Reminder: Harry, A History Signing and Yule Ball in Boston Area Sunday!


Dec 19, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Snow? What snow? There are two Harry events in the Boston area this Sunday within blocks of each other, and no such thing as a snow date! See you there! (Facebook event here.)

Sunday, 3 p.m., Harvard Coop in Cambridge:
Harry, A History Discussion and Signing
18 Palmer Street (or 1400 Mass. Ave, same store!)
Free! We are also giving away two tickets to the Yule Ball! Speaking of Yule Ball…

The Fourth Annual Harry and the Potters Yule Ball
The Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA
472 Mass. Ave.
Doors open at 5 p.m.; tickets $15

See you there SNOW OR SHINE! :)

23 Responses to Reminder: Harry, A History Signing and Yule Ball in Boston Area Sunday!

Avatar Image says: Too bad I live in Florida! Wish I could come... (first post?)Avatar Image says: Well I hope the weather isn't too bad for yall.Avatar Image says: Oh! I wish....but it is snowing like mad! STUPID SNOW!Avatar Image says: I can't wait!!!!Avatar Image says: I wish I could be at the signing but living in the UK it's a bit difficult. Good luck Melissa, I hope it goes really well x xAvatar Image says: I'm going to try...but with the way things look right now, I'm not sure I'll be able to dig my car out by then! :)Avatar Image says: See you got the Coop right. Wish I could be there. Harvard Square is the place to be. Be sure to have the German Chocolate cake at the Greenhouse Cafe (if it's still there) OMTAvatar Image says: Well, I wouldn't call it blocks.... it's quite the haul from Harvard to Central on foot. They are, however, only one T stop away, and the COOP is right across the street from the Harvard Sq T. I'll certainly slog through the snow for both events (ok, 2 T stops, not really slogging that much, but whatever. I'll be there)!Avatar Image says: I'm going; I'm psyched! :]Avatar Image says: man i was going to visit boston this break....stupid snow!Avatar Image says: are there any events coming to Chicago anytime soon?Avatar Image says: As you may know, I'm a very slow reader (especially when I'm taking algebra/trig/calculus, hehe :) I've finally reached the part of the story where I found the Leaky Cauldron -- I'd heard about the auction for Jo's handwritten card. Then one morning on the subway, I read in the local Metro paper that there was a fansite that was raising funds to bid on the auction so they could share it with the rest of us. I just had to be a part of that :) Oh, and Melissa, I had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how spur-of-the-moment your trip to London was. It was so thrilling to actually hear Jo say she loved Leaky, and to see it written and signed by her. Thanks for taking the plunge, and for sharing it with us -- and for publishing it a book! :DAvatar Image says: This snow is getting crazy but for Harry Potter, I'd dig all my friends and me out just to go to these events! I hope to be there! I can't fully hate the snow though: I get out of school a day early for vacation!Avatar Image says: what about coming to austin, texas???:)Avatar Image says: i totally agree w/ daate! what about stuff in tx. Avatar Image says: Hey, i save funny photos here Avatar Image says: i want snow!Avatar Image says: Hey Melissa, I'm Faith L. I just got your bok "Harry, A History". I loved it. You did a great job. I admire your commitment to the Harry Potter series. I'm a massive fan aswell, and I loved reading about your memorable experiences. I hope you have a great Holiday. Good luck in all you do!Avatar Image says: I'm home in MA for the holidays and I dont check leaky for one day and I miss this!! grr! not like I could have gone anyway with the snow/sleet storm. Avatar Image says: that is soooo cool. im going but i forgot the date. i live in NY near buffalo but ill do anything to go to that. btw, what should I wear??? thx!!Avatar Image says: The ball was fantastic! Thanks Melissa for being so nice and generous :) and thanks to the bands as well!Avatar Image says: OK Melissa I want to thank you times like a million for writing Harry, A History! BTW, clever title. I am loving the book so far and it is so funny! Your feelings toward the book are exactly like mine! Coming to Memphis anytime soon? Merry ChristmasAvatar Image says: Just got Harry, A History. LOOOVE it!

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