Dan Radcliffe to Appear on “Charlie Rose,” “CBS Early Show” Tomorrow


Nov 17, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Actor Dan Radcliffe is set to have a busy day tomorrow, as he is due to make two televised appearances. First up, between the hours of 8-30am, Dan will be a guest on the CBS Early Show. Fans can also submit a question for Dan, which he will answer tomorrow, Tuesday November 18.

UPDATE: Thanks to TLC reader Abby, you can see the CBS interview video here via youtube

Later that night, Dan will also be a guest, along with his Equus and Harry Potter co-star Richard Griffiths, on the acclaimed Charlie Rose show, which is broadcast late in the evenings on PBS. Please check your local guide for time and channel.

Thanks much Radcakesfan!

21 Responses to Dan Radcliffe to Appear on “Charlie Rose,” “CBS Early Show” Tomorrow

Avatar Image says: I can't wait to see Dan! :)Avatar Image says: good deal! let's hope they have better questions than the previous interviews with Dan.....nudity, controversial play choice, blah, blah.Avatar Image says: The Charlie Rose Show ought to be very good....that show is top-notch in the interview circuit. We ought to hear some REAL conversation for once, instead of just scripted question/answers. Can't wait!Avatar Image says: Great! Charlie Rose is one of the best interviews on televison. I am still waing for the Actor's Studio broadcast. Lipton is also very intellegent and his interviews are always insightful. Yeah for Dan!Avatar Image says: I got Harry a history!!!! im so excited! I can't wait to read after im done with pottercast!!! :D I thought it was going to be difficult to find it here in Canada but I found it yay!!!!!!!!! then Beedle is coming out and the Scottish Book later!!! sorry for being off-topic :PAvatar Image says: yeah cant wait to see Dan on inside the actors studio, aswell as Ricky Gervais' oneAvatar Image says: I just saw Equus Saturday night! It was GREAT! I'm so excited to hear more interviews now that I've seen the show!Avatar Image says: it'll be nice to hear him answer some questions from the fans because the fans have seen all of the interviews and won't ask him the same question for the 53th time.Avatar Image says: Wow. Charlie Rose is a pretty big deal. That's awesome. Can't wait to watch.Avatar Image says: I sent in my question! Hopefully they'll see it. I think my only chance is if some insomniac at CBS is staying up checking those emails, lol.Avatar Image says: Oh I can't wait! I just love Dan. Avatar Image says: I sent in like 6 related questions. If any question that is asked even remotely sounds like one of the ones I asked, I'm going to run around town pantsless and squeeing.Avatar Image says: is there a way to watch this on the internet.. or anything? Avatar Image says: Dan's getting around with these interviews, But I suppose these are the shows he would have attended if HBP was not postponed. I also suppose we can see more of Dan in more TV shows in the States. Hope he guests in SNL. that would be a blast...Avatar Image says: I agree janine - Dan would be good on SNL. He was a riot on Extras.Avatar Image says: SNL would be great. i mean he's already in NY. but he might have to do his show on Sat. and he might not have time for SNL rehersal... hmm. ps extras was awesome!!!Avatar Image says: Dan was great in "Extras" and the SNL gig is also a great idea. He was pretty funny on The Early Show ("yes, there are 40 more Harry Potter films..."). Good question, Megan!! I always like to hear what my favorite actors are listening to. I had never heard of The Wedding Present and I checked them out on iTunes. Pretty good. I also discovered Sigur Ros because that's what Dan was listening to when he finished reading "Deathly Hallows". They are the perfect band to read HP to.Avatar Image says: Dan looks very handsome in this interview. The black suits him. He still is a little hyper but more relaxed than in previous interviews. Avatar Image says: Dan actually looks taller in this interview. And soo good looking in black. Good luck on your "musical" hopes on Broadway Dan. Just don't turn into another Zefron or wannabe recording star.Avatar Image says: I like harry or Radcliff I always watching harry movies Avatar Image says: jill - i don't think there's any danger of daniel becoming the next zac efron - that guys makes my skin crawl. i doubt very much daniel would be interested in something like high school musical anyway. i suppose he'd go more along the sondheim route. and those people talking about SNL - wouldn't dan be onstage when that is recorded?

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