Leaky and PotterCast Present: “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” Fan Commentary


Dec 02, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

It’s time once again to get out your DVD players and join the PotterCasters as they provide you a fan DVD commentary, this time for the third film, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Slide in your Prisoner of Azkaban DVD and enjoy as Melissa, Sue, John and Frak provide you with commentary and insights about the third film. The commentary track is now available on our iTunes feed or as a direct download via this link. We are also working on a PAL compatible version, which will be available soon.

You can download our other commentaries right here!

Here is a little ˜How-To’ on syncing this audio with the DVD film:

Follow these instructions to set up this podcast to play alongside your “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” DVD (which you will need to own):

1. Set up your DVD in your TV/computer/console/other player, and start to play the full-length feature film.

2. When the screen goes from BLUE to BLACK, hit PAUSE.

3. Start this audio track.

4. John will count down (“Three¦two¦one¦click”): UNPAUSE your DVD when he says “click.”

5. Enjoy!


these are separate video/audio tracks playing simultaneously, pausing
will pose a problem. If you pause the video first, and the audio
second, unpause in the same order and you’ll get close to the same synch.

Once again, you can download the audio track using direct download, and feel free to participate in PotterCast discussion right here on our Leaky Lounge.


56 Responses to Leaky and PotterCast Present: “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban” Fan Commentary

Avatar Image says: Thats weird this very second I was gonna put the POA DVD on then I see this post. Thanks guys for going this.Avatar Image says: FINALLY! I have been waiting for this. I cant hear what you all have to say about this movie. It being most peoples least favorite.Avatar Image says: omg,i've been just thinking about how cool it'd be if you did the commentary for POA.How great!! Love PotterCast!^^Avatar Image says: This is awesome!! Thanks for completing the commentaries!Avatar Image says: About time!!! Haha!!! Thanks Leaky!!!! Avatar Image says: I'M SO EXCITED. AND I JUST CAN'T HIDE IT. thank God i'm not in public.Avatar Image says: confusion...the post says azkaban but the instructions say phoenix...which one?Avatar Image says: Omg YESSSS Thanks so much for doing this - I have been waiting for it for so long! Squeeeee xDAvatar Image says: HECCC TO THE YEAHAvatar Image says: OMG FINALLY YESSSSSSSSSSS YOU GUYSS DID IT W00T! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS MOMENT FOR A VEYR LONG TIMEEEEEEEEE!Avatar Image says: YES! Fantastic. I know what I'm doing tonight now. Woot!Avatar Image says: Yup, I'll be checking this out tonight. So John finally found his DVD then? Oh, and this counts as the PC this week, right?Avatar Image says: I was screaming 'FINALLY" too many times and then I read there was no PAL yet - 'oh'Avatar Image says: Pottercast is the one thing that always makes me smile. Honestly, I love them. Always making me happy when everything else is crappyAvatar Image says: When I try to download the PS commentary, it does not work. I have tried several times to do it and nothing downloads. Can someone take a look it and fix it?? Thanks bunches!Avatar Image says: Darn it! On the week, I'm most busiest. I'll have to wait til next week...or even on Finals week. Busy last 3 weeks of classes.Avatar Image says: So when abouts can we expect the PAL?Avatar Image says: So cool. I was just looking at the commentaries about an hour ago wondering when POA would be available. It is like you read my mind! Avatar Image says: How are the PAL versions different? Avatar Image says: WHAAATTT I've been waiting eons and eons! And now I've got too much work going on . . . I suppose I'll have to wait a few weeks, SADLY. It can be my Christmas present. Avatar Image says: Dear PotterCast people, Your instructions about pausing and unpausing say: *If you pause the video first, and the audio second, unpausing the audio first and video second will probably link you up pretty closely to the earlier synchronization.* I know that this is probably what you have said for each commentary track you have made so far, but it just occurred to me that it is not correct. Suppose you pause the video at 12m30s and the audio one second later at 12m31s. Your instructions say to unpause the audio first to get back in synch. But that's wrong: if you unpause the audio one second before you unpause the video, then the video will start at 12m30s while the audio will be at 12m32s. You definitely need to unpause the two tracks in the *same* order as you paused them. If you pause video then audio, you need to unpause video then audio. You may want to correct these instructions for future use.Avatar Image says: OMG...been waiting for this forever!! Thank you Pottercasters!! =DAvatar Image says: Finally! Now I get to spend my evening not doing homework like I should, but watching a movie and listening to you guys. And Frak's first commentary!Avatar Image says: I take it John finally found his copy of POA!! YAY!!!!Avatar Image says: Bandersnatch is correct, but it's an easy error to make. ;) Geekboy: NTSC has 30/100.1=29.97 frames per second, and PAL has 25 frames per second. That means that after some time, the NTSC commentary would no longer match the events on screen.Avatar Image says: You guys are right; I've been meaning to correct that for a long time. All fixed!Avatar Image says: rose, what do u mean it being most people's least fave? ive always heard it was everyones fave. Avatar Image says: Word of warning folks. This commentary will only stay in sync with the NTSC (Region 1) version of Prisoner of Azkaban. That is the version designed to be played in North American DVD players. As mentioned above Pottercast is working on a version that will stay in sync with the European version of PoA. (PAL, Region 2) Hopefully this will be really soon, I guess it's just a case of precision adjusting the speed of the audio, you'll hardly record a completly different track wil you?Avatar Image says: I've been jumping up and down ever since I saw this post. I enjoyed OOTP, but POA is easily my favorite HP film. The first scenes in HP films, like the first chapters in the HP books, are very important in setting the tone. I will never forget watching Aunt Marge take flight. It was hilarious! I also discovered Alfonso Cuaron through POA and I've become one of his biggest fans! SQUEEEEEEEEEE!Avatar Image says: hosts, you mentioned that you loved the new fat lady. I'm not sure if it was the actress in the first movie or these last few, but one of them passed on i believe. i may have read it from the site. just thought maybe you should know. :(Avatar Image says: The POA commentary isn't downloading on my feed. Can anyone help me?Avatar Image says: woot! frak gets to do a commentary! i know a lot of other people don't like this movie, but it's my favorite. thanks pottercast!Avatar Image says: I'm confused; I already had a Pottercast POA commentary on my computer. I'm missing GOF. Did I do something wrong? Did they skip GOF and do 2 POAs or did I mis-name a file somewhere?Avatar Image says: it will not download to my ipodAvatar Image says: *creaothceann* said: *Bandersnatch is correct, but it’s an easy error to make. ;)* Yes it is -- it took me several think-throughs before I got it straight myself. And... Melissa has fixed it! Leaky rocks.Avatar Image says: Squee! Gonna watch it tonight, probably. :-DAvatar Image says: I'm trying to watch it right now but there have been like 5 long silences that just seem like the mics were off some thing. Then after a while it seems to be thrown off. When I was at Hagrid's hut for Buckbeak's 'death' I was still hearing things about the Crystal ball, Sue's 'Gary Oldman come to me.', and Trelawney's zombie gasp. Anybody, know why this is happening?Avatar Image says: yay finally ive waited for this dayAvatar Image says: Squee! Avatar Image says: Watched almost half (yay! it's great), but now it's time for bed (this is going to be really fun to synchronize tomorrow). Only problem for me: the commentary/iTunes is really quiet for some reason (even at full iTunes volume), so sometimes the movie kinda drowns it out... I've been noticing all sorts of new stuff, for some reason, though, and it's really cool! Thanks, guys! :-)Avatar Image says: I was laughing so hard when you guys started talking about poop. It was so funny! You cant have movie commentary without Mr Noe <3Avatar Image says: FINALLLYYYYYY! What took you guys sooo long??? I'll have to wait until after finals to listen to it, though. :/Avatar Image says: I got the PAL version so I just listened to the commentary anyway without watching the movie and I thoroughly enjoyed it LOL. I just like to hear them banter, and as I have seen all the films again recently, I pretty much know what scenes they are talking about. Oh, I cant believe John hated that part where Dumbledore says, "did what? Good night". That was soooo Dumbledore of the book. Mysterious and mischievous but doesnt want to be blatantly obvious in helping the kids. It was one of my favourite moments. Fun commentary guys.Avatar Image says: Hysterical!! So much fun :) Especially the "Billy Madison" quote...snort :) Miss Lippy's car is green ;)Avatar Image says: Wow. That took like 2 years, I almost forgot you guys did these. Haha. I have to go listen to this tonight. Thanks guyst!Avatar Image says: I loved this commentary . It was great to have Frak along this time. Listening all the way through the credits Melissa asked what BSC stands for, it's British Society of Cinematographers. The US version is ASC and a person has to be invited to join - and only the best get to be members. (Also, to answer another commentary question: I think it would be werepoop) I love the idea of doing another set of commentaries with guest commentators. Maybe have a fan contest to be a guest along with your choices. Make it a party!Avatar Image says: IMO it would be humanpoop (since it's not really part of his body, right?), but disguised as dogpoop as long as he is transformed.Avatar Image says: Fun commentary guys! But Frak, one note: Ominousing is not a word. Ominous is and Menacing are both words, but Ominousling is not. And Act 3 doesn't begin until Sirius is about to recieve the kiss in the tower. That is the lowest moment, and Harry and Hermione enter act 3 together, travelling through time to save Sirius and Buckbeak. The business in the Shrieking Shack is the deep end of Act 2. ~SamAvatar Image says: LOVED the commentary guys! Listening to you is a lot of fun! Sue, I agree with you about the scene where Harry flies Buckbeak for the first time. It is one of my favorites in all the HP films. Harry is so happy at that moment. I love watching it. Avatar Image says: is there some way you could put the commentary on youtube or something other than itune? Avatar Image says: aaargh It feels like iv been waiting for this for years. awesomeAvatar Image says: Yay! I've been waiting for this, like, for a long time. Thank yov!!!!! I totally thovght that I'd never see one again! Thanks for the distraction as I wait for Beedle...yov gvys are always there when I need yov! Avatar Image says: I loved the commentary! I have the film in PAL-version but it went ok. I paused my film every now and then.. Just to synchronise a little bit.. ;) Avatar Image says: Hi I can't figure out how to download this to my ipod. Are you going to be putting it on itunes so that we can pick it up there? I love these commentaries. thanks for taking the time to do them. Avatar Image says: Wow! What a nice Christmas present! =D I've been waiting for you guys to do this one for a long time and now you've done commentaries for all the movies!! ^^ Well done! And thank you thank you thank youuuuuuu!!!!Avatar Image says: HELP!!!! it wont download!!!! i love these and it just wont download and i cant find it on i tunes please help!!!

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