Jason Isaacs Talks Deathly Hallows, Lucius “Half-Blood Prince” Cameo, Politics, “Good” and More


Dec 30, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Aintitcool.com has released a new, and very lengthy interview with actor Jason Isaacs. In this very indepth piece, Jason confirms again that he has a very small cameo as Lucius Malfoy in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (“a moving painting for a frame”). In this wide ranging, frank and often very engaging interview with this gracious actor, Jason Isaacs also comments on his past roles such as Tavington in the Mel Gibson film The Patriot, politics, working with Viggo Mortensen on his new film Good, remarking how he also enjoys fan sites and checking on the internet. Harry Potter is of course a topic, and Jason discusses his return as Lucius for the Deathly Hallows films. Full remarks on Potter as follows:

And then HARRY POTTER, it’s been such an enormous part of my
life for years now, and almost everything else I do, I knock myself out
to try and make things real–I research them, I over-research them. I
steep myself in it and torture myself at night trying to make something
interesting and believable and human. But then you suddenly get handed
a wand and full-length velvet cape, and you’re sharing scenes with some
of the biggest and best scene stealers who have ever lived. You really
have to hit the ground running. To give that much joy to so many people
and to have such a laugh doing it feels like an embarrassment of riches.

color=”blue”>Capone: I know that Lucius is not in the sixth book, but I heard you might still make an appearance in THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE.

JI: I’m not in the sixth book, but I might be a moving painting for
a frame. I’m not in the film essentially. Luckily they let me come and
say hello to everyone for a day and put my costume on, but essentially
I’m not in the film. Number Seven and Number Eight, no one has read the
script yet. I’ve seen the book; I know I’m in the book. I would hope
given they are making two films of it, all of my bits will make it in
the movie. I wish they’d make 10 films out of it, are you kidding?
First of all, here I am in Chicago, I’m shooting in Rhode Island, I’m
off to Morocco, I very rarely get to sleep in my own bed and take my
kids to school. So one of the great things about HARRY POTTER is that I
get to live in England. Apart from that, who would not want to go and
do that. Just to set in the makeup chair and look to my left and see
Michael Gambon, look to my right and see Maggie Smith, or sit and hang
out with Gary Oldman talking magic. I keep pinching myself.

I’ve been asked before, do you resent the fact that you’re best
known for that role. What a ridiculous question. I love the work on a
lot of the jobs I do, particularly that one. Why would I mind? I don’t
even care about being known for anything. Most think I aspire to
disappear into, but with HARRY POTTER, if you tell a kid you’re in it,
or even their parents, they light up. You can actually give a thrill to
someone just by doing nothing. For a lazy person like me, that’s a real

Mild language caution to parents of younger children. Thanks so much to AintitCool, and to George!

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Avatar Image says: I love how much he loves doing these films. I don't know loves it more Jason or Evanna??? Avatar Image says: Jason Isaacs is awesome! I like the comment about ten films.Avatar Image says: @nicci : i'd say Evanna but with Jason not that far behind!Avatar Image says: Mr. Isaacs reminding us all yet again why he is so awesome. Cheers! :DAvatar Image says: Does he not seem like just the nicest, down to earth, guy?Avatar Image says: Cool, I can't wait to see Mr. Isaacs running through the school like a mad man during the last battle.Avatar Image says: I agree with sl and Celtise!Avatar Image says: I love to see actors and actresses loving what they are doing. You can tell Jason realy likes Hp and i like that. And hes actually read the books (coughGAMBONcough) @nicci : Evanna definetly but Jason is like secondAvatar Image says: I cant wait to see him and Helen together as husband and wife. There will be something about that, I dont know what. Like Mr. and Mrs Doom. Or we finally will get a full insight as to where Draco gets it ALL from, both sides -mommy and daddy. I remember he said he looks forward to working with Helen McCrory too so, maybe that will show or make it easier. I have seen him in movies but never as playing a married person so I dont know how he plays someone with a wife, If its going to be Lucius Malfoy then Im overly intrigued. What the heck Lucius or Snape can have me any day. HA HAAvatar Image says: What an amazing man! I smiled, just reading his comments....about everything! Yep, sl and Marissa....what an amazing person! Can't wait [even if it IS "only a moving picture in a frame]!Avatar Image says: Narissa and .Lucius are great evil so is Bellatrix, it was Bellatrix that killed Sirius Black.Avatar Image says: Portrait!Lucius is only wihfull thinking by Jason Isaacs it sems. but what a hell of an idea would it be to have him as a portrait play the part of Moaning Myrtle. I can imagine Draco familyproud enough to have a portariat of his father (and mother) on his nightstand. And have him cry his heart out in the bathrooms. Let Lucius edge Draco on to be Man&Malfoy and continue on his quest, while Narcissa can beg and plead to take heed and confine in Snape. Lovely acttogether of the Malfoy family ( MCCRocy still has to earn her cudo's and respect as Narcissa) and also a wordy compensation for stealing Shirley Henderson as Moaning Myrtle from us. ( I just rewatch GoF and boy do I love her in that scene)Avatar Image says: I always say this but I'll say it again - I love how delighted he always is to be a part of the HP movies. For fans that has got to be the one thing we appreciate more than anything else right? I know it is for me anyway.Avatar Image says: to bella snape isaacs came out in friends with money opposite kathleen keener. he was awesome in that, married to her. Avatar Image says: I think I like Jason Isaacs so much more now! And I really liked him a lot before. Here's a dude who's actually willing to TALK about his role. There's nothing pretentious or aloof about the guy. (Malfoy, of course being the opposite) It kind of annoys me that Rickman doesn't say a thing. I sometimes think he's embarrassed by it. I know - I know, he's trying to protect the kiddies who haven't read the books yet. But heck, they're not going to read his interviews before the books. But, that's beside the point. Isaac's awesome!Avatar Image says: @ David - Thanks, I dont think the two of us really worded it right, " He came out" as a married person on screen. They dont go together. ANYHOO, Come on now kamion and others ( who will flock here soon and speak out) am I the only one that can think positively about Helen as Narcissa Malfoy. Shes a great actress, as far as what she wears and her hair that has nothing to do with her, its the makeup department. OH and that reminds me how stupid some of you were in the first place. She has brown hair - so that means she wont work? Hmmm.... whats wrong with that statement. Its movies, people can have a rainbow head if they so please. Come on, I know we all have our own ideal actor in mind but when a person is cast we should welcome them and not complain. But hell, it will happen again, and again with the next movie- so why do I bother. I mean do Jason and Alan really have long locks that are bleach blonde and jet black? Oh and Alan is 62yrs old and Snape is about 40, but we would never want him replaced.Avatar Image says: jason isaacs your soooo damn hotAvatar Image says: merry me jason

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