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Nov 06, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Attention Twilight fans! Be sure to check out the new edition of “Entertainment Weekly” due out tomorrow, which will feature three different covers. One just released, seen here on the EW website, sports a face well known to us here in the Harry Potter world: actor Robert Pattinson (Hufflepuff great Cedric Diggory) who is now starring in the soon-to-be-released Twilight film in the lead role of Edward Cullen. You can also see a high res image of the cover featuring a handsome Rob here in our galleries. As readers will recall of course, Twilight will be released on November 21, the date that Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was to be in theaters until WB changed the date until July 17 of next year. Of the comparison between the books and films, EW notes:

The last thing the filmmakers behind Twilight want to hear is that their movie is the next Harry Potter. Sure, it occupies the release date once held by the boy wizard. But while the seven-book Potter series has sold 400 million copies and generated $4.5 billion in worldwide box office receipts, Twilight is working off a global fan base
that has purchased only 17 million books. ”We’re not even 5 percent of
Potter sales. We’re not even a toenail on that body,” says director Catherine Hardwicke. ”Ours is a character film, a little more sophisticated teenage
Romeo and Juliet.”

You can weigh in with your thoughts of the cover at EW, here. This issue of Entertainment Weekly will be available on newsstands tomorrow, Friday November 7.

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Avatar Image says: wow, comparing twilight to romeo and juliet is a little generous. reading twilight gets me waaaay more depressed. its lack of storyline and character development is positivley tragic. its nice to get some proper props from the twilight universe though. it will NEVER compare to harry potter, and they need to respect that. RESPECT IT. Avatar Image says: "Ours is a character film, a little more sophisticated teenage Romeo and Juliet" Wow, that's a bit rich. More sophisticated than Shakespeare? Okay... right. And why do people keep referring to "Twilight" as a character piece, as opposed to HP which is apparently... not? The biggest appeal of HP (for me), is not the plot, but the rich, unique, and well developed cast of characters. It's a character piece as much as anything else. Avatar Image says: I can't wait to see Twilight! It will never compare to Harry Potter though.Avatar Image says: More sophisticated romeo and juliet? LoL. If you say so. It's a teen romance novel. Let's not go overboard. Well, for Rob's sake, I hope he gets nice reviews. Avatar Image says: I was a really strong HP fan and I didn't want to hear that Twilight is an afterPottersomething(whatever). but now when I've read the Twilight books I've become a huge fan. Robert is really great in it,and entire cast as well. One important difference between HP and TW is that TW movie is VERY truthfull to the book. I recomend to all HP fans here-read all 4+1 Twilight books and go watch the movie. I'm sure you're gonna love it. kisses from HP nad TW fan,Matea Avatar Image says: I never thought he was all that exceptionally attractive as Cedric, but I've changed my opinion. I think he makes a pretty good vampire. I agree that the Twilight books aren't that great of literature, but I still enjoy reading them and I think they'll make a good movie. Harry Potter is just too big for movies, though Warner Brothers has managed pretty well.Avatar Image says: And so, the Shakespeare fans crawl out from under the woodwork lol. I'm still undecided on whether or not to go see this film heh.Avatar Image says: Matea, are you saying you've seen the movie already?Avatar Image says: I' ve read the Twilight series, cover looks good. Rob makes a good vampire. Glad to see Robert Patinsson getting some attention. But ive only been part of the Harry Potter fandom for 2 years. Can anyone tell me if the Harry Potter fans were as "overly enthusiastic" (some may say annoying) as the Twilight fans? Just curious. Im not making fun of Twilight, i do like the books. Im a fan to (but a bigger Hp fan)Avatar Image says: well technically...this one is based loosely on pride and prejudice...Meyer even mentions it in the book. and while a Harry fan may enjoy Twilight easily....their themes are totally different. Twilight is primarily a love story with supernatural people and Harry is a good vs. evil with some love going all around.. different approach... both easily likable... both in my ipod ok... all 11 actually. so i will enjoy all that is Rob.... and I will run the Twilight event at my store next Saturday !!!!!! :) again... and as i tell people... yes, i love Edward...but i've been friends with Harry longer. Avatar Image says: I can't wait until the movie comes out. I hope it sticks with the book.Avatar Image says: Wow. Romeo and Juliet? That's ridiculous. I`m not even going to talk about this overrated book, it might get me into trouble. Hah. So I`ll leave it at this: Twilight is not even 1/100th of Harry Potter. HP FTW! <3Avatar Image says: Romeo & Juliet is weak compared to Shakespeare's other works, but to call Twilight "a bit more sophisticated" is sheer lulz-worthy. On a different note, Rob Pattinson is a stud-muffin.Avatar Image says: A sophisticated Romeo and Juliet? Seriously??? lol. Jeez, even the sound bites for this franchise are terrible. I guess it's to be expected. There's only so many way to polish a...Oh, I won't finish that. ;)Avatar Image says: I'm going to see Twilight during the mid-night premier...dressed in my Harry Potter costume!!! It'll be fun to see people's reactions!Avatar Image says: Well i have to say Rob looks pretty fine in this picture. but doesent he in all of his pictures? :) I have read the Twilight books and do like them but it realy bugs me when people start to compare it to Harry Potter. They are good but no were close to reaching Harry Potter level. People just make a big deal out of it bacause all the people in it are good looking. My friends and i are going to see Twilight when it comes out( eventhough we sould be see HBP at that time!) I am putting together my best Harry Potter costume to wear when i go. My friends are HUGE Twilight fans and are going to hate me for it. Avatar Image says: shut up about bad things about twilight!! I ABSOLOUTLY LOVE hp. but rob is a SEXY BEAST!! yea!!Avatar Image says: I love when EW talks about more than one of my fandoms in one page. XD Whether you like it or hate it, its going to be big ... it won't matter if it's a good movie or bad, we all want to see it regardless ... well, us who are interested in it, and there's a lot of us. I'm proud to say today I wore, and I didn't plan this, my gryffindor socks and my Cullen t-shirt. It was a good day. :)Avatar Image says: I HATE twilight and i'm sick of it. It's a hp site and all the others hp sites are like i said hp sites so stop posting twilight news. i love this site like many other but i said this to all them stop. Dont twilight fans have their own sites...Avatar Image says: *like many other hp sites....Avatar Image says: Well, THIS is what I've been waiting for: the the actual Twilight people themselves to admit that despite their legions of fanatic teenage girls, they've got nothing on HP. I think it's time everyone realized that. And now I'm off to buy earplugs in preparation for Nov 21st - my best friend's a girl - and maybe I'll disconnect my phone too.Avatar Image says: I Love Harry Potter! The Series is the best! No Contest!! But any romantic girl can see the apeal of Twilight. The Idea of finding true love is irresistible!! The idea of being loved more than anything is mezmerizing. I didn't think much of the series till I got the 1st book out of pure Curiosity... I fell in love... read all 4 in less than 3 days. I recomend it. Give Twilight a chance. Go see the movie. It's worth it. Avatar Image says: i don't think anyone would claim to be more sophisticated than Shakespeare.. i'm betting she either meant more sophisticated than HP, or just a just a more sophisticated film in general. and teenage R&J generally just means star-crossed lovers, which is why it gets compared to that so often (as any story with the same theme does). as for the "character" film comment, i tend to agree because while both series have great characters, almost the entire focus in Twilight is on the characters and their relationships, while a great deal of HP's focus has to do with the story, plot, and how its characters relate to *that*, more so than to each other.Avatar Image says: Harry Potter IS about the characters , that is undeniable,otherwise what HP books were some people actually reading , not the ones JKR wrote.Avatar Image says: Twilight looks pretty sick to me. I would never say that about a Harry Potter movie, even though I don;t like the way they depart from the books. Harry forever!Avatar Image says: I believe Catherine Hardwicke meant that Twilight “is” a modern day Romeo and Juliet, and is a bit more sophisticated then Harry Potter. It was not a well composed sentence. I do not believe she means to be disparaging to Harry Potter. She is probably referring to the age of the intended viewer. Avatar Image says: More sophisticated???LOL!!!....will maybe the ages of the characters but not the content of the story .Avatar Image says: "Ours is a character film, a little more sophisticated teenage Romeo and Juliet" Romeo and Juliet? Seriously? Twilight has some of the most un-original, Mary-Sue-y characters I've EVER read.... HP PWN'S Twilight!!!! I shouldn't have said that...that fang-girls are gonna kill me *hides* (Haha, Jordan! I was planning on doing the same thing!)Avatar Image says: which was to wear my HP robes to the Twilight Movie midnight showing :)Avatar Image says: Mel: Awesome...I think we should all go out on Nov 21 and wear our HP gear!!!!Avatar Image says: hmmm. I have been a HP fan for 10 years and i must say I'm a bit disappointed with some of the comments here about twilight. Surely, you guys didn't miss the admission they claimed that they are "not even a toe nail compared to the body" (which is HP). Not to mention, Stephanie Mayer (author of twilight) speaking very highly of J.K. Rowling in some of her interviews. But must we as fans talk daggers @ them as a "thank you" for realizing who/what they are compared to us??? I guess what i am trying to say is everyone of course is entitle to his/her own opinion, but if you are proclaiming your self as a HP fan --just ease up with the "bitter" comments-- because you are representing HP and us real fans and we do not want to be tagged as bitter or sour grapes...Let them have their run/fun and just support our beloved triwizard champion --Cedric Diggory!Avatar Image says: Ahojky jsem tu pooprvý:-D Je to tu hezké akorát se mi to tu nechce překládat:-D Tak čaukyAvatar Image says: I just saw EQUUS! IT WAS AWESOME!!! Go see it! Oh wait, this post is about Rob.. sorry I'm still excited ;x But anyways, thanks for the heads up, Leaky! I'm definitely going to stop by the bookstore after work tomorrow to get the Entertainment Weekly. ;DAvatar Image says: I really wish this war between the fandoms would end! I'll be starting book 3 of the Twilight series and while its good, some characters are very Mary-Sueish and the writing isn't all that great. However the story I do find to be interesting and I do think that the characters are more internalized than in HP. I would really compare a lot of characterizations in HP to the way Shakespeare wrote his characters. Most of what they say is obvious and to the point there is not a lot of multi-layered thinking. That doesn't make it good or bad its a writing style and a more "old school" technique while the Twilight series is definitely a more modern way of writing! Meyers hasn't had much experience in writing and it shows but she is a good storyteller, there is something addicting about the books. But I personally find J.K.R. to be more eloquent and a more imaginative storyteller. A big reason for this could be because she took her time with the writing of these books and had a whole universe thought out before and as she was writing. Meyers popped these books out in 4 years, which is insane if you think about it, maybe that could be why the quality (IMHO) isn't as up to par but they're still good books and fun reads. I really think the only reason that they keep getting compared as because of Rob and as he has stated in interviews, he doesn't even understand why since he was in one film and his character dies. Yes they're popular books series and yes they're made into movies but that's where the comparisons should end. Neither has displayed the staying power of other book fandoms like the Lord of the Rings series or even movie fandoms like Star Wars. Let's wait 25-50 years and see where they stand. I am an HP fan but I like Twilight, so why doesn't everyone just chill and enjoy the fact that the younger generation has grown up reading and where book releases are as big of events as movie releases...that can't be a bad thing no matter what fandom you may support!Avatar Image says: comparing twilight to romeo and juliet is stupid. But comparing twilight to harry potter-------DONT THINK SO! Twilight is so were near as good as HP or Romeo and Juliet!Avatar Image says: Robert looked better as Cedric!! He looks weird as edward!Avatar Image says: im real harry potter call twilight beat harry potter and they affront harry potter.if twilight beat box office to hp ,hp to suffer couldn't understant. and i have a questions.why you don't daniel radcliffe and emma watson news.but do robert turn twilight site.Avatar Image says: I've never really found R.Pattinson to be handsome. shifty eyes and unkempt hair?... can't see where the attraction is. As for the comparison to HP, it's the marketing department of Twilight who are at fault. They're riding the Harry Potter wave to promote the movie. And it's a joke to compare its characters to Shakespeare's famous lovers. Talk about exaggeration. Although to be fair, at least Meyer delved into the romance angle of Bella and Edward fairly well compared to the love relationships in HP which were haphazardly written.Avatar Image says: I am a fan of the Twilight books (the last two especially) but I too think R&J is a generous comparison. I can see that's what the author was trying to convey in the second book but it came off less Romeo & Juliet and more Ross & Rachel: less tragic and more eyerolling.Avatar Image says: i'm glad catherine admitted that the fan bases are different, and i have always said...harry potter is my number ONE! i really enjoy reading twilight but it's different. i am just going to have fun... i refuse to compare the two stories. Avatar Image says: I haven't read any of the Twilight books. Maybe one day... I will say CONGRATULATIONS to Robert Pattison for landing this role. I hope it works out for him.Avatar Image says: I read the first book and thought - meh - so I won't be reading any more of them. A much better book of a slightly similar type is Robin McKinley's "Sunshine". Be that as it may, I have a feeling that this may be one of those times where I'll find that the movie is better than the book. I've also wondered, and I'm sure that there is no way to tell, how the fan reaction over the controversial end (to them anyway) might affect turnout for the film.Avatar Image says: For being Harry Potter fans there are is a lot of hating going on.... HP created a whole new generation of readers, be happy that they are still reading. Twilight has never been promoted at the next HP by the people directly involved with it and it never will be. It's a fun story... leave it alone. The movie happens to share an actor with one of the HP actors. Good for Leaky for keeping us up-to-date on the actors that shared the HP experience. Avatar Image says: He looks so prettyAvatar Image says: While I don't think it is more "sophisticated" than Romeo and Juliet, I do understand the comparison. Actually, when I was trying to explain the book to my husband I told him to think on it as a twist on Romeo and Juliet (and I don't think I'd read any fan sites before that)....just trying to preview it for my daughter's assigned reading of it at school. I enjoy the diversion of Twilight, and I'll see the movie. However, I love my HP and I don't think it is quite a replacement - simply another series to enjoy.Avatar Image says: I've read both series and love them (HP more than Twilight though) and I find it really annoying the way they keep calling it "the next HP". The main themes in the books are totally different. Ok, they're both fantasies, but Twilight is more about a "Romeo and Juliet thing" (although not comparable at all to Shakspeare's works) and HP focuses on the whole love, good and evil subjects. They're veeery different! Also, Twilight hasn't got, and never will have I believe, the success of HP. Sure, it's popular too all over the world (I live in Italy and people adore it here) but it focuses usually on a certain age group. You're not going to read it to your seven year old, just to be clear. HP instead is an "all age book" so obviously more people read it and it tends to be a lot more huge than Twilight. I'm happy that Catherine understands that (and Stephenie too). Well, that's my opinion on the matter.Avatar Image says: Personally, I never thought Rob filled the shoes of Cedric. From the Twilight trailer though, I will admit that he looks better. The whole HP vs Twilight, I won't go into a long detailed rant about the Twilight books because it'll just get me pissed off. NOTHING COMPARES TO THE HP FANDOM!!!! NOTHING!!!! HP great to the Twilight movie? Brilliant :]Avatar Image says: The writing in Twilight was crud, how can they compare it to Shakespeare, actually they said it was better....dumb nuts... anyway, rob is a very pretty man and I'm sure he'll go far as for the movie, the preview i saw looked just as awful as the writing in the book....but if i can sit though high school musicals 1-3 for mr. efron (horrible, i know...)i guess i can sit through twilight for Rob...Avatar Image says: You see information on other HP actor's on leaky all the time. They coverd both Rupert's new movies, there is almost always an article on Emma and what she is doing, Equus got a bunch of coverage as did other actors (Tom Felton and David Thewlis). Twilight comes out very soon so there is more information about Pattison than others at the moment. Not to mention that EW article mentioned HP in it, which makes it more relevant to a HP site. I'm sure Sue and the crew sort through everything that is submitted and aren't biased one way or another.Avatar Image says: Half-Blood Prince news! I am a senior at Radnor High School, PA. Today, we inducted into our Hall of Fame the Senior Vice President of Warner Bros., Bill Daly. As part of his presentation, Mr. Daly showed the school two NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN clips from HBP. The first was of Harry and Dumbledore at the train station. While there, Harry asks Dumbledore about his withered hand, to which Michael Gambon uses basically the same line as in the book ("It's a thrilling tale, I wish to do it justice," etc.). They then Apparate to Budleigh Baberton. The Apparition scence was AMAZING! It was a dizzying flash of various faces and objects, and it ended abruptly with their arrival in the town square. They arrive right next to the war memorial, and move down the street to house Slughorn is presumbly occuyping (although it showed no signs of damage). The second scene was the fiery battle against the Inferi in the Horcrux cave. Harry was completely underwater, trying to fend off the Inferi, and eventually made his way to the top and climbed onto the island. Dumbledore had his huge fiery lasso going, and the Inferi were crawling around the island, close to the ground. That's as best as I can remember! I nearly had a heart attack watching them!Avatar Image says: First off, I think that both HP and Twilight fans have taken this way too far. I really don't think most people are saying that the stories are similar. I think they're comparing the fan reaction. In the internet age, fandoms can be huge. Calling Twilight the next HP means that it's become a fandom craze with release parties, costumes, etc. A regular person becoming a, seemingly, overnight success for writing young adult novels that are now hugely anticipated movie(s), huh sounds a bit familiar. Second, I got my EW today and I’m VERY happy. When Rob played Cedric I was skeptical at first, but after watching the movies a few times, I think he captured Cedric, but I really think he’s going to be great as Edward. This is his staring role; Rob is to Edward as Dan is to Harry. Just be happy for him. Avatar Image says: hahah i'm like what does twillight have to do with harry potter and then i'm like oh yeah rob patterson is harry potter (well cedric anyways)Avatar Image says: The article is right to say that Twilight has not SOLD as much as HP...I have no idea why, but at my school I think only 20 people own the books and allow all the other people borrow their copy... Weird right? I'd just like to say to those going to Twilight dressed up like Harry Potter.....You're stupid.... You think the Twilighters give a d@mn about Harry Potter? They will probably igonore you, rolling their eyes or tease you, by saying, "Didn't you know? They moved the release date to July." or "Wrong movie!" Twilight fans are not harsh to HP fans like HP fans are to Twilighters.... It's annoying because THEY ARE BOTH JUST BOOKS!!!! No need to get worked up....I love both books, but find it's better to move onto another book or series after you finsih one. Yes, you can go back and reread them (I do this) but I move on.... Books are just books, no matter how great it is... ~Ayame~ Avatar Image says: Why does that boy always look like he's high? Ick, not attracted to him at all. Good luck to him in his vampire stuff.Avatar Image says: This is silly. Guys, let's not get mad at this petty marketing scheme. Since we already know that Twilight is a joke next to us, we'll treat them like children, and let them have their say. After all, we'll be here forever, and they'll be gone soon enough. Some of their fanbase have already left due to the failure that was Breaking Dawn (though I can't imagine why they didn't regard the rest of the series as failures, too). They can't come up with as decent fanfiction, fanart or essays as us, because Meyer's writing is so shallow that Bella's character is only as good as clumsy, and Edward is a pretty boy. I think this movie will be a success because they can build on Meyer's shallow characters, fill them up, and give the story more meat. And you wonder why the movie is so "faithful to the book". THERE'S NOT MUCH STORY TO TELL! Tbh, Twilight would have ended better if Bella turned into a vampire and Edward realizes that he never really loved her. It'll have some neo-Freudian spin that'll make it 10x more interesting than the unrealistic, teenage lust factor that it is now, plus making Edward into some sort of Golum kind of character. Avatar Image says: It seems that this story could be about the type of love that could survive. In the story the Cullens fights their nature and become a strong, united family. The others of their kind do not even attempt to stay together. In a world where families are falling apart, Stephenie Meyer writes about one that lasts forever. Some people may find a spiritual connection to this. I know I have a friend who does.Avatar Image says: It's very difficult for me not to see an incredibly disgruntled Cedric on the cover, rather than this Edward guy. I'm not really interested in the Twilight series, but I do want to see the film for two reasons: the trailer was freaking awesome, and who knows, maybe I'll like the film enough to give the books a try. What an odd thought that is, as a Potter fan.Avatar Image says: I think robert pattison will have a career like Pierce Brosnan - defined by their incredibly good looks. Avatar Image says: SOOOOOOO FREAKING HOOOOOOT! OME, did you see his face, melt me now! Jordan your an idiot. Twilight is going to ROOOOOCK!Avatar Image says: I like twilight but i think everyone's made a huge deal out of an average book! HP ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: I'm sorry but anyone who compares their work as a more sophisticated version of Shakespeare deserves to be slapped!Avatar Image says: I hate twilight ,all my friends. Are convertin from HARRY POTTER to itAvatar Image says: Sounds like us Harry Potter fans are slightly bitter. Its Twilight's time to shine. Leave them alone. We had our run. Let someone else make some money. Harry Potter still rocks so lets leave it at thatAvatar Image says: omg i cant believe she thinks twilight is 'sophisticated romeo and juliet'. harry potter is the best book ever and i read all the books and there are so many mysteries and love and gud vs evil things that i dont even think that i dont really think twilight is half as good a book as harry potter .... so if yur trying.. stop it cos they cant even make the movies for harry potter cos its too elaborate and has many details and aas for twilight.... i think meyer is overexaggerating 'edward cullen' a lil... he isnt that hot... sure its an OK book but not as good as harry potter mayteeees. Avatar Image says: The twilight books are, at best, poorly written. However, I do admit that the plot is well constructed and addictive. I can certainly see that the film has the potential to be well done, and I only hope it has been written well. I think Entertainment Weekly comparing the characters to Romeo and Juliet is accurate, but the quality of writing obviously comes nowhere near that of Shakespeare.Avatar Image says: I think it’s cool to hear what the actor’s do with themselves between HP films too! What I don’t understand is why so many people who like hearing about any other movie/project that actors are doing is great…except for Twilight. Honestly, it’s just another project as well! We got a lot of news about Rupert and Emma’s stuff and Equus, Mamma Mia…need I say more…just without the anger and defensiveness that HP fans are throwing around when it comes to Twilight! Why can’t there be another series of books that people will enjoy? Nothing will ever compare to HP of course, but the world must continue to evolve…Avatar Image says: I think Rob Pattinsn is a wonderfully talented actor, and I'm really looking forward to the opportunities that his Edward Cullen role brings him! ;) Sorry for typos, my cellphone is a bit tricky to post fromAvatar Image says: He's such a good actor! One of the best actors of his generation I think. He has a scary talent for becoming the character in his mind and taking it very seriously, unlike most of the potter cast (no offence). He was amazing in The Haunted Airman, totally freaked me out. And I cannot friggin wait to see Little Ashes and Twilight. I've seen all the behind the scenes stuff of Twilight and Rob is fan-friggin-tastic as the tortured Edward. Avatar Image says: P.S. Yes, thanks crown, its definitely time for Twilight to shine. The books are so much more real and emotional than Potter, (no offence) and even though the writing isn't fantastic, they are definitley worth reading. The story and characters are just so addictive! And from what i have seen all the actors (especially Rob) are extremely talented, professional and are totally becoming their characters, which is a lot more than I can say for the potter cast. And the story is staying true to the book (unlike OotP). So in conclusion, Twilight rocks! Avatar Image says: Please, stop posting Twilight news on HP-fan sites. I enjoyed reading Twilight, but Twilight has it's own fansites, and Hp it own-Now I f I go to A Harry Potter site-I don't want to read about Twilight! Twilight-sites doesn't mentioning HP other bashing Harry Potter.Avatar Image says: ''Ours is a character film, a little more sophisticated teenage Romeo and Juliet.'' They are saying Twilight is more sophisticated than Harry Potter saying it's more of a love story..not that it is better than shakespeare's romeo and juliet! I LOVE both series and I would never compare but I am extremely excited for this movie to come out in less than 2 weeks!Avatar Image says: Ok, I've read the first book twilight and thought it was a dumb down version of Joss Whedon's Buffy the vampire slayer and Angel universe. Twilight should not even be compared with the HP books. NOTE I'm saying book wise. The film adaption could bring something more to the twilight universe. Compared to the horrible HP movies adoptions. Don't get me wrong. The HP movies have been great art wise but in writing the script...well talk about going into the fan fiction world without looking at books. Avatar Image says: When I heard that Robert Pattinson was going to play Edward I was pumped! He did an excellent job as Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He will definitely sink his teeth into the role!!! All you people who don't have faith in him, just wait. JenniAvatar Image says: HOT!

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