New High Res “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” CineLive Photos


Dec 30, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Thanks to WB for sending over these glorious high res photos from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince as seen in CineLive magazine. Note the new photo of the Trio with Snape and McGonagall as they examine the poisoned opal necklace. Enjoy!

Snape, McGonagall and opal necklace
Ginny Weasley
Dumbledore, Harry by the sea
Weasley is our King
Peeking Harry and Ron
Pensieve Slughorn speaking to young Tom Riddle

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Avatar Image says: Thanks WB!!!!!!!!!!! This is just what I needed!Avatar Image says: WOOOOH HOOOOO! I LOVE THEM!Avatar Image says: Ron looks a bit too happy concerning the seriousness of the opal necklace scene... :PAvatar Image says: Poisoned? And hadn't we seen that picture before? The only really new thing was the "peeking" (Draco's Detour??) and the creepy Ginny (is Harry under the cloak?). Which are intriguing!Avatar Image says: all the actors dont look so goodAvatar Image says: so they moved the "weasly is our king" from the fifth to the sixth? i hated how they left that out..Avatar Image says: New?? I've definitely seen some of these before.Avatar Image says: um...the necklace is like someone added in.. i mean the picture is high-res but the necklace is low-res.Avatar Image says: Wonder Witch Products! Haha! Check out all the pink.Avatar Image says: I already saw all of those but the necklace one! That one was just weird, I wish I hadn't seen it....Avatar Image says: ive seen some of em..but they r still amazing!! muhahaha- it rly does look like it was added prob. is added in cuz its floating in the air so...Avatar Image says: The necklace pic has been seen before, in the original you could see the strings on the necklace holding it up in the air. Avatar Image says: It wasn't added in. I saw another pic of the necklace one and you can see the string attached to the necklace in itAvatar Image says: !!!!! These are great, the necklace one is especially exciting. I wish they'd let me at Slughorn's costumes with a few pillows though.Avatar Image says: i feel like we've seen the necklace one- i know i've seen that fake looking opal necklace... (hello? isn't opal dark?) ginny at the WWW shop is awesome... but they're like screen caps of the trailers... DAvatar Image says: whhy arent the teachers and students ever wearing robes? i hate how they did that in alll the movies :(Avatar Image says: Opals come in a variety of colors, from milky white with bits of color, to iridescent green/blue, to orange fire opal. Those opals look great; they would be very expensive if they were genuine. Check out the detailed tailoring on McGonnagal's costume....Avatar Image says: I love the one of Harry and Ron peeking around the corner. I wished they were really new. We seen all these before in the trailers. Except the one with Ginny I think.Avatar Image says: oh!no!just so many english ,i am a chinese!!!!哦!不!怎么这么多英文,我是中国人。Avatar Image says: These were great. Everytime we see new pics we get a better idea of just what is being included in the movie. Well, or at least, what was filmed, and we hope it makes it in the final cut.Avatar Image says: cool pics, i think Ginny is at WWW either looking at the wonder witch products or the Miniture puff skeins ( Arnold) such cool pics and im thinking they just used Weasly as our king as an expression, and i hope that just it as it would be very much out of place in HBP Avatar Image says: The pictures are great. The article doesn't say they're new - it's that they're in hi-resoloution for the first time. Still, it gives some of you the excuse to end 2008 the same way you'll no doubt continue in 2009 - moaning. Happy New Year! Avatar Image says: Fab to see one of Professor Snape. Opals can be many shades, I have one just that colour when its caught by the lightAvatar Image says: Wow - Alan Rickman looks so young in this movie. I wonder how they pulled it off...CGI probably. It looks great.Avatar Image says: What is that stuff around Ginny suppose to be? Cause I can't figure it out. I do think Bonnie looks looks really good though, much older then she's looked in the pervous movies.Avatar Image says: You got my hopes up! We've seen all of these before... :(Avatar Image says: Wow they are brilliant, my fave is the opal necklace, that means snape's going to be in that scene which will be brilliant.Avatar Image says: i'm sure of seen these before-the one of ron is on the english 2009 harry potter calender of movie 6...Avatar Image says: They're all cool !!! And I've seen all of them before either in trailers or other photos !!!! But yet Ginny's photo is awesome !!!! And Snape's hair is not looking very greasy, is it ?????Avatar Image says: Wow! Yes some were very similar to previously seen photos but I love the Opal Necklace and Ginny looked really prettyAvatar Image says: Great pics ! What about a first poster now ???Avatar Image says: I, too, would like a shot at the costume department! WHY does Dumbledore always wear the same flippin' grey robes???? He's supposed to be a "bit of a dandy," according to Jo. AND WHERE ARE HIS HALF-MOON SPECTACLES??????????????? They were missing in all but one scene of "Phoenix," too! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrAvatar Image says: umm...yea seen these all before...and whats the point of these stills again? LOL if they release more pics, which they probably will since we have to wait till june/july, I can make a comic book version of the movie with my own captions :) Avatar Image says: Severus Snape looks SO good, he is HOT!!! Avatar Image says: These are definately not new except their high- res and wider angle images. Anyway, I too keen on the costumes and hair styles in the film. the opal necklace looks weird and the lighting looks horrible. What are the trio wearing and ron looks kinda chubby and their all standing really awkward. Anyway, so-so. Avatar Image says: I've seen most of these before - but I love the high-res versions. The kids aren't wearing robes because it was a Hogsmeade weekend, and they rarely wear robes on the weekends - when the Quidditch matches also take place. Snape's hair was only ever seen as "greasy" by the students - notice when Jo wrote the Spinners End chapter and the Malfoy Manor chapter that no mention of his hair being greasy was ever made. This is one of those things that must be taken with a grain of salt because it is usually seen from Harry's perspective. AR has lost some weight recently, so of course he looks better! And he's always HOT! Avatar Image says: It's obvious that when Sue entitled this post "New High Res ... Photos," she meant that the photos are available in High Res from WB for the first time, not that we've never seen them before. So quit yer whinin', people. :-) As for the funky color of the opals -- Snape has cast a spell on them, so they might be glowing for that reason as well.Avatar Image says: Nyssa, No, most opals aren't dark. Most of them are much lighter than the the ones in the necklace. Opal is my birthstone so I've looked at a lot of opal jewelry in my life time. I really liked these photos. I hope WB keeps them coming!Avatar Image says: YES! Thank you soo.... much WB! I doubt this will hold me over until the premiere, though. I'll probably be in maximum potter insanity mode for the first half of this new year!Avatar Image says: but in most of the scenes from the movies, the kids arent wearing robes...and the teachers are mostly in suits Avatar Image says: *Can't help enjoying Rupert's arm muscle*Avatar Image says: Bonnie looks soooo pretty!Avatar Image says: I wish we'd get something different though. We've had three trailers, what about new HBP merchandise, or POSTERS or something? I need to update my OOTP posters with more.Avatar Image says: Draco loks old! what is this necklace picture??????????????????????????????/

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