LeakyCon Wrocking and Wrolling! Band Lineup Announced!


Dec 14, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

LeakyCon 2009, our Harry Potter conference in Boston this May, is currently open for registration and proposals (academic and informal), but tonight we are thrilled to announce our fabulous lineup of wizard rock bands for the event. They will take place over three days, on several themes:

Thursday: It’s Evil Night (which will take place in the hotel’s neighboring castle), 8pm to midnight, featuring Draco and the Malfoys, The Parselmouths, Justin Finch-Fletchley and the Sugar Quills and Swish and Flick

Friday: Rock Night, 8pm to midnight, featuring Harry and the Potters, The Whomping Willows, Gred and Forge, and Tonks and the Aurors

Saturday we will have an afternoon show (with a title to be announced) from 1pm to 5pm, will featuring The Remus Lupins, The Moaning Myrtles, The Mudbloods and RiddleTM.

That’s twelve bands! Admission to all shows comes with a conference ticket, which you can get right here.

We can’t wait to see you there!

31 Responses to LeakyCon Wrocking and Wrolling! Band Lineup Announced!

Avatar Image says: It is decided. I am going, no matter what my parents say. I will start walking now if I have to. xDAvatar Image says: Ahh!Ahh! (hyperventilates, dies) DRACO AND THE MALFOYS AND HARRY AND THE POTTERS AND THE MUDBLOODS! Three separate nights of AWESOME. (dies some more) AHH! We HAVE to book this ASAP!!! Yes, I'm that spastik!!! You know, I was much calmer when I had no plans to go to this thing. Your fault!!! Hugs~ MessAvatar Image says: This is an awesome line-up! So much wrock!!! Question: why is JFF on Evil Night? I can't wait until May :)Avatar Image says: Gred and Forge FTW. Too bad you dont have MoM. They are the Epicness that IS WrockAvatar Image says: It would have been more awesomeness with MoM and OBatR but oh well it's all good. sooooooo excitedAvatar Image says: lovely line up! YAY HATP! hopefully you can get MoM!Avatar Image says: Can we haz Ministry of Magic? :D ..please? Avatar Image says: but lovely line-up! :]Avatar Image says: Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!! Jen and Rhiannon have you seen this???? Whoohoooooooooo!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: This is whay I'm getting with my Christmas money! I love that I'm close enough to not have to spring for a hotel room!Avatar Image says: SQUEE! I am so excited; this just made a miserable Monday morning much happier! Hi, Lemon! :)Avatar Image says: Oh no'es this makes me even more un-happy about not living in the U.S. Ahwell maybe in the next life. Hope all you that are going have a great time. And make sure you video *wink.Avatar Image says: i wanna go to boston!!!Avatar Image says: JFF is part of the evil night? :O the line up looks great! I cant wait for LeakyCon! Can it be May now?!?!Avatar Image says: JFF is the Hufflepuff that all the Slytherins will pick on. :DAvatar Image says: Perhaps JFF has been imperioused? How else could that poor kid get all wrapped up in a night of evil?! Hahahaha!Avatar Image says: the link to buy tickets isn't working for me. anyone else?Avatar Image says: Can't wait - May, here we come!!!! Boston or Bust!Avatar Image says: Omg omg omg omg omg omg! Soooo excited!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST!!!!!!Avatar Image says: TannerParadox I so agree! (Gred and Forge and MoM = my favorite bands) too bad I can't go anyway. (I live in Florida). And also I'm wondering why JFF is considered "evil" b/c how many evil Hufflepuff's have there been... ? I would say very,very few (if any). Me? I'm waiting for Infinitus in 2010! =]Avatar Image says: Why is Justin evil? Besides that- awww, that lineup sounds great; I really wish I could be there.Avatar Image says: sooooo excited! MoM being there would completely make my life, though.Avatar Image says: you should switch JFF and RiddleTM.Avatar Image says: Lmao. JFF is the band that all the Slytherins pick on! You can't be evil without someone to pick on!Avatar Image says: SAD! Oh man! So many awesome bands playing right nearby where I will be working for the entirety of Leaky Con. Stupid job. :'-(Avatar Image says: ceguyomvpaxcetgolubxagbjzlwlcrAvatar Image says: Since when is JFF evil?? Lol either way this looks amazing. Avatar Image says: I think the third show should be called the Sweet Wrockers night. All those people are the sweetest peope!Avatar Image says: I'm a tad disappointed there's no mention of MoM or OBatR, amongst a few other lesser known bands, but nevertheless that's a great lineup. I'm thrilled that Vic and Georgia will be playing. Makes me very very happy!Avatar Image says: Argh! This is so unfair. I actually live about twenty minutes from the venue, and I can't go because my parents won't foot the bill for registration. Curses! I really want to go!Avatar Image says: okay, that's it. i have to come. doesn't matter what my parents says, or how much money im going to have to raise for this, IM COMING. these are the best bands EVER. except, no ministry of magic?? :(

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