Leaky Lounge Update: New Forum Added


Sep 18, 2008

Posted by SueTLC

‘The times, they are a-changing’ …so the song goes, and so goes events in our world. As such, our Leaky Lounge has added a new forum to discuss these ever changing times, the myriad of political and social events that are grabbing headlines and impacting our everyday life. The forum is called “The Muggle Underground: Politics, Current Events, and Social Issues,” and it is, as the name suggests, a place to discuss those hot-button topics facing us all in politics, world events, social events and much more. Please note: Given that these issues can sometimes become a bit heated and emotional, we ask that you please read this thread before posting in our new forum.

30 Responses to Leaky Lounge Update: New Forum Added

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I’m going to check that out right now.

(P.S. First comment!)

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Very exciting!! Just a note, Sue, the link at “please read this thread” in the last sentence isn’t working.

Politics and Harry Potter! What a great combo!! :)

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eh, dang, helps if I closed the link off right-sorry all. Try it now Finn, should be working ok.


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Awesome!! Watch the discussion expand now… Whoo!

PS – The link works now, thanks, Sue! :)

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oh yeah, this will be lively.

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Squee! Good idea, especially with Wizard Rock The Vote. It should be interesting to discuss politics with the Potter People.

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First, YAY Muggle underground! Second, Sue love the icon!! Third, while yes it should be interesting to discuss politics and world issues with my fellow Potter People, but I want to continue liking my Potter “friends” (since I don’t really know any of you) and there are some things you don’t discuss with friends and family and one of them is politics and another is religion, but I love talking issues and I am a firm believer in free speech and everyone has a right to their own opinion and has a right to voice it, that means all sides. So this should be fun and interesting

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I think it is not a good idea to introduce politics into this site.

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Respectfully, I must disagree with the decision to open a forum on the real world of Muggles

For me, and for others I have spoken with—including here at TLC—the world of Harry Potter, films and novels alike, has offered an escape and a haven from the anxieties and stresses of the real, everyday world. I come to TLC for what it offers: news and discussions about Harry Potter, JKR, and all things related. TLC has offered a sanctuary and an enjoyable (mostly) moment every day that reminds me there is more to life than the price of gas or the gloomy international chaos.

While I fully recognize the importance of the current domestic political theater being played out here in the US, I would point out that not all TLC participants are in the US, and hence their real world concerns are dramatically different from ours.

And I must ask if it is really appropriate for TLC, which has the stated purpose of serving as a meeting place for all things Harry, should be moving beyond that scope.

Politics have crept into our TLC discussions previous (remember the “Dumbledore is gay” horror?) and have been divisive, nasty and often strident shouting matches. Gee, aren’t those the very things I and others seek to escape from for a brief moment by visiting Leaky, and debating whether of not Bill and Fleur should be in the films, or when we tried to work out for ourselves what the Horcruxes were, and where?

Sue, and the entire TLC staff, I have tremendous respect and affection for all you have done for the fans over the years…but with respect I think you should recconsider this decision.

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Hmmm… I will not be participating in political discussions here.

I believe it’s inappropriate to introduce political discussion to this site. I’m quite dissappointed.

Up to now TLC has remained above the fray. In my opinion they should remain so.

Please rethink this.


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Hooray! Harry Potter is not JUST about magic; it’s hard to believe anyone other than the youngest readers misses the social/political/moral threads that are very much part of the story. I certainly wouldn’t fault anyone who feels they want to come to the site as an “escape” from any serious issues they might be facing (tho’ I’d probably say be careful not to use escape too much), but Leaky isn’t forcing any forum topics at all on anyone and never has done. Also, there may be readers who really want to discuss these subjects and are in an environment that doesn’t give them much opportunity to do that – I’m very much of the belief that no opportunity to learn or think or decide is a bad opportunity.

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I have great respect for your Leaky posts, but on this one, I disagree. Seems to me that all Leaky has done is to give interested fans an opportunity to discuss political and social topics outside of the HP world. Yes, politics has crept into Leaky discussions in the past and it has gotten very ugly at times. But I don’t see that it has permanently hurt Leaky or its fans. I think creating a new forum for these conversations is a good solution.

Obviously, I come here because I am mad about HP. But I’m not interested in every story posted on Leaky and when I’m not, I ignore them. I suggest that those, who are not interested in political conversation, should avoid the new forum. But why deny it to those who are?

I particularly disagree with your statement – ”...I would point out that not all TLC participants are in the US, and hence their real world concerns are dramatically different from ours”. I’m not so sure their concerns are dramatically different. No country can exist in isolation from the rest of the world any more. I think we are all more closely linked than you may realize.

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I’m not a forum participant I’m afraid, as I get lost in forums. I feel more at home and comfortable with these comment boards. I am not against the politics forum at all, quite the opposite, though I admit, its riske but I’m sure the Leaky moderators will keep things in check. The Potter stories are, in my view, painted on a canvas rich in politics and religion. Politics and Religion are what provides the backbone of this saga. So I am actually surprised there was no forum thread for this in the first place. There should be another one for religion too. I think this is healthy as long as the discussions relate to the political comparisons of the wizarding world, we can learn a lot from such debates and even have changes of opinions when given new angles to original perceptions etc. So I hope everyone has fun with this. I think I’ll dip my toe in water for this one and check it out.

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With utmost respect to Budb, I agree with Prez on all of his points. Budb, maybe perhaps you have developed an understandable fear of nasty war faring posts since the infamous “Dumbledore is gay” riot. That was indeed an extraordinary, unsettling, and disturbing arena. It exposed a barbaric and uncivilised part of our international community. It was even worse than it looked as really nasty posts were thankfully obliterated by the overworked moderators during that week. But it was the people who were insulting each other that made the comment board upsetting, not the opinions. Furthermore, people can post comments without being a registered member. The forums seem to be a more civilised arena and I believe a political and religious forums will result in invigorating discussions, not insults. At least that’s what I hope. And as I have said in my previous post, politics and religion are intrinsic to the books. Give it a chance bubd, see how it goes. If you’re proven right, I’m sure Leaky will remove the forum but I am confident it wont be as bad as you fear!

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KB, Prof. Potter, you know I follow your postings closely, so on this topic we’ll agree to disagree. And yes, my concern is that the discussions will spill out of the forum (which have a minimum of control at least) here into the general comments. And while the obvious solution is for me to elect not to participate, I am also concerned about the creation of a space for political discussion in an arena that is supposed to be on a braodly focused topic of interest.

chuckle, deleted the longer chunk of this message…no sense in going into all my reasons when the above covers them well enough.

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