Craft Yourself a Hogwarts House Friendship Bracelet


Jun 16, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

It is time once again to pull out those crafting wands for Leaky’s own Crafty Witches are gearing up for our next Craft Along Event. Starting on July 1st, we invite you to join us in crafting your very own Hogwarts House Friendship Bracelet in the House colors of your choice. This circle of Hogwarts friendship and House pride is easy and fun to make with the whole family. More information on this project, along with a step by step look at the crafting process, can be found in this guide from Quietish. In order to prepare yourself for the start of the July event, you will need the following supplies:

DMC embroidery floss in chosen house’s colors

  • Gryffindor – Red 815 (MC), Gold 676(CC)
  • Hufflepuff – Yellow 973 (MC), Black 310 (CC)
  • Ravenclaw (book) – Blue 336 (MC), Bronze 680 (CC)
  • Ravenclaw (movie) – Blue 336 (MC), Silver 415 (CC)
  • Slytherin – Green 935 (MC), Silver 415(CC)
  • Safety pin
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • The Crafting Corner of our Leaky Lounge forum also has a special section dedicated to our bimonthly Craft Along Events with additional resources. Even more ideas for crafts of all kinds can be found in our expansive Craft Section here on Leaky. Now is the time to pick up materials for your very own Hogwarts House Bracelet before the event starts on July 1st. Happy Crafting!

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    1st post? Awesome! I’m gonna make 10 Hufflepuff ones! HUFFLEPUFF FOR THE WIN!

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    Oh, I love making these kinds of bracelets. I just wonder where I’d be able to find bronze colored string… Go Ravenclaw!

    Avatar Image says:

    Woo! I wanna make a Gryffindor one!!That sounds fun!!

    Avatar Image says:

    I wonder how I’d make a Gryffinpuff one lol? Maybe red and gold with a string of black running through it.

    Avatar Image says:

    yay! this will be fun! GO SLYTHERIN!!!

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    potterhead23: I don’t suggest working with metallic floss ever. They really are a pain! However, in the supplies list above, Quietish suggest a brown color that is suitable for a book Ravenclaw.

    Gwynog’s Rabbit: You can actually make a Gryffin puff version quite easily. Instead of selecting a total of 3 strands (2 strands of red and one strand of golden yellow), take 6 strands (2 red, 1 golden yellow, 2 Hufflepuff yellow and 1 black), then do a little bit in Gryffindor colors, a little bit in Hufflepuff colors, etc. Or you could actually do half and half.

    Those bracelets are very easy to make, yet the final product you get is really pretty!

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    We used a bit of home into the yard, I’d surprise playing could reach. that a bit of things. I’d hoped bellowed I started

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    From the guide: “The authors alone hold the copyrights and licences to these patterns [...]”.

    That’s a joke, right? How can you possibly call that a “pattern”? Just by choosing some random colours that do not even look similar to the “original” colours? Honestly, that does not seem lawfully appropriate ...!

    (Apart from that, I think it is against the law to sell anything with the name of one of the Hogwarts houses in it [if you’re not the copyright holder]! If you’ve got the “pattern” from here or designed it yourself doesn’t matter anyway!)

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    Go Ravenclaw

    Avatar Image says:

    Anika, that disclaimer is just the standard disclaimer we add to each of the patterns, tutorials and charts we post on Leaky. That tutorial is just the same, and while you may change the colors if you think they are not the original ones, the tutorial still inspires people to craft, which is the whole point of the crafts section.

    We have simple tutorials and very complicated ones in the crafts section, in the hope of meeting the needs of the different level of crafters that visit the site. And no matter how simple the tutorial is, the person still took the time to write it, share it on the net, and give us permission to post it on Leaky.

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    I’m thinking I’ll make a House Unity bracelet and a Hufflepuff one. I can’t wait for this to start!!

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