Video from NYPL Beedle Unveiling


Dec 03, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Footage from this morning’s event at the New York Public Library, unveiling Arthur Levine’s copy of The Tales of Beedle the Bard, as well as video of the book itself, is now available in our video galleries (thanks to our speedy staff)! More will be added soon.

The book, close up.

Arthur Levine’s speech

Q&A with Arthur Levine

New York Public Library President Dr. Paul LeClerc welcomes Arthur Levine.

Huge thanks to our uber-video-gurus at the Leaky Video Galleries for getting these up so fast! We have a five-minute wrapup of the event coming soon.

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Avatar Image says: FIRST COMMENT AGAIN!!! Thanks, Melissa...Avatar Image says: second comment! :) LOVE the fountane of fair fortune picture!!!Avatar Image says: does the standard edition have the pictures by JK Rowling?Avatar Image says: Don't you think that Jo herself should have done the drawings for Harry Potter?! That would have been amazing. :)Avatar Image says: You know the video of the Question and Answer sesionwith Auther Lavine in Leaky's idea galleries from today, Is that Melissa who asked "Which of the tales are your favorite" and "Why"? It sounded sooo much like her!Avatar Image says: i cant wait till tonight!! it feels like im going to get deathly hallows again. i can beleive its been 5 years since i first picked up harry potter love you J.K.!! Avatar Image says: Yea, that was me, Katie. Avatar Image says: Thanks for the reportage, Leaky!Avatar Image says: Hey, I was the first commenter on this story earlier. Apparently it got deleted??? Anyway, can't wait for Beedle the Bard...Avatar Image says: hi!.. i wanna know if this book is going to be published in South America??.. cuz i heard they were publishing in more than 20 countries... thanks! Avatar Image says: I just want to say I can't wait and Jo should *totally* have done the drawings! that would have been so cool. just can't waitAvatar Image says: I pre-ordered mine from walmart, and it was on my front porch when I got home today. It was a good surprise, usually nothing comes a day early for me. I love the drawings that she did in it.Avatar Image says: argh!!! im not getting mine till saturday!!!Avatar Image says: I've been saving for the collectors edition since I found out it was available. I was tossing my ideas around, but I just ordered it (Figures, an hour away from the release is my style lol jk) Anyway, quite a chunk of money, but I don't think I'll regret it at all.Avatar Image says: I'm sorry but, being italian, I don't understand everything. I just haven't understood if the standard edition will have drawings. Thank you if you answer ;) PS= as you see, TLC is read in the whole worldAvatar Image says: ele0206 - Yes, the standard edition does contain drawings done by J.K. Rowling.Avatar Image says: Thank you very much Graymayne. As in Italy The Tales of Beedle the Bard won't be published until who knows when, I didn't have much information about the book.Avatar Image says: I saw a bunch of boxes in one of the videos. Did they give copies away to those in attendance?

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