David Heyman on Deathly Hallows Split: “An Emotional and Very Truthful” Break


Dec 19, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Harry Potter producer David Heyman has given a new video interview where he comments on the two scripts and breaking point for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Talking to Collider.com who let us know of their interview which you can see here, David Heyman noted he had just been in London discussing the scripts for DH part one and part two with director David Yates and screenwriter Steve Kloves. When asked about the breaking or ending point of movie one, Mr. Heyman said it wont necessarily be an action- packed moment but “an emotional and very truthful” point that fans will be happy with.

The Potter producer also makes some very positive comments on the sixth film, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince noting it is finished at this point, and has a running time of about 2 and a half hours.

Thanks so much Steve!

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Avatar Image says: Hmm... Would this be when Ron leaves?Avatar Image says: wow... so we might get the silver doe break after all Avatar Image says: When Ron leaves is a very emotional part of the story, it would be a good place! Squee! The sixth movie is two hours and a half!!Avatar Image says: I wonder when the moment could be? I have two hopes for it: 1. When Lovegood says: "Are you referring to the sign of the Deathly Hallows?" to the trio 2. When Ron leaves the trio I hope they don't cut the wedding scene at the start. Emma will look as wonderful in the purple ball gown as she did in the pink Yule Ball gown in GOF. Rupert has a huge part to play. Some of Ron's finest moments are in the Deathly Hallows. Such as his return. Dan will get it right, as usual. As long as he looks engaged when other characters are talking. As long as the director doesn't do any weird camera shots like they did in number 5, with zooming in close ups and things. Please. Keep. True. To . The. Book. They didn't keep very true in OOTP, which annoyed me. That's my two cents.Avatar Image says: I officially have all of my money on Part I ending when Ron returns and destroys the locket. It's emotional and full of truth. So it'd be perfect,Avatar Image says: It will be when ron leaves or when ron comes back. I hope it's when he leaves because i guess ron is really truthful in what he says to Harry. whatever part it will be great :D Avatar Image says: What about when Dobby dies - i would say that would be a great moment for a break, as its when Harry really grasps what needs to happen!!!Avatar Image says: i agree ... when dobby dies and harry walks to the house thinking "horcrux or hallows".Avatar Image says: Two hours and half is great. I really hope so. Because it will beter than 2 hours. I gross my fingers. You too, won't you?! Avatar Image says: In my opinion, the best end to part one would be when Harry breaks the charms by saying "Voldemort" and they are grabbed by the snatchers. That would have the second movie starting basically at Malfoy Manor. By then everything has been established for the big action: Dobby, Gringotts and the Battle of Hogwarts. But since they rarely do what I think they should, I wouldn't count on it.Avatar Image says: When Dobby dies is the best!Avatar Image says: My money's on when Ron comes back....well, after Hermione trys to beat the snot out of him....and I'm happy that the sixth movie is 2 1/2 hours long!!! Still not happy about waiting 'til July....Avatar Image says: the break has GOT to be Dobby's death, and the beginnings of the time at Shell Cottage... 1) Malfoy Manor is an amazing climax... of them getting caught, of Pettigrew dying, hermione getting tortured, Griphook and Ollivander being freed and Dobby dying... It's a huge climax followed by an emotional upheaval of Dobby's burial and the setup for the rest of the story. This leaves Part 2 to begin with the planning of the Gringott's robbery. It's an extremely natural place for the story to be broken apart, in terms of story arc and character development.Avatar Image says: I would have liked Tristan's idea to be used---break it at: "when Lovegood says: "Are you referring to the sign of the Deathly Hallows?" to the trio" That would have worked brilliantly, imo. It would not be the expected emotional/action scene for a break. It would really leave the next movie on a note of intrigue (yes, we have read the book, but still!) Unfortunately (well the break is still good), they're going for one of the more emotional cuts. I don't like to brag, but I did tell you guys HBP would be 2 1/2 hrs about two months ago. Kinda sad, innit, that a lot of Voldy's past was cut despite the lengthier running time. Well, it's still a good movie, but I hope they release extras in the Ginormous HP Collector Blu-ray set of doom, which are all the cut memories. That would be awesome. I have to say this once more though, mmmmmmmm, HBP cinematography, mmmAvatar Image says: I think it will be when Ron returns and kills the locket too. Its not action packed but has lots of truth in it. GOD I can't wait for this movie!Avatar Image says: I would have bet it is when Ron leaves. The Doe scene leads up to an "action" scene with the near drowning and Ron facing Harry-mort and Hermione-mort. Which then leads to the "action" of Hermione tweaking out on Ron--I think that could be a good hook for the next and final movie. Ron leaving is very "emotional" and "truthful". But it is interesting to think that when Lovegood says "...the sign of the Deathly Hallows" is the cut. Because what happens after that would be a great start to the next movie too. But although I find the part "truthful" ... it's not "emotional". The "Dobby's Death" theory /might/ sway me. Haha. Maybe ending with the burial of Dobby and having Harry actually beginning to realize what he needs to do. But does that leave enough plot for movie number 2? Unfortunately, thanks to college course, it's been a few months since I had the chance to read the books--but after that, don't they just to to Hogsmead and then to Hogwarts? It would be a completely action packed hour and a half (at least) second movie if that is where the split is. Ah, I think I'm for when Ron leaves. Geeze, is there a forum for this? Haha. *going to look* -Muggle-Born-Witch Avatar Image says: I think when Ron returns will be a good part to break off. I think that Ron leaving would be too soon, because Harry & Hermione still have to go to Godric's Hollow and all that stuff and read about Dumbledore. So The Silver Doe would be a good part to end. :) And two and a half hours? Nice :DAvatar Image says: and a comment about HP6 being 2 and a half hours... looks like they aren't leaving too much out! yay! -Muggle-Born-Witch Avatar Image says: It's official, part I will end when Ron leaves Harry and HermioneAvatar Image says: i think that it should end right after harry burrys dobby and we see him walk away now knowing to go after horcruxes not hallows. it would leave the next movie to open at shell cottage then gringotts and the battle all the action in the second movieAvatar Image says: @ breaking news Are you just speculating? Because if movie 1 ends when Ron leaves, there is so much left for the second movie that they would have to cut a bunch of stuff just to make the second movie under 3 hours. So are you speculating or serious?Avatar Image says: Dobby's death, Ron's return -- they're all too close to the end. I say after Godric's Hollow. Ron has left, Harry's wand is broken, things look at their worst. It's a real cliffhanger.Avatar Image says: Dobby's death, Ron's return -- they're all too close to the end. I say after Godric's Hollow. Ron has left, Harry's wand is broken, things look at their worst. It's a real cliffhanger.Avatar Image says: I think the perfect split will be when Dobby dies. Of course when Ron comes back and destroys the locket would be good too. How long was OotP? I forgot. Awesome that HBP is 2:30!!!Avatar Image says: I agree that cutting it when Ron leaves is too early, way too early when you consider what is left to happen and how comparatively little has already happened. I even think that it ending with Ron's return might be a bit too early, but it would be a much better place because at least Godric's Hollow and the Silver Doe scene will have happened. I like the idea of it ending with Dobby's "funeral" because it is then, as Dru said, that Harry thinks "Horcrux or Hallows." That is a pivotal moment and when Harry chooses his path. It is then that the end game begins. The Malfoy Manor scene would be a great climax, and, to Muggle-born-witch, there's still plenty to be done at that point: Gringotts (that's going to be a huge sequence, the dragon escape, Hogsmeade and Hogwarts. Remember how much has to happen in Hogsmeade and Hogwarts: Abeforth, the RoR, going to Ravenclaw tower (the sacking of Snape), the beginning of the battle, R/Hr's first kiss, getting the diadem from the RoR, Fred's death, Snape's death, Snape's backstory, into the forest, Harry's death, Kings Cross, the return, and the final battle. That's a lot to pack into one movie if they do it right. I'd rather them cut out some of the earlier parts than make cuts to the last day (Gringott's forward). I also like the idea of it ending with Xeno, so I would not be disappointed by that. Avatar Image says: The best moment to end it is when harry is in the lake reaching for the sword and slowly drowning/freezing to death. Then have it fade to black. The next movie would start with Ron reaching into the lake and saving the day. I mean, I really cant think of a better emotional cliff hanger / split then that.Avatar Image says: I guess they could switch stuff around. Like they could still end it at Ron leaving, if they moved Godric's Hollow to before Ron leaves (just have H/Hr go and leave Ron in the tent) and if they also moved Xeno's house to before Ron leaves. If they did those things, then maybe ending with Ron's leaving wouldn't be too early. But if they don't switch anything around, then ending movie 1 with Ron leaving would involve MASSIVE cuts to the second part of the book to fit everything into the second film.Avatar Image says: When Ron returns? If they end part 1 when he leaves, I'll be mad. Aside from it being too early, it will make movie-only people mad at him for months, not just chapters. Unless, they show him getting caught by Snatchers, then I could MAYBE handle that.Avatar Image says: I've always thought that in terms of cinematography Dobby's death would be a very shocking end to part I. It would also give film II enough room to work out the end, without rushing things. It's what I would do, anyway...Avatar Image says: True mollywobbles23, and there is already way too much Ron hate! They don't need to fuel it moreAvatar Image says: I agree when Ron leaves is a bit too early. Everything after the Malfoy Manor scene is pretty crucial. What would really bother me is if they do a really good job on the first part and then come out with a really rushed second part...but hopefully that won't happen.Avatar Image says: The "lowest" point in DH is when Harry awakes to find his wand broken, between Ron's departure and Ron's return and about half-way through the story line. It also represents a pause right after the action in Godric's Hollow. This has always seemed the natural breaking point to me.Avatar Image says: interesting interview. I loved it! I wonder where the split will take place. In my opinion, I would like it to be either the end of the malfoy manor climax and the beginning of the second part be dobby's death or when ron leaves or comes back, I bet it will take placen there. I am so excited for the dh movie, it's goign to be spectacular, and half blood prince looks awesome, 2 and a half hours, yes! Longer than ootp!Avatar Image says: I hope dh has modern music at the end of the credits, to make the hp films' more modern like stardust is an old fashioned movie but it it had a modern song at the end, hp needs something like that!Avatar Image says: I hope dh has modern music at the end of the credits, to make the hp films' more modern like stardust is an old fashioned movie but it it had a modern song at the end, hp needs something like that!Avatar Image says: @ gilderoysonlyfan Dobby's death is WAY too late in the story to end the first movie on. The Silver Doe is pretty much halfway through, it would be one horcrux destroyed, and the trio is reunited. Avatar Image says: I love what he says about the truth in the characters, because for me it isnt the action or anything else but the characters that i've fallen in love with, as long as they stay truthful to the characters and properly develop and end them in a way that's satisfying in these two movies then i'm on board. Also i think it was fate that HBP is delayed. Honestly now it feels better that through the next year on leaky were gonna have the DH news from the set and the excitement of seeing it slowly come together off the page but also have the huge build up and anticipation of seeing the sixth one. I think next year will be a good Potter year... hopefully Jo will give us more developments on the Scottish book and then we'd really be off!Avatar Image says: And Hambro I would hate the idea of having a modern song at the end of HP. These are timeless tales and having a contemporary song at the end i think would anchor it in the 00's. I hope in 70 years time the family are still gathered round at the holidays to watch these movies as they still are today with the likes of the Wizard of OzAvatar Image says: Ending with Ron leaving makes no sense in a film that's The Deathly Hollows part one. Also I think the film should be as close to a self contained movie as possible. Ending with Ron returning gives us an emotional moment and a kind of stand alone movie but not a Deathly Hollows one. The Xenophilius stuff doesn't happen until after Ron's return. I don't want them to end with Ron leaving. That leaves so much to happen in the second movie and everything that happens in the last few actual book chapters can't be cut. They are too important to Harry's journey and to the series as a whole. Dobby's funeral would be the best place to end so that the second movie can have all the time it needs to really get tell the close the way it deserves. But that leaves a lot to happen in the first movie.Avatar Image says: I need to proof read better..... Dobby’s funeral would be the best place to end it as a movie and so that the second one can have all the time it needs to really tell the close the way it deserves. But that leaves a lot to happen in the first movie.Avatar Image says: ooh yay 2 and a half hours long for movie 6!!!\Avatar Image says: Kiwi Mc I agree with you. The music in the HP movies are timeless. If they were modern it would cheapen the whole experience. As for the split, I think ending it with the Silver Doe and Ron returning would be what I would want to see. But that's just me. : )Avatar Image says: But ending at Dobby's funeral makes it where the first film has to try to fit a whole lot more in its allotted time. If you end it there, the first movie would have: 1. The Seven Potters 2. The wedding 3. Grimmauld Place 4. Kreacher's Tale 5. Magic is Might 6. a little camping 7. Ron leaving 8. Godric's Hollow 9. Life and Lies... 10. The Silver Doe 11. Xenophilius 12. Malfoy Manor 13. Dobby's funeral. The second film would have: 1. Gringotts 2. Alberforth 3. the DA 4. Snape fleeing, figuring where the lost diadem is, R/Hr kiss 5. Fiend Fyre, Fred dying 6. Shrieking Shack 7. Prince's Tale 8. Forest Again. 9. Final confrontation ^A lot of the things listed in the second part can be compressed and probably will be so as not to be clunky. The biggest things (time wise) are: Gringotts, Shrieking Shack/Prince's Tale, Forest Again, and Final confrontation. But, in the first part, most everything listed is very time consuming. So, Dobby's funeral is WAY too late. I want both movies to be good, not have one be rushed so the we can have every minute detail of the Battle of Hogwarts, which just isn't going to happen. Avatar Image says: While I would like it to be when Ron leaves, could it be at Christmas when Hermione and Harry find his parents graves? That would constitute as emotional and truthful. And then start the second movie from there moving into the Bathilda/Nagini stuffAvatar Image says: Well, I think there are two obvious choices- 1. When Ron leaves(or comes back) 2. Dobby's death But the 'Deathly Hallows' line isn't bad. As long as there is a definite finish to one part of the story so they can start the last one in forward motion. I just hope they capture the urgency and power of the moment that the three of them go on the run. I don't know if they will have the wedding scene or not since they have never introduced Bill as a character in the movies, but when the Death Eaters attack and Harry, Hermoine and Ron all have to find each other through the crowd and make that split-second decision to be off on their own is extremely moving. It shows just how grown up they are-this isn't some sneaking around at school where they might get detention, this is real-world, life or death and they meet it head on when they grab each others hands and arm and turn on the spot.Avatar Image says: There is an entire thread in the Argent Scrim's part on Leaky where we talk about this. If they end it with Ron leaving, here are the problems: Makes people really suspenseful and hate Ron, which shouldn't be how you feel when you are waiting for six months. Do you really want the movie world to hate Ron for 6 months when it's only two and a small moment in the book? It would cloud the beauty of the Silver Doe scene. And it's so close to the beginning that they cram too much in the last part. When Ron comes back is still too close to the beginning, but it will lead to a little more resolution. There is no "Truth" in breaking it when Ron leaves. If you do that, then you're breaking it on a lie. Ron didn't want to leave, the locket influenced him, he tried to come back. But Harry and Hermione and the Movie/Readers don't know that. There's truth and emotion when Ron comes back, but also action. Dobby's funeral seems the most likely to me. Avatar Image says: First, YAY for HBP being nearly two and a half hours, as long as that means 2 1/2 hours and not 2 hrs. 15 minutes. He was being a bit nonspecific, really. Second, I have always been of the opinion that after Dobby's funeral would be the best place to break the two. The things that need to happen after that are extremely time consuming and the Battle of Hogwarts needs to be EPIC. That equals time. Remember that not every little thing in the book is going to make it into the movie, even if they stay as true as possible to it. We know the wedding is likely to be cut, unless they use Tonks & Lupin's wedding instead, because Bill and Fleur's storyline is already out. If we see the stuff at the Ministry at all it is going to be greatly compressed, but I doubt we will even see it. They are not going to want that great length of time out of the film spent on the trio being played by other people, as they are Polyjuiced the entire time. The Mundungus storyline has already been cut as well, so are they even going to involve Umbridge having the locket? I think they will just find it at 12 Grimmauld Place and be done with it. I guess that will depend on exactly how the locket gets handled in HBP, but Jo was having fun torturing Umbridge a bit more in that sequence, and while I love it, it is not critical to the film. That would likely eliminate or shorten Kreacher's Tale as well. The "Life & Lies" and all of DD's past is going to be seriously compressed, too, because while it's important it is hard to translate to the screen and we can get Harry's journey and process from it without expending a lot of screen time on it. On top of that, I think it is vitally important to have the visit at Xeno's in the first half of the film. It is called Deathly Hallows for a reason and if we don't get to that part of it movie only people will have no clue what the title is even about and that is a lot of extra ground to cover if it's left for the second movie. Now, they could change the order of that, of course, to happen before Ron leaves or something, but then there would not be an event for the trio to go to and finish re-cementing their relationship after he comes back, except to go right to Malfoy Manor and I think something else has to happen in between those two things. Ron and Hermione need to be solidly together again before that scene for the emotions and everything they go through there to work. So, having said all of that, there is a great deal they can at least shorten, if not eliminate entirely, from the first half+ of the book, and the last bit from Dobby's funeral onward needs extra time. I do like the idea of cutting it when Ron comes back for the emotional impact (when he leaves is way too soon, IMO), but I would be very worried about what they'd have to shorten/cut in the second film if they did it there. In the end, though, none of it REALLY matters, I just want to see it all NOW. :)Avatar Image says: 2.5 hrs! Sweet!!!Avatar Image says: like many of you i think they should spilt in one of these 3 options.. *lovegoods house * ron returns * or dobbys furneal. personally as long they spilt it in the middle of the book & stay true to the characters & plot i'm happii! Avatar Image says: I had thought that when Ron's return would be the best part, but so many people are saying it's too early (don't remember myself). It has to end on an upbeat- it's hp, it should be a story in itself. As such, i say the best time would be when dobby dies and Harry buries him with his own hands. They need to have the troll or whatever he was come to harry after watching him do this and pledge his and his peoples' loyalty. It's emotional yet very uplifting and has the trio together besides (heck, it will have even more). Avatar Image says: If we are ending it upbeat, then the line where Hermione says "I haven't ruled it out" would be amazing.Avatar Image says: I don't think anyone has commented on this yet..... I went to the link where the video interview is supposed to be, and there is no video interview! Just a mention saying "check here tomorrow" or something. Anyone else? - MAvatar Image says: @ Mimblewimble thank you for your opinion, but there is so much drama in that scene, that I feel that is a great place to split the movie, and about in the middle of the book.Avatar Image says: @ ljamied A lot of the fandom thinks that they'll have the wedding be Lupin and Tonks. I think I actually prefer that to Bill and Fleur, tbh. I wish we had seen them bet married in the book. Anyway, that would help with the whole Teddy storyline.Avatar Image says: *get* Not bet.Avatar Image says: what about them cutting it like half-way through the book i'd say about the part that dobby dies thats very emotional and it's also the point where harry starts to understand the truths of his questAvatar Image says: I still think that a great place to make the cut will be the death of Dobby. It's a very emotional scene and a great way for leaving the audience to want more. It can be cut with having Harry holding Dobby and not really being sure whether or not he dies. Then the 2nd half can open with Harry digging Dobby's grave and moving inside to being the final preparations for the Gringotts break-in and the Battle for Hogwarts.Avatar Image says: by about, do they mean like 145-148 minutes? I mean, they're long, but I was hoping it would be the longest.Avatar Image says: I've always felt it would be when Ron leaves or comes back. What cruelty if it would be when Ron leaves.... I'd LITERALLY have to wait months for him to come back.Avatar Image says: Here's another vote for Dobby's death! Remember... the split should not be based on an even number of chapters or screen time. If one film is 1/2 long than the other (but not much longer than that) it's okay, as long as the films have a natural break point and everything that needs to be said is said. And we have to keep in mind the cuts they will make. Chapters like In Memoriam, The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore, etc. Dobby's death is a very natural ending point. But obviously under the condition that he returns sometime before that. We have a big climatic battle at Malfoy Manor and I think that Dobby's death falls under "a very emotional" and Harry's realization of the tasks ahead of him is "very truthful". This is a short break in the story before an intense second half. Another reason I like this idea also because I like would very much like the idea of the second film starting at Shell Cottage with Teddy Lupin being born and Harry becoming his godfather. That's a very emotional scene!!! Harry is very touched but is worried because he doesn't want anything to happen to him as it did to Sirius. So we have a highly emotional scene of realization before preparing himself for the most epic twenty-four hours of his life! I'm still thinking as I read this, that the "emotional and very truthful break" will be Ron's return an idea that David Heyman has touched upon before. I don't care how it comes across, as long as it's done... correct!Avatar Image says: (correction): ...if one film is 1/2 an hour longer than the other it's okay, as long as there is a natural break...Avatar Image says: I think it should end after Ron comes back and he destroys the horcrux. That would be awesome! It's emotional, it's got some action, it's funny when Hermione sees him, and it's truthful because that's where Ron really wants to be. But I wouldn't mind if it ended after Dobby's death. Avatar Image says: OH and I'm so excited that HBP is 2.5 hours!!!Avatar Image says: @ breaking news Yeah I can see your point of view. I just enjoy talking about the possibilities.Avatar Image says: yay for the Silver Doe! I think that Ron's return and the destroying of the locket, along with the relationship between the trio finally being straightened out is the best part to leave off the first one. I think Dobby's death is sad and not extremely action packed either, but fans might not be happy with that endingAvatar Image says: Dobby's death is too late in the story to make a full movie out of. Part Two would be ALL climax, and no substance, and that's just awful. So I think that The Silver Doe would be the best ending. They show the trio making up, going into their beds, and closing their eyes. Cue sad, slow, Christmas-y Hedwigs theme. Next movie, start with them in the forest, then they go to Lovegood's, etc. At the end, they show the trio in Dumbledore's office, have Harry say "I've had enough trouble for a lifetime", and END MOVIE with an epic, super fast, POTC Star Wars LoTR-esque variation of Hedwig's theme. Have the epilogue AFTER the credits. ^^ I'm an epilogue hater. Sorry guys, but I think "I've had enough trouble for a lifetime" is the best way to end the movie.Avatar Image says: I agree with dove, Ron's return would be a much more satisfactory ending place for part one, kind of like Frodo and Sam heading off in one direction and the remainder of the fellowship taking off to rescue Merry and Pippin.Avatar Image says: When I read the book I always thought the best place to end part 1 is after the climax at Xeno's. They have the hallows set up for part 2, people who haven't read the book realize why the deathly hallows are important, and it poses a question for our Harry, "Horcruxes or hallows?"Avatar Image says: ok, I've heard the dobby dying thing before, and really, you can't break it there. other than the fact that it's a tricky thing in the first place (necessary, but how do you bring dobby in anyway?), and also other than the fact that's actually a really action-packed moment (escaping malfroy manner), the big issue is that it's 2/3s of the way through the book. after that all that is left is the bank and the final battle. that's really a pretty slim film, once you condense it down. I have always said either Ron's return or the ministry scene, but now it looks that ron returning will be the moment (which is good, really, because the ministry scene is too early, and is almost as problematic as the dobby scene). you can't really end with ron leaving. the point it's at is anticlimactic. There will be (has to be) a climax, even if it isn't an action-packed climax. Ron's fight with harry isn't really climactic, not like the doe scene will be. That has to be the scene.Avatar Image says: @ Mimblewimble thank you for that, i like to see you're as crazy as me about this film. P.S. I do love talking to youAvatar Image says: Thanks. Merry Christmas.Avatar Image says: Hmmm Well, either they stop when Ron returns and destroys the locket and they both see Snape's Silver Doe OR them APPROACHING the Lovegoods house. There is SO SO SO much action; the seven potters, the wedding,in the Ministry, Ron leaves, Godric's Hollow, Ron's Return, then the idea to go to Luna's. I think it'd be awful torturous to end with "Are you referring to the sign of the Deathly Hallows?". Maybe having Ron save Harry's life and come back to Hermione. That's perfect I think.Avatar Image says: No way! it's got to be when Ron comes back, freeze frame of him looking heroic holding the sword! Harry amazed! Hermione runs out and looks joyful! TO BE CONTINUED!Avatar Image says: I think it will be when Ron comes back!!! That is super emotional and it would be a great end for the first movie...Avatar Image says: Wow, a truthful and emotional break! Wonder where it will be split. I think it might be when Ron comes back mainly because, it is very emotional and secondly because if you have noticed, every movie ends with a new hope for some golden days to look forward to. So, if Ron comes back, it will surely fill them with a new hope. Oh, I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO HERMIONE PUNCHING RON! It's hilarious, so sweet at the same time. Every actor will play his/her part superbly I'm sure! Can't waitAvatar Image says: I think it might end just after Dobby's death and the group are at Shell cottage with Ollivander and Griphook...and Ollivander and Griphook can lay out the truths about what they may have to encounter, and the announcement of Teddy Lupin and Harry being made godfather, to sort of set up hope for a long-distant future and a ray of hope.Avatar Image says: When Ron left was not a satisfying moment, but when he comes back and rescues Harry and destroys the Horcrux is. So, that would be through the Silver Doe. Unless they decide to leave the story hanging and stop somewhere in the middle of that chapter. I hope that 2 and a half hours is really close to the time and not just an approximation. Maybe it's more - that would be even better for HBP.Avatar Image says: Hey, i think we all have to think of these films in two parts, the decision to split the films means that (while they will have to function as ONE story) the films do need to work seperately on their own. That means that wherever film 1 ends, it will need some sort of satisfying climax and honestly, just having the "are you refering to the deathly hallows" line and then a 'to be continued' would be such an anti climax and there will not have been enough pay off for an audience to have sat through presumeably a 2+ hour film just for a line and then nothing, esp for non-book fans. The final scene and denoument of DH part 1 will need an emotional and exciting climax leading into an 'emtional and very truthful' conclusion. So really, looking at it in terms of the rules of film making, it has got to be either when Ron returns, finishing with the destruction of the locket, or malfoy manor into the death of dobby. Both scenes could be worked into highly exciting genuine climactic moments followed by emotional and truthful character moments (the friends reuniting, or dobbys death). IMO dobby's death would be the best moment, because it concludes harry's inner struggle up to that point: the hallows vs horcrux issue is resolved in his head by this moment. This would allow part 1 to be able to completely stand on its own; have its own resolution and not feel like an anti climax, while still being true to the story of DH as a whole. Avatar Image says: Joel: Do you know what would be a good climax? Ending it after Harry says "I need to break into Gringotts" wow! But that's not emotional or true.Avatar Image says: Daid Heyman makes me laugh ... "How do you like the sixth film?" "Miserable." Big pause Then lots of laughter. Keep up the great work! Avatar Image says: Two and a half hours! Yes! That means there's a pretty good chance that they cut very little. I had heard that HBP was pretty complete, i.e. that they really didn't cut anything from the book while writing the script...I hope the longer running time means that this is true. (However, just because they don't cut, doesn't mean they don't alter--now let's see if they keep things as they ought to be.) The moment I'm looking forward to--and most hoping that they get right--is the Harry\Ginny common room kiss... As for DH: I'm so glad to hear that they are going for a closing to movie one that has emotional resonance, rather than something "slam-bang" just for the sake of a fire-works ending. This is probably just a reality of film-versus-print mediums, but the thing I dislike most about the films is the tendancy to sacrifice the relationships\emotional struggles (the things I love about the books) for the "action" things. Of course, those kinds of choices usually make sense for a big budget film, but I still hate to see those emotionally powerful moments get cut or trimmed down. One example that jumps to mind is OOTP: I was very much hoping to see the Pensive scene, and was glad (and a little surprised) when it was included...but also a bit sad to see it whittled down, and Lily cut out completely. The other scene I had been hoping (but not really expecting) to see was the companion moment to the Pensive, in which Sirius and Remus talk to Harry about what he has just seen...of course, neither of these are cinnematic "money shots," but it comes down to one of those, "if I had been the one in the cutting room..." things. Each of us would make different choices... I'm just glad that they are going for the "heart" in this cut. Can't wait to see what they chose!Avatar Image says: I have always felt, since learning that DH would be two films to end the first film when Griphook agrees to help break into Gringotts. You have the climax of film #1 with the escape from Malfoy Manor and the "wrap-up" with the funeral and Harry's realization of what is actually happening. Movie #2 then can start with a quick summary of the past movie while the trio plus is planning the break-in. Just my 2 cents.Avatar Image says: Ron's leaving is way to early in the story to end the film. Like others, I think it will be more "emotional and truthful" to have it set at Ron's return... Granted, I do like the idea of Dobby's funeral, but I think that needs to stay in the second half. And there are ways to have Dobby integrated back into the film. I think it's important for the storyline (that Voldemort and his followers will stop at nothing to seek their ultimate goal. That's why the victims in DH are so important - each and every one of them! They are characters we grew to know and love...) So, yeah, my vote is for Ron's RETURN!!Avatar Image says: "an emotional and very truthful point that fans will be happy with" I think it might be when Ron comes back. Avatar Image says: A very emotional close of the 1st film would be on Christmas Eve when Harry and Hermione are in the Graveyard over his parents' plots then fading out as they walk arm in arm through the square of Godric's hollow with christmas carols echoing from the nearby pub with a light snow falling as they pull the invisibility cloak over themselves and you just see their footprints moving away..... then the second movie could start with the the two of them facing his parents old house / bagshots arrival/ voldemort attack. that grave yard scene was the emotional pinnacle of the book for me. Avatar Image says: it's probably going to be when ron leaves. It's a very emotional part and will have people who haven't read the books dying to find out what happens.Avatar Image says: Reading everyone's comments reminds just how amazing dh is! Must reread it again. I think ron's return is most likely, but loving dobby's death. Can't wait, i'll dehydrate from crying so much when i see it.Avatar Image says: Reading everyone's comments reminds just how amazing dh is! Must reread it again. I think ron's return is most likely, but loving dobby's death. Can't wait, i'll dehydrate from crying so much when i see it.Avatar Image says: It can also be when Harry and Hermione are in the graveyard visiting his parents' graves. I bet they're are going to leave the locket scene for part II.Avatar Image says: Dave, I have just read your comment!! =D I knew someone would think the same thing I did!! ^^Avatar Image says: This is how I think Deathly Hallows should be split: Right when the trio are listening to Potterwatch in the tent, then Harry says the taboo name Voldemort, and the death eaters appear outside the tent. Then the screen goes black and we hear the chilling voice of Amycus Carrow threatening them, and then the credits come! It would be so creepy and awesome!!Avatar Image says: the ending must be some sort of cliffhanger i think "are you reffering to the deathly hallows" then just cut to black would be PERFECTAvatar Image says: then DH 2 could go right into the tale of the three brothers (whcih could be a flashback scene with them talking in V.O. instead of them just telling the storyAvatar Image says: For the guys in India, wanted to inform you about POTTER MANIA on Cartoon Network Channel starting 29th December every Sunday. All five of them!! This is for all Potter fans in India!!! Have fun! Merry Christmas to all of you anywhere in the world. Avatar Image says: thank you don't come again this article is bout the dh split thank you Avatar Image says: Gotta be either the bit where Ron leaves or the bit where he comes back and detroys the locket. I hope it's this bit because then the trio will be back together - surely a perfect point to break?! xxAvatar Image says: Sorry me again - (I commented above!) A brainwave just occured to me that has made me dead set on the - "Ron destroying the locket breaking point" - because when the locking is taunting and teasing him and playing with his mind it is very powerful and emotional. IT HAS TO BE THAT PART! xxAvatar Image says: I've always thought the best part that would be the easiest/most emotional/climactic point to break the film would be when Ron leaves. I know a lot of people have agreed (and disagreed) with this point. Visually in the books it's about half way. What that translates to in the movie though is very emotional--not necessarily happy either. But what follows for the next film is Godrics Hollow, and i think that would be a spectacular place to start with. High action in the beginning. :D I'm glad HBP is 2.5 hours. That'll make all the difference. :)Avatar Image says: Hmmmm...very happy about the length of time in HBP....not happy about the length of wait time for it to come out...but oh well :).......All the ideas that I have read on here sound really good and feasible. I'm not really sure where I think it should be broken. I think it would be my fantasy ending for it to fade to black as Hermione looks up as Ron and Harry enter the tent when Ron comes back to them. Of, course then you have to do the Hr/R fight scene right in the beginning of the 2nd movie which might be ok...like I said , I don't know. I agree with whoever posted the comment about putting the epilogue after the credits of the 2nd movie is right on. They did that with Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End and it work, but a lot of movie goers might miss it if they don't know there is an epilogue. Just my opinion though :)Avatar Image says: ron leaving=too early in the book crams 2nd film ron returning=no suspense there at all i dunno y thats so popularAvatar Image says: I agree with adam- ron leaving is way too early, and it would rush everything in the second film. All the other suggestions seem alright though, they all seem appropriate i don't know what to pick.Avatar Image says: Scarletti: "I’ve always thought the best part that would be the easiest/most emotional/climactic point to break the film would be when Ron leaves. I know a lot of people have agreed (and disagreed) with this point. Visually in the books it’s about half way. What that translates to in the movie though is very emotional—not necessarily happy either." I agree, it's cerainly a veeeery emotional scene. But like others have said, it's too early in the book. And.. Heyman said something about splitting at a moment of truth and there is no truth, absolutely no truth in the moment when Ron leaves. It makes it look like Ron is a coward and doesn't care for his friends and we know both of that is a LIE. So a more truthful moment would be when Ron comes back. However, unless they change the movie's title, I prefer to end it sometime after the audience would know what the Hallows are. Avatar Image says: i think part one should end while they are in the ministry stealing slytherin's locket.Avatar Image says: So Angry That We Still Have To Wait Till July To See It....! The Part Where Dobby Dies Or Where Ron Leaves Would Be A Good Part But No-ones Metioned Godrics Hollow. They Should End Part 1 JUst After The Snake Comes Out And Hermoine Bursts Into The Room,They Should Have Her Saying A Spell Which You Can't Hear But There Should Be A Big Blinding Light. This Is Action Packed And Would Make People Emtional Because A Lot Of People Haven't Read The Book So They Won't Know That There Are No Deaths Just Then...! Can't Wait For This Film To Come Out..! I Qued 6 And A Half Hours For The Last Book...! Does Anyone Know If Theres Still Gunna B A Harry Potter Encyclopedia?Avatar Image says: HPB is about two and a half hours sweet.......Avatar Image says: have they made an announcement that they are going to cut "life and lies of AD" yet? because i honestly can't see why people are automatically assuming that those scenes are going to be cut. IMO, learning of albus' past mistakes allowed Harry to not make those same mistake. and i think it is important to get across to the viewers that dumbledore is not the all good grandfather we all thought he was...there's a darker side of dumbledore and though he loves harry, he is not above and beyond sacrificing him for the "greater good"...otherwise, nonreaders of the book would go bonkers once it is revealed in snape's memories that dumbledore meant for harry to die. on another note, now that i've read most of the comments...i would have to say that i also think the first movie should end at dobby's funeral [and they HAVE to show the words harry wrote in the stone! "Here lies a free elf"...i swear to god i cried when i read that part!]. dobby's death would cover the "very emotional" aspect that david was talking about. also, this part of the book was when harry finally realized that his growing obsession towards the hallows was luring him away from his true job of finding the horcruxes...covering the "very truthful" part of david's statement. anyway, no matter what they do...as long as they keep to the book as much as possible, i'm sure both movies are going to rock! and hbp being two hours and a half is brilliant! can't effin wait till july! Avatar Image says: "emotional ? truthful ?" Oh yeah...they're splitting at Ron's comeback. Too bad.Avatar Image says: adam people are saying that because its showing ron true colors.. that sometimes he may be a git,get jealous & aggervated but no matter what he always have harry back & is loyal to him ALWAYS,, jkr have shown us this every book, plus i cant wait to hear rupert voice then dan looks u like.." is this who i think it is?"Avatar Image says: but i like many dont care where they end the movie as long as its good & true to the bookAvatar Image says: Wow, all of these ideas sound like good ones. What about splitting it while the three of them are at Malfoy Manor. So that the first movie has the wedding, the ministry, ron leaving/godric's hollow/ron coming back, and xenophilius. If they're thinking of something with a cliffhanger, why not break it when Hermione is being tortured by Bellatrix, and Ron and Harry are distraught downstairs because they can't help her. Definitely emotional, and for non-book readers, still climactic. That way, you still get the full-on Dobby scene and the funeral/ Gringotts, and the rest of the movie has lots of time to fit in all the details that we all want to see:) Just a thought, I know I'll be there no matter where they split it:) Avatar Image says: but brittany THERE IS NO SUSPENSE IN ENDING IT AT RONS RETURN YOU CANT HAVE RON COME BACK AND SAY TO BE CONTINUED IT WOULD FEEL LIKE AN ENDING NOT A CLIFFHANGERAvatar Image says: Should break after Dobby's death and Harry finaly realizing what he is to do.... at that moment he grew up.Avatar Image says: nope no suspense there eitherAvatar Image says: I agree that it would make sense to end it at the Lovegoods. Leaving the audience (who haven't read the book) an idea of what's going on. A truthful moment would be when Zeno admits he betrayed the trio for Luna. I've always thought they would leave the first movie on sort of a cliff for those who don't read the books. With that split you would have some idea of where they need to go but left to wonder if they will get there and hince want to see the second film.Avatar Image says: ott shuld be "are you reffering the othe deathly hallows" CUT!Avatar Image says: it*Avatar Image says: well the movies always caters to the people that dont read the books so adam "ott shuld be "are you reffering the othe deathly hallows" CUT!.. thats is a good spot for it to end, also while harry is digging the grave because he finally realize what he must do ( its emotional & true) but if the should cut about where the middle of the book isit would be after harry is saved & he hears a voice, then fades.. its just depend everyone is entitled their opinion so let them have it, where you dont suspense other peoole might doAvatar Image says: I think the only appropriate place to split it would be.. uhm.. at the end. I know with two parts they will be able to put more into but really. 7 books 8 movies just doesnt make any sense.Avatar Image says: That's totally when Ron leaves... or when he comes back. Avatar Image says: Yeah.!! i think the split will be best when Bellatrix kills Dobby an the ending might be Dobby's funeral

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