Dan Radcliffe’s Harry Potter Character to Wear Belstaff Couture


Dec 23, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

New York Magazine is reporting today actor Dan Radcliffe will be sporting some nice attire in his role of Harry Potter in an upcoming Potter film. The magazine (via WWD) reports that “Harry Potter is going high fashion. Belstaff is designing the wizard costume for Daniel Radcliffe for the next Harry Potter film. Because even fictional caped wizards need to be well dressed.”

It is unclear if the clothing is for Half-Blood Prince, possibly for Slughorn’s party scene or for use in Deathly Hallows. Belstaff has done costumes for many major motion pictures in the past, including the recent Indiana Jones, Oceans Thirteen, Sweeney Todd, and provided clothes for stylish lead actor Christian Bale in the Batman film series.

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Avatar Image says: I can't wait to see Dan as Harry all decked out!!!!Avatar Image says: Ohhh, Hermione (and Emma) is going to be jealous! : )Avatar Image says: Random...Avatar Image says: Dan already wears Belstaff. The leather jacket he's been wearing in New York is BelstaffAvatar Image says: Something about this really bothers me! Decking out Dan Radcliffe is one thing, but Harry Potter? Come on! They can’t be seriously considering this. This smacks of blatant commercialism! Harry is no fashion plate in the books! But then,(sigh), why should I be surprised; rampant greed seems as pervasive as ever! But this just doesn't feel right to me.Avatar Image says: Voldemort now Harry, boy the wizards love high fashion!Avatar Image says: Maybe in the DH movie it would be for the wedding scene?Avatar Image says: My guess is that it's for the DH wedding scene. I don't think it's really a big deal -- Belstaff is just designing a costume, I don't think they're turning Harry into a fashionista.Avatar Image says: yes yes yes.they want attention teenages girls because girls now twilight fan. if final movie will not best actor(dan),support actor(alan rickman),cinematography and art direction ,we never forgive david heyman and steven kloves. we trust daniel radcliffe and alan rickman will be perfect job but we cant trust kloves write strong parts for harry and snape.Avatar Image says: It could also possibly be for Dumbledore's funeral I mean, I doubt Harry's is just gonna wear some random shirt for the funeral of his mentorAvatar Image says: Harry's got, money. Remember that big pile in movie one? Let him indulge.Avatar Image says: There are several scenes in the book where Harry has to be well dressed, some of you just mentioned some of them for example, so those other of you who want to try to use canon to bash this are hopeless. ;) I think this is quite cool, the clothes they designed for Sweeney Tood are great, so if they do the same good job for HP, that will be great. :)Avatar Image says: Excuse me? When has Harry ever bought anything of high fashion? When has Hermione? I mean can anyone see them walking into a fashion shop and spending hundreds? Especially as Hermy is against such slave labour of most fashion labels.Avatar Image says: Well, seeing as how Dumbledore's funeral AND the wedding scene in DH are being left out of the films, I'm putting my money on Slughorn's party. That way Ginny can drool - squee!Avatar Image says: Not sure how they are going to pull off the Harry/Hermione LocketCrux scene, maybe they are both dressed up in it as part of taunting Ron's poorness?Avatar Image says: Oh for Gods Sake guys- lighten up. I agree that this will come in handy when designing costumes for the Wedding, which from the sound of it , is going to happen between to people for sure. Two movies come on we deserve a Wizard Wedding! From the pictures I have seen of Slughorns Party some of the outfits look really classy and pretty so who knows they could have contributed to that scene as well as others who knows. Maybe they can fix the Look of Narcissa, I dont mind it she just needs to look a little more classier and Richer- really flaunt her husbands money. I dont think it would be used for the funeral unless in this time they made us wait they went back and put it in. People at the screening said it was left out. And I BETTER see alot of Alan Rickman in HBP and DH. Oh Helena as Bellatrix too.Avatar Image says: Geekboy_Matt, I like that idea. : )Avatar Image says: Harry and the other 2 are in rags for the most part of DH, even in the wedding Harry is pretending to be some fat Weasley-far-relative, when exactly would he be concerned about fashion?! And since when has Harry heard about fashion in the first place?!Avatar Image says: Hey, maybe he and Voldy could be twinsies! They could get some snazzy matching suits...Avatar Image says: It's definanetly for for the dh film, I know this because I work on the Belstaff Online Workshop, and I'm a huge harry potter fan. I've heard it's going to be for a few scenes and the deathly hallows film their trying to make everything look really good. Can't wait!Avatar Image says: Its just a costume relax people, I highly doubt were going to be seeing Harry wearing labels in the last movieAvatar Image says: oh! What about it is for the evil harry/hermione scene! wouldn't that just be so delicious? They're supposed to look super hot! Whoohoo! *prays*Avatar Image says: Oops, sorry geekboy, didn't read your comment! Avatar Image says: @ The Lady Radcliffe....they have NOT said that there will be no wedding in DH, so you shouldn't make that assumption...although you're right about the funeral, so it's definitely not a costume for that scene haha. I think the wedding will be in DH, although perhaps not between Bill and Fluer (but they could still use them as well....no biggie just having Ron be like, "guess what?! my bro is getting married!!")Avatar Image says: If the Belstaff clothes are for the wedding scene, surely it will be another actor wearing them as he attends the wedding looking like some Weasley relative. Maybe I need to reread to check this though...Avatar Image says: Oh I see....I thought this was for HBP since they said "The Next HP Film". The only time Harry would be wearing couture is at the wedding. And that's full of crap because Harry is in someone else's body. OH WAIT!!!!!!! What if it's when he polyjuices into Runcorn and changes back? That would definitely warrant high fashion!! And the Evil Kiss will probably CGI to add in all of the effects they are going to need to create two smoky, red eyed, terrible bodies coming out of a tiny locket.Avatar Image says: Or when he transforms into Bellatrix's rich friend to break into Gringotts! Avatar Image says: I really doubt that they will have Harry in coutour... they are just designing the costumes. Probably for the wedding. And I would not assume that every occurence in the book that has any of the trio pollyjuiced, that they'll do that in the film. That would be far too much screen time with other actors doing the parts of our favorites. I see them either leaving out the polyjuice bits (not the actual scene, just that they're polyjuiced), or somehow allowing us (the audience) to see the real actor, while they make it obvious that the other characters see the polyjuiced version (no idea how they'd do that). The only exception for me would be the scene where Herms turns herself into Bellatrix. That scene would be awesome with HBC.Avatar Image says: I agree with you, Beth! That would be awesome. And you're right, they may not want to hire other actors...except for HBC! But the scenes aren't all that long, so you never know. You know how in "A movie I can't remember at all" we see Chris Rock, but they see the old white guy? We could see that done in HP too. And that would mean putting the trio in some designer robes. Avatar Image says: As Bellasnape says - relax. Just because it is a couture house, does not mean the clothes will be high fashion. They are just designing costumes. They could be making all of Harry's clothes as far as we know. It does not necessarily have to be dressy clothes. They are just designing the wardrobe. Get over it.Avatar Image says: Well they do stuff like that all the time. I just hope they're allowed to make the Bellstaff clothes look dirty or ripped :p :pAvatar Image says: for me, i don't think its a big deal at all,its just a costume...its not like there will be a scene were Harry will be going down a catwalk and modeling Belstaff and somebody saying ""here is Harry potter strutting in a belstaff suit or someone asking him "who are you wearing today Harry?"like what celebreties do when they walk on red carpet.... Avatar Image says: My thoughts exactly bellasnape and sl! It seems that quite a few of you misunderstand the actual meaning of couture. For those who don't know couture merely means clothing that is made to order exclusively for a certain individual and custom-fitted to the exact measurements of said individual. Yes, couture clothing is very often hand made of high quality fabrics, but that doesn't mean that its automatically formal attire. Couture can be casual clothing just as commonly as it is formal. Belstaff for instance has a reputation for their outerwear (example: Dan has a leather jacket from them and Kate Moss also has one) so I wouldn't be surprised at all if the costumes they design for HP includes a couple casual outdoorsy jackets perhaps for the trio or something along those lines as well as any more formal attire they may need. Its not like they are going to have Harry running around in three-piece suits or dressed like James Bond for the entire movie so calm down and lets wait until we get some actual set photos of these costumes before everyone freaks out. Besides as far as appearance screw-ups go surely they can't get any worse than Narcissa's skunk hair and no fat no walrus mustache Slughorn at least I hope not. Knock on wood!Avatar Image says: @ gaminette, Thanks for the pic, it does look a lot like how they dressed her. Its not so much skunk hair, I can handle that- Its been in movies before= Bride of Frankenstein, even Bellatrix herself had it last movie with the all black and white streak. My point is we all got a leaked picture of Helen McCrory and she was wearing a sleaveless Green dress and Long Blonde hair. Then they changed it. @ Beth, I too hope they have the Polyjuice potion part at Gringotts with HBC. They just have too. That would be soo funny seeing a Bellatrix pretend to be mean, since its really Hermione. I guess with Two movies we should allow our selves to raise the bar of expectations.Avatar Image says: just because i high fashion designer is designing the costume, doesnt mean that the costume will LOOK high fashion. because think about it, the stuff people have been wearing in these movies (for example. slughorn: that picture with those GIANT sleeves,) THAT is couture. couture means that it isnt meant for everyday use, at least in the muggleworld. so this isnt a bad thing at all.Avatar Image says: Wait, why are people so worked up about this? o.O It's just a costume...Avatar Image says: Dan's Bellstaff jacket he wears all the time looks great!! on him and I'm glad they asked Bellstaff and that they will be involved in the film .Thier clothing for men looks amazing and will be wonderful in the film. Thier designs for the Indiana Jones film were great too. I'm thinking it will be for DH but we will see.Avatar Image says: MERRY CHRISTMAS MR. DAN ..\’\:’\’\:::/’::/’/’ ....’\’\::’\:/’:/’/’..___,•’`¯`’•, .....’\’\’\|/’/’/’....../..........._/ .......’\’\|/’/’,.~~/=====_/ ........[||||].....(_________) ..........||.....,•’`.._....._....`’•, ..........||.../...... (^)(^)` ........\ ..........||..|............ .............I ..........||...\.......\/........./ ..........||.....’•,_............._,•’ .........,||..,~•¯¯\\\\(@)//__ ......,•’`||..............////\\\.......`’•, .....’,...||.............////O\\.............\ ..,•’`...,||•’`¯`’•,...////.....\\..…........\ ..’,_______,•’...///...O...\\.............|+ Avatar Image says: No sl, Hermione would not be jealous! Have you even been paying attention?Avatar Image says: How funny. As if Harry would think about 'couture' when he is thinking about his own death and the end of the wizarding world!Avatar Image says: Calm donw all of you naysayers! It's a costume design by a very reputable house of designers. It'll all be in keeping with the rest of the Potter world - and why not bring in a new eye for the costume in the last two-parter? Fresh eyes and ideas and all that. Also - the cotume dept in HP is going to be under a lot of pressure to create the clothes for the two parter in the scheduled time of filming - maybe they need the helping had of a company already renowned for their costume designs? Avatar Image says: Hey, Harry Potter is rich you know. He's got piles of galleons stacked up at gringotts, remember? He might as well spend it on a nice outfit.Avatar Image says: "Excuse me? When has Harry ever bought anything of high fashion?" Well...let's see. Hmmm. The Yule Ball, perhaps? Wasn't he wearing a stunning set of Formal Dress Robes? That's kinda "high fashion", when compared with School Robes or Jeans and T-Shirt. "Especially as Hermy is against such slave labour of most fashion labels" I don't recall any mention of "slave labour" in any of the books. Only when it comes to House Elves, and they are never mentioned as having been used to work in shops. I doubt that Harry or Hermione will be "dressed up" in the scene with the "Locket/horcrux", as by that time, Hermione has provided change of clothes....Avatar Image says: BTW: Merry Christmas, everyone! And a Bright and Happy New Year!Avatar Image says: He's probably gonna were that for the Wedding scene or the 19 years later part when he goes to leave his kids with Ginny !!!!! (OMG, just imagine Dan playing a father, can't wait) !!!! It's just one scene, there's nothing about Harry turning into a fashion bee !!!! Just take it easy !!!!!Avatar Image says: @ Shivi You know, the adult Harry and Ginny just might be played by other people.... Being 19 years older and all that...Avatar Image says: Fashion isn't always way out there! especially for films. Just because a major designer is working on this doesn't mean Harry is going to look out of place ,good grief it's just a motion pictire. Calm down !!! Avatar Image says: ok, i went and looked at the Belstaff website and it tells you what they have made for films and it isn't always "high fashion". for both "sweeney todd" and "benjamin button" they made the leather jackets. in fact, looking at their contributions to film, it seems all they make is leather jackets, so i think people need to step back a bit and not hyperventilate over every little bit of news.Avatar Image says: Dan Radcliffe please tell your telephoneAvatar Image says: dead don jon, three words: "leather jackets? Ew."Avatar Image says: whats wrong with leather jackets?Avatar Image says: Leather Jackets rock!! I can hardly wait to see what they have come up with for the film. I'm just curious to see which film they are referring to.Avatar Image says: regina kloves already all around have messed up so much. eruditewitch is says harry is wearing belstaff not the trio bella vita i always see that on the read carpet stars are like "i 'm wearing blahblah coture" but then their really not & dont know the meaning because 3 other people have on the same exact outfit w/ no altercationsAvatar Image says: I don't know if this even matters. I don't know whether this would be accurate but I am sure that the movie would be just as good as if Harry wore Prada. Avatar Image says: I'm not sure what i think, i mean it's cool their using good clothes but it's not as if J.K. Rowling has ever described Harry as a fashion kind of person and in the movies you don't really focus on the clothes unless it's some kind of special occation like the Yule Ball wasAvatar Image says: I don't see why it matters who makes what they wear. I mean really... Its not like they are going to design a costume that will make the actors look like supermodels unless the scene calls for them to look like a supermodel. enough with the superficial-ness of it all!Avatar Image says: hah, put Harry in a tux for the camping scenes (im only joking, no-one prove me wrong or say anything silly.. it was a joke..or was it? LOL)

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