February Edition of Empire Magazine to Give New Preview of Half-Blood Prince Film


Dec 28, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

(Update: You ca now see the scan here in our galleries, thanks to reader Tracy!)

The February edition of Empire Magazine will contain a new preview of the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. As noted on the cover (seen here), the magazine is featuring 20 films to watch for in 2009, and include Half-Blood Prince. The magazine will also feature “Green Zone” starring Jason Isaacs (Lucius Malfoy) and Brendan Gleeson (MadEye Moody). If anyone has scans, please send them in!

Thanks much Thiego for the heads up!

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Avatar Image says: Green Zone, is that an Al Gore movie? FIRST!!!! YAY!Avatar Image says: yay! new harry potter preview! that means new pics!Avatar Image says: wait, so is it out already? or is it coming? confused..... ah well harry potter news makes up for it!! hooray i hope theres new pix!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Yay! Must buy!Avatar Image says: Is this a new preview or just a rehash of the one they did in August in anticipation of a November release?Avatar Image says: I hope there's some good new info that we heard before and not the same old stuff that we had months ago. Some new pictures would be great too! But this maybe wishful thinkingAvatar Image says: That we HAVEN'T heard before. My bad.Avatar Image says: Yeah cool... I'm still angry that they delayed the movie by som long, but hey I'd rather they work harder and make it better than the OotP. That would make it great!Avatar Image says: Dumbledore's man, if you're really interested, Green Zone is the safe, international zone in Baghdad. The movie is based on the non-fiction book Imperial Life in the Emerald City. The book, at least, isn't about whether the US should have invaded Iraq, it's about how the massive mistakes by the temporary government in Iraq after the invasion (Coalition Provisional Authority) caused a boat load of problems. Note: Just talking about what the movie could be about. This post is not a commentary on the war, so I'm not here to discuss that.Avatar Image says: No scans yet? :(Avatar Image says: You know, it may sound a bit weird, bit it sort of grinds my gears to have all these previews. Why, you might ask, does it bother me to have new pictures, previews, articles and even videos? Simple: because it still hurts that we would have seen the movie more than a month ago, as it was planned, as we were so anxiously expected... Now these little bits have to do for the time being... DamnAvatar Image says: Please, stop ranting about the movie being pushed back. Yeah, it sucks, but we're passed that now. It's time to look forward to it. I'm trying to stay optimistic about this. Honestly, I think Warner Brothers had this planned. It's a bit odd how we got the teaser so late & how the test screenings in September stated it wasn't even complete yet. At least they have more time to make changes now. I want this film to be as great as possible. Anyway, I'm looking forward to this. Empire is known for releasing new info, so hopefully we'll get some new pics & whatnot. Has it hit store shelves yet?Avatar Image says: sorry this has nothing to do with this news post but i everytime i try to register for a leaky login it just sends me back to the login page and my username and password dont work. does any one know what im doing wrong?Avatar Image says: Brittany -- YES!!! THANK YOU!!! best. comment. ever.Avatar Image says: yeah uh.. im not in need of any more previews. they're very nice of you, thank you very much im not complaining don't take me wrong. but id rather much have my movie. =] or is this just showing us that you're working on the movie, and it was actually worth moving it to july?Avatar Image says: They can keep HP 6!!! :( I still hate WB, since we wont see it in 2008Avatar Image says: omg omg omg omgom g omg omg more news i canrt wait.Avatar Image says: I'll wait until I actually see this "new" preview and make sure its not just the same old pictures, quotes, ect. that we've already seen before I get too excited. I really hope its new stuff. Off topic, but did anyone else notice the HBP poster in the background of the recent Entertainment Weekly cover? It has "Coming Soon" crossed out and then says "Coming EVENTUALLY..." It kinda made my day and gave me a much needed laugh on the subject of the delay. I'm still pretty disappointed about it though.Avatar Image says: That writer of the article seems like a very opinated HP fan. "He's (David Yates) already made the best of the series-from the worst book"? I enjoyed Order of the Phoenix, but I liked the book as well. It seems like a pretty...um...bias opinion. I don't know what I'm trying to say. It just seems weird that they would write that.Avatar Image says: Helena- I agree, it was a biased article. Order of the Phoenix happens to be my favorite book. "Stuff actually happens" in book 5 too. I mean, the whole end of the book is this huge battle scene, did the article writer forget that part of the book?Avatar Image says: Thanks, Mollywobble, I really was interested in Green Zone! U Really cleared it up for me! : )Avatar Image says: Hope that someone else could make a better scan

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