Win Signed “Beedle the Bard” by JK Rowling Through New Contest at Amazon Germany


Nov 21, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Amazon Germany has now opened a new contest that will give away ten copies of The Tales of Beedle the Bard signed by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling. To enter, click here and answer the question: “Who inherited Dumbledore’s book of “The Tales of Beedle the Bard” in Book seven, choosing between Harry, Ron, or Hermione, and then enter your email address. The contest runs now until December 2, and is open to people ages 18 and older (and does not seem to be limited to residents of Germany).
Good Luck!

Thanks so much to TLC staffer Erna for the heads up!

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Avatar Image says: Hooray! An 18 and older contest! And it's not limited to citizens of Germany! GLEE!Avatar Image says: *sighs* these contests are always for 18 ad older o elementary kids. They don't seem to ever remember that there are still teenagers who started reading HP when they were in elementary school *shakes head*Avatar Image says: Scholastic and Bloomsbury should learn about this, JK ROWLING MUST. These three had done contests for just children. They don't respect the fandon, that is older.Avatar Image says: @Amanda: And MINE just turned 18 day before yesterday! He's entered, as well! @Cray: This isn't a matter of "respecting the fandom" It's a matter of HOW the contest is run, and WHO it's for. There had been complaints, before about contest "only for the little kids" and only eligible in ____" This one is for adults, and available to anyone, any where! 18 or over. I must admit, that is the easiest "contest" I've ever entered. I don't think they realize the avalanche of entries they're going to get! ROFL.Avatar Image says: They also ask you to enter your email address below, right? What happens if you win and they email you but it's in German. What then?Avatar Image says: and presumably the signed copy is a German translation.Avatar Image says: ¬¬ Then you either reply asking them to send you the message in english or use Google translate... LOL: the contest rules listed between the options and the send button state that the prize cannot be exchanged by cash XD HA! AS IF!Avatar Image says: Not that I care of course - just to own something that JK Rowling has signed would be just wonderful!Avatar Image says: Debbie: it said on the site that they're giving away 10 signed copies of the English collector's edition.Avatar Image says: I wonder if JKR is gonna do a book signing in the US soon after the release date? I would love love love to get my Collectors Edition signed. : ) Avatar Image says: Win a copy of the English collector's edition of "The Tales of Beedle the Bard" signed by J. K. Rowling. Take part in our lottery/drawing of 10 signed editions. This is how it's done: answer the question below and state your e-mail address. Question Who inherits from Dumbledore in Harry Potter 7 the "Tales of Beedle the Bard"?* o Harry o Ron o Hermione Eligible to participate is everybody who is at least 18 years old. Excluded are employees and their relatives. Every participant can only take part once in the lottery. The winners are determined by lot from the correct transmittals and are informed by via e-mail. Payout of the prize in cash is impossible. Deadline for entries is 2008-12-02. will use your e-mail address only within the scope of this survey. All particulars/data will be deleted after the ending of the survey. Please enter your e-mail address:* ___ *required inputAvatar Image says: Thank you for the translation, creaothceann!!Avatar Image says: That was hysterical... I don't know what I was thinking, but when it popped up in German, it surprised me. (Typical arrogant american that I am). Anyway, is "Hermine" German for Hermione? If I win, I'll love the copy no matter what language it's in.Avatar Image says: there is never contests for teenagers!!!! it is not fair! Avatar Image says: Yeah, it'll be the English version. I don't think there's any translation for the collector's edition.Avatar Image says: For those teenager's out there....why not ask a parent, guardian, aunt, uncle, or older sibling to enter on your behalf. That's quite legal.Avatar Image says: How many times can I enter this contest? Avatar Image says: Just once. Haha the winning e-mail would be pretty funny to see.Avatar Image says: can e please please please PLEASE have a contest for teens? Any who..i should be seeing HBP now.*sniff*Avatar Image says: THANK YOU for that translation! :) It would be amazing to win!Avatar Image says: Um, do any of these teenagers complaining remember that the contest to send 2 people to the Deathly Hallows release was open for teenagers. Now THAT was upsetting for a life long (going on 10 years) harry potter fan who had just turned 21. Don't worry kids, there will always be other contests. Besides, they are giving away 10 books and millions of people are going to enter. You would have a better chance winning the local lottery.Avatar Image says: yeah, but that contest was one out of how many there have been? It's just kind of upsetting because I've been reading Harry Potter for about 9-10 years as well as I started reading them when I was 8 and am only 17. Out of the 3 contest age categories, the preteens and teens in middle and high school are greatly underappreciatedAvatar Image says: Yeah it will be a real avallanche of answers as it's open for the whole world.... For those who are preocupied how to get them sent if outside of germany ? I would say it's easy. You just have to ask them to send it to you and pay the parcel. Happy winnings to all, including me. Avatar Image says: I entered. It's going to be hilarious when I get tons of emails on sales on amazon in German! Oh well, it's worth it. Except.. how will I know what to do if they email me in German that I've won? LOL!Avatar Image says: I'm soooo lucky that I turned 18 last month. Yay I can enter.Avatar Image says: Is it an enter once thing or an enter once a day thing? Avatar Image says: Dee, don't worry if you win, there will be always some people around in Leaky who can translate german. It's an international site after all, united in the pleasure and adventure of the HP world.Avatar Image says: Cool! Finally a contest in Germany. If I win, I won't have to pay the collector's edition *lol* Funny though that everyone over 18 can enter. They could have had it opened for everyone from 0-99 then. Now sometimes we germans don't think that far...Avatar Image says: Finally a competition that the people who grew up with Harry can winAvatar Image says: Karen, I've never heard this yet, so I don't know. (: In (the?) Hungarian translation Hermione is Hermione, but the people pronounce it Hair-me-oh-e as in ten. Avatar Image says: * Hair - me - oh - ne (e as in ten)Avatar Image says: Yes, Hermine (pronounced "Hair - mee - ne") is German for Hermione.Avatar Image says: i'm most definitely entering my parents.Avatar Image says: Putting that high school German to use. Avatar Image says: erm wudnt the books be in german?!?!?!?! well ive entered anyway. ive always wondered how they're gonna kno ur not older than 18? xAvatar Image says: I do not wish to be mean, but I wish it WAS limited to residents of Germany. There are so many contest restricted to Brits, it would be fair to have a contest just for us! Once at least..... Avatar Image says: btw: do not worry, the book will not be in German, there is only an "ordinary" edition out in German, the luxury edition is available only in English and that is what the winners are gonna get. Avatar Image says: we teens love HP to!Avatar Image says: I got an interesting reply from amazon: It is at indeed only possible for our customers who have pre-ordered the item "The Tales of Beedle the Bard"(Collector's edition) to win one of the 10 signed copies. it means I have to preorder it if I want to win...Avatar Image says: I preordered one, but they could have said this earlier...Avatar Image says: @M: this then also means it is in a way restricted to Germans after all, isn't it? Only if you pre-ordered the book with you can enter..... So, I guess I am in! Kinda complicated, though, and yes, they could have said that before!!Avatar Image says: I feel bad for the teenagers and for relatives of amazon employees i mean its not like their gunna cheat but oh well. I hope i get the book but its a really really small chance, but at least i tried. hopefully it is in english!! I LOVE HARRY POTTER. Avatar Image says: Hi. Good site.

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