The Tales of Beedle the Bard Now Available, Early Reviews of New Printed Book Now Online


Dec 04, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

Behold, the Bard! The Tales of Beedle the Bard, the new book by Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has now officially be released! Last night, some fans were able to attend special midnight release parties, such as those in Edinburgh, Scotland. The Scotsman reports that while the parties were not as large as in years past, fans still dressed as their favorite characters and “enjoyed a Hogwarts-style feast as they waited for the launch of The Tales of Beedle the Bard at midnight…Christie Roberts, 21, a student from Cowgate, attended the party at
Borders last night. She and friend, Dinah Russel, 21, who travelled
from Stirling, planned to stay up all night reading. She said:
“I think it’s just the really hard core fans here. It’s not one of the
actual Harry Potter series, so it’s more subdued than last time. It’s
for those of us who can’t let go. I’m so excited.”

Others attended parties in London, as seen in this BBC video now in our galleries. UK paper, the Daily Mail reports that one party had almost 500 people, and many were very excited to be getting the new book of tales that were first mentioned in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.Grayson Walton, 18, from Godalming in Surrey, said: ‘There was no
way I was not going to be at the launch. When I heard about it, I moved
heaven and earth to be here.’ A reminder that JK Rowling will be holding her tea party event later today starting at 4pm, where she “will read passages from The Tales of Beedle the Bard, at Edinburgh’s Parliament Hall.” Many parties are planned for this afternoon, with others being held this weekend. A reminder too, that TLC and PotterCast will also be holding a release party event tomorrow at the Books of Wonder store in NYC, hope to see you there!

While Amazon posted their summaries last year, several early reviews of the new printed version of book are now online. There is one at the end of the The Dail Mail article, with the AP has a broader review, saying:

“If anything, the new book shows us Rowling hasn’t lost her
touch since finishing her series. It’s all here ” cleverly written
stories, little details that add to the enjoyment of readers who spot
them, deeper points about the choices people make and their
consequences. The yarns are ostensibly meant to be read by wizard
children, so they’re short, but they don’t lack for action, or in some
cases, rather gruesome imagery and some violence. Apparently wizard
children are a hardy bunch.”

Finally, The Telegraph has a more detailed review, including some of the new material from Dumbledore, who makes notes that appear throughout the entire book of tales.

“Those who know their Harry Potter will turn straight
to the notes of the final tale, “The Tale of the Three Brothers”.
Dumbledore mentions that the legend of three brothers who cheated Death
and were rewarded with an unbeatable wand, a stone that brings the dead
to life and an Invisibility Cloak, might have an element of truth in
it. At this point all Potter fans will be shouting out loudly in
response. (Note for parents: these tales hint at the ending of the
Potter books, but don’t actually give it away.)

This short collection would be unremarkable were
it not for the body of work that lies behind it. There is an element of
padding to make it a respectable length and it will barely satisfy the
Potter fanatics for more than half-an-hour. Still there are some nice
touches and all profits go to charity, which fits with the generous
impulse of the stories.”

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Avatar Image says: First :) I got mine through the post today! Yay!Avatar Image says: I'm still waiting on mine to arrive....c'mon Amazon!!!!! Well, An Phost is delivering it so HURRY ON to the postman :-)Avatar Image says: wish i could of gone but they don't do midnight releases here in italy :-( they haven't even shipped beedle the bard to the international bookstore here in florence! still, can't wait to get my hands on it!Avatar Image says: Yeah! got mine too some time ago through the (owl)post! AWESOME! I Love it! and man, it is heavy for such a tiny book!Avatar Image says: Got mine at the crack of dawn this morning, it's a wonderful little book!Avatar Image says: went and got mine today! and just like the article said i skipped straight to the bit by dumbledore, read a sentence or two then decided i should read it from start to finish instead, then go back to dumbledores bits :)Avatar Image says: Didn't have an Midnight Parties, here in the South [South Carolina, USA, that is!] I envy NYC.....I can't wait to go to the Books-A-Million [in the heart of the Christmas traffic, no less] to get mine! Glad the reviews are coming out! It's interesting to note that 'The Daily Mail' reports that "If any thing, the new book shows us that Rowling hasn't lost her touch, since finishing her series." NO DOUBT! Can't wait!!!!! Have fun, at the Tea, y'all!Avatar Image says: I bought the special edition and the bloody thing still hasn't arrived. Not impressed, Amazon!Avatar Image says: I got mine, like, half an hour ago, and I got a frappachino, and I'm going to read it nowwwww *squees and falls over*Avatar Image says: Merlin's Pants!!! Hahaha. I'm so excited....can't wait to get my copy!Avatar Image says: WOW!!! got mine through the post this morning.... amazon in England have actually been on time for a change! Unfortunatly for me ive got tonnes of work to do so have only been able to read the hopping pot so far with the noted accompanying it but JKR is as good as ever with her brilliant story-telling and her clever and funny commentry as from Dumbledore. i can't wait to read the rest followed by Mellisas book which came at the same time!!!Avatar Image says: I'm still waiting for my copy from Amazon too. Argh.Avatar Image says: You can't blame the time the book gets to you today you have to blame the post office or UPS at least here in the US. My post man comes around 11:00 am everyday so that is when the book will arrive. If your post man does not deliver to your house until late afternoon then that will be when you get the book. Amazon just says the book will be delivered today not first thing today. If it was shipped UPS then they do there routes and if you live close to the ups station you will not get your package until late in the afternoon. Everytime I get something shipped UPS it comes at 6:00 pm becasue the UPS station is two blocks away. Anyway, I expect mine to arrive in about half an hour and my UK copy that I ordered from Amazon UK will be here early next week. I can't wait until I have both editions to add to my HP US and UK collections.Avatar Image says: I am sitting here playing the waiting music from Jeopardy watching for my mailman. He's Late! I have ordered both copies and am twitching to get a look at them.Avatar Image says: Mine arrived at 10.45am via my regular postman. I opened it for a quick look but I had to dash of to keep a dental appointment. It is so beautifully presented in its Hogwarts-style book box and the book itself is so special. I'm going to have a cup of coffee, wash my hands and settle down with my treasure to explore every delight.Avatar Image says: Yay....they came. The collector edition is beautiful, I was surprised by the size of the book box it came in. I had to put it away, I had them mailed to my work and my staff wanted to handle it. I couldn't bear to think of fingerprints on the pages. lol.....I'm a pathetic fangirl.Avatar Image says: Whaaaah!! I'll have to stay away from all sites Harry Potter for now :( mine'll only arrive next week!Avatar Image says: Oh I'm with ya Emmy. Mines being prepared to ship as we speak. I'm dying! Oh please mister postman bring mine to me! (Sob's uncontrollably)Avatar Image says: I received both the collector's edition and the standard one via UPS today. I love the collector's version. It's just gorgeous! And since it was a work/school-day we didn't get to go to a release party.Avatar Image says: I got the standard edition...although the packaging slip says collector's edition. Lol I wouldn't have minded the collectors for the price of the standard. Anyone else love the Amazon packaging? "Tear here to open, or use want and Alohomora spell"Avatar Image says: *wandAvatar Image says: i have to wait until i have christmas with my family which is in like january!!!! uhhh my mother wouldnt let me pre order it because my grandma needed an idea of what to get me!! i CANT WAIT to read it tho!!!Avatar Image says: I got my CE this morning from Amazon!!!!!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL! MUCH better than I thought it would be! I am so happy right now!Avatar Image says: I got my CE this morning from Amazon!!!!!! IT IS BEAUTIFUL! MUCH better than I thought it would be! I am so happy right now!Avatar Image says: Ahh! I want my copy! C'mon amazon!! Avatar Image says: Ahhh! It was just delivered! So, so nice. And I totally love the amazon box for it. =D Off to read!Avatar Image says: I'm in Australia so I won't get my special edition ordered from Amazon for ages yet. Can someone tell me what it's like?!!!Avatar Image says: I just got mine a couple of minutes ago. It's sitting on the desk in front of me. It looks great and I can't wait to read it.Avatar Image says: Still sobbing! No Beedle for me. I think it would have came faster by Owl post!Avatar Image says: Ok so I am so mad right now. I went to Borders all happy and wating around for an hour and they didn't have ant kind of Beedle party or anything! They said on that the Borders that was near me was having one and then I get there and there isnt one! What the heak? Did anyone else have this problem? Ugh and now my copy of the book that I pe-ordered isnt going to get to my house till Monday! This is so not cool. :(Avatar Image says: Got my book! Wondering when Leaky is going to add a Beedle sub-forum to the forums. I have a question, and I couldn't find a single Beedle thread anywhere!Avatar Image says: OMG!! I had to wait till I got off work to get mine and it took for-freaking-ever! I washed my hands and set the Amazon box down on the kitchen table, ready for disection. The actual delivery box is marked with the Tales of Beedle the Bard and an attention Muggles warning-Do not deliver or open till Dec 4. I'm a big dork and am going to keep the box and all the packing material. It's so pretty!!!Avatar Image says: I put the amazon box on my Harry Potter wall. =DAvatar Image says: I have never seen such a beautiful book in my life as the collector's edition. I was completely blown away tonight when I got home and opened my box and looked at this beautiful volume. My only surprise was that there is a typo on one page! The word "And" is spelled "Tnd." But, as the book was attributed to being Hermione's translation from ancient runes, I figured she just made a little mistake, right? :-)Avatar Image says: Got 2 copies and am done reading. :) the reason i got two is pretty line the lady at Target sad jokingly, "you can have the backwards one if you don't want this one..." this made me curious so i askd her to elaborate. It turns out when they were stocking their shelves they found a copy that is glued in upside down AND backwards....So i bought it, lol At first i had the human reaction of "it'll sell on EBay for LOTS!!!!!" then i realized that i couldn't do that morally, the book's for charity and i have 2 copies and one's backwards and upside down....Avatar Image says: I got up early yesterday to make sure I'd be up when the postman came with my book! (of course, since I got up early, he didn't show at 8.30 as usual, but well past 10.00). It's a lovely little book. The tales are so like classic stories, both in content and style. And in the improbable case that JKR never had another successful book written, she could well pursue an illustrator career. But you know whet's the best part of these tales? you don't need to have read Harry Potter to enjoy them. It helps, sure, but it's not a must. Go Jo!Avatar Image says: Yay thanks Amazon! According to the site, I wasn't going to get it until the 8th of this month. And behold, here it is, in my hands, sooner than expected!!! :-D One thing on Jo's writing though, that I can't read: page 12, in the bottom: "The exception to this ..." the word after 'this'. Is it 'role'? Or something else? Anyways. Loving it! Thank you, me! For giving myself such a fun Sinterklaas present (yes, you non-European-continental-people don't know who he is)!!!! :-)Avatar Image says: @ Erin I didn't have a nice box like that! :-OAvatar Image says: Still no books for me. = ( Agh!!!!!Avatar Image says: emmy i think it says "the exception to this rule" ... anyway just wanted to say that i loved the book. i got both of them. though is it just me or are there lots of typos? anyway. this may sound weird but it kinda bothered me that jo put herself in the harry potter universe with this book. i mean she's commenting on dumbledore's notes. which is great. but with the other two books (fantastic beasts and quidditch) it was all like jo didn't write this it comes from the hogwarts library etc. but jo's comments in this book break that charm i think. cause jo and dumbledore cannot exist in the same universe. you know what i mean? any i'm mumbling. didn't mean to criticize though. i sincerely loved the book. and the collector's edition is beautiful..Avatar Image says: *sniff*can't get mine till christmas.=''''''(Avatar Image says: Alas! The Bard has arrived in my home! Today at 3:20 the postman came to my door and rang the doorbell. I, of course was in my basement reading up on the Leaky Cauldron when my dad called me to say I had got something in the mail. And there it was so beautifull. I read it in an hour and while I was reading it I was wearing my Gryffindor scaf that I had made! Squeeee. I am just so excited right now. I loved all the tales they showed us just how it feels to be a young wizard!

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