Twilight?Avatar Image says: OMG!!!OMFG!!! i can't say anything better now...just...OMG!!! btw,i want to hate WB so much,but i can't any more,i'm just to hyped XDAvatar Image says: God, I'm still breathless. For those going to see Twilight will be having a double treat, thats for sure. i want to see the this on the big screen too but I'm not sure which movie it will be showing with in London. I go to the cinema a lot though so I'm bound to catch it somehow.Avatar Image says: Please don't tell me that I was the only one who cried. DO you realise how much we saw in this??!?!? It was AMAZING!!!Avatar Image says: Where the F are the screencaps with Harry and Ginny? Becuase you did not just skip them!? But by the look of the gallery order it looks like you did! Gah, I'm pissed. Avatar Image says: BEYOND AWESOME !!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THE MOVIEAvatar Image says: omg omg omg!! that was AWSOME!! and.. after reading all those comments.. am i the ONLY ONE who saw hermionie screeching? THATS BECAUSE SHE SAW RON AND LAVENDER KISSING!! lmao hehe.. SOOO exited!! :PAvatar Image says: This trailer is so cool it makes me almost want to go see the twilight movie to see it on the big screen. almost. but the line about after all these years i just sort of go with it i did not like.Avatar Image says: "Fight back you coward!" "Never call me a coward!" YES!Avatar Image says: No you're not the only one. Look about 2 pages back ,lol.Avatar Image says: SO COOOOOOOOOL this is the best one so far. I got goosebumps !!!!!!! can't wait can't waitAvatar Image says: Yaaaay!!!! Ron is amazing in this! I am so excited!Avatar Image says: I'm about to cry. BEST TRAILER YET. and hedwigs theme played at the end with the DRUMS?! just makes me want to scream out of excitement. but I actually did scream... ahhhhAvatar Image says: oh my gosh ohmy golly IT ROCKS WANT MOVIE NOWAvatar Image says: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! another trailer i am loving it. this one is way better i want it NOW i cant wait 8 monts i cant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.. Avatar Image says: Woo hoo! Looks great! Love Ron saying "Could you introduce me?" So funny and exactly how I imagined it in the book! And I got goosebumps at the end. Another successful and exciting trailer!Avatar Image says: my mind has been blown into pieces.Avatar Image says: now this is how the movie should be... about time they've got it right.. this trailer was amazingAvatar Image says: i'm so excited!! that looks good!!Avatar Image says: I"M SOOOOOO EXCITED YOU CAN"T EVEN IMAGINE!!! I love this new trailer! It was all the better because i was eating popcorn when i was watching it!Avatar Image says: Amazing! :)Avatar Image says: WOAH. My jaw dropped. This movie is going to be a visual masterpiece! The graphics are phenomenal, the acting looks fantastic... That is flipping amazing. I can't wait to see just this TRAILER on the big screen, imagine how incredible the movie experience will be!! Avatar Image says: So, tell me again why we're not seeing this film in two weeks????? Still, wow, wow, ROCK...WB!Avatar Image says: WOW! this is going to rock socks! I really like the humor that they've left in and brought out from what this trailer shows. Did Slughorn not have a walrus mustache though? did I miss it?Avatar Image says: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i loved it. i CAN NOT wait 4 july!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is it me or does this looks like the best one so far? aaaaaaaa!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: This just made my day! I almost fell out of my chair when this pop up. This is amazing out of this world. They need to comeout with more picts. and merch. and trailers. I needed a Harry Potter fix. The best trailer ever! Thanks WB!Avatar Image says: DaMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM im so excited i m nearly overflowing this looks like its goona be best one yet out of the movies,i could cry havin to wait till july nxt yr cmon wb help i really dunno if i can wait till nxt yr now after watchin that Avatar Image says: I am so excited! Draco looking in the mirror gave me chills. This seems like so many scenes are right out of the book, more than the last couple movies anyways. Avatar Image says: WOOOOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! This made my day. I can't take the wait anymore! Avatar Image says: Aaah I can't wait!!! Tell me this will be the longest HP movie!! Avatar Image says: now just imagine the next 2 movies after this...Deathly Hallows is going kick some major @ss, though having school/quiditch for the last time will make this the best on in a certain way. DH will be on a whole other level!Avatar Image says: BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: oh my god! i got chills! it's the best trailer so far!Avatar Image says: kjahkjfghsdfkhasdgkhsdhgkdsgkksadfkls!!!!!!111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DUDE! That was the best trailer EVER! Even better than the second one! At its TORTURE! Why do we have to wait soooo long? We could have been seeing it in a week! But I agree, it looks worth the wait. *le sigh*Avatar Image says: LOVE THE NEW TRAILER!!! ESPECIALLY THE RON SCENES!! ^_^Avatar Image says: Amazing! That's all that there is to say on the better. The high quality flash version is fantastic quality, I'm sure I'm going to die of anticipation between now and July! Eek! So much excitment!Avatar Image says: That was really good. Avatar Image says: OH MY EFFFING GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!! I CAME ON TODAY THINKING "I'm not going to see anything." But this is here .. .cannot type!!!! omggg..sdlfjasdfj !! freak outs & dies.!!! I hate Twilight, but I have to go watch it just for this, I swear!!Avatar Image says: This is strange though. When I read the review from the people who had seen the tests screen, they mentionnend a lot of memories were missing, lots of things had been taken of from the story.Yet after watching the two lasts trailer, it doesn't fit. Did they see another version of the film or what? Did the producer add stuff or modified stuff after the screening because it wasn't that good? Cause now it looks really, really good. Makes me wonder even more if that was not the real reason behind the change of dates...Avatar Image says: Aaahhhhh!!! Oh my goodness- pure greatness!!!!! Terrific! It might even be better than the 2nd one! I loved the opening with Harry! It's funny- it's one of those scences in which it's more Dan than Harry lol But this one was just- wow! It had ol' Sluggy, Draco, Luna, a tiny new scence with HHR on a tower, Ron poisoned, the Dark Mark, new cave scence... and it still had the HHR library scence and 'fight back you coward!' it might be my new fav one now! haha well wasn't this just grand!! of course will there be any others from now on? The film is still 8 months away... But still- whhhhoohhhoooo!!! It DOES look pretty amazing.... but I am still going to turn away with the stupid RHR and HG moments and cheer on the HHR!!! hahahaha Avatar Image says: man this one looks good cant believe we gotta wait so long for itAvatar Image says: Wow! Now that was a trailer. Too bad its being shown before Twilight. That movie will show snogging done right. At least Hermione has bushy hair. Finally. Avatar Image says: One word. Squee!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Best. HP. Trailer. Ever. The. End.Avatar Image says: Oh. My. God. ??Dies??Avatar Image says: YES! RON!Avatar Image says: WHAT A TEASE! Ahh.. I can't wait!!!Avatar Image says: OHMYFREAKINGGOSH!!!!! cant watch it with sound right now so i'll have to come back n watch it again later but even on mute this is AWESOME! soooo excitedd!! ARRRHHH! not angry about the date move right now.. just like awww i wanna see this now but im so excited and will wait!! how GREAT does RUPERT look??? talk about gorgeous!!! and emma looks beautiful as per usual!! omg!! total excitement here... like WOWOWWOW. ~ runs to get headphones so i can have sound aswell.. ~ *ahhhh* Avatar Image says: I'm just so excited that David they filmed the Apparition and Disapparition just like they are discribed in the books. YAY!!! Fantastic trailer!!! Best EVER!!!Avatar Image says: unlike many who have commented on this board. im still quite bitter with the fact that if da mn alan horne hadnt moved the movie, we would be seeing this masterpeace in 1 week!!!! 1 WEEK! anyway. this trailer is the shi t and i am very very excited!! they did a fantastic job of getting alot of differnt things into this trailer. music was great. and geeze y'all, this movie is gonna rockAvatar Image says: Having now watch this a 100 times now, in slow motion frame by frame on quicktime, I'm sorry to say it, and I'm honestly not the sort of person who makes innuendos, but when Ron is shown in the quidditch scene, the angle of the broom and his victory pose makes him look like he"scored"....LOL..I;m soo sorry...Avatar Image says: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Avatar Image says: Wow that was a really good trailer. I can't wait til it comes out....better be a long movie, there are a lot of plot points in that trailer.Avatar Image says: Man WB why do you guys keep teasing us with these trailers man dude i cannot wait to see these movie ahhhhhhhhhh july hurry up and comeAvatar Image says: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am about to flippin' cry!!! (after 7 minutes of screaming) okay, okay. THIS LOOKS WICKED!!!! omg omg, they have hermione crying after ron, they have ron and the potion, they have my line in their (fight back u coward) they have slughorn (love that dude) they've got lil tom, they've got draco (AHHHHH!) the dark mark, they got some comedy. OMG!!!, after thinking i think it's worth they wait XD (btw, when i saw OOTP last year i couldn't stop shaking- wonder what might happen at the begining of HBP)Avatar Image says: Lol. Hermione's shirt when she is crying looks a little immature for her. But whatever, I'd wear it anyday anyway. Haha. (: I bet she's crying about Ron and Lavender snogging. There's a staircase behind her ...Avatar Image says: How GREAT is that sweeping shot of tiny Dumbledore on the rock in the ocean? Ahhh....very Lord of the Rings! But that's a good thing! And the bridge attack scene looks very cool, as well. However, I hate what they've done to the memory scenes...the cinematography in the original teaser trailer was spot on, but the filmmakers had to go and mess it up with CG effects. Ugh! And the music! Why can't Nicholas Hooper write this kind music? Isn't it about time that choral versions of themes were inserted into the score? If a choral Hedwig's Theme is not in DH, I will be disappointed.Avatar Image says: HOLY CRAP!!! That was AMAZING! Can't wait for it to come out. Gosh still 244 days to go.Avatar Image says: The death eaters are flying through Trafalgar square...I'm close to my home ;) Oh and if you move frame by frame through the first apparition, the images are most disturbing! And thats the Millenium Bridge falling. Its ironic because when the bridge was first opened in 1999 (The Thames River first walking only bridge), it was unexpectedly swaying when many people walked on it making them feel sick! Bit of a PR disaster as it was meant to mark the Millenium. Now those damn death eaters have dealt its last sway! Oh what a feast of a trailer. I'm supposed to be out dining and drinking with friends right now but I aint going...noo nooo, I have me a fabulous HPB trailer to dissect...Avatar Image says: I hate how this trailer is going to come out with Twilight. Now Twilight will do better in the Box Office because HP fans just want to go see it.Avatar Image says: i <3 david yates.Avatar Image says: 1. OMG 2. ok, seriously? seriously. WHAT IS WRONG WITH WB????? *seethes*Avatar Image says: So Twilight has a use after all! Love that Seamus is back blowin stuff plus what is with Hermione's hair in the potion room, oh oh and she's crying over Ron brilliant! Oh and is that Luna walking wih Harry through Hogwarts gates, she walks like she's got a peg leg. The effects on the memory scenes are amazing. This isn't fair I wish I could say this was coming in a week! Tres pooAvatar Image says: I'm so amazed with this trailer. *sobs* Why can't we see it next week??!?!Avatar Image says: that is probably the most amazing most beautiful thing i have ever seen! it is everything i have imagined and more! i was having a bad day......didn't go online till now....and was instantly happy!!!! hope everyone else enjoys it!Avatar Image says: omg i swear when i saw the heading for this i almost peed my pants!! omg the trailer rocks!!!!! its seriously awesome! :) Avatar Image says: Ok...this is toooooo cool! This is gonna be one wild ride! I'm with Jordan! This movie will be totaly worth the wait!!!Avatar Image says: Amazing trailer! I still don't hold out hope for the magically spirit that the film series needs once more, and I also have serious reservations about WBs marketing? How many trailers are they going to release??? We've alreayd had three and the movie isn''t out for 8 months!!! Please stop now WB!! Don't show us everything - leave some surprises! PLEASE!!!Avatar Image says: oo wow! the best Potter so far I think! it looks amazing! Avatar Image says: So....Can't watch it full screen from Youtube? I kinda find it insulting that when you try, it takes you to a Rick roll...Avatar Image says: Whoooa... That dark mark was freakin AWESOME!!!! (as was the rest of it :]) I am so crazy excited I'm about to explode from an overdose of super fantastic awesome win!Avatar Image says: That was just BEYOND amazing. The effects were spectacular. Everything about that trailer was perfect!! And I don't usually "go" for Tom Felton, but I have to say he was looking smoldering HOT when he was looking into that wow! ;) Great, Fantastic, Amazing trailer!!!!!Avatar Image says: I liked everything about it except the bit at the end that said "July". I wasn't so impressed with that.Avatar Image says: Move is worth the wait. Thank you.Avatar Image says: The cinematography of this movie looks stunning. Hopefully, after seeing it, the Yates haters will admit they were wrong - but I doubt it.Avatar Image says: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! ssssssssssssssssssssqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqquuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeeeeee!this is a 10 on my squee-o-meter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! man WB is popping out trailers like eggs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Fantastic!! But has anyone else noticed they forgot to change part of the narration? After all, it isn't "this year", much to our bitter dismay...Avatar Image says: WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOAvatar Image says: HOOOLY GOD!!!! that loks AMAZING SO excited by that, hang on, must watch it again.. AvaAvatar Image says: O M G!!!!!!!!!!!! I got chills!!! It looks so amazing. And I love love love the music!!!!Avatar Image says: YAY!!!1 it looks like they have the bridge scene in the beginning!! Can...not...wait!!!!!11Avatar Image says: holy mackrel! that was awesome ! okay WB you win im dropping my boycott! RON is hilliarious! still love hermione wacking harry for being a git lol and that bridge colapsing has to be the brockdale bridge! so at least they give a little nod to the 1st chapter "the other minister" i am so friggen blown away by the trailer !!! *mansquee* Avatar Image says: Love, Love Love-Hermione's hair in potions, Hermione’s t-shirt (want one-please make for us but in all four houses), Ron-just perfect, Draco looks HOT and Hedwig's Theme update is terrific perfect for the tone of the movie. On another note-professor Potter-I was looking thought the screen caps and I see exactly what you mean about Ron's broom. :) Avatar Image says: Whoa... give me a second to restart my heart... LOVE IT! Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: this is amzing best one so far. The date may be changed but the anticipation is even biggerAvatar Image says: one I want the movie now PLEASE!!!!!!!! But at least they are giving us more stuff to talk about for the weeks to come :D I am happy with it!!!!! Avatar Image says: Airing infront of Twighlight... So they're really enjoying being extra cruel.Avatar Image says: Wow! By far the best one so far! Amazing! I loved Ron on the love potion, LOL!Avatar Image says: WOW!!!! My son loved it. He's getting more excited every day. WOW!!Avatar Image says: OMFG!!! WE HAVE FINALLY SEEN SNAPE IN HIS OWN MOVIE!!!Avatar Image says: I completely understand you tears Hermione, Ron/Rupert looks and sounds wonderful!Avatar Image says: Okay, these guys are EVIL! I'm in so much pain right now it's freaking unbeliveable! Have yoou ever got that feeling when you're torn between pain and dare I say, pleasure? That's the kind of state I'm in right now. *breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out.Phew* Avatar Image says: I've been trying to open the trailer for HOURS... i can't get it to play on quicktime or windows. :(Avatar Image says: OMG!!! I got chills from watching it! I love all the scenes dealing with Harry and Dumbledore's lessons!!! The whole trailer is just AWESOME!!Avatar Image says: holy CRAPOLA this was the most amazing trailer in the world!! funny, sad, bittersweet, suspenseful, INCREDIBLE. Avatar Image says: OMGOMGOMG!! i cant stop watching it !!! teh movie is going to be so thrilling i cant´t wait!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Hopefully, I'm not let down, but this one looks like it might be a lot better--less rushed/choppy--than the last two. Avatar Image says: Hermione's hair was only bushy at the end of the potion lesson. I think she and the other kids are facing harry as slughorn hands him the lucky potion. We have seen a picture of that. The memories are different in this film then they are in the book. There is only the memory of dumbledore first meeting voldemort and then slughorn's memory in the tampered with and untampered with versions. I would have liked to see the gaunts and the cup and the locket, but what can you do. I cannot believe they aren't mentioned at least. The bridge that collapses is the millenium bridge in london. It is the only pedestrian bridge in london. You can see St. Paul's and the tate modern in the shot, wicked cool. It seems like the bridge was attacked by death eaters though and not dementors. Regardless, the trailer was awesome.Avatar Image says: I LOVED the trailer (but I still hate WB). This trailer was really funny, yet strangely serious at the same time. I was surprised at the amount of new material they showed because I thought they would have waited until closer to next July. Also, am I the only one that has noticed that they really like to use the smoky mist effect on a lot of people and objects? Avatar Image says: Where is the PotterCast discussion on this?Avatar Image says: This trailer is fantastic. I love the shot of Draco by the mirror and the Harry/Ginny kiss shot (squee!!!). Both were beautifully lit. Actually, everything was really beautiful looking. I think this will be the best film yet.Avatar Image says: Suddenly I have the urge to brave the giggling crowds and go to see Twilight when it comes out . . .Avatar Image says: Oh, I forgot to mention, fantastic trailer overall and I love what they've done with the music. It represents the second wizarding war perfectly.Avatar Image says: it's funny...I never realized how different this plot is from the other books--but look how much emphasis the movie seems to be putting on Harry having to get the real memory from Slughorn. I, like Harry, tend to not think about that part when I think about HBP. don't take it very seriouslyAvatar Image says: That was quite amazing. They've really epic'd the Hedwig Theme, and it sounds fantastic. The look and feel of the movie, judging from these scenes of course, seems very dark and dreary, with the right amont of humour thrown in. Those scenes from the Tower were chill-inducing... wow, just amazing. Hopefully, it lives up to the hype, and June comes sooner.Avatar Image says: I just read EVERY SINGLE POSTING ON THIS!!!!! OMG! Professor Potter, you've got it, kiddo! Let's see if I got all the "major words" right: OMG, WOW, Sqeeee [I still didn't spell it right, did I ?] Fantastic, awesome,and I think that's about all I could handle! Don't worry, folks, about "seeing everything in the trailer" I think this is only the "tip of the iceburg"'s only going to whet our appetites for this "freaking awesome" movie! HP Otakus, of the world, unite! WE'RE ON A ROLLLLLLL!Avatar Image says: did anyone else feel like that was kind of awkward to watch because they hated the background voice, some of the acting felt like a completely different genre or movie, and some of the scriptwriting was not at all like the book? im very worriedAvatar Image says: For me, i think the memories in HBP are the most interesting part of the story. To learn about voldemort's past, to learn about how he thinks, to learn he murdered for the first time, to seem him begin to collect the horcruxes. It is very interesting. I have always thought that HBP is simply a setup for DH. Don't get me wrong, it is a great setup, but that is what it is. The difference between the films and the books being that there is two deathly hallows films so DH part 1 will be the setup for the finale. The reason that the other six harry potter books are worth reading is because of DH. I think the slughorn memory is very haunting. With voldemort wearing his father's ring and speaking to slughorn about murder and splitting his soul and immortality. I just think the memories are the most interesting part of the book and wish that there were more of them in the film. Don't get me wrong. I think i will enjoy the film, see it many times, buy it on dvd, but it will never be what the book is. Avatar Image says: MUCH MUCH BETTER THAN THE OTHER TRAILER!!! And, it has things other than young Tom Riddle reciting over and over again "I knew I was special."!!!!!!!! Well, I'll definitly be seeing Twilight (love the book!)!!Avatar Image says: OH MY GOSH! It's looks awesome! I'm speechless. Now, I'm even more peeved at WB for moving the release date! Oh well, I'm still totally bummed. But at least Twilight's coming out earlier than expected. (next week!!) I mean I'm a huge HP fan, but this is actually going to be the first one that I'll have seen a HP movie in theaters. My mom put off my sister and I watching/reading HP for the longest time because of the witchcraft because my family is super Christian, but now she, my sister, and I are obsesssed with HP and Twilight. So you can bet that next week we'll be seeing Twilight! And in July we'll be seeing HP no matter what!!:)Avatar Image says: oh my! is that OLIVANDER'S shop that blew up! oh no! SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!Avatar Image says: Sorry, I just noticed a mistake. When I said " first one" I meant "first time." I proof-read my responses, but sometimes I don't catch my mistakes until I've posted my comments.Avatar Image says: This trailer sent tingles down my spine!! I haven't been this psyched since like forever!! But why doesn't it AGAIN say "This year...."? I have a feeling they're talking about Harry's year and not literally "this year".Avatar Image says: Oh my this movie looks sooooo good! The trailer is amazing - love the music, love the shot of draco, love the shot of Harry and Dumbledore as the sea washes up near the cave and love the 'I'm in love with her' bit :) hahaha fantastic. I cannot wait until next July!!Avatar Image says: AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (bounces off the walls in excitement) OMG, that was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best trailer ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, has anyone noticed that really short clip of Hermione that looks like she's crying? Any guesses on that one? She's wearing a red shirt with some sort of gold emblem on it, probably the Gryffindor lion or something.Avatar Image says: OMG! this is the best trailer yet. and i cannot wait to see the harry/ginny kiss eee it looks so good!Avatar Image says: Its amazing I hate how Dumbledore has his hat off for the cave scene thoughAvatar Image says: Wow best trailer yet. Looks amazing. Still peeved they went back on their word though, we would of had it next week :(Avatar Image says: I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL JULY!!!!!Avatar Image says: I'm so completely excited for this movie!!!!!!!!!!!! Part of me has tinges of disappointment though that they moved it - as it would be opening NEXT WEEK. *sigh* At least I've got Twilight to keep me occupied (I have my midnight showing ticket already!!!!!) So. Can't. Wait. Until. July. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :)Avatar Image says: OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm dead. THAT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYY!!!!!! I want to watch the movie NOW!!!! I love those funny scenes with Hermione and Ron!!!Avatar Image says: It's so dark I can barely see it. I hope the movie isn't like that! But anyway, the Quidditch scenes look awesome!!Avatar Image says: @ rand person: OMG, yes I saw that clip with Hermione crying! SOmething is telling me it's after Ron kisses Lavender brown in the common room. So I have a feeling that's why she's crying.Avatar Image says: How sad. An amazing trailer, and all I can think about is how the film was meant to come out around this time.... I really still can't forgive WB for this. No true Harry Potter fan should!Avatar Image says: Oh. My. God. I started hyperventilating in the middle of it. I NEED THIS MOVIE!Avatar Image says: One more thing, TOM FELTON(MALFOY) LOOKS SO HOT IN THAT MIRROR SCENE!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!Avatar Image says: OMG! OMG! OMG! It's going to be soooooooo HARD to wait this long! I want it now! Please WB's? Please release it early?Avatar Image says: I don't know, but I think that scene with Hermione crying is part of the Lightning Struck Tower after our beloved Dumbledor meets his much heart breaking end since it's dark out. Or maybe from the Phoenix Lament. But I do think that it could be because of Won Won and Lavender.. And I soooo agree about the movie timing. My older kids are talking about Twilight and all I can think of is, that's when HBP was supposed to be out. So sad.Avatar Image says: Ok, out of the 3 trailers/teasers released so far, this one is the best one by far. Thank you Leaky!Avatar Image says: I think the scene with hermione crying has to be after the ron and lavander kiss. We have seen a picture of ron and hermione standing with a crowd of kids and hagrid and mogonagol that seems to be right after dumbledore dies and that is not what hermione was wearing. Avatar Image says: Oh my god oh my god oh my god!!!!!! I've been sick alllll day, so i turn on my computer and THIS is waiting for me and i nearly killed myself because i had a fangirl/coughing attack at the same time. I was rolling around on my floor coughing and squeeing with tears running down my face and a giant smile on my face. This trailer is so dead on, its insane. It seems that the filmakers have finally used the book in making the movie. Harry's humor in this film is PERFECT and Rupert and Emma are in perfect character. Even Gambon's doing well. "It is also a lie" sent chills down my spine!!!! Omg I'm soooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!! This WROCKS!!!!!Avatar Image says: it's after ron and lavender's kiss that hermione's crying- if you look at the window you'll see that it's snowingAvatar Image says: W! O! W! Avatar Image says: Holy Shiznig!!! I love it!Avatar Image says: OMG I'm so freakin' excited! I deffinetely like this one better than the first...better quotes. ;) Avatar Image says: ****DIES***Avatar Image says: heh heh heh i'm # 222! What an awesome trailer, i can not wait until it hits the theatres!!!! It was so shocking to see this exciting news on the Leaky page that i just stared for about 5 minutes at the monitor with my mouth agape! I was surprised to see Gambon playing the part so well, it makes me want to see it even more!! My favorite part would have where Gambon says, "It is also a lie" that was pure bliss! CAN NOT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: I started crying when it said July. personally, i think this is just cruel. the movie would have been released next week. NEXT WEEK!!! did warner brothers really have to release this NOW?!?!?! a week before we could've been watching it?!?!?! what torture will they think up next?!?!?!Avatar Image says: Awesome - best trailer so far !!! I'll bet you anything that it's the final edit of that trailer that got leaked recently. Ginny kiss! Ginny kiss! *punches air*Avatar Image says: Rupert is GREAT!! and we got to see ginny about to kiss harry. and really the girl who dragged ron accidentally is very pretty!!!Avatar Image says: It's also snowing in the background during the Hermione cry scene so it can't be at the top of the astronomy tower (it's close to summer after all)Avatar Image says: NICE. I particularly like the Dumbledore and Harry scenes. Very powerfully depicted. I'm still sore over the paltry peck Harry and Ginny share, but I don't suppose I'll ever get over that one. They certainly make it very exciting, out of what I consider the least...eventful? book. Maybe not "least eventful," but I think you all know what I mean. VERY excited about the movie now.Avatar Image says: I'm excited to see the trailer am a huge Harry Potter fan but also like twlight so was going to see the movie with some friends and now even more exciting is being able to see a Harry Potter trailer as well.....w00t w00t!!!!Avatar Image says: I am shaking and feel light-headed right now. OMG ,Breathe, Breathe..Avatar Image says: Funny because I didn't mind the movie delay at all, UNTIL NOW!!! omg I could cry watching all of this beautiful HP brought to film. Let us give thanks. ;-)Avatar Image says: Could anyone write down the script?I'm not a native english speaker. So excited to see this!!Avatar Image says: Am i the only one who think in this short clip, Gambon, Rupert and Tom Felton really stand out??? we only see Tom stare into the mirror but you can feel how desperate he felt!! and Rupert, his performance is always stable and convincing. it seems that he got more to work with in HBP. and Gambon!!! i don't know why people keep complaining about him. his dumbledore is a old man but never lose his touch! esp this time around!!!Avatar Image says: Honestly, at first I really liked the "but I am the chosen one" scene with harry and hermione but... after watching it a couple more times it seems really forced and awkward! I know Dan can do humor/comedy (see his amazing appearence on Extras), but I hated the delivery of that line.. what did you guys think?Avatar Image says: OMG It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm still trying to grasp it all. but it was all... wow the music was BEAUTIFUL i think my favorite hp-trailer music- followed by GoF. does anyone know, or guess, if that's the movie's soundtrack or some "made for trailer" music?Avatar Image says: by the way I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet but you can see Ginny playing quidditch if you stop the trailer at 1:20...the back says "WEASLEY" and the person's got long, red hair! :DAvatar Image says: Unlike the books, it's been difficult for me to pick a favourite HP movie to date; however, I suspect that HBP will tip the scales for me. Looking forward to this one. Midnight showing... definitely on it!Avatar Image says: just see the screencaps and rupert's arms are so TO DIE FOR!!!! and for some strange reason, i really love the line 'fight back you coward'Avatar Image says: I am so excited and yet more mad at wb, if they didn't change the date, we would have 6 days left to go, and now we have another 9 month wait, a sigh. I am still bitter about it. I even bought a sweatshirt from hottopic in aug with the hogwarts crest in prep for going to the movie in Nov. Avatar Image says: At least we get a little Half-Blood Prince on the twenty-first, eh? Squee!Avatar Image says: OH MY GOSH!!! IM DYING TO SEE IT! Avatar Image says: I love this trailer but I really like the leaked international trailer better. Queequeg I bought my daughter and I both HP shirts at HotTopic for the November release too. At least we can wear them in freakin 9 months! Avatar Image says: Queequeg, you just said everything I was feeling! I bought the gryffindor blazer with the striped hood and a gryffindor baseball style tshirt from hottopic last spring and had planned to wear them to go see HBP. Now I won't be able to wear them since it will be July and will be way too hot for long sleeves! It will be in the 90s here! Grrrr I can't stand to wait to see this movie! The more trailers we see the more I am dying to see the movie! The trailers keep getting better and better! This one is speechlessly fantastic! I'm gonna have to watch it another fifty times tomorrow haha.Avatar Image says: Oh gosh!... You know, after going back and watching the trailer unpteen million times I could see that it was snowing. Silly me! (Of course, I can't seem to watch it without it hanging!) So it probably is the Lavender and Ron incident. There were so many to chose from.. Either way, this is going to be AWESOME!!! That is when it comes out. It's sooooo bitter sweet.Avatar Image says: I am incredibly grateful that this trailer was released, as I was suffering from a major breakdown and then news of it came to my attention! Thank you, Leaky, for brightening would might have been a very gloomy day. This trailer was the most amazing thing I have ever seen, and it is certain now that the movie is going to deliver spectacularly.Avatar Image says: That is possibly the most fantastic trailer I have ever witnessed... I just can't believe I have to wait until July!!!Avatar Image says: oh my god that was so COOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!! the song at the end reminds me of Narnia... haha=)) anyways, it was FANTASTIC!!!!Avatar Image says: awesome!Avatar Image says: I'm still bitter about the move and this trailer makes it worse. I want to see it now! Just when I start to think I could wait till July, they show even more awesomeness. I can't stand it!Avatar Image says: Wth???? Again???! But I won't watch it this time. I've seen enough in the last trailers to know this movie will be great... :)Avatar Image says: I had just finished reading the books again (for the 10th time) because I needed my HP fix and was so sad that it was over again....but now I am jumping for joy! This looks to be the best of the lot! OMG, OMG, OMG!!! That was sooooo good! I love the G/H moment! OMG! Can I say that enough?! Gotta go watch....again!Avatar Image says: Awesome!!!!!! Can't wait for July...Avatar Image says: Bleh, I think it looks too hollywood tbh. The thing I liked about the first two films is that they are humble and not overly in your face. This just seems like another over produced pile of crud. Daniel Radcliffe is such a bad bloody actor as well. I hate the lighting of the films as well. I bet it will be a hit though, just because of the name. I hope i'm wrong though. I hope this will be a brilliant film.Avatar Image says: OMG, seems pretty good, very funny! though and still very sad about date!Avatar Image says: Sophie and Livia, I think you're dead wrong. Dan's acting has just got better and better (and it wasn't half bad to start with!)! The David yates films are so much better than the first two, that it almost defies comparison. Loved this trailer - the film looks to be funny and terrying by turns. Delighted that there are no giants (my least favourite part of the books) and that the death-eaters are causing the mayhem with bridges, etc. Best way to view trailer is on Itunes, I think - really clear.Avatar Image says: It is an awesome trailer! I'm so excited to watch the film in July! anyone else noticed that when they apparate and appear (Harry and DD) that they appear in the astronomytower and DD looks really weak! He has to lean on Harry! Woaw: That was just how I imagined it! (except they apparated to hogsmeade. But still, somehow true to the book!)Avatar Image says: Oooh that's awesome! But now I'm starting to think that the only relevant Snape's moment they'll show in this movie will be the "fight back you coward" line..and that'd be a pity because there is more than that! Avatar Image says: OMG!!!! Made my day!!Avatar Image says: Pottershrink, thank you for the tip. I watched it on realplayer, but the itunes player is so much clearer. Love funny Harry, just hope they didn't put all Harry's humour in the trailer, it would take away the fun from the film.Avatar Image says: One thing I don't like in the trailer is the smokes they added to the memory scenes, it takes away the atmosphere..Avatar Image says: Oh my God!!! It is Amazing! I am speechless!!!!!!! It΄s Perfect. I am soooooooooooo happy right now!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! speeeeeeeeeeeechless........Avatar Image says: @ Lada: To me i'ts just really cool and suitable for the scene. It describes exactly the idea that the memory is taking shape out of the shiny liquid. But I also liked the memory scene in the first trailer!!!Avatar Image says: OMG!!!! its sooo amazing!! I can't wait!Avatar Image says: Damn, I am never, never home when they are doing a call out reaction show!! But anyway, the trailer is AMAZING and as soon as I get home from work today I am sooooooo totally going through it frame by frame!Avatar Image says: LOL!!! At one of the scene shots of Slughorns class, Hermione has really really puffy/frizzy hair -- And I think it's because her potion blows up like Seamus's or something!! AHAvatar Image says: @Sorcererke I'm glad people like it :D I didn't notice anyone else having problem with it, and that's good. It's just me, but in the first trailer it felt realer and scarier. Mabye in the film it won't be such a problem, I imagine they only used smoke for the beggining and ending of the memory scenes, not the things in between.Avatar Image says: It's fantastic!! Not too much references to the "Half Blood Prince", though... :)Avatar Image says: It's fantastic!! Not too much references to the "Half Blood Prince", though... :)Avatar Image says: ^ ㅡ ^ ㅋㅋㅋ exciting ~~~~~ VERY GOOD I LOVE EMMA WATSON Avatar Image says: So excited to see this!! Could anyone help me and write down the script of the trailer? ( I’m not a native english speaker and it's a little hard to understand, especially some lines.) Avatar Image says: it looks to be amazing any way i read the last part&i will be glade to see the moveeAvatar Image says: So excited to see this!! Could anyone help me and write down the script of the trailer? ( I’m not a native english speaker and it’s a little hard to understand, especially some lines.)Avatar Image says: "actually sir, after all these years i just sort of go with it." HAAA!!! that was great >_<Avatar Image says: When harry says 'fight back you coward' and then they show a shot of snap. It looks like he is in the tower if you stop the clock there. Is that the moment when he kills dumbldore? The spell doesn't look green well maybe a little. I keep watching it and think it might be green but am not sure if i am see what i want to see or not. What do you guys think?Avatar Image says: Here is the script from the trailer as best as i could hear it. Ha is Harry and He is Hermione. (D) You are, of course, wondering why I brought you here tonight. (Ha) Actually sir, after all these years, I just sort of go with it. (D) Take my arm. (D) Harry, I’d like you to meet Professor Horace Slughorn. (S) What you see before you is a curious little potion…it does cause powerful infatuation or obsession. (R) I’m in love with her. (Ha) Alright fine you are in love with her have you ever actually ever met her. (R) No, could you introduce me? (Narrator) This year…the past…holds a dark secret. (D) What you are looking at is memories. This is the most important memory I have collected. (S) Now get out of here at once. (D) It is also a lie. (Narrator) And only he (D)You’re the chosen one Harry. (Narrator) Can unlock the truth. (He) Hey, she is only interested in you because she thinks you’re the chosen one. (Ha) But I am the chosen one…okay, sorry, um, kidding, (Narrator) From Warner Bothers Pictures. (D) Without this memory…we leave the fate of our world to chance…you must not fail. (He) You need us, Harry (Ha) Fight back you coward. Avatar Image says: I wanna cry... I can't wait July... HP I love you!!!!!Avatar Image says: OMG ..I can't wait !!! Jus miss HPAvatar Image says: looks great except Harry seems OOC to me though most of it :sAvatar Image says: I am way more hopeful about this movie after this trailer. I like how they clearly make the "This is the most important memory" line be about the Slughorn/Horcrux memory. Also, I actually even sort of like Gambon. Fingers crossed that the movie is as good as it looks.Avatar Image says: The music is really powerful too!Avatar Image says: I'm still mad at them for delaying the movie! Can't wait to see it.Avatar Image says: OH I hope this movie is really as good as the trailer looks... The last movie was something of a disappointment. Avatar Image says: I liked that film. Hope they show more of Ginny in the next one if they have another one. The part I really liked was when Hermione is crying. I think it's because she sees ron and lavendar kissing or it could be the scene when she finds out that ron had been poisoned. If you pause it you clearly see that Hermione is standing in the gryffindor common room. There are stairs on her right side and a window on her left side. The sky is dark. I liked every part also. All we have to do is wait for the hole movie to come out and find out what scene that is when she is crying. Avatar Image says: SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this trailer more than the others lol. ok,July in this trailer,this year in the last? WHEN IS THIS FILM COMING OUT?? Avatar Image says: WANT! WANT NOW!Avatar Image says: OMG! i got chills and goosebumps! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excitied. i cant wait even though it was supposed to come out in like a week i'm not that upset anymore lmao Avatar Image says: Amazing!Avatar Image says: What is that scene with the gate in the woods? (00:44) And who are the two people walking through the gate?Avatar Image says: Well done, decaras [sp? forgive!] What an "eyeopening" set of lines, 'eh? I really think the "Come back and fight, you coward" is a WONDERFUL set up for the heartwrenching last Harry/Snape moments, in DH. So far, it looks like "good things come to those who wait"! [and boy, we're waiting~not patiently, but waiting, none the less!] Again, echoing everyone else: FANTASTIC!!!!Avatar Image says: How "Gandalf" does Dumbledore look on the rock out at sea? This is gonna be awesome!Avatar Image says: @ Sebastian: the consensus appears to be 'Luna', in the scene, but I still think it's 'Tonks' in her "unhappy patronus" least I hope so.Avatar Image says: ok. thats it. I want more. NOW. :( I have a feeling this is gonna be a kick-butt movie. Avatar Image says: ooops...meant "'Tonks', in her sad state, when she has the "unhappy Patronus"." SorryAvatar Image says: incrediblely amazing! cant wait!!Avatar Image says: I'm not so sure Hermione is crying in the Gryffindor common room. If you watch closely, her hair is blowing as if outside (although why she's outside, in the snow, with just a thin "Gryffindor T-Shirt [which seems a little too commercial to me], I'm not sure). I believe I read that they've cut the cursed necklace scene, which took place in winter so perhaps this is it's replacement. On the whole, this trailer is amazing. It gives us so much, but in my opinion, not too much. I'm left wanting more. Way more. The music is beautiful, although I'm not so sure if it's actually a part of the soundtrack. It seems very incidental (the music matches the action on screen) with the explosion of Seamus' cauldron, after "...have you ever actually met her?" and when Hermione slaps Harry with the parchment. This leads me to believe that the music is just "trailer music" although I like it very much. Can't wait until July. Avatar Image says: OHMAHGAWD!!!! AMAZING!!! I've spent the last three months trying to adjust to college life and I'm only now realizing that the reason it's been so hard is because I've been having Harry Potter withdrawls!! That trailer is bloody freaking brilliant!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Thanks for posting all the links! :)Avatar Image says: i have just finished shouting myself hoarse. what a trailer that was!there was less of hermoine out there but it was still goood.i really am dying for 17 july.god, couldnt you fast forward the for the warner bros. could you release one trailer every week until the release?Avatar Image says: Omfg. This movie is gonna be so effing amazing... this trailer proves it. I'm all excited again. ^^ ^^ ^^ It's gonna keep me goin for months lol (I hope)!!! I am no longer pissed about the delay... as long as it means the film will be better, I'm all the more happy with it. And oh gawsh, Draco at 0:32 SQUEEEE And Dan looks hawt :)))Avatar Image says: The trailer was awesome I can not wait till July.Avatar Image says: my dear warner bros. think again, please give a second thought to the release dates, i won't mind . go on.... pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeee! i am dying 4 the d' day.AH!Avatar Image says: That looked so good!! And the music was AWESOME!Avatar Image says: AWESOME. I AGRREE WITH DUMBYFORTH. MOVE THE DATES TO JAN. AT THE MAXAvatar Image says: oooohh... super-exciting... i had to watch it twice in a row, lol. amazing amazing amazing. but it does kinda amuse me it's coming out w/ twilight.Avatar Image says: Can I just say tears and cold chills all at the same time!!!! I don't wanna wait!!! it is so gonna be worth the wait though!!!! I am almost speechless!!!Avatar Image says: why isn't pottercast releasing their show yet?Avatar Image says: actually gonna go and see twilight when it's out just for the big screen trailer, can leave after that! looks fantastic!!!!Avatar Image says: I think that is Harry and Luna going up to the castle because remember it was Luna who finds Harry in the commpartment not Tonks. So if you pause it you tell it's Harry holding a cage probably hedwig. And the person walking next to him I think is Luna because she is carrying a backpack.Avatar Image says: Did they just blew that bridge in London (which name escapes me) in plain day??? What happened to the status of secrecy??????Avatar Image says: AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this will be the best one yet.!!!! Seems like a perfect mix of comedy and intense action! I CANT WAIT!!!!!Avatar Image says: *dies* No words can describe how excited I am for this!!Avatar Image says: lol. slugnornAvatar Image says: That was both AWESOME and mean!!!!!!!!! I don't want to wait until July to see this movie. The sixth book was my favourite and I don't want Hollywood to make it a bad movie. It does look cool!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Goosebumps.....OMG!!!! Can't wait!!!! Going to watch it over and over!!!Avatar Image says: Did anyone else crack up when Hermione hit Harry over the head with her parchment? I couldn't stop laughing!Avatar Image says: OHHH MYYY GODD!! I can`t wait to see this movie!! that trailer is perfect!!Avatar Image says: Awesome trailer!! Now I really hate that they decided to push back the release date!! I always liked watching the newest HP movie on my birthday!!Avatar Image says: @teddy bear: Pg 156, 'Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince', Chapter Eight: "Wotcher, Harry!"...'Tonks' found 'Harry' on the train....[not meaning to be "particular", but...] Anyhow, when I looked at it, again, it seems likely that perhaps it MIGHT be 'Luna'....but wouldn't she be up at the Banquet? I'm still of the thought that it is 'Tonks' but with the "older and much more serious and purposeful" look. Just sayin'Avatar Image says: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OMG OMG!!!! Please july, hurry up and come!!! Avatar Image says: Someone said Luna finds Harry in the commpartment. Remember glasses r suppose to see through invisible things. In movie 7 and 8 how r they going to make sure that harry doesn't get caught wearing his cloak. Because someone said that the death eaters can just take out there spectrespecs and find him. But I doubt they would wear those cause it might clash with there uniforms. Picture death eaters where spectrespecs with there maskes and uniform. Kind of goofy huh.Avatar Image says: I hate how they moved the movie to June!!! I could be coming out next week. I am sooooo mad thought. In June I am on tour for choir and then when I get back the movie comes out. I am going to miss all of the promotion!Avatar Image says: OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cannot freaking wait until july. that looked absolutely amazing and omg. i am geeking out like no other. I loved slughorn, he looks like he's going to do amazing. Quidditch!!!!!!!! OMG i'm just omg. this looks so visually beautiful and the score sounds amazing omg i cannot wait. omg.Avatar Image says: SQUEEEE :)Avatar Image says: It is Luna in the woods entering through the gate. She is wearing the same coat she is wearing in the shot right before where she is wearing the spectrespecs and entering the train compartment. It is different then the book but i think they wanted to give Luna some more screen time so i am not really complaining. Someone who saw the film said that Luna can't see harry under the invisibility cloak. Luna could see some sort of particles that come off of harry's head. Luna says something like i thought you might be in here harry i could see (here she names these particles) with my spectrespecs. At least they didn't have her being able to see through the invisibility cloak because that would make no sense it being one of the hallows and all. Avatar Image says: Wow, that looks brilliant! Can't wait :).Avatar Image says: Why is Hermione crying?? Is it because she saw Ron and Lavender snogging after the Quidditch match??? !!!!!!Avatar Image says: it fantastic!! this is the best one its sooooooo cool!! I can not wait to see the film it would be amazing!! Avatar Image says: I am absolutely obsessed with Harry Potter and Ron is my fave :) This trailer is positively amazingggg! The Apparition looks so intriguing! If you see it in HD and pause it, it looks like Dumbledore and Harry are being sucked through a straw or stretched out. Hermione's hair is bushy :)! I'm so happy the Ron/Romilda issue is there, it was so funny. "Harry! I think I'm in love with her!" lmao ^.^. When I saw on the My!Yahoo page a link saying "New HBP Trailer released." I screamed and couldn't wait for the screen to load. Aaaah! I can't possibly wait for the movie in JULY!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: O MY GOODNESS O MY GOODNESS O MY D... O My D... this looks AMAZING I LOVE THE APPARATION AND THE MEMORIES ARE REALLY GOOD!! and O danielle did really well with the ron in love with romilda thing!!!! WHY is hermione crying!!!!???!?!?!?!?Avatar Image says: sorry posting again THIS LOOKS EPIC!!!!!!Avatar Image says: OMGGGGG IT'S AMAZING !!!!!!! STUNNING !!!!!! AND SO MANY DIFFERENT SCENES !!!!!! IT LOOKS LIKE IT HAS A LOT FROM BOOK, EVEN THINGS WE LIKE TO BE IN BUT WE THOUGHT THAT WILL NEVER BEEN INCLUDE, BUT THEY ARE - I JUST WANT TO SEE ONE THING I THINK - THE BIRDS :) !!!!!!! RON AND HARRY HILARIOUS LOOOOOOL, REALLY FUNNY, RON'S EXPRESSION IS SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! AND HERMIONE CRYING MADE ME SAD :( !!!!!! I NEVER SAID, BUT NOW DRACO WAS HOT !!! THE KISS. THE QUIDDITCH, THE CAVE, APPARATTE, SEAMUS (LOL), LUNA, TOM, THE OCEAN, INFERI, THE BRIDGE !!!!!!!!!!!! THE MEMORIES SCENES ARE AMAZING !!!!! HARRY AND HERMIONE'S SCENE FUN AS ALWAYS !!!! "FIGHT BACK YOU COWARD" AND "YOU NEED US HARRY" IT'S PERFECT AND BRILLANT AND BREATHTAKING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SPEACHLESS !!!!!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: WWWHHHHOOOOOOAAAAAAAAWWWWWW MAN!!! Fonts are too small to express my feelings of awe! That looks SOOOOOOOOOO!!!! AWESOME!!!! :-O :-O :-O Man that movie's a long way away. I'm SO IMPRESSED!!!Avatar Image says: Oh my god I'm soo excited!!! I can't wait. THis is torture!Avatar Image says: OH MY FRICKING LORD AMAZING!!!!! AHHH!!!! I screamed when i watched this! CRAP! we would all be seeing this in a week :( that REALLY REALLY upsets me.Avatar Image says: We see Harry And Dumbledore arrive at the Astronomy Tower, sniff :'-( MAN, I gotta watch this again!!!Avatar Image says: I'm sorry, but I don't see how anyone can POSSIBLY say that the lighting of the film is bad. ???? This is top notch cinematography. Even people who have no liking for Harry Potter have admitted this. I just can't get enough of that sweeping shot of the ocean. Avatar Image says: You are right Corey, the cinematography is breathtaking. I'd wouldn't the least be suprised to see it nominated for major awards.Avatar Image says: oh man. this is the greatest trailer so far!!! im so psyched for this.Avatar Image says: oh man. this is the greatest trailer so far!!! im so psyched for this.Avatar Image says: one word.. WOW!aahhhhh excitement heheheh yayayyayyaaaaaaaay ps. rupert grint is fricken GORGEOUS!!!Avatar Image says: OMW RUPERT IS AMAZINGG !! haha the bits with ron are hilarious!! and the "i am the chosen one" ~gets hit on the head by hermione~ "ok um.. kidding.." bit was SO funny!! major crack up!! lol!! that was true hermione right there! LOL! and her hair looks great and.. hermione-ish!!.. looks gorgeous in all the movies but here looks really fitted to the character from the book ;D and hermione crying!! aaw OMG D; and woow it was so scary and WOWOWOOWWW omgggg how can i get the point over that i am SOOSOOSOOSOOOOO exciteddd?? i think i want to go watch twilight JUST to see this on the big screen, freakin hell!! but not wasting my money.. i'll just plug my laptop into my brothers' telly.. (they have a huge 50 inch one ;o [compared to my tiny 5 year old fat but small screened TV hahaha]) which is like.. the next best thing to bein in the cinema.. for me any way ;D :L SO EXCITED!!!! loooooove it.. dannnggggAvatar Image says: Well, WB sucks, they officialy suck! I mean common. It's like a week before HBP should originally be in the theatres, but instead they gives us, as a sort of silly replacement instead, a 1minute54 trailer. Yeah, let's all be excited about that. OK, it's a great trailer and the film will be fantastic, no doubt, but common they're just being cruel. So here's something to look forward to, comin' to you in 242 f*ckin days, while originally it would be "comin' to you in 7 days". I don't know about you guys, but I kinde hate it...Avatar Image says: UGH! I MISSED ANOTHER CALL-IN SHOW!.....oh darn itAvatar Image says: anyways, the trailer is AMAZING! when it was over I felt like I had a tug at my heart. I don't know what it was, but I definately felt it. This movie is going to be amazing!Avatar Image says: Hermione is crying because ron kissed lavander. See she is wearing a Gryffindor shirt and it is snowing so this shot is after the quidditch game where Gryffindor beats Slytherin Ron and lavander kiss in the common room and hermione sees it. This is a shot during the bird scene where hermione shoots birds at ron. The people who saw the film also said that it takes place near a staircase so i think that makes sense. Avatar Image says: This makes me want to DIE coz I can't watch it! I CANNOT wait to watch it I want it out NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: wow. i cant wait!Avatar Image says: WOW! AWESOME! And like some others have said, it will definitely be worth the wait. And Hermione wacking Harry on the head after the, "I am the chosen one" comment is definitely a laugh out loud moment.Avatar Image says: It's amzing it's really worth the wait. I loved the trailer! I counting the days!Avatar Image says: Don't go see twilight just for the trailer, people! Just watch the trailer on youtube or download it. If you go see twilight then it will increase it box office and its chances to beat HP. Don't watch twilight!!!Avatar Image says: I was not upset about the movie date being moved to July because now I can see it with my friends at other colleges when we're all home for the summer... until the trailers started coming out! Now I want this movie and I want it this instant! It feels like I'm a werewolf and WB is holding a rare steak in front of my face. ahhh to be Potter obsessed! Avatar Image says: Wow.....that looks so amazing.....and I can't wait for the soundtrack!Avatar Image says: decarus, thank you very much !Avatar Image says: "@ Sebastian: the consensus appears to be ‘Luna’, in the scene, but I still think it’s ‘Tonks’ in her "unhappy patronus"….at least I hope so." Actually we know it' is not her. It's not a consensus. Why don't people understand this? People have seen the movie and in the movie it's Luna.Avatar Image says: HOLY CRAP! I ALMOST PEED MY PANTS WHEN I SAW IT! Damn WB! The whole lot of them are ninny-headed gits! Now we have to wait 8 fricken months to see it! Thats absolutly idiotic! But my excitment far outways my anger, I cant wait! PS. Go out and see Twilight starring Robert Pattinson the very brght and talented actor who brough Cedrc Diggory to life on screen(no pun intended)!!!! :-) Avatar Image says: That was awsome now i no it was hagrids hut that was on fire and not the burrow thank god. Tat makes me not wanna wait any longerAvatar Image says: "That was awsome now i no it was hagrids hut that was on fire and not the burrow thank god. Tat makes me not wanna wait any longer" No. The Burrow catches on fire, too. This is CONFIRMED. Avatar Image says: Hi, again! Well, I just thought I'd apologize to everyone, for the "it's not Luna" thing....I had forgotten that WB had changed things a bit. It's not like me to "quote Chapter and Verse"....This is gonna be one kick*ss movie, as stated over and over and over and over....and cannot be said enough, at this time! Again, sorry.....*hanging head in shame*Avatar Image says: My face was basically like: -_- > o_o > O_O I can't wait for the movie! I am 100% sure it will be worth the wait. The whole "Great you're in love with her. Have you even met her?" was awesome! Dan Radcliffe is going to be at his best in this movie. I'm literally jumping out of my chair now. XD I absolutely cannot wait until July. =)Avatar Image says: wow that was incredible. I loved every min. of the trailer! It looks dark and funny but mostly dark which makes me incredibly happy. I liked Bellatrix on top of the Astronomy tower- and I know it was a really fast glance but Snape better speak the curse Aveada Kedavra and not mentally speak it. But I really cant wait for it- the good thing about it coming out in July is it will be a Birthday Present.Avatar Image says: ummmmmm where is the pottercast??????????? I NEED MY FIX, YOU KNOW! :)Avatar Image says: This is a great trailer, but I had also forgotten for awhile how rotten I felt about the delay. This brought it backAvatar Image says: Does anyone know if Aragog's funeral is going to make an appearance in the movie?? I heard it does but I haven't seen anything from the trailer that would support that statement. I hope it does becuase it's kind of a crucial scene....Harry gets the memory there....Avatar Image says: actually, bloogah the Burrows is Only SURROUNDED by a circle of fire it does not catch on fireAvatar Image says: I was just wondering, was that Lupin who screamed "HARRY!" towards the end of the trailer. It just sounded like him.Avatar Image says: waiting for it to dl, hadta get the hd 1080 version. good to see WB is giving the fan-base a little something back. Avatar Image says: omg, that sent shivers down my spine. didnt picture slughorn like that, but anyways its going to be absolutely awesome. beautiful in hdAvatar Image says: DUDE THAT WAS AMAZING. whens the podcast gonna be on itunes? i really want to hear it!Avatar Image says: Chiming in late, but I have to add my hurrah's to the list. This was stunning, absolutely stunning. Everyone does a great job in conveying the emotional intensity of the main theme. And yes, the scoring of this trailer rocks ! I do hope they keep this new triumphant sound of Hedwigs theme for this film. Avatar Image says: wow.that was fantastic.i hope everything turns out well.i dun mind waiting now. and,i have no more grudges against wb for releasing twilight an even fan of twilight and harry potter.yay!Avatar Image says: rupert and tom are HOTAvatar Image says: OMG!!!!!!!!!! I actually cried the second time I watched it!!! me loves it!!!!!!!!! :) XAvatar Image says: Thank u WB another 60 of those and i mite actually forgive u Avatar Image says: Is it just me or does anyone else think David Yates is SO AWSOME and the best director the potter movies have had???? Every time I think about this movie I feel like hyperventilating!!! lolAvatar Image says: Oh My gosh. I just squealed. *fangirl moment* I am being forced into seeing Twilight but if this is coming on before it then I will be happy. AHHH!!!!!!Avatar Image says: WOW!!!! It looks amazing!!! and i think they may have atleast half stuck to the book this time!!!! tis quite cruel of WB though as if theyd have stuck to the original date we could have seen the film 5 times by now but instead we have to wait another 8 months when its so clearly finished!!Avatar Image says: I think that was Arthur who yelled Harry.Avatar Image says: I'm just angry at WB and i'm not thinking about a movie which is still 8 months far.Avatar Image says: wow looks amazing.dan,emma and tom look make great job.and of course alan rickman always great.but i don't go twilight because of saw hp trailer. because i guess if twilight good job box office i could imagine newspapers and magazines titles: " twilight beat hp,teenages loves twilight then hp, vs....if you don't believe but you'll see.Avatar Image says: This maybe a bit irrelivant, but as said in the screening the attack on the burrow was during the christmas holidays : "During Christmas at the Burrow, Ginny and Harry wind up on the stairs alone and start to lean into each other to kiss, when the attack on the Burrow interrupts them." If it's christmas, shouldn't it be snowing or something? I always thought that the attack on the burrow was during summer when harry goes to the burrow after christmas, now i'm just confused!!Avatar Image says: Oh..sorry my mistake, i meant to say after the Dursleys in the last line.Avatar Image says: OMG I TOTALLY DONT CARE DAT DE MOVIE IS PUSHED BACK...I DIDNT EVEN REALIZE DAT ITS NOV ALREADY!... time flies and soon hpb will release... lol....i suddenly dont mind abt the date pushed back...n de harry romilda scene was funny.. and i kept on watching the part when harry yells "FIGHT BACK! YOU COWARD!" awesome trailer...!...Avatar Image says: HOLY CRAP.Avatar Image says: WOW! I am getting to old for all this excitment, but I'll take my heart, blood pressure and breathing treatment...and keep hollering and jumping up and down just the same...This is outstanding, wonderful... Is it July yet!!!!Avatar Image says: OMG! Oh my god!!!! I am so excited for the movie to come out!!! I'm going to watch this trailer over and over again!Avatar Image says: Oooh, I feel sick. I think I had too much Potter trailer, my stomach is going to burst. Have to stop gorging on it now...Avatar Image says: I love that PotterCast did a vlog to comment on the trailer. It was great to see the bits they were commenting on.Avatar Image says: Good day Confederate Lady :) And for goodness sake stop hanging your head in shame as if you insulted someone! You make a spontaneous opinion that you can change or stick with over time. Personally, I think its Luna (her posture, walk and same colour clothes). It would be nice to have a tad more of her character in the film as she has proven to be a perfect "charm" relief. Ron is obviously providing the bulk of comic relief. I believe Yates will have the perfect balance just as he had in OOTP. Avatar Image says: David Yates is NOT the best director of the H.P. movies. He is responsible for making the shortest H.P. movie from the longest book in the series! The editing was sub-par on OOTP (the director picks the editor). The last movie should have been at LEAST thirty minutes longer. Don't get me wrong. I love ALL the movies, but the last one was the worst interpretation (from book to movie). I was disappointed when Yates was picked to direct the last three movies. He has the same editor, Mark Day, on this movie. So expect the same choppy editing on this movie. WB should be ashamed about pushing the movie out. The move is all about money! Look at the movies out now, they would have made a TON of money. We should have been seeing this movie in five days, not eight months!Avatar Image says: omg i love it it is sooo awesomeAvatar Image says: Stacey,you are right...I think David Yates is the best director in the series so far...followed by Alfonso...but the last movie was short a little way too short but I guess that was to try and capture the general atmosphere of the book...That's my opinion!Avatar Image says: OMG, I love this trailer ! Hermione's hair looks HUGEEE in Potion class ! I have a question though, can anybody understand what Harry says right before he and Dumbledore apparate? I just can't seem to get that! Thanks! But on the whole, wonderful trailer (although I do have a preference for the teaser trailer) !Avatar Image says: WB has apparently managed to herd many of the sheep back into the fold. All bitterness about the release date push-back, a truly catastrophic business move for every other party involved with the film (moviegoers, merchandisers, the production team and cast itself), has apparently evaporated is the face of this latest bit of bait from WB. Yes, the trailer is excellent, the movie looks excellent, and I would like to congratulate the production team for what, so far, looks like a job very well done. I would also like to say thankyou to WB, for saving me the price of a movie ticket. Because I'm still not going to see this film in the cinema. At all. Looks like WB, as usual, is stepping on as many people as they like, and the way things are trending at the moment, is still getting exactly what they want. Could we please try to reverse that trend by not mindlessly giving them the financial return they arrogantly expect to recieve despite what they have done? Boycotting will not change how much the cast and crew get paid, but it will change WB's attitude in the future.Avatar Image says: I love these movies, but "Hermione's hair"?????!!!!!! Do you REALLY understand what Rowling is saying with this story? Hermione's hair!?!?!?!Avatar Image says: Also, the teaser was just Dumbledore saying about 11 (give or take) words with nothing but the Warner Bros. trademark. It was worthless!Avatar Image says: With all the trailers they've give us we've practically seen the whole film!!! Well, the best bits, anyway :) Lol.. "but I am the chosen one" will never fail to make me laugh :)Avatar Image says: I loved this Trailer is was superb. I am so mixed on feeling right now I am happy for the trailer but getting angry that I have to wait. Avatar Image says: Well, we've seen about 2 minutes of the movie. We'll probable get another 3 or 4 trailers from the "great" Warner Bros. before the movie opens. Hopefully they won't ruin it for the people that didn't read the book. I wouldn't put it past them! Avatar Image says: You know i think it's kinda funny that we were all waiting for the trailer for like 2 months and now we've got 3 trailers! weird huhAvatar Image says: I know who is all on the Gryffindor Quidditch Team. Harry, Ron, Ginny, Katie, Coote, Peakes, and I think the other one is Demelza.Avatar Image says: hmm.. wonder when the trailer cast is gonna be released?Avatar Image says: Hey teddy bear, let's not talk about the story for those who have not read the book.Avatar Image says: I'm sure this has been pointed out but- you can see the Inferi in the water in the cave scenes! Scary.Avatar Image says: i held my breath the whole time, my heart was racing and i was teary eyed by the end! what an amazing trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want it noowwww :0( but it looks like it is sooo worth the wait!Avatar Image says: I just came to the page and saw the trailer and it so cool I love this one better than the first it tells alot more I can't wait and I love that they taking out a new trailer so that I can be at peace.Avatar Image says: I just came to the page and saw the trailer and it so cool I love this one better than the first it tells alot more I can't wait and I love that they taking out a new trailer so that I can be at peace.Avatar Image says: :( WISH WISH WISH!!! it was coming out this month like it was meant to!!!! looks soooo cool!!!!!! Avatar Image says: Where's the Pottercast ?? I wanna hear the frame by frame dissection of this awesomeness! Avatar Image says: this gave me chills! i cannot wait to see it in July! :) and i loveeeee that music in this trailer. this completely made my day (sigh). haha.Avatar Image says: OMG! It looks soooo amazing!! I can't wait! It'll be aweome to see on the big screen. It's kind of ironic that its playing before Twilight, on the original release date.. Avatar Image says: I know this because of the pictures we saw. In one picture it shows Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Katie wearing the same gryffindor quidditch sweaters. And in the trailer screen caps, if you click on them you can see Coote and Peakes name on the back of there robes. And I can't tell who the first person is flying. I think it's Demelza but I can't be sure. And Ron is by the goal post and Harry is somewhere looking for the golden snitch.Avatar Image says: wish half blood prince released this month, as was decided initially. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: i love it!!! I can not wait!!Avatar Image says: How could they!!! On the very weekend that we all should have been watching the WHOLE movie!!!!!! (Goes off to rip and shred things)Avatar Image says: This just blows me away! Now I am realy super excited! (not that I wasnt before!) But they said they are doing a pottercast on it right? Is it out yet or did I miss something? ekkkkkkk I just cant waite till july 2009!Avatar Image says: David Yates is the best director of the series. Of course, everyone is entitled to disagree - even if they are wrong.Avatar Image says: OMG !!!!! THIS IS AMAZING i'm so exited now for it to come out :):):):):)Avatar Image says: OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT SENT CHILLS UP MY SPINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM SO EXCITED NOW!!!!!!!!! NOT THAT I WASNT BEFORE, BUT NOW IM REALLY EXCITED!!!!!!!!!! if it werent for lousy warner brothers, we would be seeing this movie in a week. darnAvatar Image says: i loved rons face when he was in love!Avatar Image says: Yeah, it's a great trailer (lots of nice Ron action), but come on, this is clearly a shameless attempt by Warner Brothers to get a load of HP fans to go and see Twilight. Which, by the way, only about 3 people outside of the States give a flying toss about. I wouldn't even have heard of it if I didn't read the occasional HP forum. Plus - how short our memories are - WE WERE SUPPOSED TO SEE THE WHOLE FILM NEXT WEEK! Not yet another trailer that just gives away all the surprises. Honestly, at this rate, by the time the film actually comes out, we'll have seen the entire film. I don't want to know wverything that happens before the film comes out. I WANT TO SEE THE FILM!Avatar Image says: HERMIONE HAIR IS BACK! its the one thing i really moaned about and they fixed it ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! i am soooo happy nowAvatar Image says: Someone asked about the dead spider scene. I think i remember the people who saw the film saying that scene was in there, but they just showed the spider through the window. Then harry talks to slughorn about the memory and the person who saw the film thought that the lines were a lot like the lines in the book in this scene. I actually don't remember many people saying much about this scene so i might be getting confused but this is what i remembered. I think harry says 'Actually sir, after all these years, I just sort of go with it' right before he and dumbldore apparate. I think hermione's harry is only going to be like that for the one scene. I don't really like the bushy hair so i am fine with that though it was a good way to show hermione's frustration at being outdone by harry in a lesson. Does anyone remember if anyone who saw the film said whether or not snape actually says avada kedavra in the film when he kills dumbledore? I hope he does. It looks like we had a shot of that moment in this trailer and it doesn't look like he is speaking. Avatar Image says: When Ginny almosts kisses Harry and then it cuts to another scene is that the kiss in the r,o,r or is that with the shoelace scene when they almost kiss and then the death eaters attack the burrow. It looks like the almost kiss after the shoelace scene because u can a see a Christmas tree in the background. So I'm guessing it's at the burrow.Avatar Image says: AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the music is amazing!!!1 can't wait!!!! Avatar Image says: 242 days to the movie...instead of 5....kind of sad!!!Avatar Image says: WOWWWWWW!! at first i thought that was not real and it is real ! i saw draco malfoy was pale and worried i felt bad for him poor guy and saw him looking at the fire!!!!!! Avatar Image says: ...WOWAvatar Image says: hey what was with hermoine's hair in potions class???? I kind of like it b/c it reminds me of what i picture it as when I read the books. Does she look blonder? but omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgmomgomgomgomgomgod it looks amaaaaazing!Avatar Image says: HOLY... OMFG!! -"all right,you're in love with her,have you actually ever met her ?" -..."no...could you introduce me ? " :D :D i want it out now !! i'msoo exited!! i think i'm actually gonna cry :DAvatar Image says: Oh, the Quidditch is what is really exciting me...I can't wait for Ron to really come into his own! Everything looks terrific in this film, that's for sure.!Avatar Image says: That expression on Dan's face (after Ron tells him to introduce him to romilda) is brilliant! just how I imagined it in the book. I wish we could see the movie this year.Avatar Image says: @ Flora - Why would WB want us to go see Twilight? It's by an entirely different studio. It's not a WB film. It's by Summit Entertainment I believe. I think the majority of the HP community is over the date change now. After all, it is *just* a movie. :pAvatar Image says: Does anybody else seriously miss Hedwig's Theme? We played it at my high school concert band; it was my favorite. RIP Hedwig AND Hedwig's Theme.Avatar Image says: I loved the trailer and I do wish the movie was on the 21st, but I'm not going to grumble about it and I'm glad the movie looks like it's going to be really great. Avatar Image says: Can anyone tell me what Hermione says to Harry in the tower?? I still couldn´t figure it out.Avatar Image says: Forgot to add: what's with the weird version of music at the end? Avatar Image says: I think that it's a tweaked version of hedwig'sm theme, It's really awesome I think that it give it an epic feelingAvatar Image says: Anna: she says "you need us Harry" so I think it's after dd's death, when he thinks to leave without R&HAvatar Image says: ughh,,,, I voted for HPAvatar Image says: This trailer is amazing!!! I can't wait for the real movie!!! Also that bridge that they show colapsing and blowing up or whatever (the millenium bridge) i've been on that!! yay!!! I'm so excitedAvatar Image says: "Does anybody else seriously miss Hedwig’s Theme? We played it at my high school concert band; it was my favorite. RIP Hedwig AND Hedwig’s Theme." Why would I miss it when it's always been here?Avatar Image says: People will never accept the fact that the reason that in some shot's Hermione's hair looks blond and in different shot's it looks brown is because of lighting. Brown hair looks lighter under different lighting conditions. Light brown is still brown. Luna's is blond.Avatar Image says: OMG! I just can't wait! It's too long!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: "She only likes you because she thinks you're the chosen one" "I am the chosen one" WHACK "just kidding" hahahahahaAvatar Image says: I actually think that kiss is the actual kiss in the Room of Requirements. I agree with you that it does look like a christmas tree behind them, but if you look at the pictures we have of ginny and harry in the room of requirements they are wearing those same clothes and what is going on in the background looks near enough the same. I guess it isn't a christmas tree unless they have some old christmas tree in the room of requirements which i guess is possible. Though it does look less like a christmas tree in the picture then in the trailer. I have never thought hermione's hair was blond. I have known people who have brown hair that say they have blond just because it is highlighted blond. I actually have always liked hermione's hair. I think it makes sense that she would take more care with her hair as she gets older. I think that shot with hermione saying 'you need us harry' is after dumbledore's death. That shot looks absolutely amazing and i love the delivery on that line. Avatar Image says: AMFG WHY DOES WB HAVE TO PUT IT IN THE TWILIGHT MOVIE? I MEAN COME ON THEY JUSTW ANT US TO GO SEE TWILIGHT >;lAvatar Image says: where is the podcast?!?!?!?!?Avatar Image says: OMG very amazing, fantastic. NOW I thirst for the whole movie. Can someone please move the hands of time or turn the dials of the time turner to be July now. As joprdan said this movie will be totally worth the wait. I wonder how many time will I watch this :)Avatar Image says: Wow, that trailer was awesome, the movie is going to be great. And it's good to see they're using that extra time wisely, special effect improvements are very welcome. :DAvatar Image says: The audio on the Itunes Pottercast is all messed up. I have the sound at its max on my computer, and the only person I can clearly here is Melissa. I can barely hear Sue and John.Avatar Image says: That just made my day! GAHH I cannot wait til july! Avatar Image says: And this movie was supposed to come out this month... >_<Avatar Image says: Julie, I also couldn't hear the audio on te itunes commentary, but I plugged in my headphones and that made it much better.Avatar Image says: @Scully, ha, ha - I agree. Yeah for Yates! Avatar Image says: @ Professor Potter: "Oooh, I feel sick. I think I had too much Potter trailer, my stomach is going to burst. Have to stop gorging on it now…" Too funny! I'm not quite there yet, methinks I'll go binge some more...!Avatar Image says: amazing trailer.. bt i still wish i cud c this movie this month.. bt anyway.. its a nice teaser.Avatar Image says: David Yates is the WORST director of them all! He made the shortest film (OOTP) from the longest book. Remember?? He cut's out a LOT of the movie. And what's with Hermione's hair??? I can't believe people are talking about a character's hair!?!?!? Do you people have a life?Avatar Image says: OH MY GOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so can't wait! The trailers in the theater's shows mostly the orphanage scene. You Tube as well. This is so freaking awesome! Gosh! I can't wait! Still mad at WB for pushing the date back by 6 months!!! July hurry up!!!!Avatar Image says: chris, yes they have lifes, or they'd be dead. this is amazing!! love it!! rupert is awesome in this ;D 241 days to wait :( arghhh. oh well, so excited!!Avatar Image says: why does this video say july.. but other ones on youtube say "coming soon"? do they not have the right video or something? :S CONFUSED.COM!!Avatar Image says: Chris, I said your entitled to your opinion - but your still wrong.Avatar Image says: it was awesome.. in all its awesomeness.... can't wait til July.... i can see now that it's worth all the wait, hope it will not change...Avatar Image says: wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Wow... that was amazing, i really can't wait for the film now. And here i was worried that the wait wouldn't be worth, looks like they are going to prove me wrong. Avatar Image says: I have only one word - great.Avatar Image says: Ok so...I'm watching this at work and my computer doesnt have sound but LOOKS good :) cant wait to listen to it when I get home! :) :) xxAvatar Image says: Best trailer to date. Hedwig's theme at the end is wonderful.Avatar Image says: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Goosebumps, all over! I liked Harry "But I am the Chosen One... (Hermines hits him over the head)... alright, Kidding!"Avatar Image says: I watched the screen caps. The scene where Hermione is crying she is in the Gryffindor tower room. Because there are stairs on the right of the picture which mean it's on her left. And there is a window on the left side of the picture which would be her right. Yes it is snowing because in the quidditch match snowing too. The thing on Hermione shirt is a Gryffindor lion symbol. But I don't get it when they first arrived didn't Percy say that the boys' dormitory was on left side and the girls were on the right side. Avatar Image says: I think this is great great great!!! I can't wait to see it :-) And about the new version of Hedwigs Theme, it gave me goosbumps, I think it signifies that the storie is getting darker and darker! Super trailer!! Lots of greetings from Luxemburg :-)Avatar Image says: okay as awesome as the trailer is ( watched 15 times !!!!) i have come to my senses and my boycott is still on, i realized how cruel it is of wb to have this trailer showing before the movie that took the slot it opened after pulling HBP back to july! omg Ron is so funny under inthe infulence of the love potion! Avatar Image says: Holy crow! This looks so freakin' good! AWW! I wanna see it Friday!:( Oh well, can't wait to see Twilight, though. By the way, I was just wondering why it took WB like a million years to come out with a trailer when the movie was still coming out November 21st, but now the movie's not coming out until July and they're making trailers like mating bunnies! (sorry for the weird analogy.) Anyway, can't wait until July to see HBP and to see Twilight on Friday with my friends.:)Avatar Image says: I looked at the screen shots again. The two people are walking to the gates r Harry and Luna. There three other people but I can only tell who one of them are. It's the guy who teaches levitation. Avatar Image says: I'm not sure if it is the guy who teaches levitations but there are there other people there besides Harry and Luna. By the way: I was wrong. Harry is not carrying hedwig's cage. It is his backpack.Avatar Image says: I meant three other people there. When Harry and Luna arrive at the gates.Avatar Image says: oh my goodness!!! this looks like this movie is going to be the best by far!!! I am soooooo excited!! July can't come soon enough!Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh!! That's the best trailer I've seen for the movie so far and it just makes me want it even more!!! Why, oh why did they have to move the date??!! It looks this one will be better than all of the other hp movies with a lot more action!! YAY!!!Avatar Image says: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!!!Avatar Image says: You guys completely missed Snape killing Dumbledore in the podcast! Should have called me... :)Avatar Image says: OML! I can't wait, and I'm so mad the date got pushed back to next year! Sucker MC! Avatar Image says: How can WB do this to us?? First telling us that the movie is going to come out until next year and we had to wait 11 months when we were just 4 months away and to one of the best HP movies?? And then they move Twilight to the release date that Harry Potter was going to be shown when it was suppose to come out in December. And now they're also putting the trailer on the release date of Twilight?? I hate it sooo much. I was excited for this new trailer because it is awsome and has really cool scenes but then I read that it will be released on the they Twilight is coming out and now. I got soo mad :/ The movie better be worth the wait and suffering.Avatar Image says: OMG i luv it !!!!!!!!! CANT WAIT FOR THE ACTUAL MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!! THE TRAILER ROCKS!Avatar Image says: wow.. look at all those comments! 33pages of excitement :D:D:D:D *AHHHH SO EXCITEDDDDDDD!!!!!! IT LOOKS AMAAAAZIINNGGGGGGG* ;DAvatar Image says: I think it's a joke of WB...they want to fool us. They will release the film this friday. Why are they putting the trailer? Can't wait to see the film. I still hope it's ajoke of Wb to put the film in july instead for this month :-(Avatar Image says: July? They let us see THIS and then make us wait until JULY???Avatar Image says: I wish they could ATLEAST put the film on Febuary or march. Not JULY. That's too far away!! I am practically dying! I want the movie!! It's 8 months away!!! I guess complaining will get us no where...Avatar Image says: I love the pottercast commentary for it. Is Dumbledore going senile too? Is that what happens to old people's memories, they get all smoky? His memories were pretty clear (though a little contrived) in the Goblet of Fire movie.Avatar Image says: this looks like it's gonna be real awesome! *o*Avatar Image says: i so bummed we have 2 wait. must of been a muggle idea . did any one watch the today show .it was kewlAvatar Image says: Rubbish. Can't believe how BAD this trailer is...yes, of course I'm only jokin! BEST. POTTER. MOVIE. YET!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I cannot wait for this sixth installment if we could only continue to watch as their children begin their adventures at Hogwarts as well. It saddens me that there are only two more movies after this one. My children and I are completley devoted fans, and forever will be.Avatar Image says: The cast and crew of Harry Potter have shown their magic once again! Thank you! Avatar Image says: I guess WB are releasing so many HBP trailers to try to overcome the fans dissappointment over the release date change. Smart Move! but still the movie does look awesumAvatar Image says: I get the chills everytime!! Especially towards the end when hermione is crying, draco come up, and ginny and harry almost kiss. And the music at the end is awsome!!!Avatar Image says: I saw Twilight yesterday and this trailer WASN'T in the previews!!! Oh, and I wore my Harry Potter shirt to the Twilight movie to protest! hahaaAvatar Image says: The title track is too good ,superb !!!!! fabulous !!!! rebellious !!!! enchanting !!!! I want to watch the movie !!! I can't wait for july !!!! O God, please help !!!! I WILL BE WATCHING ALL THE MOVIES TODAY ONE AFTER THE OTHER !!!! It's coming on TV here in India !!!!! Without a break !!!!Avatar Image says: OMG I laughed at harry when hermione waked him one Ha Ha This looks so awsome!!! i HAVE to see it RIGHT NOW!!! can't believe how good this looks and now we have to wait till nxt year :(Avatar Image says: The trailer looks really great. But I remember thinking that Order of the Phoenix looked amazing from the trailer but it turned out to be the worst Potter film ever. I'm not expecting much from the film if David Yates is so involved. He really ruined Order of the Phoenix which has put a downer on the whole series. I hope I'm wrong!Avatar Image says: Much better trailer!! Looks awesome.Avatar Image says: ohmigod!!! how long have I want this lovely trailer!!!!! I just love it!!! It's fantastic!!!Avatar Image says: I LUV the Harry/Ginny romance!!! I wish they would show that kiss scene for a longer ammount of time. It's the least they could do since they held the movie 'till July.Avatar Image says: It's not fair. I want to watch the movie now! Actually, I wanted to when it was originally supposed to come out.... I guess I can wait though...Ho-hummm.Avatar Image says: this trailer did work..

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