New Hi-Res Half-Blood Prince Pic


Mar 20, 2008

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Thanks to WB, you can see the most recently release HBP pic in high-resolution here in our galleries! In the picture, Harry seems to be showing Hermione the Half-Blood Prince book – just for fun, write some dialogue to go with it in the comments and we’ll add the best or funniest to this article.

(For example, Dragonsiblings gives us our first: “Harry: ‘No, seriously, it’s signed by J.K. Rowling herself…’” Hah! Keep ‘em coming!)

Some great ones so far:

Jared says:
Harry: ”…and this is me in Equus…”

Bushybrownhairedknowitall offers:
Harry: “The ingredients are right here. See? It says ˜One full bowl of walnuts’.”

Solo says:
Harry: “See, in DH you do have to kiss me. Quit denying it.”
Hermione: “Maybe they can CGI it so I don’t have to.”
Ron: [thinking] Dream on, Harry, she’s so mine.”

Muggle1963 says:
Harry: “Here is a book that tells how to keep alive while wondering aimlessly around a forest for 8 months!”

Rachel says:
Hermione: “Twelve Fail-Safe Ways to Charm Witches? Ron, what is this?
Ron: “Traitor.”

beckett comes in with a meta-winner:
Emma: “They said WHAT about me on Leaky?”

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