Video of First New Half-Blood Prince Preview from ABC Family Harry Potter Weekend


Dec 05, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

As we told you previously, there were to be new preview footage and cast interviews broadcast this weekend on ABC Family. We now have the first new clips available here in our video galleries.
In the footage we see short new interviews with actors Dan Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson, as well as director David Yates and producer David Heyman. Most of the footage we have seen before, however we do see new glimpses of Harry and Dumbledore during the cave scene, the attack on the Burrow, as well as some behind the scenes footage of Jim Broadbent, who plays Professor Horace Slughorn. More new interviews and clips are to be shown the rest of the weekend and we will add the clips as we can. Stay tuned!

27 Responses to Video of First New Half-Blood Prince Preview from ABC Family Harry Potter Weekend

Avatar Image says: first!...yay...i love watching new stuff. gets me hyped seeing interviews. cant wait for harry potter 6!!!!Avatar Image says: Cool. I must admit, each time I see it, I get such a kick out of that "pyro seamus" clip.Avatar Image says: OMG! I can't wait! I think the movie is going to be great!Avatar Image says: Half-Blood Prince looks like the best one yet.Avatar Image says: Haha it better be, the way it's been so hyped upAvatar Image says: Haha it better be, the way it's been so hyped upAvatar Image says: Best bit in the new clip -- DD pulling up the boat from the lake in the cave! Whoa! 15 seconds in. Also, I disagree about any "hyping" of this or any HP films. They are huge because the source books and fan base are huge. "Hype" is more appropriate for a film (or whatever) that would sink without a trace otherwise. My 2 knuts, natch! :DAvatar Image says: Everything's fine in it !!!!!! It's surely going to be the best one !!!!! But I wanna know one thing, what's wrong with Hermione's hair ??? I mean, it IS the way it should be, but doesn't suit Emma somehow !!!!Avatar Image says: WTF!!!!!! Why don't they have ABC Family in Sweden for?!?! siriusly im going to blowAvatar Image says: when is this going to play on tv?Avatar Image says: They talk about Dumbledore, Voldemort and all that jazz. They are leaving the romance bits for the last episode!! XDAvatar Image says: Shivi thats how hermione hair turns out when their in the potions classroom.... & fumes of potion do that to her hairAvatar Image says: there is a new one... all about the love in the film hilarious....Avatar Image says: i think all new interviews will be aired half way through each of the airings of the moviesAvatar Image says: I'm glad someone else caught the "love is in the air" exclusive look. I hope someone captured it!Avatar Image says: There is a third one now too! might be on youtube soon....about tom riddleAvatar Image says: tom riddle one now on youtubeAvatar Image says: someone needs to get the next two previews...there was a bit with Weasleys' Wizard WheezesAvatar Image says: goodjob slitherAvatar Image says: Loved watching all of them. I would assume that we have seen them all and that now they will just repeat? The best part of this HP weekend is that my 8 year old DD sat with me to watch the movies and has told me that she wants to start reading PS now. I'm so excited to see her on her own develop an interest in the books. I hope she will come to enjoy them as much as I do.Avatar Image says: It's always fun to watch these teasers; whets the appetite! I do want to add that I FINALLY managed to convince a nay-sayer to the HP phenomenon to read book 1. She not only sped through it, is reading book 2, has bought books 3 & 4 and actually called in late to work coz she was so engrossed in book 2. Another one bites the dust! Amen.Avatar Image says: Thanks Brittany, was wanting to find an answer to that from ages !!!! Avatar Image says: Looks like they're finally going to unleash Bonnie Wright. Avatar Image says: While watching the extended version of Sorcerer's Stone Friday night I finally spotted Julianne Hough (from Dancing with the Stars). She said in an interview earlier this year that she was an extra playing a Hogwart's student while she was 12 years old and living in London. I spotted her in two scene's: one while the Griffendor students are being led back to the common room after the troll was sighted on Halloween (she has long blond pigtails and passes just before Harry and Ron leave to find Hermione). I verified that it was her by freezing the frame on the DVD. The other scene she's in is a longer closeup during the Christmas dinner in the great Hall while Harry is sitting by himself after seeing his parents in the Mirror of Eresed. This scene is not on the DVD because it was one of the added extras, but Julliane is wearing a red sweater.Avatar Image says: There is no doubt that the last two books are going to make awesome movies. I cant wait to the 17th July 2009. I told my wife that she must go out with her mother for the day.Avatar Image says: there are other sneakpeaks on trailer addict just search half blood prince and theres five different videosAvatar Image says: Well done, KT, the nay-sayers can be tough nuts to crack! These comments always make me laugh. Just as no interviewer seems to be able to get through an Equus interview without asking Dan about his nudity (or making the "waving his wand" joke), so we fans at Leaky seem unable to watch a preview, trailer or photo of any HP film without obsessing about Hermione's hair! LOL!

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