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Dec 16, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Some wonderful new photos have surfaced online of actress Evanna Lynch from a fashion photo shoot last year. Available here via the website of photographer Katrin Thomas, you can see new photos of the Luna Lovegood actress in a variety of high style settings. Enjoy!

Thanks to E-lynch.net!

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Avatar Image says: Oh gosh! I think these are fabulous! Very artistic. I love them!Avatar Image says: I love Evanna loads, but I don't really dig these. Avatar Image says: these certainly are cool. Nice eyelash's.Avatar Image says: Evanna is so awesome! Love these photos!!Avatar Image says: the pictures are very artistic, but i think that she looks weird!Avatar Image says: Idgi THE LAST YEAR????OMG is totally unfair!!!Emma's shoots are online in 5 minutes and her shoot in ONE YEAR???anyway i love the pictures.Avatar Image says: Not my cup of tea...Avatar Image says: I love Evanna but these are kinda weird....her eyelashes are cool though....there were a few really cool ones but the rest, no comment.....wtvr...i still luv her thoughAvatar Image says: unique style of photography, beautiful!Avatar Image says: I like Evanna but don't care for those photos at all. Not her fault, I'm sure she didn't dress herself up for the shoot. Avatar Image says: Hmmm, she is so pretty and sweet and the photog seems so intent on portraying her as entirely something else. She doesn't need all that gimickery for a good photo shoot. There's one photo, though, that's sort of with a red light that made me do a double take. At that angle she looks so much like my youngest daughter - it gave me quite a start. I'll have to look at some other photos to see if there is any resemblance or if it's just the lighting and camera angles. Spooky, though, as I've never thought of that before.Avatar Image says: She would make a great Alice in Wonderland . VERY good photosAvatar Image says: i agree with everybody so far. i love evanna. she really is luna. perfectperfectPERFECT choice. but this pictures--- they were definately artsy and exxpressive, but it was spooky, like innocents changed in some way. idk. im not sure if i like if evana did these. she is the sweetest girl, it almost makes me sad to see how distored she looks. ya know?Avatar Image says: When you continue clicking on to the following pictures of professional models, you can totally tell she's just an ordinary girl made up to look different, but quite a bit out of her depth...Avatar Image says: I agree with Jeannine I think she would be a wonderful "Alice In Wonderland". I love that book so much, and I am kind of curious about the new "Alice In Wonderland", and I hope it is really faithful to the book.Avatar Image says: OOOOHHHHKAY! That was BIZARRE! Interesting ...But BizarreAvatar Image says: eww don't like it. her eyelashes are too crazyAvatar Image says: Those are crazy... I think I like it. Evanna's got such an exotic style that these kind of suit her, of course, they are very artistically overdone to show contrast and moods. She's so gorgeous. And I have to admit, I really want some of the leggings she was wearing.Avatar Image says: These were interesting. They had an old fashioned, silent movie feel to them, even though they were in color. Avatar Image says: Wow, these are quite indescribable but they strike me as a fusion of gothic and 1920s silent movie era glamour. I think the photographer really wanted to accenuate that otherworldliness beauty of Evanna. Bizarre, I agree with but captivating nonetheless.Avatar Image says: Speaking as a professional photographer, I have to admit that I'm not too crazy about these images. Fashion photography in general takes a very open mind and not everyone is going to "get" the intention of the photographer. These photo are a case in point. Personally, I can't see what the photographer wanted out of Evanna. The shots are very much like the photos of the 1920's and 30's but they don't otherwise tell a story. They don't sell Evanna as a model, they don't sell the clothes, and they don't tell enough of a story to explain the makeup. The lighting is a bit too harsh... Evanna is beautiful but these shots take all that away from her. She's not there. I hope that in the future a better photographer gets to work with Evanna and is able to give her the treatment that Emma gets.Avatar Image says: hmmm.... evanna is awesome as luna.... but these pics are not my styleAvatar Image says: I don't know - I personally think these are fitting as to the jibe I get regarding her personality. I always thought she seemed a little avant garde and a bit on the individualistic side fashion wise. I don't really get her as being "sweet". I'm sure she's nice, kind, etc. But more on the artsy side (which is a good thing - I'm not criticizing here).Avatar Image says: The make up is crazy, i like the one of her in the elevator. I agree on Alice... I'm auditioning for that part in a play next week. Avatar Image says: OMG i love them! surprising they took so long to appear though!Avatar Image says: I really like the fifth and last ones. The one with the blue dress, where she's sitting in a square thing with a round spot on her; and the one with the back light visible.Avatar Image says: I LOVE IT!! I love daring, artistic, and unique photography :)Avatar Image says: weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeird!Avatar Image says: FABULOUS! These capture her quirky, fanciful "old soul" spirit. I love them. To me, its not about the clothes, or trying to make Evanna into a model, but to evoke a mood.Avatar Image says: I loved this! I agree with everyone who mentions that old, 1920ish feel to them,, it's like looking at an actress from the silent movie era. To see a different HP star (ie not emma lol) do something like this is absolutely thrilling to see. Good luck to Evanna in her future endeavors and i hope to see more of her.Avatar Image says: Some of you guys don't seem to understand that modeling isn't supposed to always be based on who you are ~*~on the inside~*~. You have to morph into what the director wants, and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But enough of the "THEY'RE MAKING HER OUT AS SOMEBODY SHE ISN'T" thing. She's a weird looking gal. Love her but she has a unique look to her that editorial folks like. *Shrug*Avatar Image says: Oh, and the one of her in the blue tights is nice.Avatar Image says: Evanna looks stunning and I really think the photoshoot fits her. Well done evanna, you are my luna! Avatar Image says: i think evanna is amazing, but imo i dont like these photos muchAvatar Image says: I quite like the pictures, they have a nice Parisian/fatale look about them. I think they were making Evanna look like Lily Cole. Avatar Image says: She looks like Greta Garbo (with long hair) in the black/white pic. Very nice.Avatar Image says: Brilliant. Very "Luna Lovegood" type photos. That girl cant put a foot wrong.Avatar Image says: Makes me want to photograph her, too. :)Avatar Image says: As a photographer, one of the most annoying things about my profession is trying to be weird just for the sake of being weird. There is no point to these pictures except trying to make Evanna look as bizarre as possible. (And yes I am a photo snob. I know it and have no problem admitting it.) I adore Evanna. She deserves better than this.Avatar Image says: On the clapperboard in the photoshoot it says "Audition Evanna Lynch" "scene: Franny and Zooey", which is a JD Salinger novel. I guess this is supposed to be some kind of homage to the book, but I can't really see in what way... Hope Old Salinger doesn't go nuts if he finds out, he doesn't want anyone ever messing about with his work!Avatar Image says: She looks crazy beautiful!!! Loved it!!!!Avatar Image says: Your so right about the 1920's flair to these photos.Obviously the photographer saw that in Evana too and wanted to show she is more than just one character ,or maybe she CAN be more and he/she want to show that. They are excellent photos.Avatar Image says: wow. beautiful. amazing. so incredible. great light, great color. great everything. sold.Avatar Image says: Those eyelashes are outrageous! Love the photos. Different.Avatar Image says: I really don't like these. And I don't think they look very "artsy" at all I think they look like someone who is trying to be artsy but doesn't know what they are doing. And her eyelashes totally freak me out.Avatar Image says: i love how kind of dark these photos are.Avatar Image says: Evanna is soooo pretty! she's really fashionable and seems like a lovely girl. i think these photos are great she looks gorgeous :DAvatar Image says: Okay. Those were strange!!! I get sick to death of seeing Emma Watson in photoshoots, but at least hers look fashionable! This is just odd. Avatar Image says: Wouldnt it be great to see an arty-gothic photoshoot with the girls and the boys? Bonnie would look great, with emma and evanna, maybe katie leung & jessie cave too? And dan, rupert, tom felton & matt lewis posing all dramatically as well? Something in vanity fair, interview or vogue...Avatar Image says: Oh, and i agree she would make a terrific Alice. I get the feeling burton's version, though i'm a fan, will be a disappointment. Closer to his awful charlie and the chocolate factory than ed scissorhands.Avatar Image says: some of the pictures were gorgeous but some were... uh.. interesting... I hope she doesn't start becomming like Emma Watson -_-Avatar Image says: *with all the photoshoots that is. Avatar Image says: She looks amazing. She really looks alot like an Alice in Wonderland. Maybe a little awkward in some, but if she tried really hard she'd make a wonderful Arty-Model one day.Avatar Image says: I don't think these photos flatter her at all, in fact, I think they're just bizarre. Whatever " artsy" look they were going for, it isn't happening in these! Everyone isn't naturally photogenic just because they're well known.She's perfect as Luna, I'd leave it at that.Avatar Image says: Interesting how cultural fashions and sensibilities change; in some of these she looks like a 1920's movie star--silent film age, like Lillian Gish or Mary Pickford. They were the It girls of their age (though THE It girl was Clara Bow, their contemporary).Avatar Image says: The pictures look kind of like a combo of Betty Boop meets The Addams Family. Just bizzare. lol I don't like it. Avatar Image says: LOVE IT! Wow, these are amazing.Avatar Image says: It's funny, from the comments left on here it sort of indicates that a lot of the fans are really conventional and don't seem to like anything that's off key. I think the shoot is intentionally strange and distorted. It certainly makes it more interesting than the usual 2stand and pose" pictures you get. It would probably help if a little more context or story was brought in - so that we could know why those pictures & styles were chosen. Avatar Image says: wow i really love her from the bottom of my heart! she is so sexy...and mysteriousAvatar Image says: These are gorgeous photos!!! I love Evanna and I think these are awesome. I love the makeup job making her look reminiscent of old silent film stars. Is it me, or does she kinda look like Lillian Gish? Or she looks like an old fashioned doll, or a living illustration. Just beautiful! I like Evanna even more now. Avatar Image says: Grownup HP fan here. I agree with the photogs who feel that the art shots aren't quite hitting their objectives; they are interesting concepts that don't quite make it for a few technical reasons. But back to the grown-up take: While I also agree that artists and photographers should stretch their creative souls, I am a bit concerned that someone as young as Evanna (all right, I know, she's 17) is portrayed as much older, wrung-out and jaded. It just bothers me that this is a recurring theme among young actesses. Oh, dear, I sound like my grandmother. Back to you, kids. Avatar Image says: sorry, don't know what this photographer has rambling below his skull, but this comes closest to a five-year old having a field day with her mother's beauty case, you start looking for lipstick smears on the mirror, chair and bed. it doesn't look artistic, it looks ABSOLUTE RIDICULOUS.Avatar Image says: Not so sure about her eyelashes and lips but except that, her posture is lovely! (better than Emma's, lol)

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