Leaky’s HBP Set Report Preview Now Online


Dec 15, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Read our short teaser here!

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Avatar Image says: This is random timing... but YAY!Avatar Image says: Can I take that back? I am so positive I have seen this before....Avatar Image says: D*mn u Aaron. Next time I'll comment first read second, lol. But it was a nice peek at the sets and upcoming changes we'll see.Avatar Image says: Haha, yeah it was posted before. I think WB made them take it down.Avatar Image says: YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! At last!! ^^Avatar Image says: Good inside info again by the LC. But as I was reading the excellent "Harry A History", I could not help to think about an issue which was not covered in that fine book but which has, from time to time, raised its head on the site; namely -to whom does the primary duty of the webmistresses belong ? Is it the suthor, associates (Warners etc) or is it the fans ? Where is the line of demaraction between the apparent original principles on which the site was based and the site as it NOW is. I do not really mean to state or indeed, imply criticism but it is something I have thought about as the realtionship with JKR and her associates deepens, does the site lose a measure of its own independence ? On balalnce, I think a good example, was the coverage of the HBP delay where I thought the LC did itself proud by not ignoring the obvious majority wishes of its angry readers and by accurately reporting both sides of the question. Anyway -just my thoughts.Avatar Image says: Finally, I get to see that. :DAvatar Image says: “They’re both in denial about their feelings,” she says of the often-jealous dynamic between her character and Ron. Meanwhile, Dan Radcliffe speaks of "oddly charged" moments between Harry and Ginny, and Jessie Cave, who plays Lavender Brown, said her kissing scenes made her concerned about "chipping a tooth." hahaha adooorable!! But I wonder what the physycal humor with Cormac is. Is it really the part where Hermione just "escaped" him in the party? oooh and I´m soo jealous of Jessie, getting paid to kiss Rupert!!! grrrrAvatar Image says: Oh Wow!Avatar Image says: Interesting.... Can't wait for more!Avatar Image says: those must be some interesting kisses if jessie's worried about chipping a tooth!Avatar Image says: Enough about Twilight! Great book but not on a hp site!Avatar Image says: Nice to see the report again, and it was too bad that WB made you shut it down the first time. I wonder, however, if we're going to get an official poster soon? I'm shocked WB hasn't had HP posters all over the theaters considering it's the holidays. I wonder what they're waiting for, or maybe they just don't think it's necessary to hype it so soon.Avatar Image says: With all this time, they've got, HBP better be a good movie. In fact, it better be the best!!! And if its as short as Order of the Pheonix, i will break something. David Yates better do a good job on this one. Im trusting him hereAvatar Image says: Poor, poor jessie. *shudders* Sounds like she was er, really excited about her scenes. Can't wait for all the harry scenes, whomever they're with. Actually i hope the ones with Luna rock.Avatar Image says: Yeah radcakesfan, 'shudders' is exactly the reaction I, and no doubt others, get when seeing a post by you. I wonder if Dan realises that his No1 fan is such a sad person. I bet he and Rupert would find you hysterical!Avatar Image says: And still waiting......*sigh*Avatar Image says: I didn't get to the report fast enough last time it was up, so I am quite happy that I finally got to read that. It made my day yesterday. Weather is nice and icey here yesterday and today.Avatar Image says: I've occasionally pondered that myself L Smith. But the deeper relationship also has great benefits for the fans. Exclusives and you can usually guarantee on te validity of reportsAvatar Image says: Ah jim. A post by you is as poisonous for grint... Your comments stink up the threads as a backed up toilet. We read your comments too.Avatar Image says: ceguyomvpaxcetgolubxagbjzlwlcr

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