Dan Radcliffe Says NO Thanks to Harry Potter, The Musical


Jan 03, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Thanks to our Order partner Dan Radcliffe. com, we know of a new video interview with actor Dan Radcliffe via Broadway.com. In a delightful series of question and answers, Dan says that he is a huge cartoon fan (loves SpongeBob SquarePants), talks about his Equus work schedule, living in New York city, and says most decidedly NO to ever wanting to be in a Harry Potter musical. He goes at length on this particular subject, showing light-hearted but clear dismay at the thought of such a project, noting this is not what the series is about and he hopes it does not happen (“it would not have my blessing let’s just say”). Dan Radcliffe also confirms again that he will begin filming Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on February 15.

On a related note, Dan listed his favorite things of the year, noting such things as his favorite tv show (“Stephen Colbert, The Colbert Report, definitely) film of the year ( I really liked Burn After Reading. I think it’s going to be eclipsed when I see Milk. My dad saw it the other day and said it was amazing, and we have exactly the same taste) and moment of the year (“Being here when Obama got [voted] in. I thought,
‘Wow, I feel so privileged to be in the country at this moment.’ Then I
turned [the TV] over to FOX News and watched them all cry.”
) For those that missed it earlier, readers of the same Broadway.com site had voted Dan ‘Star of the Year‘ in a online poll.

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Avatar Image says: first! You go Dan, no Singin' Potty!Avatar Image says: Woot!!! He loves Spongebob! I think it would be funny but unlikely for there to be a HP musical.Avatar Image says: ..ok.. a potter musical just sounds silly... but maybe funny in a good way.. hahaAvatar Image says: Go Dan! Hee I love SpongBob too! I dont know where the idea of a Harry Potter musical came form but it is not a good idea but is pretty funny. :) I can't waite till DH starts filming! I so glad its coming in Feb.Avatar Image says: hahaha. a harry potter musical?!?!?! seriously?! (ok. yeah.. id probably go see it...) but i think it would make a much better comedy than a dark, serious drama! Avatar Image says: no musical..hes right, it wouldnt be the right image. u cant see wizards and withces dancing except at the Yull ballAvatar Image says: Well they made a musical of lord of the rings, spiderman and shrek, so you never know. Stupid idea, glad dan is opposed to it. Great interview, i also can't wait for Milk, love gus van sant.Avatar Image says: Well they made a musical of lord of the rings, spiderman and shrek, so you never know. Stupid idea, glad dan is opposed to it. Great interview, i also can't wait for Milk, love gus van sant.Avatar Image says: he is so eloquent! not bad at all. And NO, NO, NO to a musical. Do we all agree then? Avatar Image says: I fell out of my chair when I read the headline; even though I had heard of the possibility (probably as one of John's jokes from the podcasts) I still just can't get over the ridiculousness that would be. Wrock is plenty Harry Potter music (as well as the best there ever could be--non of that HErock lol)Avatar Image says: Oh wow harry potter a musical? (I would probaly see it anyway..but) After reading the books the movies are quite enough. Having a musical would be just terrible....Right? I agree 100% with what Dan Radcliffe. And come on who can picture a singn harry potty?!Avatar Image says: Good boy! Harry Potter the Musical would be terrible! Yay for Feb 15th! :)Avatar Image says: Good Choice, a musical would suckAvatar Image says: way to go Dan!, i think that a musical would tear down the already-established image.... i could not imagine it happeningAvatar Image says: i agree. a musical would b awful, but i wonder if dan can actually sing or not. just curiosity ; )Avatar Image says: lol Avatar Image says: lol Avatar Image says: Another great interview from Dan! The fact that we think alike about Stephen Colbert's show and FOX news made this one even more special for me. So much great stuff from Dan in this interview. Love the woman at the stage door who said to him "you are so much more talented than I expected." Or the reporter who asks Dan's rep what the horses eat and if they make a mess on stage. Gotta love it. MAD ABOUT YA DAN!Avatar Image says: I hope if they ever redo the series, possibly as a more-complete miniseries a decade or two from now, Dan would play Snape. That would be a hoot.Avatar Image says: What a cool young man and a great interview. Totally agree a musical would ruin the books (but i dont thinkJKR would allow one). Interesting insights into stage community and I REALLY like the way he praised richard griffiths. This is a man into his craft! Thanks leaky.Avatar Image says: ooohh good idea caracticus. that is the kind of 'left field' thing that Dan would be into! and he might have developed his 'meaner' side more by then.Avatar Image says: I think he'll be old enough to play Voldemort by the time they do a musical. Or Dumbledore! Actually, melodramas make excellent musicals. Look at Sweeney Todd.Avatar Image says: You never know - Jesus Christ Superstar turned out to be a brilliant musical and the Broadway filks in PotterCast were very funny and well done. But I agreed at once when I read this heading. NO to a Harry Potter musical, that sounds ridiculous and would be way too much content for one show, anyway. Avatar Image says: The fact that he's a Colbert and Obama fan and wants to see Milk makes me want to hug him.Avatar Image says: wtf Hell no LOTR musical was bad enough Avatar Image says: "Dan Radcliffe says NO to Harry Potter the Musical" Good. So do I. Avatar Image says: But...but...what about: Snape. Snape. Severus Snape. (Dumbledore!)Avatar Image says: Yeah....wouldn't want to see a musical, even as much as I love HP. I can't believe he likes The Colbert Report, that's so awesome! :DAvatar Image says: Sorry folks...Dan is entitled to his opinion - God bless the USA and those who defend even the rights of foreigners - but Right demands that bigotry in all forms be exposed for the ugliness that it is, and his comments in the extracts presented here, if true to context, reveal a disappointing level of political bigotry that one wishes would not have come from a Potter castmember. Doubtless, however, it'll be good for his career. I'll still see the fims, of course, but Dan's slipped several Respect notches in my book.Avatar Image says: PotterFanInHouston, what you are referring to? Is it because he was in favour of Obama? (Him, and most of the rest of the Western world....)Avatar Image says: PotterFanInHouston - I also have no idea what you're talking about (but I'm from Massachusetts, so maybe I just don't get it).Avatar Image says: i LOVE spongebob also! i can't beleive he likes and he is 19! and i think they shouldn't make a harry potter musical if they do they should make the first one.Avatar Image says: > what you are referring to? Is it because he was in favour of Obama? Oh please, of course not; this is about attitudes betrayed by a sector which otherwise likes to mantle itself in the cloak of enlightenment, caring, understanding, diversity, inclusiveness, etc. I don't wish this thread to become a political discourse, but will be happy to post what a grown-up Dan might have been wise to offer instead. > (Him, and most of the rest of the Western world….) According to the Constitution of the United States (a wonderful document, well worth some study), what the rest of the world thinks is utterly irrelevant.Avatar Image says: Best Dan Radcliffe interview I've ever read the summary of. Pro Obama, pro Colbert, and anti Fox News statements are a great way to convince me of his value to society. Not that I thought he wasn't a value. Bah. I confused myself.Avatar Image says: I think a musical could be good; if it used Wizard Rock songs. It shouldn't attempt to recreate what is in the books or even the movies but a creative staging; doing things only possible on stage (the recent tour of Sweeney Todd, if anyone saw it) But I love theatre; so perhaps I'm biased.Avatar Image says: PotterFanInHouston, diversity of political thought is not much appreciated here. We'd like everyone to conform to the Progressive POV like the people of the theater do and be a value to society.Avatar Image says: Harry Potter musical does sound extremely silly !!!!! ( Just imagine Harry moving around singing lovely songs like that in HSM, yuck !!!!! ) But Dan wouldn't be very bad at singing. I mean he takes singing lessons, doesn't he?? Spongebob is OK, I'm not really a big fan of it. But it's really cool that he likes cartoons even at 19 unlike other boys !!!!!!Avatar Image says: Thank you, CarolynJ, for "getting it"Avatar Image says: PotterFanInHouston u are so right!Avatar Image says: Potterfaninhouston, perhaps get off your judgemental high horse? Based on this interview you somehow think you 'know' dan's politics? Not everyone jumps on bandwagons. Avatar Image says: Potterfaninhouston, perhaps get off your judgemental high horse? Based on this interview you somehow think you 'know' dan's politics? Not everyone jumps on bandwagons. Avatar Image says: Plus, implying dan or anyone else here is a bigot is defamation.Avatar Image says: I love Harry Potter but I don't like the idea of a HP musical. It would be so weird... Can you imagine Voldemort singing!?Avatar Image says: SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!!!!!! =DAvatar Image says: Good interview! Harry Pottter musical is a good idea but I don't think the Harry Potter actors should be in it. I like what he watched on tv:-)Avatar Image says: I wouldnt knock a Harry Potter musical. Silly though it may sound, anything can be done and done well if in the right hands. Every musical that was made from Wizard of Oz to Sound of Music to Oliver to Lord of the Rings (which I hear is pretty good) were never originally conceived as musicals yet are tremendously loved and are successful. If you think about it, the Harry Potter world has all the ingredients to make a good musical. Having said all that, I'm not eager for one but I would love to see it done as a stage play. I was fortunate to see a stage adaptation of Dark Materials and it was a fantastic experience with inventive presentaton and sound. It was a 6hr play split into 2 seperate shows. I'd love to see Harry Potter implemented that way. If Jo can authorise a HP theme park, I believe Jo may be open (but still protectively) to suggestions of musical and plays.Avatar Image says: I like FOX News... Pssshhh.....Avatar Image says: Could you imagine the heckling which would occur at "Harry Potter the Musical." I mean Shrek seems bad enough.......Avatar Image says: Harry Potter the Musical would be dreadful. Anyone remember when they did Lord of the Rings the Musical? Exactly. Every time I see Dan in interviews I like him even more. He's so down to earth and funny! Avatar Image says: > Potterfaninhouston, perhaps get off your judgemental high horse? Yet another example of the double standard...Dan's allowed to make such "judgemental high horse" comments (and he's free to do so), but opposing viewpoints are not afforded equal courtesy. Palpable nonsense! We now return you to the standard fawning... Avatar Image says: "> what you are referring to? Is it because he was in favour of Obama? Oh please, of course not; this is about attitudes betrayed by a sector which otherwise likes to mantle itself in the cloak of enlightenment, caring, understanding, diversity, inclusiveness, etc. I don’t wish this thread to become a political discourse, but will be happy to post what a grown-up Dan might have been wise to offer instead. > (Him, and most of the rest of the Western world….) According to the Constitution of the United States (a wonderful document, well worth some study), what the rest of the world thinks is utterly irrelevant." Except, dear PotterFanInHouston, what the US does affects the rest of the world deeply. That's why we do take an interest and have our preferences. Obviously, we don't vote in your elections. We're allowed to have an opinion - and all countries should care what others think. It's part of sharing the world. Or is that too bigotted an opinion for you? I still don't get your opinion. Why not just state it instead of implying it?Avatar Image says: I'm glad Dan and I both appreciate the gospel according to Stephen Colbert. Boy's got great taste.Avatar Image says: I never comment on stuff like this, but I feel I have to come to the defense of musicals, and disagree with everyone here (I haven't read all 51 posts, but I'm sensing a pattern). Anything could make a quality musical, and I personally have thought of several ways in which a Harry Potter musical could work. Please do not disrespect this most disrespected of all art forms. After all, it was Albus Dumbledore who once said, "Ah, music, a magic beyond all we do here." On another note, about 6 years ago I was hearing rumors of a Chamber of Secrets ballet. I wonder how that went. And the LOTR musical was a 24 million dollar disaster in Toronto, apparently the one in London was better (not judging by the recording, but it looked beautiful).Avatar Image says: I had intended to ignore the political comments in this thread, but I just can't stop myself. "According to the Constitution of the United States (a wonderful document, well worth some study), what the rest of the world thinks is utterly irrelevant." @PotterFanInHouston, the US does not and cannot live in isolation from the rest of the world. I'm baffled by people who think living in a bubble unaffected by what goes on around us is either possible or desirable. What happens in the world affects all of us whether we like it or not. It's incredibly naive to think otherwise. And BTW, I have studied the constitution. Avatar Image says: i´d hate a hp-musical (maybe it could feature my hp-printer)Avatar Image says: Sorry folks…Dan is entitled to his opinion – God bless the USA and those who defend even the rights of foreigners – but Right demands that bigotry in all forms be exposed for the ugliness that it is, and his comments in the extracts presented here, if true to context, reveal a disappointing level of political bigotry that one wishes would not have come from a Potter castmember. Doubtless, however, it’ll be good for his career. I’ll still see the fims, of course, but Dan’s slipped several Respect notches in my book. fits to Kingsley Shacklebolt. I wonder how anyone can detect political bigotry in one sentence.... must be a political master mindAvatar Image says: > @PotterFanInHouston, the US does not and cannot live in isolation from the rest of the world....< Congratulations! You've missed the point entirely! It was never stated or even suggested that it is or should be otherwise...but when it comes to Election Day in the United States, it matters not one whit whether some other country thinks we should elect one candidate over another. Plain and Simple. It's interesting, though, to observe what the rest of the world thinks, especially as many countries (including my own, at times) spiral toward socialism and suppression of freedom or are otherwise ruled by despots & dictators. > And BTW, I have studied the constitution. For future reference, in this usage, it's properly spelled with an upper-case "C". Avatar Image says: (Prof. Dumbledore would be compelled to point that out as well) :)Avatar Image says: @PotterFanInHouston, Stop trying to be so up yourself. Just explain in simple English what you mean. You are the worse kind of snob!Avatar Image says: i would only see a harry potter musical to laugh my butt off, mainly because i would be thinking the whole time of Dan imagining old wizards dancing around in robes...or something to that extent. cool interview thing.Avatar Image says: oh my god i'm so confused, what did Dan even say that was political? i am going to listen to the interview again. i don't know if this is relevant, but Jo Rowling said publicly that she said America could use a democratic president. Avatar Image says: "Congratulations! You’ve missed the point entirely!..." @PotterFanInHouston, I seriously doubt that. LOL.Avatar Image says: oh i get it now. i just hadn't read the other thing... that was stupid sorry... but i think that it is so cool that he was glad Obama got voted in and wanted to see Milk. I love that guy. Avatar Image says: It would have to be a serious musical a'la Les Miz or Phantom or Jane Eyre with only bits and pieces of funny stuff (let the twins get some big number or something) - you couldn't treat it like Spamalot or Dr. Horrible or something like that... But done properly I think it could be done if anything else could be done - but that doesn't mean I think they should....Avatar Image says: I love musicals! I love Harry! But a musical about Harry? No thanks. I just wished I could have seen Daniel in Equus; now that would have been amazing!Avatar Image says: I don't think there's anything wrong with anything Dan said. Anyone who does is totally over-reacting. There's nothing wrong with feeling privileged to have been here when Obama was elected. And I don't know if he's saying anything bad about FOX news. On every news channel there were people crying because he was elected, so I don't see anything wrong with that. I don't know anything about the movie Milk, but what's wrong with liking a movie? I know that The Colbert Report is not a really liberal show, especially when I think of Jon Stewart's and Bill Maher's shows. People please lighten up and stop looking to be offended. And I think it's very important what the rest of the world thinks when it comes to who we elect as President. We all live in the same world and we all have to work together to make our world a better place. Avatar Image says: musical are u serius. id go to see just because of the harry potter theme but dans right it isint what harry potter is about. im so happy he likes spongebob squarepants. we have so much in commen ok not really but idk.Avatar Image says: I love musicals but I'm going to say that making a Harry Potter musical, although it has a potential to translate pretty good, could be disastrous. I was really scared when they announced Lord of the Rings: the Musical, but I heard that it was really good. It's just depends on how they would do it. But I would still disapprove, scared that it would be a mockery.Avatar Image says: PotterFanInHouston, I laughed when I read your comments. Have you ever heard the phrase "Keep It Simple, Stupid"? Whatever points you are trying to make are lost in your outdated syntax. You write like a middle school student trying to impress an English teacher with words and phrases you really don't understand. It's not about the number of words used. It's how they are used. Your writing style was dead by the end of WWII. I don't think your English teacher would be impressed. Just look at some of this: "his comments in the extracts presented here, if true to context, reveal a disappointing level of political bigotry that one wishes would not have come from a Potter castmember", "this is about attitudes betrayed by a sector which otherwise likes to mantle itself in the cloak of enlightenment, caring, understanding, diversity, inclusiveness, etc.", "Palpable nonsense!", My personal favorite is: "it matters not one whit". You can't be serious with this stuff. Honestly, this style died during the late, lamented 20th century. "Late, lamented"? I'll bet you love that one! Please credit me if you use it. Avatar Image says: Hear, hear to Jain and EnglishLitMajor! 'nough said.Avatar Image says: I do not think that Harry Potter should be put into the hands of the people who make the Disney musicals; but I think it has the right stuff to make a really great production. If it is intense and good and the people who do it don't try to make it too kid-friendly I think I'd love it. Before reading Wicked and seeing the musical I'd have thought it was silly to mess with The Wizard of Oz. But I love Wicked. I think a similar thing could happen with Harry Potter. And yes, I can imagine a singing Harry. They are called Paul and Joe and they rock my iPod.Avatar Image says: Dan and my kids have something in common then, they both love Spongebob! That's too funny.Avatar Image says: @EnglishLitMajor, I'm still laughing. BRILLIANT comment!!!Avatar Image says: great, Dans a liberal. (in a sarcastic tone)Avatar Image says: EnglishLitMajor, I suspect that PotterFanInHouston THOUGHT he knew his audience. It would be advisable for him to use the simplest of terms possible for those of us unable to keep up, or maybe he should just keep his disagreeable political opinions to him or herself .;-)Avatar Image says: CarolynJ, I also love EnglishLitMajor's comment, but I disagree with him/her about one thing. I believe some of the wording used by PotterFanInHouston has been little used since the 19th century! Personally I have no problem with what Dan Radcliffe said. The idea that actors should not publicly express their political opinions is "palpable nonsense"! Whatever that means. I disagree with Rush Limbaugh on just about every issue, but do I think he should be silenced?? NO. That would "reveal a disappointing level of political bigotry that one wishes would not have come from a Potter" fan. Avatar Image says: Do you (Danial Radcliffe) like the NEW Spongebob or the OLD Spongebob? If you say new then shame on you! The old series (all before season 4 and some at the start of season 4) is much better! My favorite is season 3 (it was the funniest. A Harry Potter musical would be nice, Dan wouldn't be my choose of Harry Potter. I mean they's start with one and go on from their: that would roughly be 3 Harry's, discluding subs. Dan is far to old to play Harry 1. And by the Time they'd need him he'd be too old anyways. My feeling is it would be more of an opera (with Comedy). What would the songs be like? Maybe for the Goblet of Fire, they could have a song about the sequence where Moody, Snape (Go Snape!), Professor Minerva... um... and Dumbldore are in Dumledore's office discussing whether or not he should be allowed. _ _ _ _ _ _ o/ o/ o/ "HE"S JUST A BOY!!!" o/ o/ o/Avatar Image says: Ewwwwww, why did he have to go into the political stuff? He's not even a citizen! It was completely unnecessary that he'd bring that up in the interview.. tisk tisk.Avatar Image says: I agree with ?????? that Dan would not be my first choice to play Harry on Broadway. I like him in the movies; but a musical would need to be completely different to be special. And whatever your political viewpoints are it is historic that America elected a Black president. The whole world was watching, I think Dan has every right to say his opinion. I would think the same thing if he was for the Republicans.Avatar Image says: Kaity... not being a citizen doesn't mean you can't have an opinion. As to it being unncecessary, he was asked a question and gave an honest answer. He shouldn't have to keep his opinions quiet just because he's a celebrity. As for saying it was cool to be in America during a historical election being "bigotry"... I don't even know how to respond to that.Avatar Image says: Hah, me and Dan did the same thing on election night! Well, only because my mom's got a Fox News fixation.Avatar Image says: my two cents, Dan and PotterFaninHouston were entitled to their own opinion and so as everybody...harry potter the musical sounds funny to me but we'll never know what magic they can do in theater,a lot of creative people in that business so if they can come up with something good for sure i'll be watching it...Avatar Image says: For those of you who don't think how other countries think of us- it sure affected this election and the past few (Bush needed those scare tactics to win). And as for those of you who think we're "spiraling into socialistm", our country was founded on many socialist principles. So if you're convinced we'd become a socialist nation under Obama, well you haven't been doing your reading. Just because something is socialist doesn't necessarily mean it's bad...in fact I know you've been reaping the benefits.Avatar Image says: I think every concerned world citizen (not just a US citizen) should be concerned at whom is elected to lead a superpower. I'm equally concerned as to who leads China and Russia. As someone who is Australian, I can tell you that who the leader of the US is, has a huge impact on us. Your trade policies, international policies, domestic consumption laws etc all impact and ripple around the world. We are all interconnected and certainly the recent financial crisis has shown this in ample degree.Avatar Image says: I also want to know if he can sing or not.AWESOME choice, AWESOME interview and its AWESOME that they will be filming DH in Feb. Avatar Image says: What the hell is wrong with you people? I'm not American, but I am PRETTY DAMN SURE that we are talking about the country that is friggen OBSESSED with Free Speech?! You know, to have an 'opinion', even if you disagree with it? And yes, believe it or not, but America's massive ego about itself is true - what affects America affects the world, a la financial crises, war on bloody terror - hell, in my country we have laws on television entertainment that require the mass percentage of shows to be American!! Dan just spoke his opinion on being lucky enough to be in the US during such a historic time, whereas millions around the world had to settle with watching it on their televisions. Nearly everyone has an opinion on this election - seriously, why is this an issue again?? Avatar Image says: very well said, Bellatrix's parole officer! Yes every nation is discussing the American election result and what it means to them, politically and economically. As someone whose husband is currently working in the Middle East I can verify that it is especially true in that region!Avatar Image says: To those who asked if Dan can sing, just look up his parody of Equus on Youtube, which he did for a benefit called Gypsy of the Year. He can certainly sing. The dancing he did for it is pretty simple stuff, but that was okay. The whole thing was very funny. Oh, and he wrote the song too. p.s. don't look if you don't have a Monty Python type sense of humour and can't tolerate any homoeroticism. Avatar Image says: thankyou ... you put it very well. granted, i might not have said it exactley like that, but something along those lines. Avatar Image says: People, people...Most Americans are not oblivious to the fact that our leaders and their decisions affect other countries around the world. We acknowledge the fact that no matter what we do, as a superpower, someone in the world will be dissatisfied with our decisions. If two countries are fighting, and one country wants us to intervene, and the other doesn't, we will inevitably end up being hated by one side no matter what we do. Half the world thinks we're an international bully and want us to completely remove ourselves and our culture from their sight, the other half wants us to give them aid and military support. That's the horrible thing about being a superpower...if we were a tinier country, we could focus our money and resources on things like education, health care, etc...we wouldn't have to have a massive military presence. We wouldn't be expected to go marching into other countries, and for every country that thinks we are an invading bully, another thinks we are a saving grace. I personally love the fact that Barrack Obama is our president now, but he will still have to make decisions that parts of the world will not like, believe it or not...his job is not to kiss the behinds of Europe, Asia, and the Middle-East...the same way all of you wouldn't dare want your leaders to be docile and subservient towards America. This is all rather off topic, but whenever someone makes a statement against America or American policies, there are always idiots who take the opportunity to respond to those statements in a childish or egotistical way, causing people from other countries to get even more vehement and chiding towards America, simply because a vocal minority has ticked them off. All Dan Radcliffe said was that he was happy to be in America when Obama was elected (as were many Americans, for all you other countries...why do you think he WON the election? Because of you? WE voted for him.) Dan also said he doesn't necessarily like Fox News...and neither do many Americans...do you think we all get our news from one source? I was actually watching the BBC coverage that night, so there. The fact that Dan is probably a liberal-minded young man is no big surprise, anyone could gather that from his past interviews...and that's okay. It's also okay to be a conservative, or an independent. And will all of you fellow human beings from other countries please, please, PLEASE stop using terms like "you people"! We are not one single entity with a hive-mind. The very fact that our recent elections have been so close shows that we are varied in our political and moral viewpoints. Americans are not people who all popped out of U.S. soil 230 years ago...we have ancestors and relatives in all of your countries...we were not all here when the Revolutionary War happened, or slavery was running rampant, or the Native Americans were nearly wiped out. My family, like many other families, came over at the turn of the century, around 1900. My family has Irish roots, French roots, Scandinavian roots, Germanic roots. We are, in a sense, as multi-cultural as you can get, although many immigrants did agree to homogenize themselves to a point when entering American society, and don't tell me it's any different in countries like the United Kingdom, France, or Germany. Just please stop lumping all of us into one easily handled category...you hate it when America over-simplifies the concerns or issues or opinions of other countries...why can't you show us the same respect you are asking for? Avatar Image says: Oh, and one other addition to my horribly long post above...not all Americans are afraid of the word socialism. Anyone who studies American history would see that socialism basically got America out of the Great Depression. Franklin Roosevelt enacted public work programs based on similar programs used in communist Russia at the time. In fact, in Minnesota, where I live, many of our local bridges, roads, and state parks, were created by people working under those socialist programs back in the 1930s. I have to add that I think many of you in other countries think that America is self-contained and close-minded to the point that our news and media only reports lies and biased information, and that all of you have the true news and know what's really going on in the world. But, to be honest, many foreign newspapers and television shows project and superficial and stereotyped image of America in their coverage, and many of you seem to get your impressions of Americans from television shows and movies. Even Dan Radcliffe has changed his opinions of Americans somewhat after actually living here for a few months...look at his earlier interviews if you don't belief me. Emma Watson is considering going to college here, because as much as other countries love to portray us as fat and stupid, we actually have some of the best universities in the world. Just please don't fall into the trap of what you all call "the ugly American" by showing yourselves to be "the ugly foreigner". Avatar Image says: Agreed, good call. Need to break the Harry Potter typecast at some point.Avatar Image says: musical...? not good idea,actuallyAvatar Image says: It depends who writes it. If Lena and other amazingly talented people in the fandom were to write it, Harry Potter The Musical would be one of the most amazing things ever. Anyone who says otherwise has to go and listen to some of the music out there... there are songs that could go straight into a musical and send shivers down your spine. So I most definitely don't agree with you all in general, though if it was done commercially it would probably suck. I can't say as I'd want Dan to be in it though anyway. He's not a singer.Avatar Image says: I haven't seen fairly odd parents in ages, that show is greatAvatar Image says: Harry Potter as a musical sounds ridiculous to me, but stranger things have happened, so who knows. There may well be a muscial in Dan's future, but he's wisely stated that he wants to be seen as an "actor" rather than a "character" so I'm happy to hear he has no interest what so ever in being part of a Harry Potter musical! He's already proved he has talents beyond the role of Harry and in many ways I think he's already moved on. As far as the election, I didn't take his statement to mean anything other than he recognizes the importance of it and was pleased to be in this country while it took place. It's refreshing to see a young actor of his fame and fortune interested in something other than themselves. Avatar Image says: I was just reading through all the comments on here laughing at some and thinking through the others and it came across to me (mind you I could be completely wrong) that both sides of the argument going on here have good points but neither seem to even dream of the idea that the other side could have anything right at all. It seems like from what i read Dan was just answering the question, they asked what his favorite things were and apparently being in America when Obama was elected was one of them. Thats not what i would choose since I'm rather alarmed with some of Obama's views (And I'm not trying to get into a debate about them you can think whatever yall want), but if Dan thinks that he will be a good idea thats his own view. I think however, that the rest of the people putting PotterFaninHoustin down for whatever they think are wrong as well if only for the way they are putting things. There seem to be a lot of logical fallacies in their arguments, most of them are simply calling P.F. in H. names or critiquing his phrases. I think P.F. in H. was a little extreme in his judgment of what Dan said but still there does remain the fact that thousands of Harry Potter fans look up to Dan, respect everything he says and are often likely to be swayed by whatever his opinion is. I think that was maybe P.F. in H's point that maybe someone with so much influence should have possibly been less pronounced in his ideas. Dan was probably just answering the question without thinking about what might be inferred but really i don't think it was a big deal. Anyway no matter what i think I'm glad people are thinking about things when they read them. Oh and my admiration to someone who has actually studied the constitution; few people have these days. (should a semi colon go there?) Aside from all that I laughed SO hard when i heard the words Harry Potter and musical paired next to each other. Still if as someone suggested they did it like Les Mis of Phantom of the Opera it could be good maybe but it would be a stretch. I can see a break dancing Dumbledore and waltzing Dursleys as putting rather a misleading image on Harry Potter. Anyway this was probably a rather pointless comment but hopefully no one cares...Avatar Image says: A musical would be the last thing people would want to do about the harry potter series, it would really suck. The musical would turn into a comedy musical not a dark, kind of scary musical. ew, to the idea. You go dan for NOT giving them your blessing :DAvatar Image says: I agree that a serious Harry Potter musical would be a pretty terrible idea, but what about a comedy (comic?) musical? Wouldn't it be great to see a funny musical about Harry Potter's story from Peeves point of view?! I would pay anything to see that. I could just picture Peeves sacrilegious retelling of the story, complete with name calling and profane language. :)Avatar Image says: The 100th!!!Avatar Image says: You all shout down a musical... sometimes the less hardcore fans surprise me so much. Nearly all of the conference-going friends I've talked to have said a serious HP musical could be a great and exciting thing if it were done right. It probably would be rubbish if they actually did it but, still... how can you not like the idea? :/ Especially given how much of an important part of the fandom music is. Comments here surprise me more all the time.Avatar Image says: You guys rock:):):):):):):):):):)Avatar Image says: Okay, my two cents: As far as an HP musical goes, I'm against it because I doubt it could be done properly in the time limitations of a musical. It would be too difficult to do a proper musical based on seven books. As much as I would agree with people who say, "Don't get political on this site", I cannot resist adding my comments regarding PotterFanInHouston. Of course Dan Radcliffe is a Liberal. He is an actor, and therefore, an artist. Conservatives spend too much time complaining about art being either elitist or pornographic. They don't understand most art so they feel the need to cover their inadequacies by pooh-poohing the art and those who create it. Hey, PFin H...you're just upset because you guys LOST, BIG TIME on Election Day. If you and other Republicans are upset just remember that it was the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and his cronies/"yes"men/enablers who lost it for you. This election was more about getting rid of Republican rule/dictatorship than it was about electing a Democrat. GWB, Cheney, etc. have basically ruined their own party. Instead of expressing fake "disappointment" about the guy who plays Harry Potter stating the FACT that your favorite(only!) news station is BIASED TO THE MAX, perhaps you should think about working towards rebuilding your party's sullied image. And if my comments make me sound biased, well, I am! I am an American woman, and therefore, a Democrat. There is just no other party for me. I have too much common sense to be a Republican. Sorry!Avatar Image says: wow iamminerva-that was intense-but i totally agree with everything you said. very well put. thanks. :):):)Avatar Image says: Thank you, Kay! Actually, I could have been more intense but decided against it for fear that PFinH would come back here and rag on me for being...oh, I don't know...female, perhaps? I just don't get why any woman is a Republican. The majority of the members of that party, especially your more Right-Wing Ultra Conservative types, don't care about women at all unless they can use them to further their own "we secretly hate women and don't want them to have any human rights" agenda. Wow, I guess I'm starting to sound like a real feminist! Actually, I'm not a card-carrying one or anything like that but the older I get, the more perceptive I get about the realities of life as a woman. Here in America, we still don't have passage of an Equal Rights Amendment. Sadly, it has not been just chauvinistic men who have resisted it but some ill-informed women.("I'm sick to death of seeing things from tight-lipped- condescending- mommies little chauvinists..."--John Lennon) By now, if PFinH is on here he must be thinking that I hate men. Nope, sorry! I just hate ultra-chauvanistic, disrespectful, Republican men! After all, life sure would be boring without two sexes. Gosh, we were talking about a possible HP musical, right? :) Sorry, got up on my soapbox there for awhile. I'll jump down(for now!) Anyway, I suppose there might possibly be a decent HP musical but I would not go see it unless it had Jo's blessing...and even then, I still might not go see it. I guess I would first have to hear what the critics, and other HP fans, think.

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