Original Bonnie Wright Artwork Sells at Charitable Auction for 600 Pounds


Nov 09, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

As readers will remember, actress Bonnie Wright (Ginny Weasley)
contributed original artwork to a charitable auction benefiting the Prince’s Trust Charity in the UK. We have a follow up for you, as our Order partner Bonnie Wright Online is now reporting
that Miss Wright’s original CD cover artwork went for £600 ($938) at
the auction, while the entire collection was sold for £112,000
($175,000). This auction brought together many artists and
entertainers to create original CD artwork to mark the fortieth
anniversary of the release of the ‘Pictures Of Matchstick Men’ single
by band Status Quo. Miss Wright’s artwork is available to view via this link.

Thanks to our Order Partner Bonnie Wright Online.

6 Responses to Original Bonnie Wright Artwork Sells at Charitable Auction for 600 Pounds

Avatar Image says: Wow, that's pretty cool! Go Bonnie. It's so great that the Potter kids participate in so many charitable events. It's very inspiring. Avatar Image says: Awesome Bonnie :) that's really coolAvatar Image says: Wow! :D Well done, Bonnie!Avatar Image says: wow, nice! well done bonnie! agreed with the top comment [posted by Kelly]! Avatar Image says: That's terrific. Glad to see she's exercising her creative juices for a good cause.Avatar Image says: I hope that she does not end up Like Lindsay Lohan! It's Bad enough that a Rather Hot Lady like her had to make such a big fall from grace,My heart does not think it could stand it if bonnie joins in the pain!

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