New Photo of Ginny and Harry from “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”


Nov 17, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Thanks to our Order partner for letting us know about a new photo they have, showing Ginny (Bonnie Wright) and Harry (Dan Radcliffe) at Slughorn’s dinner party from the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. You can see that new photo here.

Thanks much Jackie!

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Avatar Image says: darn, Dan and Bonnie are cute there!Avatar Image says: cute picture... wish it was july..Avatar Image says: Ohh I love pics like this were we get to see more indepth of the movie! And I cant waite to see Harry and Ginny together in this one! :)Avatar Image says: It's almost like we'll be able to piece the movie together frame by frame with all the teasers they are shelling out, july is a LONG ways away and at this pace i think its possible. it does not make me less mad at them if thats what they're trying to do. Avatar Image says: omg, how cute is that picture? Avatar Image says: July isn't coming soon enough...Avatar Image says: she finally looks good...wish it was July!Avatar Image says: Bonnie still looks too young to me! However, she is only 15 in this movie. Avatar Image says: Aww, that's sooo cute!! :-D Wonder who that kid is between them, though. Any ideas?Avatar Image says: Wow, they look great together. Even if that random kid is between them. Bonnie is so lucky...LOLAvatar Image says: I love this picture. I hope we get more. I see Marcus Belby (Robert Knox) and I don't know who that boy is in between Harry and Ginny. Does anyone know who it is? Avatar Image says: @ splinched: It may seem like it, but when you try it, there is still a lot missing...Avatar Image says: Ginny looks like a Vampire. Her eyes are all puffy and red, maybe shes been crying? No... I'm pretty sure shes a Vampire. Edward Cullen bit her and Harry's pissed that he didn't get to bite her first. Sad Panda :CAvatar Image says: She has been crying, according to folks who saw the test screening she arrives with puffy eyes from a fight with Dean or something.Avatar Image says: Awww too cute! :DAvatar Image says: First of all wardrobe department did a horrible job with Dan's jacket. Other than that...I like. Nice to see Bonnie getting some film time. I really hope they get the chemistry down. I like the eye contact in this picture....i wonder whats going on in this scene though. Thast random kid looks...scared or somethingAvatar Image says: This is a great picture. I really like this moment with harry standing up when ginny enters the room. Very nice. Avatar Image says: cool!!! = } Avatar Image says: awesome picture but i don't like that picture and i don't know what part of the book this is supposed to be... but i can't wait because i have always loved GINNY AND HARRY TOGETHER!!!! so happy and excited for the movie Avatar Image says: @Crown Victoria: Harry might have not something else for formal occassions. Also, compare with what he wore to the hearing...Avatar Image says: love it! They look good together.Avatar Image says: Hope that's true from the test screening Ross because that sounds pretty coolAvatar Image says: It does sort of look like the jacket from the hearing. I am not really a big fan of it either but it isn't the end of the world. I think i remember the people who saw the film sayings this scene is at one of slughorn's party. Ginny enters late and looks like she has been crying. Harry sees her and stands up, you know to be polite, but no one else does. Everyone looks at harry, as we can see in the picture, and he is embarrassed. I think i remember that hermione gives harry a weird look or says something to him. I don't remember exactly about that but that sounds right. I think the scene sounds very sweet. Avatar Image says: I love this picture it captures so much going on in the story. You've got Ginny coming in to this scene having been in a fight with Dean, Harry being pleasantly surprised but not sure how to react with the other two blokes around. Surely he must be thinking, "Cool, but must show restraint, she's Ron's sister." Then there's the whole underlying tension of the scene where all of these kids are wondering what they are doing there. Avatar Image says: OMG I LUV THIS PICTURE!!!! y has ginny been crying hmmm y is harry standing up and everyone staring at harry when ginny walks in?? ughh sooo many freaking questions i hav to ask!!!!!!!! if only it came out this friday!!1 anywyas this picture is wayy to cute!!MORE OF HARRY AND GINNY!!!Avatar Image says: OMG I LUV THIS PICTURE!!!! y has ginny been crying hmmm y is harry standing up and everyone staring at harry when ginny walks in?? ughh sooo many freaking questions i hav to ask!!!!!!!! if only it came out this friday!!1 anywyas this picture is wayy to cute!!MORE OF HARRY AND GINNY!!!Avatar Image says: Cute photo! I really love Harry and Ginny together :) Hmmm now why is Harry standing up...perhaps being a gentleman and standing up for Ginny to take her seat! hahahaAvatar Image says: the by you ice red see wed fill hill pop mom like kid by vat cat act by you ice red.Avatar Image says: AHHH!!! Cute pic!!! Grrr on friday i will be at home wearing my harry shirt while everybody but me and my 4 year old sister go and see twilight for my other sister's 12th bday!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: awww <3333 it!! I'm SURE Ginny's been crying...i mean she totally wants Harry - she has for YEARS! And now she's dating and watching him grow up and it like "I'M RIGHT HERE LOOK AT ME!" and Bonnie's captured the surprised look of Ginny perfectly like, "Oh, and now you're noticing me? Thanks for nothing!" LOL keep the TEASERS coming! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait I can't wait till JULY!Avatar Image says: All your theories sound about right. I think its an akward moment too now. Not scary moment, Still hate the jacket.......looks the same as the Ministry jacket. Im not complaining. Just ...cant..get over itAvatar Image says: What a hideous jacket1!!!!!!! Sorry. Im done now :PAvatar Image says: I'm always so excited for R/Hr, but ohhhhh, H/G (which I like as well), is soooo cute. I like how it seems like he's standing up like a gentleman before she takes her seat....Avatar Image says: The movies seem to miss the point about students are supposed to wear robes unless they are in their dorm. Didn't Harry or Ron get burned by Snape for not being in a robe, maybe Harry at the beginning of HBP?Avatar Image says: @Rose - your comment is too funny. Yup, I think Harry is being a total gentleman - but maybe his reaction catches even himself off guard? I do hope the actual kiss (not the interrupted Burrow almost-kiss) is as Jo describes: blazing! I always thought, when I saw that very gentle, almost innocent kiss between Harry and Cho, that Yates was setting up for a very different kind of kiss btw harry and Ginny :DAvatar Image says: If Bonny doesn't stop growing, Ginny's gonna be taller than Harry....Avatar Image says: Cute pic. Bonnie looks sad... But where's Hermione? Isn't she in Sluggy's party too. I want to see a pic of hermy. She always looks amazing in party's. Hermione looked stunning in the Yule ball. Ginny looks nice too, but Hermione is just know. :)Avatar Image says: totally random picture. Ross where did you find out about the test screening comments?Avatar Image says: @Alyssa - Bonnie still looks too young? She was 16, at the time, playing a 15 year old. The nitpicking, that appears here sometimes, is absolutely ridiculous.Avatar Image says: aw this pictures so cute!! ...bonnie is 17 here?? she looks like 14!! ..good thing though since she's playing a like 15 year old!!? but still.. wow she looks young lol! cute picture! Avatar Image says: oh my bad.. 16 not 17! and forgot to say.. AHHHH IM EXCITED :DAvatar Image says: This picture says so much.. love it. About the jacket.. yes, it's hideous, but that's what it's supposed to be. Harry is not some pretentious cool guy in designer clothing. I imagine he 'inherited' the jacket form one of the Weasley brothers when he needed to go to that hearing last year lolAvatar Image says: Very cute! I can't wait to see Harry and Ginny together. But I hope that trailer kiss is only Harry's imagination... I want their actual kiss to be more... well... more! Harry jumping Ginny and all... And if I'm not mistaken, the boy between then is Marcus Belby... played by that boy who got killed protecting his brother in a fight. Avatar Image says: I think that Ginny (Bonnie) looks nice here but I think that they need to "make her up" more since she is supposed to become Harry's love interest. kind of like what they did to Hermione. Hermione doesn't look overdone but she definatly looks better than she did in the first movies. Ginny... looks the same. Harry has seen her nearly everyday for the last 6 years, but now he sees her in a new light. something needs to happen to make that change from viewing her as Ginny (Rons little sis) to Ginny (future Mrs. Potter). Is anyone with me here?Avatar Image says: *call, sorryAvatar Image says: Stephanie, I don't know!! I think it's more something of Harry's change of perspective than an actual change in Ginny. My girlfriend is also my best friend's little sister... and she didn't change a bit. It's just that one day I looked at her and saw the most beautiful woman in the world looking back at me. It just kind of happens in life... Ginny doesn't have to change. But... speaking in a matter of film making, yes. They need to do something that show us, the audience, that Harry changed his mind. But it doesn't have to be something in her looks... it can be a moment or something.Avatar Image says: Rose--ha ha ha ha :)Avatar Image says: Yes,Thio , I agree with you, she didn't changeAvatar Image says: umm.. i wonder where they are bout to go? or what they are bout to 2 do!!?? so cute!! cant wait till july! Avatar Image says: In response to ross, I'm glad they're adding unnecessary drama lol no seriously though I am, because it's more of what was in the book :)Avatar Image says: Aww, such a cute picture. (: Btw - she's crying because Twilight will ruin everyone's eyes. It's going to suck. *muahahahhaha* Twilight is stupid. (: A little off topic, but whatever. :DAvatar Image says: They make SUCH a cute couple. I'm SO excited to see them together!!!!!I NEED a time turner to get to July!!!!!!! 240 seems like such a big number. (yes this is my favourite book!!!)Avatar Image says: Great picture. Bonnie really is beautiful.Avatar Image says: To those who asked where I heard about this scene, I heard it from a podcast called PotterWatch. Someone who saw the movie in Chicago gave an interview with them and gave lots of tidbits about the movie. :)Avatar Image says: oooooh thats the first photo I have seen where I can say it gave me goosebumps...they are gazing into eachothers eyes and I actually believed!!! I sooooo can't wait to see this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Ross- Is this podcast affiliated with that site that post Private Information and Pictures of anyone connected to Harry Potter? I really hate that site so I'm just curious. Avatar Image says: No - it's on the Chamber of Secrets forums.Avatar Image says: about the picture, i can't say it really moves me i much rater sit and watch a trailer much more enthralling. from what i understand the kissing scene between H&G in nothing like J.K. wrote it and from what i saw in the second trailer it seems they changed H&G with Ron and Lavender. yep that jacket is hideous but understandably welcomed. harry is living with the dursly's his a very humble person i can't imagine him actually going out on it's own and really buying fancy cloths not with Voldemort looming in the background. as for harry finally noticing Ginny I think it also has something to do with the fact that she is actually talking around him and to him she isn’t afraid to show him a piece of her mind as we saw in book 5; also harry is a 16 year old guy who goes to school where- as we learned from the books- most girls have silly crush’s on “the boy who lived” not harry the person so it is only normal that he will be attracted to the ones who don’t have silly crushes on him and don’t forget there can’t be too many girls in the 15-18 age group he can/will date at Hogwarts, so he really is left with a small group of girls to fall for. I find it only natural he has fallen for Ginny she is always there, she isn’t afraid to talk in front of him anymore therefore she isn’t afraid to be herself as we saw in book 5 she also isn’t afraid to bring some sense in him, and most of all she is very like Mrs. Weasley they do say men tend to marry their mothers and since Mrs. Weasley is the only true mother figure harry remembers, well I’m sure you can guess where I’m going, and she also most remind him of his own mother, at least in her appearance, which only strengthen my point. Avatar Image says: Maya, Excellent analysis...I haven't seen it put this well in a long time! Love H/G!

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