Launching the IContest in our Image Galleries

May 09, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Our Leaky Contest Crew has teamed up with our Image Gallery staffers to form a new contest set to be launched on May 12th. Taking place in our Image and Fan Art Galleries, the IContest will have you creating icons based on some of the fan art images as well as other images from our galleries in future weeks. Starting May 12th, we will ask you to create an icon based from one of the many drawings created by Fan Artist Glockgal. You have until May 19th to submit your icon, at which time voting on those submissions will begin. The following week, on May 26th, the second round of our continuing contest will commence with the newest images in our Image Galleries being your inspiration for that week. Here is a short rundown of the events:

  • May 12 – Phase one: Make an icon featuring the art of our Feature Artist, Glockgal.
  • May 19 – Submissions due for Phase One, and voting starts.
  • May 26 – Phase Two: Make an icon from newly added Images to our Image Gallery.
  • June 2 – Submissions due for Phase Two, and voting starts.

    All icons should be emailed to [email protected] prior to the deadline for that week. As always, anyone over the age of 13 not involved in the judging process may submit work that is PG-13 appropriate. More information on this contest can be found on the Fan Art and Image Gallery pages of the Leaky Lounge as well as on the Contest Page.

    Good luck to all who enter!

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    Avatar Image says:

    Yay! first comment! Cute idea but i cant draw for the life of mine. :(

    Avatar Image says:

    Don’t worry LoonyLovegood. You don’t need to draw to enter the contest! All of the contests will use images which are either already drawn by fan aritsts, or images found in our galleries already.

    No drawing necessary!

    Avatar Image says:

    yay third comment. but i cant draw to save my life.

    Avatar Image says:

    i like this idea and its about time they got the fan art into the site more (i think that its kind of ignored) mabeye this will get more people interested(I LOVE FAN ART!!) and glockagle is good

    Avatar Image says:


    Avatar Image says:

    Are there requirements for what kind/size of icon this is? For instance, an AIM icon and a Livejournal userpic would be very different entries. As would an icon used for a file on your desktop.

    Avatar Image says:

    Speaking of fan art, can anyone tell me what happened to Marta (artdungeon)? Her site hasn’t been updated since January. I hope she’s okay.

    Avatar Image says:

    wooo! this looks good i like this idea not that i am good at fan art myself and have the skills any but cant wait 2 see the results in the upcoming weeks :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

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