PotterCast 137: There Should Be Cushions!


Feb 07, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

The 137th episode of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast, is now online and complete with a special interview with Lisa Wright DeGroodt, author of The Quest Series. During this interview Lisa speaks with Melissa, Sue, and John about her series, her writing process, as well as her plans for the future books in the Quest Series. Lisa sticks around to discuss the remaining part of Chapter Six “The Ghoul in Pajamas” in this week’s Bit by Bit, in addition to a new Phoenix Files, where the topics of the Love Room and Neville are on our minds. Our Scribby5 girls also make their return with the essay “Still Got Your Wand in a Knot?” on their minds this week. Finally, our PotterCast Trio brings you the latest news on possible “Deathly Hallows” directors, “Half-Blood Prince” filming at Gloucester Cathedral, Jo Rowling’s honor at the South Bank Show awards, and much more. To listen, just hit the “Play” button on the right side of the page (->), or use iTunes, or direct download.

“There Should Be Cushions!”

- Neville’s the man!
- “Half-Blood Prince” Filming News.
- Interview with author Lisa Wright DeGroodt on her Quest book series.
- Lisa thought is was a “Dirty” room.
- Don’t listen to that, it’s just the ghoul.
- Accio Horcrux Book!
- Professor Potter.
- The Scribby ladies talk about the essay “Still Got Your Wand in a Knot?”
- 448,000 PCs, three movies, and a Theme Park to go!
- Are You Smarter than John Noe?

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10 Responses to PotterCast 137: There Should Be Cushions!

Avatar Image says:

Noticed iTunes was downloading it, finally :D

Will be listening later tonight.

Avatar Image says:

I was wondering when you’d put this out. Better late than never. Thanks PC, especially when I need it. I love college, but I don’t love stress. =D

Avatar Image says:

It’s out! Yay, I’m already pretty far in. Any LL members out there- the topic for this episode can be found at http://www.leakylounge.com/PotterCast-137-t59376.html&view=getnewpost

Avatar Image says:

The box on the right of the page isn’t working… (Pottercast)

Avatar Image says:

Three movies? Why three movies!

Avatar Image says:

So I don’t sound completely naive, I just meant that they haven’t confirmed splitting up DH the last I heard

Avatar Image says:

I haven’t listened to it yet, but a bit ago there was talk of a PC acting troupe… any updates on that or is it a lost cause? cant wait to listen!!! u guys always make my day!!!

Avatar Image says:

Melissa said a couple podcasts ago that some big news was comming up soon…anyone have a clue what this may be? Anyways another good podcast

Avatar Image says:

yay lisa!!!

Avatar Image says:

Thanks to recent Pottercast, I now have a constant flow of Little Mermaid songs dancing through my head during work (lol

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