Scans from German HBP Calendar Include Luna and Harry in Party Attire


Dec 01, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

New scans from the German edition of the 2009 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince calendar are now online. HarryPotterXperts let us know about new scans (available here in our galleries) which include a look at Luna (Evanna Lynch) and Harry (Dan Radcliffe) in their festive holiday attire for Slughorn’s party.

Thanks Christian!

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Avatar Image says: Wooh! 1st! I love how Luna's dress looks like a Christmas tree! It really highlights her wackiness. This gets me in the holiday mood. I can't wait for Jingle Spells 2!Avatar Image says: Evanna Lynch is just perfect. She just walked out of the books..Avatar Image says: I love her dressssssss And yah, she is like...perfectAvatar Image says: love it :D :D Luna is fabulous.Avatar Image says: What a cute picture! ya, Evanna's just perfect as Luna.Avatar Image says: I bloody love Evanna as Luna. Anyone else in those shoes would have ruined the character.Avatar Image says: This isn't a German calendar, it's Dutch, the names of the months are in Dutch, but the pictures are class anyway ^^Avatar Image says: I think Luna is a little bit crazy. That´s why I like her so much!!! ;) Avatar Image says: Luna is Not crazy!! She may be quirky but she is very wize! She is not batty like veryone says she is, some people don't understand her character. Avatar Image says: I love it! As others have said before me Evanna is just perfect!Avatar Image says: i'm telling you the luna,ron.dean,neville & twins they picked for this movie was right on spot!Avatar Image says: luna's dress looks amazing and very fitting for her wackiness. i wish we could see the pic of her and harry better, though.Avatar Image says: Maybe the scans are from a Dutch version, but the calendar exists in Germany, anyway. I've got it, it cost only 5 €! Finally there must be some advantage for a Potter fan from another country than UK or USA. Avatar Image says: afterall luna did make it to ravenclawAvatar Image says: I adore the costumes they give Luna. In the picture, Dan looks like he's trying very hard not to laugh, which is perfect.Avatar Image says: @Ni D: Nope, you are wrong there! It is a German calendar. I know for such, because I've got it hanging on the wall behind me.... I think it is well done and like the pictures, but it is strange that a lot of characters get their "own" month (Luna, Draco, Ron, Riddle, Slughorn, Snape...) but Harry himself does not! Plus there is no cool picture of the Trio. Kinda strange that!Avatar Image says: I love it!!!!!! It's perfect.Avatar Image says: Luna's dress looks pink for some reason. Maybe it's just the lighting in that picture. It's definitely crazy enough though.Avatar Image says: WHAT A RIDICULOUS ATTIRE!Avatar Image says: hola este comentari va dirijido a evnna ja bueno lo primero que devo desir es que evanna es la niña mas linda y afortunada por tener la oportunidad de partisipar en harry potter la felisito y hojala que logres mas suerte con mucho cariño vydemk que estes muy byen byeAvatar Image says: eres lo mejor lynch bye

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