Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!


Dec 25, 2008

Posted by Melissa Anelli

As Chief Leaky Holiday Cheergiver, it’s my happy pleasure to wish you all the happiest of holidays today and always. It’s been a wonderful year for all of us and we’re all very grateful – but more on that next week. For now, watch our first ever animated PotterCast special, courtesy Frankie, the Emo Nargles, and the Moaning Myrtles. (The animated part starts halfway in.) Have a great day!

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Avatar Image says: Happy Holidays Leaky. You're teh awesomesauce on Christmas Morning.Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to everyone on Leaky! You PotterCasters are great... you brighten up my life! And THAT's what a nargle looks like! Finally, proof that Luna's not nuts! Love, peace, and joy to everyone here, Radish :) Avatar Image says: lol YAY! That was awesome. :D Happy Holidays!Avatar Image says: LOLcats on Christmas morning. Have a great Christmas, Melissa, and everyone at Leaky!Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas Leaky! ps. watching GOF...why couldnt richard harris have lived?!Avatar Image says: Thank you, Melissa! *Happy Holidays* to you and everyone here at Leaky!Avatar Image says: That was awesome! HAPPY HOLIDAYS, everyone!Avatar Image says: My dear Potter fans and dear Leaky!!!! Merry Christmas! enjoy your holidays!Avatar Image says: I love the Emo Nargles... Frak is brilliant. Happy Holidays to everyone at Leaky! Hope you're all having a wonderful time.Avatar Image says: I would like to wish everyone here a truly happy christmas :-)Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas, Mellisa, John, Sue, Frak, Edward, and the rest of the Potter cast and Leaky News!!! I hope we get more Pottterxcasts in the live shows on the internet!!! ♥♥♥FRAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥Avatar Image says: HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND MERRY CHRISTMASSSSSS I LOVE LEAKYAvatar Image says: Thanks for another great year, Leaky. I hope everyone has an amazing Christmas and an awesome New Year. I love the Pottercast vlogs and I hope they continue for a long, long time. Happy Holidays everyone!!!Avatar Image says: And I just got Jingle Spells 2 for Christmas. YAY!!!Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas to everyone at Leaky! Thanks for a great year!Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah Leaky!!!Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas Everyone!!!! Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas to you all. you can tell the americans with all the silly "Happy Holidays" nonsense lolAvatar Image says: What!?! Frak, you save those wizard rock guys and leaky team from the Nargles right now, you here? Its xmas, you cant leave them captured by Nargles on xmas! Well, ok leave John Noe if its too much. Oh ok save John too. Oh and bring back a Nargle too for an analytical dissection. Merry Christmas everyone!Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a nice time with their friends and family. The only sad thing was that I didn't get Jingle Spells in time for christmas. I did order in November, but I guess shipping to Canada just takes longer.Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas everybody! God Bless!Avatar Image says: Hahaha, Frak, the Vlog was wonderful! Happy Christmas! : )Avatar Image says: Happy Hannukka y'all! Who else celebrates Hannukkah here??Avatar Image says: Kristin, I haven't got my Jingles Spells 2 yet either, but my friend in Toronto has. I'm not sure what the hold up is...Avatar Image says: Marry Christmas Leaky, Yea Avatar Image says: Happy Festivus for the rest of us! (I love Seinfeld <3) What a great Christmas this has been.Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas Melissa and all the gang at Leaky. Thanks for all you do. OMTAvatar Image says: A very Merry Christmas to everyone, and a happy New Year!Avatar Image says: That animation is made of awesome, one hundred percent. Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah - and most importantly, happy Festivus for the rest of us!Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas to everyone at LeakyAvatar Image says: Happy holidays everyone! Or, as they say in my school, happy christmahanukkawanzaa! It's been an awesome year to be an HP fan, the HBP move notwithstanding - we got TBB, we got to see the original TBB, we got Harry, A History (go Melissa!), and I got to go to my first live Pottercast!! Cheers, everyone, and have a very Harry Christmas!Avatar Image says: I want to wish everyone at Leaky a merry Christmas and a happy new year. Btw Melissa, your book is great I got it for Christmas! : DAvatar Image says: Merry Christmas to all! Melissa, finished your book last week. Loved it!Avatar Image says: MERRY XMAS!!! PEEPS!!!Avatar Image says: Something Frak said made me think of a good topic for Pottercast to discuss (probably in Canon Conundrums): Dumbledore has said repeatedly (most recently in The Tales of Beedle the Bard) that people have a habit of most wanting what they shouldn't have most. Harry most desired to be with his family (Mirror of Erised, Book 1). Do you think Dumbledore's observation applies to Harry or he was an exception to this rule?Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you all!Avatar Image says: Hi all, I hate to be a doofus and an out of touch older person but what does 'EMO' mean? Also where is the channel i can subscribe to these videos? many happy holidays xAvatar Image says: merry christmas and happt holidays to all of leakydom I got a new dvd player to watch all my HP movies on , my old bit the dust after one too many HP marathonslolAvatar Image says: Thank you, Melissa, Sue, John......etc! This has been a fantastic year. Potter Cast and Leaky are two things l look forward to more than anything. Santa brought me Melissa's book, 'Harry, A History' and it was fantastic! You guys ROCK! Thanks again, for a great site. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukka, Feliz Navidad, Joi Noel, Happy Boxing Day....and A Bright New Year, to ALLLLLLLL!Avatar Image says: Merry Christmas everyone!! I got 'Harry, a History' for Christmas and i love it! I can`t put it down!!Avatar Image says: A very Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!Avatar Image says: My mum bought me Harry, A History for christmas Melissa which is mental i think i mentioned it to her once that i'd love to read it and she remembered. Thought you'd like to know as if i were you, I would think it was weird that someone would be unwrapping presents in a different continent and shouting "Yes! You got me Melissa Anelli's book, I can't believed you remembered!" Causing all my other relatives to ponder in confusion!Avatar Image says: hey melissa, i just wanted to let you know that i just finished your book, after rereading the entire series again, and you have an amazing personality, not to mention a dream job! It was so nice to read about someone's reaction to the series that comes close to mine, as i usually feel kind of alone in how much i love them. Thank you so much for writing this book, and as a new leaky member, I am very excited to get in on all of the online harry madness!Avatar Image says: OMG! LOL emo narrgels are coming for us! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE! lolAvatar Image says: I got "Harry, A History" for Christmas! Yes! I have been wating do long to read it! Happy Christmas to all! :)Avatar Image says: I got the collector's edition of Beedle the Bard for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!! HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!Avatar Image says: Happy Holidays! To everyone! Avatar Image says: Thanks Sue, Melissa, Edward and everyone else related to leaky !!!!! Hope all of you enjoyed this year !!!!! HAVE A VERY HARRY CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR !!!Avatar Image says: I'm reading your book melissa,I doubt you'll read this but it's so amazing to know that us harry potter fans aren't alone out there. I really love reading your book and I hope that it will never end

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