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Nov 19, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

He’s a very sexy Hufflepuff, oh yes he is….or more accurately, says People magazine, who includes actor Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory) as one of the Sexiest Men Alive for 2008. Coming in at lucky number 13 on the list, the magazine writes:

“Last year all I was trying to do was get a girlfriend,” says Pattinson, 22, Twilight‘s
resident vampire and previously Harry Potter’s Quidditch foil, Cedric.
“What happened? It’s like the face of what is attractive has changed.
Girls used to want to see guys take their shirts off. Now it’s, ‘I want
you to bite me.’ It’s bizarre.”

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Avatar Image says: Hahah that's an adorable quote. Rob is not only very sexy but a great actor as well, let's not forget about that =]Avatar Image says: It's always been, "I want you to bite me," for me. I don't know about everyone else...Avatar Image says: He makes me happy that I'm a Hufflepuff! Avatar Image says: yeah, he's cute... but PLEASE Robert, wash your hair!!!!Avatar Image says: idk... im not that into him. now if a hot guy offered to bite me, thats another story. i'd swoonAvatar Image says: ew no. the ONLY!!! way id let him bite me is if i witnessed him brushing his teeth about 4 times. sorry, but thats just plain gross. greatest guy hair of hollywood besides orlando bloom. yummy...Avatar Image says: :D Robert is amazing!Avatar Image says: Such a shame that Zac Efron is higher on the list than Rob. But yay Rpatz!Avatar Image says: Anyone watching the South Park making fun of stupid Twilight vampire kids? Pretty hilarious!Avatar Image says: How about both shirtless and biting action? Where do you find a guy like that? Oh right! that is why I really really like Cam Gigandet...swoon. Anyway, good job Rob. You are still my second favorite Hufflepuff. (Sue of course, is #1)Avatar Image says: It creeps me out when people ask him to bite them! That's so weird, lol. They know he's not a real vampire..... right?Avatar Image says: robs way hotter than zack tmz knows it lol, the episode yesterday was making fun of zack asking where all his papparzi went? then they were like oh! following rob. it was pretty funnyAvatar Image says: i dont think hes exactly the hottest gut ou there. how abt biting and shirts off....Avatar Image says: "Hear, Hear!" to his comments - I also find the whole Twilight, obsession with biting thing bizarre!Avatar Image says: i dont want him to bite me i want him to snogg me! tomarrow right is a big one for mr. patterson...but to me he will always be that super sexy hufflepuff who was good and brave and loyal and true...i love good boys!Avatar Image says: Confession: I've stayed away from Twilight because the whole vampire thing in general turns me off. It always seems so overwrought and self-consciously erotic+violent. Consquently I loved JKR's goofy take on vampires in Half-Blood Prince. ("Sanguini, stay here! ... Have a pasty!")Avatar Image says: I find it mildly humorous that the dead vampire Hufflepuff is number 13. Also, I find it funny that the magazine called Cedric Harry's Quidditch foil. It's true, he is/was, sort of, if you ignore any Slytherins and Cho Chang, but that's not even true in the movies. They should have said he was Harry's foil in the 4th movie, or Tri-Wizard Tournament foil or something. But maybe I'm just bitter that I guessed incorrectly who they would choose to be Edward. I mean, come on! Andy Serkis would have been perfect!Avatar Image says: I LOOOOOVE ROB PATTINSON! OME! He is sooo freaking fine in Twilight! Im psyched for the 21st. If anything could make me happy after Potter was sent to July it was Twilight! YEAH ROB!!! YOUR VAMPTASTIC!Avatar Image says: He's adorable! Simply adorable. :) :) :) I am so. excited. for. tomorrow. night!!!! (Midnight show!!!) Avatar Image says: Haha, love Rob`s comments and I don`t think they could have chosen a better Edward, or Cedric for that matter. It`s going to take all my resolve not to stand up in the cinema and say "By Diggory! It`s Cedric!!Avatar Image says: good thing Robert seems humble with all the attention he's getting nowadays. I personally don't think he's all that handsome or sexy but he's the current flavor of the month among the teens and a good alternative for Zac Efron.Avatar Image says: What a strange quote... Anyway I don't find him sexy, he always looks half asleep. Supercial stuff doesn't make someone sexy, to be intelligent, educated, talented... makes someone sexy. Reading his interviews is clear this guy lacks of all of that.Avatar Image says: I prefer SANGUINI. Rob's a traitor. I'll probably get crap for saying that, but I don't care. I read Twilight and it sucked butt. The movie will too. Golly gee, it's getting too much hype. One word: OVERRATED!Avatar Image says: Does nothing for me I'm afraid. He's too good looking. I find people sexy for other reasons than looks.Avatar Image says: Haha, would love to be bitten by him! He's very sexy!Avatar Image says: Rob has the POTENTIAL to be really hot--time will tell. If he can gain some maturity--emotionally, intellectually, physically-- without becoming arrogant he'll be quite a guy. When he grows up a little he'll look back on that "biting...bizarre" comment and roll his eyes at his own naivety! chuckle!Avatar Image says: @Christine: Not sure what you mean by "Rob's a traitor", not having read the 'Twilight' series. If you are meaning that he's a "traitor" for not "staying with the HP group", I'd have to disagree. In that wise, he's only extending his acting career. And Rob is not a "traitor", if you are meaning the 'Twilight' series. From what I garner [from the "overrated" movie 'Twilight', his name would be "Edward"...sorry, if I'm confused and offend. Not meant that way. Just an observation. Back "on topic". To Rob, good going. I'll have to see the movie, to decide on if it was a "good choice"...from his "merchandising", I'd say he's at least popular. I don't think he's on my list as "Sexiest", though. JMHOAvatar Image says: That posting [configuration wise] came out weird! Oh well...Avatar Image says: South Park last night was frikin hilarious. Andy Serkis would've been great as Edward but I hear they plan on casting him as Nessie in the fourth Twilight movie. He might also take the role of Nagini in the last couple of HP movies.Avatar Image says: To anyone interested: He is going to be doing an interview tomorrow on Ellen Degeneres.... Have fun, girls!Avatar Image says: Ok y'all keep saying andy sekis do you guys mean andy serkis as in the guy who played gullem from LOTR? cause if so hes way to old to play a vampire whos been 17 for 50 years.Avatar Image says: All Hufflepuffs are hot. duh.Avatar Image says: This is still so very strange. Robert as one of People's top 100 sexiest men alive? WTH. Not that it's not well deserved. It's just that the the weird factor of him getting so much media attention and my inability to see him as anything other than Cedric Diggory is not lessening. Uh-and the comments news stories like this are attracting...just weird. Avatar Image says: sue, Dan also made this list!!Avatar Image says: PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE stop plugging Twilight! This is a HARRY POTTER site! If I wanted to read about Twilight I'd go somewhere else to do it! And SO SHOULD YOU!Avatar Image says: I love u ROB!!!! You should be number 1 on that list.... well u r for me!!!Avatar Image says: Why is no one recognising the fact that our sexy Dan is on the list too???Avatar Image says: I liked this guy as Cedric, but there the fascination ends. Frankly, I find Lucius Malfoy (Isaacs) and Snape (Rickman) MUCH hotter than this guy. And I agree about the whole Twilight thing being a poor focus for a Harry Potter website... I'd like to hear more about how the HP fans are going to unite and storm Hollywood, forcing them to release HBP by yuletide instead of making us wait until next summer. Anyone? Beuller???? - MAvatar Image says: Rob Pattinson did great in Twilight. I just saw it and he made a sexy vampire...and he has great hair. The lead actress did not do well in my opinion so Twilight was more about Rob. Avatar Image says: I LOVE you robert I cant get Twilight out of my head and you're hair looked better spicked up Love briannaAvatar Image says: thats good for him i think taylor launtner is going to be somewhere up... i also hope ruperts up there. i loved the movieAvatar Image says: ill be his girl friend. he may not be taylor lautner but i do still thinks he is handsome....... ill be his girlfriend, yes i willAvatar Image says: i like twilight and harry potter, and rob was in both movies so its just natrual to bring up twilight but he did good jobs on both movies. team jacob,team ron... theres not a team ron is there, well ughAvatar Image says: Wait, who asked him to take his shirt off? For me, he can bite me any time, shirt on or off ;DAvatar Image says: i've actually been bitten before....on the shoulder and it was just plain weird.... o_0Avatar Image says: Robert "Rob" Pattinson (played "Cedric Diggory" in "Harry Potter 4: Goblet of Fire" and played "Edward Cullen" in "Twilight") was the reason I watched Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire more than 7 times!!! :D hehe I was mesmerized by him. I finally got to see "Twilight" yesterday, November 30, 2008, Sunday (after meaning to watch it since November 4 when the movie's soundtrack came out and I saw Rob Pattinson's name in the track list. I saw it in the movie, too. I knew he'd be good in piano. In the movie's end credits, I saw Rob did 2 songs in the movie but in the soundtrack list online, it showed only one. I may have to look it up again, just to be sure. I've seen Rob promoting "Twilight since like January or February early this year at awards ceremonies, especially at the MTV Video Music Awards this year right next to a cluster of studios that blew up in fire and smoke feet from the red carpet. He was goofing around his "Twilight" costar whilst promoting their movie. I really love his British accent; he didn't have to do an American accent in the movie because his native accent keeps popping out here and there anyway. hehe I wish I could run into him someday and it would be normal or something. :)Avatar Image says: rob pattinson is just orgasmic yes i would like him to bite me and take his shirt off.

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