PotterCast 165: Terminus Part One


Sep 22, 2008

Posted by EdwardTLC

Tonight we have for you the first of two weeks of PotterCast from Terminus, the Harry Potter conference that took place last month in Chicago, Illinois. The 165th episode of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast is now online with part one of the live recording from the conference. Sue’s News starts off the show with new pictures from “Half-Blood Prince” via new merchandise, more images from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter construction at Universal Orlando, EA’s announcement on the HPB video game release date, a ruling in the JKR/WB vs. RDR Books lawsuit, and the recent test screening of “Half-Blood Prince.” The PotterCast quartet then discusses the spoilerific details from the screening. After that, we use our time turners to transport ourselves back to Terminus, where the Quartet discusses the conference, plays some games with the audience, and sits down with the creators behind Wizrockumentary Documentary. We are then treated with a performance from wizard rock band The Mudbloods, followed by an interview with the band members. Part One then wraps up with a live version of “Guess That Book” with the audience. Stay tuned for Part Two next week! To listen, just hit the “Play” button on the right side of the page (->), or use iTunes, or direct download.

“Terminus Part One”

- New HP merchandise with new photos.
- New buildings at the theme park.
- Thoughts on Warner Bros. vs. RDR Books lawsuit.
- Reaction to the test screening of “Half-Blood Prince.”
- Part one of the Terminus live PotterCast.
- Interviews with Wizrockumentary Creators and The Mudbloods.

RT: 84:59

Editors: Stede Bonnett, Andrew Garner

Producer: John Noe

LeakyCon 2009: A Harry Potter Conference in Boston
“Harry, A History” Website
Podcast Alley

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13 Responses to PotterCast 165: Terminus Part One

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I love my weekly dose of Pottercast :-)

Avatar Image says:

Stuff like the quibblers glasses seeing through a hallow is why I hate the films, they don’t even care about the original material.

Avatar Image says:

dont you mean the Wizrockumentary creators or am i wrong?

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Loved your pottercast. I have a theory on the question asked about a back up plan on the Fidelias Charm cast for James and Lily. I think it was a combination of overconfidence and arrogance on the part of the Mauraders. While at school, they had snuck out at the full moon over and over under the nose of the most powerfull wizard ever, Dumbledore. They became illegal animagi under his very nose. All while being nothing but school children. Now they are fully qualified wizards. They have been members of the Order of the Phoenix and have defied Voldermort 3 times already. They probably only went into hiding in the first place because of Lily’s pregnancy. They probably had to be talked into in the first place. Otherwise I don’t think they would have taken Vodermorts threat very seriously. Dumbledore himself offered to be their secreat keeper. But they could handle it themselves. Sirius said in POA that switching with Peter would have trick Voldermort. So again they were much more clever than Dumbledore or Voldermort. I think James shouting to Lily to take Harry and go wasn’t a plan, it was just a knee jerk reaction. He didn’t even have his wand in his hand when he faced off with Voldermort. In DH Voldermort chastised James for this. That’s my theory. Love your podcast.

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mmm, i love my pottercast hit it makes the working week bearable and time off memorable! was climbing the walls this past couple days

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Please, for those of us who are attempting to be unspoilt (for a YEAR, yeah right)... If you’re going to give out an AUDIO spoiler warning, you have to tell us WHEN TO COME BACK! Otherwise we will never know (or we risk jumping back right in the middle of a spoiler).

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no offence, as great as the live podcasts are, when are we going to get back to the normal pottercasts? i’m getting a bit sick of the live ones, and missing the others…

Avatar Image says:

I was going to ask the same thing, Bec. I prefer the intimacy of the normal ones over listening to the pottercasters talking to a live audience (I want them talking to ME, lol!). I also find them a lot more difficult to hear, which just causes me to lose interest in what’s being said.

I must say though, I love how they’ve been preceding them with a new recorded segment to discuss the latest news this time round. Much better than before, when it was mega frustrating to have so much HP news coming out and not getting to hear them discuss it properly.

But please, when are the regular shows coming back? :)

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Just on a comment John Noe made about the effects not being finished at the test screening – this is NOTHING new. Go back and look at reports from previous test screenings and you will see that the effects are rarely finished at the time of the test screenings. They are ALWAYS rushing to get that stuff finished, and not just on HP.

Go and have a look at the LOTR DVD’s and you will see that Peter Jackson was having his people working on effects right up until the point of delivery – this doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with the film, it is par for the course.

When Alan Horn made his comment he would have seen the same unfinished print, knowing they would use the last few months working on the special effects.

This is not a big deal people, it happens with all of these types of films, they are working on them right up until the point of delivery.

They will finish the effects in the next couple of months as if they were still delivering it in November and move onto working on the Deathly Hallows films.

Sure they will make some adjustments from the test screenings as they do from any test screening, but for the most part, this film is done.

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I’d like to make a request that Melissa’s reading be included in the second part. Please?

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I have to admit, Bec and Alice, I too prefer the in-studio podcasts. Having said that, if Pottercast was in town, I’d go! Cant deny that it must be real fun to be there, can tell from the atmosphere on the podcasts. I missed it when they were in London, Charing X, was very gutted to miss it but I had to work. I hope to catch a live show on a future visit to US.

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I think the bit with Snape sneaking up behind Harry and then saying “Shhhh…” then walking out into the open THEN killing Dumbledore is going to be Harry thinking “Dumbledore asked me to fetch Snape… good, here he comes…” but then Snape walks out into the area amongst the Death Eaters. then KILLS DUMBLEDORE!!! Harry is AGHAST! He thought Snape was going to HELP Dumbledore, not KILL him! Snape runs, etc:

In short, I don’t think it’s supposed to be that Harry is made to trust Snape: rather, he’ll trust Snape for a moment, as he approaches Dumbledore, then BAM! Betrayal!

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I’m behind on my PC but I just listened to the intro of 165. I’m glass half empty when it comes to the movies. For the most part I really enjoy them, but there are chnages I very much dislike (like the whole PoA movie:), but I usually am ok. Now, John’s right, alot of this could be different by the time we see the movie, but it sounds like WB changed A LOT. Even simple things, why can’t Harry and Ginny kiss like in the book? I love these books, please don’t mess ‘em up to much.

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