Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Rated “PG” (Updated: Now on MPAA website)


Jan 07, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

A new report is online today, stating a rating has been given to the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Rope of Silicon is reporting that the sixth Harry Potter film has been rated PG for
class=”lower”>scary images, some violence, language and mild sensuality.” Update: This has now appeared on the MPAA website, with a definite PG rating.

As readers will recall GoF and OotP have both been rated PG-13, with PoA the last PG rated movie in the series.

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Avatar Image says: That would be cool.Avatar Image says: I am not happy about that at all. This book had some very violent and bloody scenesAvatar Image says: Interesting. I'm trying to think of what in HBP could possibly make it PG-13. Maybe the bathroom fight, and the inferi, but those could just as easily be toned down to a PG level. Avatar Image says: There's no way this can be right. Unless of course the ratings people pull a Narnia Prince Caspian for a film that should've been rated PG-13...Avatar Image says: Umm... What about a certain death that happens in this book. Surely they are going to include it. This book seems the most violent out of the previous five, I don't see how they are going to keep it PG Avatar Image says: well, i'm not too happy i mean, i thought it would be another Goblet of Fire- the best and most violent some violence? heck no! the last fight was very violent! Avatar Image says: meh. I can't see how this is true.Avatar Image says: Maybe this will create more interest, for the ones that don't know Harry Potter films very well, to go to see it. Personally, i am of the idea that Twilight should be made PG, even if the higher level of "sensuality" is a kiss. My opinion is that a spot to publicise castity (twilight is called like that in many websites) is an ipocricy. So, why they didn't make PG even that? Sorry for the grammar mistakes, i'm italian.Avatar Image says: After Draco gets cut open? No, no, I don't think so. This is the darkest movie yet. I hope that they didn't tone the Inferi or the bathroom scene down--the intensity and gruesomeness of those scenes is what makes them significant.Avatar Image says: This is not Kool,we should wait for a confirmation. Better be PG-13 cause the trailers make the film look very scary,violent,and awesome for a PG movie LOL. Come on PG-13. Avatar Image says: No way! I haven't waited all this EXTRA time just to get a toned down piece of trash! It's a back-step for the series! So what, we now have pathetic looking Inferi or something? Because there is no way they could have got a PG at that level! And the test screeners described it as mature, dark, and intense! WB told them at the test screening it was expected to get PG-13! This is utter rubbish! I will not stand for it! I will REBEL AGAINST WB! YOU CAN'T POSTONE A MOVIE LIKE THIS AND THEN MAKE IT KIDDIE! AND LET'S FACE IT, THIS FILM WILL BE RUBBUSH IF IT IS TONED DOWN TO PG! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!Avatar Image says: oh no HBP cant be PG! the cave scene is way creepy and what about the inferi? not to mention dumbledore getting thrown of the tower! Avatar Image says: This better not be true.. every new piece of news about the hbp makes me fear that hbp is going to suck.... If thir rumour proves to be true I WON'T WATCH THE MOVIE! US FANS DESERVE RESPECT! WE ARE THE ONES WHO MADE THIS FRANCHISE WHAT IT IS!Avatar Image says: seems to me that all the raters care about is sex scenes when it comes to a PG or PG13 rating; violence or scariness doesn't matter. (of course, it does, but those people are just looking for sensuality with a cap S, and language.)Avatar Image says: I don't think I'll ever understand how people feel that a movie MUST be rated PG-13 or harsher in order to be "more awesome." Really, there's no need to feel threatened anymore. We can have another PG movie and still be taken seriously. Avatar Image says: Surely this is a mistake. I cannot imagine Half Blood Prince being rated PG, unless they completely change the events in the books, which would be ridiculous. Avatar Image says: Considering that David Heyman (I believe it was him) said there wouldn't be a full cut of the movie until a few weeks before the premiere, I'd have to hear how they were able to rate a movie that supposedly is in pieces.Avatar Image says: i'm not all that upset about this actually. i think it's kinda odd, but i always knew they could do it, it's a "calm before the storm" (aka dh) which i know will be at least pg-13. i wonder what melissa sue john and frak will say about this. on mugglecast the eric guy who has seen the film (he got a first screening of it i think...) thought that kids under 13 would be freaked out by it. ah oh well...i just can't wait 2 see it.Avatar Image says: Don't get too excited over the MPAA ratings. I saw a documentary on the MPAA rating system and it is very tricky. In the documentary it was made clear that movies heavy in sex scene or bad language were given an R ratings while a movie that had just violence were maybe given a PG-13 rating. Personally I think HP in comparison to some of the other movies out there that are PG 13 probably looks like it should be a PG rated film. I don't think that the rating means that there is going to be less violence in the film. Besides its just these twenty or so peoples opinion that it should be PG. But I have a questions if the movie hasn't been put together yet how was the MPAA board able to view the movie to put out a rating? I'm guessing this is just a rumor. Avatar Image says: "Scary images"? What do they mean by that.Avatar Image says: I checked the MPAA site to see how ratings are determined. I understand the violence and scary images part, but "mild sensuality"?? Is that for the kissing scenes?? WOW. I hope a PG rating doesn't mean the scenes that should be scary have been toned down a lot. That wouldn't be a good omen for Deathly Hallows.Avatar Image says: It WOULD mean they are toned down a lot! You are barely allowed intensity in PG films at all...very little, which doesn't make any sense as the film was described as intense, dark and mature by the test screeners. If this is true, I will refuse to see the movie at all!Avatar Image says: I really cant believe it becouse of a certain death in the books and also many dark scenes.I hope that this is bot true becouse i dont think that the movie could pay much homage to the book if it is PG. I dont believe anthing unless it is official so i will wait till i hear it from warner bros until i call judgement. Avatar Image says: What the ----!? Are you serious? PG? This is embarrassing. Not to be rude or anything, but Half-Blood Prince was not for little kids. Yes, they will understand it a little, but horcruxes and Voldemort's past was complex. Why in the hell would HBP be rated PG? This movie better not be a happy piece of crap. We've waited so long for this!Avatar Image says: I know its not really a big deal that its not PG-13, but with the inferi and the bathroom scean with malfoy how is it not PG-13! If the movie is gonna be like the book I dont think it should be rated PG at all!Avatar Image says: I am very afraid that this movie is going to suck so bad :sAvatar Image says: "mild sensuality" what? C'mon I think we know it'll be 12a or PG 13 across the oceanAvatar Image says: Warner Brothers just wants more money. With the movie having a PG rating, it'll attract more families who are concerned about what their children are watching. This can't be true. Other than the fourth book, this was the darkest of the first six.Avatar Image says: i don't know guys. as much as it's fine to have a PG movie, it also does mean that it will be less awesome. sorry ScottMan, but it does. if its approved for younger audiences, it's bound to be less enthralling, isn't it? but it hasn't officially come out on any other sites yet; who knows. maybe these siliconrope people are really just a bunch of slags.Avatar Image says: Wouldn't Malfoy spurting out blood and Dumbledore being thrown off a tower be considered not appropriate for little kids!! I mean HSM was PG.......not scary.....the HPB book was scary, and if the movie has a lot of sceans cut out of it I will be pissed! And how will the younger people be able to follow the horcruxes! It took me a bit of time to figure that out. (and no Im not stupid..it is confusing!)Avatar Image says: Revenge of the Sith was PG-13. Did that make it more awesome than Empire Strikes Back? Avatar Image says: remember it isnt official and is probably a false rumor. although if it is PG, I will be FURIOUS. There is no way i am gonna sit down while they tone down one of the darkest books to make it PG.Avatar Image says: Wow. I wasn't expecting this. I never even gave the rating a second thought. If this is true, I'm going to be very disappointed. I realize that they would be able to get the younger kids to see Potter, which is great, but that's just not the book. Also, if the kids haven't seen GoF and OotP, they're gonna be lost, so what's the point? After putting it off, they owe the fans. If they cut out intense stuff to make it PG, I will be extremely PO-ed.Avatar Image says: I've not posted in years - I'm so appaled that I don't know what to say. hope it's not true.Avatar Image says: ScottMan, correct me if I'm wrong, because I know little to nothing about Star Wars, but when Empire Strikes Back was made, wasn't there not a PG-13 rating yet? And wouldn't it have been PG-13 if there was? (I think my dad told me that once. I'm in no way certain.)Avatar Image says: It's only a PG? Um, what? OotP was a 12 over here in the UK. Avatar Image says: erm dumbledore being killed and tumbling of of a tower and falling several hundred feet. i think i even an 10 year old would be affected by that. making this film a PG is a very bad idea. im 17 n im gonna be affected by it. ill be drownin in my own tears. id be less surprised if they made it a 15. but thats a bit outrageous. xx Avatar Image says: Personally, I would not take too much "stock" in what the MPAA Ratings say. As has been stated, before, it depends on WHO is on the board.....WB has nothing to do with it. Some movies, I have seen, have been rated PG, that I would consider having a PG13. By the same thought, there are PG-!3 movies, that I would not even consider PG, let alone PG-13....one was actually sited as "PG-13" because of the word "damned"...go figure. I agree, with ScottMan. Just because a rating is "reduced" [PG as opposed to PG-13] doesn't make it more or less awesome. Again. It's all about who's on the board [at the time] and their personal opinions. 'Soccer Moms' tend to be more critical than, say, a College Film Arts Professor. It's still in the "rumor" category, at this point, anyway!Avatar Image says: PS: No offense meant to 'Soccer Moms' or 'College Film Arts Professors'....Avatar Image says: Given the Inferi, blood, death, Greyback/Bill's face, and Ron-Lavender scenes, I find it unlikely that the MPAA will say it's a PG movie. They made GoF and OotP PG-13, and they were both significantly less dark.Avatar Image says: Hmm.. does that mean that they cut the sectusempra scene? Avatar Image says: Correct Ravenpuffclaw, PG-13 came out shortly after Empire. It's tough to tell, but there was one scene that might have pushed it into PG-13, and that was Luke getting his hand cut off. I like the analogy, because there's really only one scene in HBP that's PG-13 material; the inferi. Weirdly enough, Draco getting slashed open wouldn't be enough for PG-13, unless they made it so ridiculously in-your-face, like Kill Bill. The only reason to do that would be, as was mentioned, if people wanted that harsher rating in order to be "taken more seriously."Avatar Image says: WTF??????????????? seriously........:O HBP is by far the most adult so far. If WB think they can screw over HP fans twice in a row..... This is by far worse news than the delay. PG? No f*cking way. Im furious. Havnt WB learned from TDK that darker films do better at the box office. What the hell? "Sex, drugs and rock and roll" my ass David yates. More like "kiss, caffeine and classical music" attack on London Attack on Burrow Sectumsempra? (where does it mention blood?) Inferi Dumbledore's murderAvatar Image says: I really hope this is a rumor for two reasons: 1) Going from PG-13 (in the last 2 movies) to PG will send the message that the series is not progressively aging with it's audience, and 2) It means they've toned it down. Dumbledore drinking the potion should be terrifying as should the inferi. And Draco being slashed across the chest is pg-13 worthy. I started worrying about them toning down the movie when I heard that they gave Ron a corny "funny" line right after Harry gives him the bezoar when he is poisoned. That is not the tone that scene should have at all, and that is not how J.K. Rowling intended the scene. It really annoys me that they will take what should be a dramatic, tense, and scary moment (best friend almost dies) and insert humor at the end to say "don't worry kids, there's no danger". If the kids could handle reading it in the book, they can handle it on screen. Also the fact that they omitted the Gaunts because they didn't want to introduce Merope's relationship with Tom and how he left his pregnant wife and she died in childbirth annoys me. Too intense, apparently. I guess that's too real for them. Never mind the fact that the Gaunt memory actually shows *two* horcruxes, and gives the juxtaposition of Merope and Lily. I don't even want to know how they plan on toning down DH.Avatar Image says: Mary Margaret, the MPAA occasionally rates movies far ahead in advance (lots of indie flicks), but mostly the ratings come out a week or even days before the movie's release. And Warners holds private screenings for its executives and the MPAA to make sure they market it properly. Although if the PG rating holds true, then HBP is probably like the PG ratings for "Eragon" and "Prince Caspian" -- should've been PG-13. Those two were especially surprising, considering some of the more violent scenes broke the boundaries of a PG rating at times.Avatar Image says: There is so much anger and outrage over something that is very much a rumor and that we have no idea whether or not it is true...Avatar Image says: I don't really mind about the PG thing. As long as the movie is quality, that's fine. POa was the best movie in my opinion and that was PG. It doesn't have to be really creppy to be awesome, although the trailers do make it out to be pretty damn creepy in the trailers. Now I will be angry if its a romance comedy. Although, I see where people are coming from, it should be PG- 13. What about the test screeners saying it was more mature, creep.. And the language, I'm intruiged... Maybe they got it wrong...Avatar Image says: Yea but the Bathroom scene involves a lot of blood with draco being sliced open and i don't think that PG is a good rating at all because it has alot of blood and scary scenes and eople should be notified. i know i sound like a law abiding looser but i think that the blood and stuff makes it PG-13 , but it isn't final so hey, who knows. Avatar Image says: As much as I like the films, sometime along the line I hope the books are redone anyway, suitable for a more mature audience than what we've seen so far. Maybe a mini series? ... Shame Dan and some of the others would be too old for it.Avatar Image says: lol,and DH'll be simply G XDAvatar Image says: What about the small "Battle of Hogwarts"?! And Bill getting savaged by Greyback! This should definitely be PG-13 with GOF and OotP being rated as that.Avatar Image says: bummer.Avatar Image says: holy crap. BUT THE GAME IS TEEN. DUMB WEBSITE. PROBABLY A HOAX.Avatar Image says: nice eszti. XD don't forget ur humor, folks!!!Avatar Image says: this makes me think that the movie is going to suck cause this should be a scary movie and dumbledor dies by murder does not sound like a very happy movie! Avatar Image says: I really hope they did not change anything from the book so they could get more people to see the movie. HBP is my favorite book, and I want it to stay dark. Avatar Image says: Okay, well now it's official. It's up on MPAA's website.Avatar Image says: Its official. Its on the mpaa website. :(Avatar Image says: i hope not, id rather it be pg-13 because if it isnt it most likely means they are changing the story even more.Avatar Image says: Some you all are overreacting. My gosh, get your underwear out of a knot. It's probably rubbish.Avatar Image says: I don't know Brittany, it could be true. I mean, HBP is supposedly the funnies films of them all. Maybe that's the PG part of the whole movie? But still... this is embarrassing. PG for HP?! Are you serious? =|Avatar Image says: are they really doing this? I mean if they did it right the inferi and the fight and dumbledore DIES for gosh sakes! i mean there is MURDER! (as far as people who haven't read the books know) and they cant have done it right if this is just PGAvatar Image says: wtf. it should at least be PG-13. Lots of scary stuff is in the book. In the trailers there was some stuff that looked pg-13. although it probably isn't official.Avatar Image says: the PG rating is rubbish, but if it truly is, that means this movie will be crap, and i dont want that to happen.Avatar Image says: Man, this film is gunna suck... i'm not looking forward to it anymore. I'm just going to wait patiently for DH...Avatar Image says: I want me some PG-13 INFERI!Avatar Image says: Well, I hope this isn't true because I really don't want to see the movies watered down even more. Avatar Image says: Like a couple people before saw, it's now on the MPAA website... as PG. Avatar Image says: Joe the Plumber is made a War Correspondent, Lizz has left the Wizrocklopedia, and now this. I just don't believe it. Like, literally. On almost any other day, I would, but the world simply cannot be this nonsensical. I refuse to acknowledge that as truth. I officially declare SHENANIGANS! When it comes out that this was just a big misunderstanding, feel free to bow at my feet and bring me boxes of candied ostrich. If this turns out to be true, I officially declare that I will take my hat, my darling fedora, and... WEAR IT. But I will also be severely surprised. Whilst wearing the hat.Avatar Image says: AAAAAAaaaaand holy crud, MPAA did update their site accordingly. Well color me puce, the color of confusion, shame, bewilderment, surprise, and futons. Still, I don't ENTIRELY believe it. However, the MPAA link is to IMDB, which doesn't have the MPAA info on it yet.Avatar Image says: I agree that PG movies can be okay, but HBP WOULDN'T be one of those cases. This is probably the darkest book of the first 6, and this one needs a PG-13 rating if GOF and OOTP got the same rating. They shouldn't tone down the movie: J.K. Rowling wrote it like that for a reason.Avatar Image says: I do see why most people would think this movie would suck if it was PG, and I agree with you. And the comment on how scary the trailer looks and how that could not be PG. But I really dont think we should get TO worked up about this before it is confirmed. I do have to say though, that when I was little and was still afriad of Harry Potter movies when the first three came out,(I know I cant believe it either!) I used to be afriad to see even the first one until I was in 4th grade! We should just wait until the rating is confirmed, and then get worked up about the result.Avatar Image says: I don't think that's right..there are a lot more terrifying aspects to this film, and for them to switch it back to PG doesn't seem right for marketing strategies. Generally, PG-13 attracts a bigger audience of teens and adults, and PG appeals more to kids/friendly films. So I could see where they'd appeal..but.. I don't think it's a matter of it being "more awesome", just a matter of them dumbing down the film for children. That's the kind of message I'd be getting if I saw this intense trailer, and then saw a "PG" rating. The books become more and more mature as they go on, and it just wouldn't make sense to make the rating less mature than the others (because the movie should be no less mature in feeling or visual experience). If anything, the last two movies will have to be PG-13. It's like bouncing back and forth. I don't know, I don't really like the idea but I will wait until it's confirmed true to really be questionable about it. ;)Avatar Image says: The PG rating is on the MPAA website thus confirming the rumor to be true!Avatar Image says: huh.... this is kinda weird... maybe they're just trying to get it rated PG so more younger audiences will see it???? this doesn't really make sense.... it can't be true..... Avatar Image says: ?????? strikes again! Boyhaaaaaa!!!!!!Avatar Image says: Not impressed. I mean the Sectumsempra scene supposed to be very bloody! I was really looking forward to that! >:((((((((Avatar Image says: mmmm... true... true...Avatar Image says: mmmm... true... true...Avatar Image says: CRAP. HOPE THEY DONT MAKE DH G!!! IT WOULD BE HUMILIATING FOR JK!!Avatar Image says: So I'm just wondering if the scene with Draco in the bathroom is even being kept in the movie at all, because if it is, there is NO way that this movie can be pg. That part is actually hard to read in the book because you can picture how gruesome it is, and if they tone it down so that little kids can stomach it, then how is that staying true to JK Rowling? UGH I am very sick of WB not doing a very good job with these movies. Of course I will still go see the movie regardless, but I really hope the movie-makers can appreciate the opportunity they have, and not take it lightly!Avatar Image says: ummm what about the blood spurting from draco's chest? what about the inferi?? what about dumbledore's death??? what about ron almost dying from the potion? what about the whold fight scene at the end?? the cave scene??? it shouldve been PG-13 if they didnt tone anything down. they better not have!!!Avatar Image says: I see dead people! I thought the cave was supposed to be scary. Is is a disney cave or what. PG, maybe they cut all the scary away because none of us would want to sit for a 3 hour movie. Avatar Image says: It's up on the MPAA website now. I wasn't worried about the movie...until now.Avatar Image says: i think that to do the sectumsempra scene justice, the movie would have to be at least PG-13.Avatar Image says: After hearing this, I'm putting my money on a G rating for Deathly Hallows.Avatar Image says: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I mean.... I can understand how it would be beneficial for children under the age of thirtheen, like my sister and so.... BUT Half blood prince boasts incredible secuences that happen to be very bloody and violent. 1. Bathroom scene. 2. Inferi 3. Death of dumbledore (not bloody I know, but it's a death nonetheless). Knowing it's PG would make me doubt about how the movie is being portrayed.Avatar Image says: that doesnt sound too good to me...if they feel that it is okay to rate it PG, then they obviously cut REALLY important parts...like death...inferi...battles...and other violent scenes. personally, i think that the United States always rates the movies way too high, but I doubt they've suddenly changed. Avatar Image says: It has been confirmed on MPAA, its rated PG.Avatar Image says: I can understand why it would be PG,- WARNING- my explanation contains spoilers because I already saw the movie (Yes, I am one of the luckies who live in Chicago) so continue to read this at your own risk. :D because the only real gruesome or violent scene in the movie was the cave scene. And that was only cause the inferi were cgi-ed to look dead and zombie-like. Harry and Draco's fight scene only resulted in some smashing bathroom equipment and a wet and bloody shirt. (Wet because the sink got smashed.) Then again alot has changed for film ratings. I remember when a movie that should have been PG became PG-13 because of some swearing or a little blood. Now though, I've seen plenty of films that have both of that in PG rated films. So it could be both that the movie was toned down to be acceptable for younger children and that there's just more that's acceptable in a PG movie now. Avatar Image says: i actually dont have a problem with it. its not like PG movies are incapable of being scary/dark. i mean look at POA. the werewolf was terrifying when i first saw it, and from the comments made by people involved in the film, the movie does still have the sectumsempra scene and the death and the inferi. i think that this book gives a nice chance to be PG before the intensity of DH. fingers crossed though.Avatar Image says: I forgot to mention Dumbledore's death. That's not scary or disturbing at all. He just falls. And in the movie, its done elegantly, not violently. I don't even think its done violently in the book. Avatar Image says: Now I'm just really, really confused. Movie companies often want a PG-13 - it draws in many more teens. And especially since they're making it a summer movie now, you'd think they'd want to make it seem like every other PG-13 action/superhero/whatever movie and their dog - after all, wasn't the delay because they wanted more money? However, I'm not totally disappointed. After all, don't the MPAA take a couple of whiles to decide and deliberate? If so, I doubt that anything has been changed or cut out from the test screenings a couple months ago. I mean, they always said "This Film Is Not Yet Rated", right? I don't think any "dumbing down" happened after the delay or anything. If this rating is indeed true, the rating probably reflects the movie as it was back in August, just as it reflects it as it is right now. Also, in plenty of PG movies there's death. Besides, Albus's death isn't bloody. In canon, Harry doesn't even see it. Dumbledore gets blasted backwards, there's a crunch or such, and then he looks down and sees a non-moving Dumbledore. That's been done plenty of time in PG movies. Besides, much of the book is spent dealing with relationship stuff, and memory hopping, both of which are kept quite clean in the books. I mean, there's nothing more scandalous than same cephalapod-sounding snogging going on. The only big thing that it seems must be cut out to reach a PG rating is the bathroom scene, and that was probably cut due to some idiotic reason that has more to do with perceived public interest and time limits than blood or violence. To tell the truth, I think WB is pretty surprised too, and probably not too happy about it either. PG-13, especially in a series that has had it before, has been consistently shown to be a moneymaker. So, if you want to blame someone, blame WB, sure, but they're probably blaming themselves.Avatar Image says: Thanks Katie for the post! I don't see what the big deal is. Someone pointed out that Prince Caspian was PG, and that movie was intense at points. From what I've seen in the trailers, I'm sure the movie's going to be plenty awesome.Avatar Image says: I don't care what its rated as long as it isn't too watered down for the purpose of earning money from parents bringing their kids.Avatar Image says: people stop saying they must've cut the sectumsempra scenes. as of the advanced screening there was one and i doubt they would cut it now.Avatar Image says: Katie said this: "Harry and Draco’s fight scene only resulted in some smashing bathroom equipment and a wet and bloody shirt. (Wet because the sink got smashed.)" I wasn't sure, but I thought I remembered that we heard about the bathroom scene already from the test screenings. So, have we actually learned anything today? Or were a bunch of dots just connected, that we had failed to previously see, mostly because we just assumed the next one would be PG-13, because the last two were? I am truly asking this question - what do you think? Should we have guessed this? Did we learn anything new?Avatar Image says: Alot of people who i've talked to think Prisoner of Azkaban is the best movie of all the HP movies and that was a PG rating. For the movie to be great it doesn't neccessarily have to be a PG-13 rating. Deathly Hallows on the other hand is a different story, that one has to be PG-13Avatar Image says: Interesting... I'm curious what to expect now. Just looked at the MPAA site, and it looks like it is officially PG. Now we just play the waiting game to see for ourselves! :PAvatar Image says: Yeah... No. This cannot be correct. Dan was quoted in the past as saying the Inferi are extremely scary. Add the fight with Draco, DD's death, how can this possibly be rated lower than GoF and OoTP? Unless they completely screwed it up...Avatar Image says: I think the dots were connected Zivlok. Probably what happened was that people did not remember or had not known about the test screening, and the summary posted up here on Leaky, and so maybe they expected more violence. But if they had read the summary they would have known that the bathroom scene is still in the movie, and that Dumbledore practically floats off the tower. :D (But that part wasn't completely CGI-ed at the time so it just looked like he was lying down in mid air with his beard waving around :P) Avatar Image says: Maybe the MPAA have lowered their standards some what.Avatar Image says: Weren't they supposed to be getting...like, scarier? I mean the books are. I guess if they have everything that I want in there, then its fine. But this makes me worried a little about the draco bathroom scene... but oh well. They know what they are doing, mostly. I'm not going to dwell. -Muggle-Born-Witch Avatar Image says: this is pretty ridiculous. i mean if they tone down the movie its an insult to the book. the book was meant to be gruesome and frightening. if they tone down the movie to make it PG then its not exactly the same movie that people think theyre going to. totally different. PG just doesnt seem to go with what happens in the book. but i totally agree, waiting for comformations a good idea.Avatar Image says: This doesn't make any sense. From what those who were at the Chicago screening said, the Inferi, Sepemsempra are in and I think they'd be enough to earn a PG-13 rating, especially considering OOTP was rated PG-13 and I think it was milder than HBP seems to be. I hope this is a mistake.Avatar Image says: ok.i kinda disagree. the book wasnt totally meant to be gruesome and frightening. honestly. it was written extremely well, but no doubt, some parts are a bit more frightening than your average PG movie..Avatar Image says: If they were true to this book, it should NOT be rated PG! Avatar Image says: javier, if you truly are a harry potter fan like myself, then you know youre lying to yourself by saying youre not going to watch the new film. even if all the sucky rumors about it are true you know youll still see it! ahah, cause i know i will too!Avatar Image says: I'm going to have to disagree, GraceCen, I don't think Jo Rowling meant this book to be gruesome and frightening at all. In fact, it was one of the more lighter books. (Not in weight of course, but you get my drift.) If I had to pick any of the books as gruesome and frightening, I'd probably choose the 5th and 7th, but definitely not the 6th. Avatar Image says: What!!! this movie should most definently be the harshest of the series...not only do we have the most signifigant death, (and if they tone that down someone's head is coming off) but with draco all bloody in the bathroom this CAN NOT be PG.....Avatar Image says: Ok I'm getting sick of this now. FOR THE LAST TIME, THE BATHROOM SCENE HAS NOT BEEN CUT, AND YES, YOU DO SEE MALFOY ALL BLOODY. there. Avatar Image says: I don't really think a PG rating will bring the true horribleness from some of the things to the book. I just hope they don't try to play down some of the more intense scenes.Avatar Image says: How can 'Twilight' be PG-13 and not HBP? HBP has far more 'sensuality' in it, and more action!! If Twilight's PG-13, then so should HBP! Was anybody at that special screening? Do they agree?Avatar Image says: What about the fight at the end? are they just going to have dumbledore and harry, then dumbledore die? No seeing my true love (neville) kicking some butt???Avatar Image says: i seriously hate the movie rating scale. there need so much more than 4 possible ratings. i mean, PoA was so scary! with harry in the tunnels and the big basalisk wanting to rip his head off!!! cmon!! i would think besides ootp, hbp would be the scareist!!! inferi is deff high on the list! but they dont have the battle at hogwarts, so what else? i guess they now have the fight at the burrow..... idk the inferi, if they really do it well, should be kind of scary. but idk....Avatar Image says: Yes, Jamie, there's no real fight that Harry runs through, he just runs after the death eaters and sorta yells at Snape and Snape says the stupidest line ever instead of saying 'Dont call me coward' and Bellatrix goes nuts like she always does and....yeah. :D And to Crogers, I saw the screening, and though it wasn't as 'sensual' as Twilight, meaning, they Lav-Lav and Won-Won werent snogging every second and Ginny and Harry snogged once, the kiss (which really pissed me off cause they didn't do it like the book) it does portray the relationships and comedic arguments much better than the Twilight film does, which, most unfortunately, I have seen against my own will. Avatar Image says: i'm split. there r cetain criteria they go by when giving a rating, but then again a PG rating just doesn't feel right. the book was pretty graphic, especially the bathroom scene and the cave scene. if wb toned down the movie after pushing it back thats utterly ridiculas. and another thing, if there's a rating, doesn't it mean the films done? why r we havinbg to wait till the summer to see it?Avatar Image says: Not very happy about this. I would argue that HBP is still in that deep scary realm that GoF started off with. However, I would MUCH rather have this be PG than have DH be PG because that CANNOT be PG at all, it must be PG-13 at least! I mean, who knows. It most likely won't change my opinion of how I view the movie. If it's a good movie, that at least follows the main plot line and spirit of the book, then I'll be happy.Avatar Image says: Well, I'm really shocked! First they make us wait a whole 'nother year, then they make a almost R movie and PG movie?! Well, it might just beright there with PG-13. Maybe somethings not in it to make it EXACTLY PG-13. Check the harrypotter.com website ( or: harrypotter . com website, if i can't put links) it says that it has not been rated yet. and THATS the OFFICAL site!!!Avatar Image says: (ps, im lilly) why is there an icon next to me?! thats not my icon!Avatar Image says: Ok Now I know I'm old. I was quite pleased to read that the movie would be just PG. I'm in my 50's and I still have to hide my face during scary parts. I know most of you won't agree with me, but I think a movie can still be a nail biter and show feelings and depth and still be PG.Avatar Image says: If POA can be a PG film, then HBP can be a serious PG film also. POA, if you remember, was very different and scary with the dementors (and Draco was attacked). Therefore, HBP can be a PG film and be scary with serious scenes. Anyway, HBP is very light-toned compared to the previous two stories, with most of the story about the teen drama aspect. Maybe the film isn't constantly terrifying with gruesome scenes, maybe the serious tones are equaled with comedy throughout the film, therefore, like POA, it can be a very high PG movie, a PG almost on the verge of being PG-13 if terror was constantly in your face. That's what I think it means, a serious PG film; not fluff.Avatar Image says: This has to be a mistake! there is no way this can be PG with all the violince and death I agree with HermyG13 prince caspian should have been made PG-13 Avatar Image says: "the Lav-Lav and Won-Won werent snogging every second and Ginny and Harry snogged once" - Katie I knew it! Oh my goodness. I knew that Ginny and Harry would only kiss just once. Wow. This just ruins my day. I was thinking about that for a while now, and I came to that conclusion -- but to read that there's only once stupid little kiss, probably more like a peck, is just ..... words cannot even describe. BUT - I think they're saving the kiss for the makeout birthday present in Deathly Hallows. =) As for this PG - I can agree with The Hollow.Avatar Image says: Also, what matters is quality, not quantity! A higher rating doesn't mean a film is great, there are countless movies that are PG-13 and R rated that are plain trash. Sophisticated quality is better than blood and gore. A tense scene is better with suspense than a scene where you're beated with mundane violence created just for entertainment instead of storytelling.Avatar Image says: PG? Seriously? Ugh...not a good sign at all.... Makes me think WB is making it more kid-friendly in order to make more money. Wouldn't put it past them. :/Avatar Image says: To Christine: Oh Dan and Bonnie did the kiss fine alright, but the scene...where it took place...UGH. COMPLETELY unlike the book...But I guess they did it for time purposes, because they only really had one quidditch match shown. Which was well done.Avatar Image says: I think this rating is riduculous. In my history class we were watching Black Hawk Down, which is rated R and very violent, and one part was almost exactly how I thought Sectumsempra would be like - and it was the goriest scene (in my opinion). HBP deserves PG-13, at least. Avatar Image says: @ Katie. What did you think of the film itself? Did you think it was good? How would you rank it with the others? And is this rating spot on, or do you think it deserved a PG-13 rating instead?Avatar Image says: I'm thinking that the MPAA is taking current kids into account. Yes when i was small (I'm 21 now) PG was very kiddie, but also we watched shows on TV with very little if any violence, parent didn't say ANY 4 letter words in front of us and we didn't know where babies came from until we were 13 and they taught us at school. Kids today, well, lets just say that i have kindergarten boys at work who say words that I've never heard and i live with a prison worker and an ex army... Kids today watch and hear alot more then kids in the past and I'm betting that the movie, i rated 10 years ago would have been PG-13, but with society as it is now, it's only a PG.Avatar Image says: I'm thinking that the MPAA is taking current kids into account. Yes when i was small (I'm 21 now) PG was very kiddie, but also we watched shows on TV with very little if any violence, parent didn't say ANY 4 letter words in front of us and we didn't know where babies came from until we were 13 and they taught us at school. Kids today, well, lets just say that i have kindergarten boys at work who say words that I've never heard and i live with a prison worker and an ex army... Kids today watch and hear alot more then kids in the past and I'm betting that the movie, i rated 10 years ago would have been PG-13, but with society as it is now, it's only a PG.Avatar Image says: ALSO remember that Iron Man was the biggest hit of the summer and it was PG (am i correct I think so like 90% sure)Avatar Image says: No, Iron Man was PG-13... And it wasn't the biggest hit of the summer, The Dark Knight was. Avatar Image says: THis so frustrates me! I thought it was going to be good! I mean most people would agree that though GoF and OotP were PG-13, they weren't the scariest most intense things we've seen that are PG-13. But they still had elements that were PG-13! In my opinion, if GoF was PG-13 then HBP HAD to be PG-13. Seriously- which of the books is darker and has more violence? I read that Tom Felton had to wear a fake chest for the blood so I thought it was going to be gory (as the scene would actually look if someone's chest was sliced open) but apparently they've toned it down. There rarely is blood in Harry Potter movies now that I think about it, even if it is in the books - but Sectumpsempra was supposed to be bloody and horrifying! And the Inferi!!! Zombies are one of my biggest fears but how scary can they be if its rated PG?! I was so looking forward to the cave scene with Dumbledore cutting himself, him going mental and Harry having to force feed him, and the Inferi- all of that is really mature material in my opinion and deserves more than a PG rating. People who don't know Harry Potter already think its just a thing for kids when a lot of parts are really mature and dark. I remember my 10-year-old cousin finding OotP scary (Harry's really creepy possession by Voldemort at the end?). PG-13 makes parents think twice before taking their young children but maybe they won't need to if the darkest and bloodiest book next to DH is made out to be pansy and all about teenage hormones.Avatar Image says: This means something's definitely wrong.Avatar Image says: And isn't sensuality atomatically classified as PG-13 rating?Avatar Image says: How does this mean the film has definitely been toned down for a PG rating? The movie was aiming for the PG-13 rating. If anything, this was probably more of a financial decision (adults are more likely to bring their younger children to a PG rated Potter film as opposed to a PG-13 rated one) than a decision made on the actual content of the movie. Avatar Image says: I am pretty mad at this rating. I mean, I thought that, (before it came out, of course), that POA should have gotten a PG-13 rating because I felt that it was a very dark plot. The book was my favorite at the time, and now it is my least favorite movie. Now, Half-Blood Prince in my favorite book, and I'm afraid that they are going to ruin things in the book that make it PG-13 more than PG. The formation of Voldemort is just enough to terrify anyone, and scared me while reading the book. Since there's only TWO memory scenes in the movie, you don't see how Tom became red-eyed, snake-like Voldemort. Also, Ron and Lavendar as constantly making out, almost graphically. I don't see how that is subtle sensuality. Harry and Ginny are supposed to kiss a lot, but alas they only kiss once. I don't see how you can cut someone open and do that scene justice to the book, without having a stronger and more serious rating. I don't think that any 10 year old understands the seriousness of HBP, who hasn't read the series, of course. Also, throwing someone off of a building is pretty terrifying and not something that should be in a PG movie...If the movie is true to the book, then I guess I will be fine with the rating. But since I know that it is not going to be, from things that we've heard, I think a PG rating suggests a disappointing film, like with PoA.Avatar Image says: how is this even possible?..... there's snogging..... there's death and distruction!... ......... aa............ uuuuuuu...........Avatar Image says: Wow. I now feel that America isn't as well-off in these kinds of things as I thought. I guess the editing of the movie has taken more stuff out? Since the screening?Avatar Image says: This movie should have been PG-13. I hate how they always have to tone the stuff in the book down to make it more "family friendly".Avatar Image says: I am definately not happy about that either... Sounds like they cut out the bathroom scene with harry and draco.. Which i was wanting to see most of all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Avatar Image says: I should note that I am American, so I mean it fairly.Avatar Image says: Also it sounds as if the movie has been toned down abunch... like as its not going to be very dark.. Like its just going to be comedy and kissing run amuck!!!!Avatar Image says: Helios Lightra, the film is 2 and a half hours, slightly longer than the length reported from the test screening. So...Avatar Image says: Um, the book was a romantic comedy for the most part anyway. It was just balanced with scenes of darkness and more serious scenes. Avatar Image says: Dylan, technically, I don't think that many fans considered and acceptecd the idea of HBP as a romantic comedy until David Yates made it seem like one. Also, it's not even as much of a romantic comedy as the novel because they don't focus on the adult relationships of Tonks and Lupin and Fleur and Bill in the film.Avatar Image says: you know they might also be doing this to try to get more parents to bring their children so they can make more money amid this economic crisis...they probably need all they can get in order to produce the 2 part DH.Avatar Image says: If anything, it was probably Yates' remarks that made fans realize that while the story itself grows darker, it's the story outside of hogwarts that's growing more threatening and darker. What happens inside Hogwarts itself is much happier and lighter than what happened in the previous installment. It's GOF, minus the Tri-Wizard Tournament and replace the matches with memory scenes. And yes, Bill and Fleur were cut, how much of the book were they in? Not much really. And Tonks and Lupin's relationship that we weren't even aware of until the end of the book was comedic in any way? Tonks went through the entire book sad, we just didn't know why until the last couple chapters.Avatar Image says: Billy, you read my mind. :DAvatar Image says: Well, we know one thing from this news: hbp cut a lot of the violent scenes. Can people even die in PG movies? Sarcasm there, but I don't think they can fall off towers...Avatar Image says: Yea im kinda worried about this.... i mean you have walking dead people coming out of a lake attacking you! Either the movie wasnt done right or the fda peeps are on crack.... :SAvatar Image says: Well I just think it's silly to be so angry over a rating. Just because it's PG doesn't mean it's not going to kick total you-know-what. I think the problem here is that we as a society have become so accustomed to violence in films that we think anything below a PG-13 rating must be stupid. It's kind of disturbing really...we shouldn't be 'liking' so much violence at all.Avatar Image says: I don't see it soo much as it is a toned down HBP but a desensitized MPAA. More and more movies that had higher ratings are passing by with lower ratings.Avatar Image says: Okay, I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and by that I mean I've read all the books and have loved them from the beginning before any of the movies came out. So to be honest, all of the movies suck when it comes to staying faithful to the book. Every movie has have major flaws and flaws that have still not been corrected. The WB is a business and wants to make money. Making it PG will bring more people to see it so that's what they'll do. All the real Potter fans can do is grit their teeth and bare it. We know how it should be and how it ends so just deal. It's about entertainment and not about sticking with the book. I think it's a bit stupid as well but there's nothing we can do. Avatar Image says: Billy, exactly. It's like when two negative reviews from the early test screenings came out, despite there being 10 other positive reviews, everyone flipped out at the two negative reviews saying the movie was going to suck. I don't get it. Avatar Image says: ? Wow... SO many people have posted!Avatar Image says: You also have to keep in mind that establishing a rating for this film, or any for that matter is entirely subjective. Assuming that those who gave it a rating of PG may be older, their values and ideas of what should be censored/toned down in film may be a bit more conservative. I mean it wasn't until the 1960s that studios were heavily deregulated.Avatar Image says: A previous poster mentioned The Dark Knight, and it got me thinking about what the rating for that film was, and I was surprised to find out that it was only rated PG-13 in the US and 12a in the UK/Ireland. Now that was a fairly intense and violent film (the making the pencil disappear trick springs to mind!), and I just thought it would help put this whole thing into perspective. To my mind The Dark Knight is a much more violent film then either GOF or OoTP were, and yet they were rated as PG-13 aswell. In my humble opinion, I believe this points to a change in the way the MPAA makes their rating decision, rather than any softening or toning down of any of the scenes by Warner Bros.Avatar Image says: calm down its not time to judge yet! So far the trailers have looked awesome and I thought POA was the best movie out of all of them, and it was PG. Give HBP a chance!Avatar Image says: I am in shock of this news!!!! I also have to disagree with people who said "Twilight" should have been rated PG. I thought the PG-13 rating was perfect. And also to Anita, I think you are right about The Dark Knight. It was very intense for a PG-13 movie and the MPAA might rate HBP again if need be. I personally think they should reconsider the rating and go with PG-13. Avatar Image says: I guess when you put it like that, Dylan, that they are showing how things at Hogwarts are light even though things outside are dark, a PG rating is suitable. I just don't see how they have the Burrow battle, the Hogwarts mini-battle/Hagrid's Hut burning, and the bridge and Diagon Alley destruction without a PG-13 rating. I also don't like how they stopped the language after GoF because it seemed more convincing that these were children and teenagers who act like normal teenagers. JKR writes more cuss words and provocative things (I cried when they didn't show the lepracauhns do the shoot a bird formation in the movie, like the did in the book) than the movie. So what I am basically saying is, I'd be fine with the rating, if they stuck to the plot of HBP. But since there are diversions and changes, the rating should be higher, because they need to add things that attract those who want more from the movies, which are usually adults.Avatar Image says: I can see how it could be rated PG, but there are so many things that could make it PG-13! Dumbledore's hand, dying, inferi, the bathroom scene w/ Malfoy, the battle @ Hogwarts! I just hope they don't have to tone it down any. They need to be just as intense as in the book! I hope it's still just as good!Avatar Image says: How can HBP be PG?Avatar Image says: Oh, the drama.Avatar Image says: Ryan, the film's PG rating if also for language. :p And while I see what you're saying, I don't really see the film going away from the plot honestly. Avatar Image says: Ok so what is up with WB these days? First the movie push back and now this? I am not mad about the rating but HBP is just not a PG movie. It has some secens that are PG-13 and making it just PG is telling me they might have cut a lot out. Of course I am fine with PG I just hope they stick to the book as best as possible. :)Avatar Image says: I'm not happy about this! This is really bad, NO ONE who read the books should be happy about this! and for all stupid people who say "oh, i'm glad that it's rated PG"....YOU ARE WHATS WRONG WITH MOVIES TODAY!!!Avatar Image says: Well, I'm sure that it won't deviate from the overall plot of the novel, and the refined plot of the movie, but a PG rating does not attract people to go see it if it is not as intense as the previous movies, as well as some of the events presented in the novel. In short, David Yates needs to add more scenes that were deleted that might have been extra kissing or extra something in order to bolster the rating to a PG-13. Also, I know that sometimes the score can influence if the movie is between two ratings. If this is true, then maybe the soundtrack should be tweeked to incluide more jumpy parts like in POA's soundtrack. Although that didn't help POA, it did help add intensity to the film, even though the movie was not as intense as it should have been.Avatar Image says: Zemeckis beowulf was pg-13 it shud have been rated R imo Avatar Image says: Zemeckis beowulf was pg-13 it shud have been rated R imo Avatar Image says: dunoo y it appeared twice sorryAvatar Image says: Huh. Strange. I can't picture how they will calm down the violence to make it PG, but I won't judge before I see it.Avatar Image says: #@#@$#@$#@%$&^%^^#%$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!! but i guess the ratings have changed now.... "PG-13" movies are now the "R" movies a decade ago (now they allow sex scenes and a couple of cuss words like the F-word and they pretty much ignore the violence if it doesn't involve gore or disturbing meanings/images) BUT STILLLLL!!!!!!! PG makes movies seems so LAME!!!! /T_T\Avatar Image says: Oh, honestly... who cares. If the movie's good, it's good, whatever it's rated. These ratings don't come out to tell us how true to the book the movie is, or if it's exciting and gut-wrenching, or even if it is bloody and dark; they're a way to let parents know whether they need to sit in the theaters with their pre-teen children or they can stay home and be Muggles. And, need I invoke "Empire Strikes Back"?... 'nuff said.Avatar Image says: ... also... I'm reasonably confident Yates & Co. didn't attempt to water things down just to get a lower rating - why would they? The movie was made the way the producers, director, etc. thought it ought to be made, and they haven't failed us yet (in my opinion - particularly with regards to Yates.) The simple truth is that the MPAA is an organization whose decisions are made independently of the creative process. It's also an organization that now gives movies a more mature rating if a character smokes a cigarette - which to me just goes to show what an arbitrary, political process the whole thing is. (Umbridge is probably skulking somewhere within those halls, people.) If you couldn't tell, I'm over it. Done. Wake me up in July.Avatar Image says: Sue, Why would u post this, look at all the drama its created, oh my god people CALM down! I didnt mean to hurt anyones feelings so please don't take offense!Avatar Image says: Ryan, I get what you're saying. If I still don't completely agree. I don't think there's much snogging in the film anyway, it's more the development and progress of relationships and such done in a more comedic way (a la GOF).Avatar Image says: Guys, people flock to see PG movies. Let's see... the original "Star Wars" trilogy (as other commenters haved noted) and the first two prequels were PG-rated and those made big bucks. Not to mention the "Shrek" series, which have been very profitable for the studios involved. I highly doubt HBP has been compromised by the studio to draw in younger audiences -- Warners has let the producers and the directors involved with the series have free reign. I bet anything that Yates shot and edited HBP with a PG-13 rating in mind -- he had already completed the picture before it was even submitted to the MPAA. I guess the MPAA was too desensitized to the violence in the torture-horror genre and just gave HBP a PG rating. While PG-13 may be the most desired rating for the younger teenage demographic, it does NOT signify that will mean a higher box-office gross or whether a director has "final cut approval" (plenty of movies have been butchered from originally R-rated aimed material to PG-13, i.e. Die Hard 4). Same goes for PG -- it doesn't mean that the studio cut the more disturbing images out for a more kid-friendly audience. Lots of people will see HBP despite the PG rating. Warners stands to make a huge profit in the summer either way.Avatar Image says: OMG I just realized this means they won't have Sectumsempra, which is possibly the craziest scene in the book! WHAT THE?!Avatar Image says: Sectumsempra is in the film. And it's supposed to be quite bloody...Avatar Image says: Now I'm interested to see how they can have scenes that are confirmed to be in the film and get a PG rating. But we'll just have to wait and see the movie to understand the rating.Avatar Image says: Don't blame WB, they could be as shocked as we are about the rating. The WB could still appeal if they want it to be PG-13. I don't think they purposely toned it down for the little kids. It is possible that the MPAA is just more desensitized than they were in the past.Avatar Image says: This was the only book i actually got scared reading!!! I will be very disappointed if i do not feel that same sense of fear in the film! I mean... dead people crawling out of a lake in a creepy cave to pull harry under the water should be more than frightning, and if not, this scene was not given the justice it deserves! THIS SHOULD BE A "CLASSIC" HORROR SCENE! Im not one of those people hungry for violence but im worried that if a six year old can see it, that him and i probably dont have the same sense of fear! THIS REALLY WORRIES ME!!! For goodness sakes... the characters are TEENAGERS! Yes, harry potter CAN be family films for all ages (some more than others), but i've always thought that the books AND films took a darker step after #4 cuz this is when voldemort actually returns (or even just look at the thickness of the books. lol. but... its true because theyre not so easy for a 8 yr. old to tackle too quickly). I hate to sound like a jerk... but the "kiddies" can watch the first three films for now... theyll all grow up eventually! But harry is 16! He doesnt just fight the giant snakes and cloaked guys who suck happiness! (even if they were as mildly intense as the are.) Whether WB did this for a bigger audience, or not... i cant hope to guess. And I hope that there isnt a prejudice that says that the films are losing their intensity. Sure... the film still has potential to be great no matter the rating. Ok... it WILL be great! (but im starting to think the anticipation is slowly eating at my head...) Avatar Image says: That's bizarre...I don't think that PG movies are somehow less awesome, but it seems like they would have to leave some things out in order for HBP to be rated PG. That's what concerns me.Avatar Image says: Holy Snickers! This is an uproar! I have a feeling that the majority of you are ASSuming. Dont do that. BAD IDEA! We know what has been confirmed the movie looks extremely dark , we know we have seen a few versions of the trailors by now. I too think it should be PG-13 and maybe it still is, this could very well be a big rumor. If not that does not mean its going to be absolutely bad and childish and kid worthy. I know it was the seventies but Jaws of all movies was PG. PG! JAWS- we see a head in a boat, a boy get eaten, a severed leg, Quint gets eaten right in front of us, Brody says " Smile you son of a Witch with a B.", they drink ......, So its not an end to the world. POA was really dark IMO. And that could have gotten a PG-13 rating if it wanted. So calm down. Relax. Im sure we will hear more about it, and nothing drastic was changed just because its PG. Avatar Image says: I am not happy about this. HBP is my second if not my favorite book in the series and it is far more violent and frightening that the previous five are. With a PG rating I'm sure there will be even more children there now, and as I sat behind a 4-year-old during OOTP who screamed from beginning to end and I am not very happy. At this point the movies are not for small children. Since Harry Potter came out when I was 12 and I am part of the original HP audience, please let me enjoy the films...Avatar Image says: Oh God No!!! What the f!!!! I wanted R rating. Anyway, parents will be very happy with this. Avatar Image says: I doubt HP will ever get an R rating because WB is promoting it as a family film... Avatar Image says: DO NOT WANT. I'm still going to watch of course, but really? How the hell is GoF a PG-13 while HBP isn't? That makes no sense. While we're at it, lets make part 2 of DH rated G.Avatar Image says: BellaSnape, it's not a rumor. The MPAA isn't the kind of people you'd have pulling pranks on film ratings, "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" has a PG rating. (At least for now, if Warners can appeal for a PG-13 rating, they can do so -- I can't see them encountering resistance like the filmmakers of "This Film Has Not Been Rated" when they submitted TFHNBR for an MPAA rating.) Although the uproar over the PG rating is silly -- why are fans thinking Warners is softening HBP up? If anything, their profits went up when GOF and OOTP got the higher PG-13 ratings -- I think they're just as surprised as everyone else is at the MPAA's judgment.Avatar Image says: This news sucks. WB has mis-handled this movie from the minute they decided to postpone it to make more money.Avatar Image says: WB is probably just as shocked as we are about the rating. The film was made with the intentions of a PG-13 movie, and WB didn't interfer to have it softened up any at all. This is most likely as much of a shock to them as it is to us. Avatar Image says: that surprised me... I bet that hallows will be R.Avatar Image says: @ Matt C - That was a few min ago when it wasnt confirmed. PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE.. STOP!!!!!! YOU are ASSUMING TOO MUCH!!!! Frankly I think everytime something new about the movie comes out you let off more steam from the delay, well ya know its time to get over the fact that its done with. Or if we dwell on it maybe we are kids that deserve PG ratings. NONE of you know its going to suck. I truely hate the sterotype that just because its PG means its whimpy and childish. Come on! Have faith. From the Trailers and pics it looks like the best movie yet which it probably is because they keep getting better. So just go get a fire distinguisher and put yourselves out, your a little too hot right now. Avatar Image says: with a PG rating, how are they going to pull off the Imperi?? i remember reading HBP and being scared to death just by the thought of them. there's no way that the Imperi will just be "scary images"Avatar Image says: I don't know how many more times this has to be said, and I don't mean to come off insulting, but; THE FILM WAS MADE WITH THE INTENTIONS OF A PG-13 FILM, THEY DIDN'T MAKE IT TRYING TO SOFTEN THINGS FOR THIS PG RATING. THEY MADE IT AS DARK AND VIOLENT AS THEY COULD WITHIN THE RESTRAINTS OF THE PG-13 SYSTEM. THIS RATING HAS MORE TO SAY ABOUT THE MPAA'S STANDARDS THAN ABOUT THE CONTENT OF THE FILM ITSELF. *takes breath*Avatar Image says: Order of the Phoenix got rated PG13 and it wasn't really any scarier or more violent than Prisoner of Azkaban or Chamber of Secrets. Goblet of Fire is still the only one to justify a bit higher rating (though it's just rated PG with all the others here in Canada)Avatar Image says: LAME. I hope this isn't some ploy to get more ticket sales. It wouldn't be entirely surprising, though. They didn't delay the film until the summer for nothing.Avatar Image says: I am a bit bowled over here, I had Figured HBP as a shoo-win for a PG-13 rating, I pray this doesn't mean they messed up someof the most important scenesAvatar Image says: Was there any good news about this film lately? I don't remember any I'm afraid.Avatar Image says: are you kidding me? HBP, in my opinion, is the darkest and bloodiest and goriest of the series yet! I'm scared now of what they've toned down. ARGH. Avatar Image says: FIRE STEVE KLOVES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: oh... this is too dark to be rated PG!!! what they have done to these chapters??" :"sectumsempra", "the cave" and "the lightning struck tower" Avatar Image says: I think those few shots we have from the third trailer in the caves with the dead bodies alone should get a PG13 And doesn't Arthur get savaged by Greyback? This can't be a PG!Avatar Image says: Even if the decide to change the rating to pg 13 the last 2 would of still been scarier coz they had a dead set straight rating of pg 13 no decisoions to keep it less than that coz it was too scary.by this announcement it has lowered my expectations of number 6 even more :(:( (i hope what i said made any sense to anyone)Avatar Image says: Daphne, have you even read the sixth book? arthur? i mean come on, thats just blatant ignorance.Avatar Image says: Fire Steve Kloves? As much as he has annoyed me with certain decisions, he has nothing to do with this, and might i add neither does Yates,Heyman or WB. This is the MPAA. Now from what we heard from the screenings the film is violent and mature. These people have just happened to give it a PG rating. Well if thats so sue the pants off them when your 8 year old child gets freaked out and becomes psychotic. (lol slight exaggeration) Can we please judge the movie when it actually comes out? Relax. There's no point in saying the movies going to suck when we have no evidence to point at that. That is completely immature and uncalled for. As far as the trailers are concerned it looks awesome. Avatar Image says: ShuManChu: i believe it is indeed Arthur who gets savaged, they changed it cause there is no Bill Weasley. Avatar Image says: The PG rating for HBP is just right I think. The HP series has been progressively becoming darker and more adult. And with that impending war and the cliffhanger ending in book 5 we all expected book 6 to be even darker and what did JKR do? she made HBP just another romance novel. Maybe this is the real reason why the movie has been been pushed back. It would have competed with Twilight which was just another romance novel too. No difference you see except that Twilight would have the advantage since it's new. With that PG rating, looks like HP is back to being just a "kiddie" story and with the butchered romances in HBP, we can all expect the Twilight fans to continue turning their noses down on us.Avatar Image says: hmm this confuses me - the most truthful scenes in HBP to me seemed to be the more intense scenes. see "Draco attacks Harry on the Train" "Bathroom Fight" and Dumbledore's passing. along with the Inferi and other craziness going on in there - I feel that "toning down" these scenes isn't being done from an artistic viewpoint, but rather a profit driven viewpoint. And I fear that they may be sacrificing the integrity of the material in doing so.Avatar Image says: but in consideration to my previous comment - we have no proof that any "toning down" has occured so sit back relax AND GET EXCITED FOR HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE!Avatar Image says: LameAvatar Image says: I agree with all of you, HBP should be PG-13Avatar Image says: I agree with everyone who takes the stand of what and see. Just because the WB maybe trying to get every last bit of money they can from the HP fans, dosn't mean that thay will hurt the integrity of the movie. If they did, they should now, we would tell everyone the movie is no good and that would really hurt there bottom line.Avatar Image says: Not with Sectumsempra, Avada Kedavra, Crucio and all the rest..... not to mention Inferi, poisoned potions and necklaces, scourged hands, murders and all.... have they see the right film? or have Heyman,Yates and the rest had a different book as a blueprint? Just wondering! This is NOT a kids' book and neither should be the film, if it is to stay true to the book!Avatar Image says: A lot of this speculation happened last time, when we learned how short Order of the Phoenix was going to be. I don't know what to think, but we have heard some pretty positive things on this movie so far. I just wonder what this means for the Deathly Hallows movies. Avatar Image says: This does worry me about DH as well. HBP should be preparing the audience for DH. They should be getting the impression that dark things are to come. If I were a movie fan and saw that it was rated PG, I would definitely think that they were going back to the early days and making it more kid-friendly, and I would be turned off. Less people will take it seriously with a pg rating, IMO. Narnia's different. I always considered Narnia as targeted to young kids (I've read all the books and saw the two movies). Definitely good. Not my favorite by any means, but I definitely thought HP was a little older (after book 2). So, I can see why Narnia may have wanted the PG rating. My annoyance mostly comes with how the movies perpetually "dumb down" the material. The PG rating, to me, is just another sign that they are continuing that trend.Avatar Image says: Its pretty clear WB are having to take all kinds of measure to maximise box office numbers and so want to invite younger children too. Why blame them for this? Every studio right now in these difficult financial times are having to seek comprises somewhere. I do not think this is a big comprise and I am sure that we will have a top quality film even if some violent scenes are toned down. I say we support WB decision rather then slam them for this. I would prefer PG 13 myself but I understand why they have to do this. Besides, ratings seems to be a lot of nonsense today as I have seen so many films rated PG that should have been PG13 or higher.Avatar Image says: Whaaaat? OoTF was pg-13! I thought this movie was supposed to be sex drugs and rock and roll! If anything, we should be getting Rs, not pgs. Avatar Image says: What? How's this possible? My fav in the HP series will only get a PG?!? What about the bathroom scene? Are they going to tone it down so much that you don't actually see any blood? Ok, I get it that even with a PG-13 rating, a lot of kids that see the movie are 10 and under (I've seen GoF and OotP over and over with my 9 year old brother), but giving it a PG rating makes me think that it's gong to cut out the darker tone of the book. Not fair!Avatar Image says: nononononono :'(Avatar Image says: Ok. I posted, a while back. And I've only read a handful of postings since. A good many of you, can't seem to grasp, the "non enormity" of this event. Let me give you one or two glaring examples of how much the MPAA rating system runs: I'll take "War Movies" first. The following films, rated PG, cannot be shown in High schools, because of "extreme violence". 'Gods and Generals', [the American Civil War] 'The Green Berets' [The Vietnam War], 'The Patriot' [the American War of Independance] "Extreme violence"....showing War, as it really is. Major battle scenes, key to the events. "Too bloody". "Too violent". Elementary Schools, I could see. It would be "frightening" to them....but 14, 15 and 16 year olds? but, of course, they don't have "Rating Systems" on TV, so the same kids can watch rape, gang shootings, [wars] and other things, that only garner a PG rating. Not PG-13. 'Goblet Of Fire' got a PG-13 rating because of "Frightening images of Fantasy Violence". The same, for 'Order of The Phoenix'. So much for relying on MPAA for an accurate Rating System. I have no worrys, at all, about 'Half Blood Prince', being rated PG. It will, probably be the most "violent", "frightening" and have the most "fantastic scenes of violence" in a Harry Potter film, thus far. Cool your jets, people. Get a grip. IF i am not mistaken [and I probably am] 'Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone [Philospher's Stone]' was rated G. Go figure.Avatar Image says: ummm...Matt C...PG-13 rating wasn't round when the first 3 starwars came out!Avatar Image says: The BBFC's website has more information on what a PG movie contains than the MPAA's does. Here's what it says: "Mild bad langage only. Natural nudity with no sexual content. Sexual activity may be implied but should be discreet and infrequent. Mild sex references and innuendo only. Moderate violence, without detail, may be allowed, if justified by its setting (e.g. historic, comedic or fantasy). Frightening sequences should not be prolonged or intense, though fantasy settings may be a mitigating factor." Considering all this I think they can make HBP a PG. The PG rating allows for the mild language the characters use, allows for all the snogging, allows for some violence, and allows for the scary Inferi.Avatar Image says: what!!!! the 6th is supposed to be scarey! there are some really horrible scenes in it!!!! and i thought wb were baising the inferi on anorexic models???? is that suitable for a PG???? i don't understand...Avatar Image says: there's nothing terribly bloody or gory in this book... i mean the inferi are frightening, but they're corpses, not bloody zombies. i think it'll be fine, it's just a rating, and really, who pays attention to that?Avatar Image says: the sad thing with the rating system is that violence is just fine, any hint of sex is the indicator, you can see a man dismembered in a PG-13 movie, but if they make love to someone its R, great priorities huh?Avatar Image says: here we go again: something for people to complain and whine and moan about. nothing is ever good enough for some of you. it's so frustrating!Avatar Image says: Goodness people, this is really worrisome to some of you? A random MPAA rating? Most of HBP revolves around love potions and Quidditch. Two chapters at the very end of the book are intense, and they'll be whittled down to 10 minutes of screen time (if that). The rating is good news in that it will bring in more people who wouldn't otherwise take their kids to a PG-13 film. (Although I can't imagine there's an 8-10 year old in America who hasn't already read the books and knows the ending.) Everyone involved with the film is happy with it, so let's trust that it's going to be good. And fire Steve Kloves? The man is brilliant, and his adaptations have been marvelous distillations of the books. (And OoP was a pretty good Kloves imitation.) Avatar Image says: Did Kate ever answer the question of what she thought of the movie and where she ranks it with the others?Avatar Image says: Everyone just needs to take a deep breath. Just wait until you see the movie and judge it for yourselves before going all crazy about a rating. Avatar Image says: Dolemite, I'm still waiting for her to. :pAvatar Image says: Dolemite, I'm still waiting for her to. :pAvatar Image says: Booo! No! This isn't fair. I always imagined HBP being the scariest/frightening/intense... I really don't like the idea of toning down. I imagined the Inferi scene to be gruesome and terrifying, and when I heard they added the scene with the destruction of the Burrow I assumed that was going to be even more violent. Along with the Sectumsempra! Come on! That was supposed to show Draco bleeding all over the place! And the trailers were extremely deceiving, I thought the child playing young Riddle was also ominous and would add to the general freakiness of the movie. There's a huuuge gap between films rated PG and PG-13 in my opinion, and it is dissappointing knowing that the scariness and great memorable moments of HBP will not reach their full potential.Avatar Image says: I simply can't understand how the Half Blood Prince movie can be PG. It just does not make any sense to me. Are we sure that the raters were watching the right movie?Avatar Image says: Well Im certainly glad to see that Im not the only one who thinks you guys who are whining and jumping to conclusions are being just plain stupid and childish. Have we seen the movie? NO. Do the trailers look Dark and violent? YES. I even gave an example of a very bloody and scary movie that was rated PG, it may have been the seventies like I said but its still an example. Calm your freakin butts down. Its the same everytime there is a new cast member, or something you expected in your head didnt come out. I could name a handful of movies that I looked at the rating and thought this should be higher or lower than what it is. God only know why the MPAA rates the movies the way they do, that is why stereotypes about PG, and G movies are PLAIN DUMB. So for the last time think before you speak and CALM DOWN.Avatar Image says: I don't think this movie should be PG either this was the one book that I had trouble reading alone in my room at night I thought the cave scene was terrifying and i was 16 when I read it.Avatar Image says: Additionally, PoA was probably the best of the films, and it was PG. I really don't need to see Draco bleeding all over the place or wet my pants in terror to enjoy the film. Honestly, people, this isn't the "Saw" franchise...Avatar Image says: This book gave us a veiw of what the war was like on the home front, and it really concerns me that WB won't be able to convey horrible-ness of the situation with a PG rating.....this better be a good movie. If they even try to subdue the impact of dumbledore's death for the sake of a PG rating I think it would make people pretty angry.Avatar Image says: Guys, really, calm down. The MPAA from time to time ups its standards on what constitutes PG vs. PG-13 or even R. Honestly, I did not think OOTP was a legitimately PG-13 movie. And there are plenty of horror films that squeak by with a PG rating. Heck, PG-13 only came to be in existence a little over a decade ago. And honestly, it's a dumb rating because when has anyone here EVER been turned away because they were under 13? Hmm? Didn't think so. It's still an HP movie, it's still going to be dark, the rating changes absolutely NOTHING. Don't want to see it because it'll be too "kiddie" now that it's got a PG rating? Grow up.Avatar Image says: So we dont see Draco bleeding all over the place. Big deal! And the end battle is not there. Inferi effects are very subjective - maybe the MPAA was not scared. So what? Lets see the film and decide, shall we?Avatar Image says: We can compare the rating to what it will be for the UK and other countries to see if other boards agree with this rating. In my opinion it doesn't even matter!Avatar Image says: Further proof that this movie is going to be the worst of the bunch. Seriously, I don't know what else I could hear to make me dislike this movie more.Avatar Image says: So much ado over a silly little rating! So many comments, I'm sure this has been mentioned already, but just in case...here's a very possible scenario, happens in movies all the time. The producers have Draco scream "F---!!!" during the sectumsempra scene. The ratings board says it'll be rated PG-13 because of that. The producers ask "Well, if we cut out the F-word, can we have a PG rating?" And the ratings board says "Sure." It's a silly little trick they do in movies quite often.Avatar Image says: Lily Phoenix, really? Because this has been given a PG rating that means it's going to be the worst of the bunch? Even if the content is PG-13 material? Thanks for letting us know of such flawless logic!Avatar Image says: Movie ratings can change. You have a time period to adjust your film and resubmit. The latest Die-Hard movie originally received an R rating which upset them. They had to tone it down so they could reach a broader audience. Honestly, I think a PG-13 rating is better for a movie because you'll always get the kids to come (with parents) but now adults will think it can appeal to them also. The Simpsons Movie was rated PG-13 for "Irreverent humor throughout." There are different ways to approach the rating system. I think it is more a reflection of society and MPAA then the actually movie. PG use to feel like a stronger rating but lately it's been watered down to seem more like G. I still have faith in the movie. It's our system of judgment that's confusing.Avatar Image says: Sectumsempra is still in it, all the scary bloody violent stuff is still in it. You worry warts are assuming. Which makes a you know what out of yourselves.Avatar Image says: Do you know why it's rated PG? So that FAMILIES can go see it, together! That's WB's target! "Tentpole family film", remember? Harry Potter doesn't have sex, nudity, or drug abuse in it, and the violence is at a minimum (Don't use "Sectumsempra as an excuse, I mean "Final Destination" violence). So there's no need for it to be PG-13. Period.Avatar Image says: In Canada, all PG-13 movies are automatically converted to PG, and most American "R" movies are either 14A or 18A, depending on the content. We don't put up with PG-13 nonsense, because there's no frickin' point for that rating at all. The Goblet of Fire and Order of the Phoenix were crap, and they were "PG-13" in America. So maybe it's a GOOD thing the Half-Blood Prince was rated PG?Avatar Image says: Well, one thing is for sure... at least now the fans have something to post about.Avatar Image says: It was posted because unlike the other two potter films, its rated pg. Avatar Image says: john - you're right dude. although, now that i really think of it, i think the felix felicis stuff was harry's version of drug experimentation...! Avatar Image says: I think the hpb movie has really had bad luck, the delay, the cuts, the Pg rating, there is never good news... Anyway, I'm not saying the PG rating is a bad thing, just gets me slightly worried... Hp, especcially this far on in the series, should not be Pg. I wish they would aim at older audiences. Avatar Image says: I'm from the UK,so the rating for PG-13 over here is 12, the fact that the last 2 films have been rated '12' .....& the books get darker as the series goes along....doesn't really make much sense to make this 1 a 'PG'... :s. This could be rather annoying! hopefully this hasn't been confirmed yet *cross fingers*Avatar Image says: WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that means they must have cut like all the making out....i really hope this gets changed!Avatar Image says: Broadway'sWitch, that doesn't make any sense. We clearly saw the Lavendar/Ron and Harry/Ginny kisses in the trailer, so they're definitely not cut... Besides, PG-13 isn't used for "making out". It's used for violence, sex, drugs, and really, anything that little children shouldn't be watching. HBP does have some "frightening scenes" around the end, with Sectumsempra, Inferi and possibly the murder scene (it depends on how it's portrayed), but the entire movie isn't SMOTHERED in it, like other PG-13 movies are.Avatar Image says: Delaying Half Blood Prince was like a stab in the back. Rating it PG is twisting the knife. This is an unbelievable mistake that is completely ridiculous and if Warner Bros. was smart enough, they could at least fix this problem if the couldn't bring back HBP closer. Avatar Image says: here come the whiners. again. does anyone know of a harry potter fan page with positive people who don't complain about every little thing? cos i'll go there and forget this one altogether.Avatar Image says: i agree with paul. also, in a failing economy, a pg rating is good for the film industry: it can fill more theatre seats than with a pg-13 rating, thereby making more money for the franchise, thereby making more money available for the final two films. get over yourselves a little and look at reason! geez.Avatar Image says: @hedwig, wb doesn't rate the films, so they have nothing to do with it...Avatar Image says: Ok, OOTP didn't have "language" or "sensuality" and it was still rated PG-13...um, wtf?Avatar Image says: @ Joseph, I know WB doesn't rate the movies, but maybe they can do something about it. I mean it just seems wrong that the last 2 movies were PG 13 and this one is PG. I'm not going to organize a lynch mob or something, but I am kind of worried because even though some PG movies are thrilling, I wonder how Half Blood Prince could possibly be a family friendly movie. I was just scared at the screaming book in the first movie when I saw it when I was little. How is inferi and other intense scenes going to be family friendly.Avatar Image says: I didnt want to comment on this when i saw it because i was mad. Im not completely sure what all is cut out and what isnt- yeah i listen to pottercast, but im still not entirely sure. if its PG then sectumsempera is just going to be like a nosebleed nougat, not the dramatic and gory-ish event it is in the book. im a little curious as to how they can make inferi a PG element, unless they make them look like bog zombies, in which case they will have thoroughly taken away from a dramatic and eerie scene. feel free to disagree. Avatar Image says: then again i dont make the ratings, and ill still go to the movie no matter what, but i agree, this movie certainly has bad luck.Avatar Image says: no way it should be PG-13...this does not sound good if it's rated PG...because that means it'll be more muted that OOTP was and that wasn't bad AT ALL. so...um hopefully they'll either change it or ratings have just changed over the year...Avatar Image says: The only reason I could see it being PG-13 is the inferi, which I hope are VERY creepy, other cave scenes, and the battle at hogwarts at the end which could get violent but could just as easly be "toned down." I hope this is no indicater of a bad movie but rather a rating like Narnia: Prince Caspian that *should* be a PG-13...hopes are still high... this is the second REALY bad piece of news (it being delayed is the other)Avatar Image says: Their should be an muggle cast on this on by tomorrow, very soon on this subject. For anyone who saw the July, was that a PG movie? This is as dark and if done the way I thought it should happen. I was afraid they would have problems with getting from R to PG-13. I can see it now Ginny running to Harry in a moment of great and gives him a peck on the cheek. No one dies and no one gets hurt except Snape cuts a fingernail. I might take my 5 year old to this one so he can hound me with questions through the whole dull thing. It will give me something to do. WB must think its billion dollar franchise fans must be getting to old to care about Harry Potter. Just add it to the list of WB goofs. Avatar Image says: The MPAA is stupid. If a movie has little blood, no sex/nudity, and very little profanity, it gets a low rating. Doesn't matter how disturbing the movie is, or whether characters die. Look at The Dark Knight. Violent and disturbing enough for an R. No blood however, and a PG-13 rating. Max Payne was 14A, the director cut out very little (he was surprised by how little he had to cut) and got a PG-13. This isn't big, the story'll be as great as ever. Blood-less, perhaps, but still great.Avatar Image says: This whole franchise was on its way to making movie history. Never before has a series of books been so popular, that we wait for its release, just so they can hurry up and adapt them into a movie. Each movie, in essence, has been more popular than its predecessor. Most likely, this pattern will continue due to a fan-base that can't keep from wetting its pants every time a new photo surfaces (myself included). However, the negativity that now surrounds this latest installment is not likely to go away until the movie's release. The so-called honesty displayed by WB executives regarding the reason for delaying the film seems like an attempt to gain credibility by admitting GREED. At the moment, there is something like a trend, going on in American culture. That trend is the belief that any behavior no matter how immoral, or in this case unethical, is forgivable, even acceptable as long as you are forthcoming and honest about it. It's rather like an alcoholic that continues to fall off the wagon, but has the audacity to keep coming back to you for a shoulder on which to cry. And we whisper, ever so gently, "it's ok, we still love you." The decision to see or not see this movie is more than a simple decision. lol It is a statement about your caliber of person, and what you are willing to accept from someone who keeps hurting and disappointing you.Avatar Image says: This whole franchise was on its way to making movie history. Never before has a series of books been so popular, that we wait for its release, just so they can hurry up and adapt them into a movie. Each movie, in essence, has been more popular than its predecessor. Most likely, this pattern will continue due to a fan-base that can't keep from wetting its pants every time a new photo surfaces (myself included). However, the negativity that now surrounds this latest installment is not likely to go away until the movie's release. The so-called honesty displayed by WB executives regarding the reason for delaying the film seems like an attempt to gain credibility by admitting GREED. At the moment, there is something like a trend, going on in American culture. That trend is the belief that any behavior no matter how immoral, or in this case unethical, is forgivable, even acceptable as long as you are forthcoming and honest about it. It's rather like an alcoholic that continues to fall off the wagon, but has the audacity to keep coming back to you for a shoulder on which to cry. And we whisper, ever so gently, "it's ok, we still love you." The decision to see or not see this movie is more than a simple decision. lol It is a statement about your caliber of person, and what you are willing to accept from someone who keeps hurting and disappointing you.Avatar Image says: ?!?!?!?! No no no, I refuse to except this. This infuritates me more than delay! I have a sneaking suspicion this is yet another marketing ploy by WB to generate a larger audience turnout and make even more $$$. They must of edited the hell out of it from the initial screen tests. yay! now we get the wait until July to see this dumbed down, 2nd rate, "kiddie approved" monstrosity. Avatar Image says: I agree with Louisa, and I will not stand for a kiddie-ish film, for the inferi must be graphic and scary!! lol and we must PETITION!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: They can't go and change the whole movie now, and petitioning to get a higher movie ranking isn't going to change what's actually in the movie, sorry, Jack. We know there's a kiss scene at least with Ron--we saw Lavender kissing him in the preview--so I wouldn't worry about them not really developing Harry/Ginny's relationship. Also, realize, while the cave with the Inferi was definetly scary, neither of them were really violently injured (Dumbledore's was from drinking a potion, not getting stabbed by a sword). And while the subject of Horcruxes is definitely the darkest out of what we've seen yet in the series, the subject alone isn't enough to require a much higher rating--the scenes in the Pensive aren't violent or really scary, even while exploring the subject. I hope they don't tone down the fight in the bathroom or Dumbledore falling from a tower, but as long as they don't show blood gushing out of Malfoy, and spurting all over the walls, or else zoom in on Dumbledore's mangled body at the foot of the tower, I don't see how a PG rating is the cause for such uproar.Avatar Image says: Also, speaking of swords and stabbing, Chamber of Secrets was PG and they showed the whole sequence of Harry plunging a sword through the basilisk's head, driving it through, and getting bitten. That was bloodier than we've seen in most of the other movies, so take heart.Avatar Image says: You people are really, truly insane...I honestly believe that. It is NOT that big a deal...I guess I just don't understand why you are blowing this so out of proportion (and no, I am not being naiive about the outcome of this film...I believe that this will be an intense, amazing film worthy of PG-13 rating, that just got PG for some stupid reason that i don't really care about)...let it go, it's really nothing to get so upset about...honestly...really...calm down and breathe and just think about it....WHO GIVES A SH** WHAT IT'S RATED YOU'RE GOING TO SEE IT ANYWAYS AND YOU'RE GOING TO LOOOOOVVVEEEE IT! so Shut up.Avatar Image says: Tyler, you're my hero. Avatar Image says: Perhaps its because Voldy isn't even in this one, not that I find him scary (personally the screaming book in the first film is the scariest thing ull see out of all of the movies) a PG film indeed. I just hope it was MPAA who was leaning towards PG and not WB but it'll still be a great film of epic proportions :]Avatar Image says: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to be rated "PG?" What is up with this movie?! First they say that HBP comes out in November, but now it doesn't come out until July. Then, they say that Tonks and Lupin's relationship is very subtle in the movie, even though they are together, yet they are not supposed to be a couple in this one. Next, they say that there is no Dumbledore's funeral, now they're saying it's been added, as if out of thin air! And now the movie is going to be rated PG. What the heck! Seriously, this movie makes me ticked off. I mean, don't get me wrong, the more kid-friendly they make it, the better, I guess. But, I mean c'mon! The six book was the darkest of the series aside from Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hallows. Anyway, this rating thing doesn't make much sense, but since they took so much out of the book, it does not really surprise me. Avatar Image says: Sorry, I made an error. In the last sentence, when I said "book" I meant movie. From what I've read about HBP, WB has cut out a lot from the movie that was in the book.Avatar Image says: Sorry to be commenting back in so late, but to answer Dylan's question on whether or not a PG rating fits HBP (for those that don't know I've already seen the movie) I think that a PG rating does fit perfectly fine, but i do not think that the audience will be very disapppointed. Yes, there are parts in the movie that you'll get pissed off at. No, obviously there's no Bill, and no Snape doesn't say "Don't call me coward" and there's no fight scene after DD's death, and (this is my biggest disappointment besides the quote) there's no defense against the dark arts class.. At least not at the test screening. I'm really hoping they changed their minds, but don't get your hopes up, Katie! :D But the movie makes up for all that with wit, Quidditch, and good acting. Though I sometimes get mad at Michael Gambon, like with OOTP, he did his role well in this movie, and CGI will turn out great, and make some pretty kickass Inferi. Oh and the potions class was hilarious. This movie does well as a PG rating, but the problem you all seem to have is stereotyping PG as a little kiddie movie. Guys, that's not how it is anymore. Unfortunately, kids are...well..losing their innocence at a much younger age nowadays. They know so much more than their parents did at that age. Times have changed. Really. So please, stop acting five, and just sit back and wait for the movie to actually come out before you freak out and judge based on a silly rating. Avatar Image says: wait harry dont chase snape down i heard he does Avatar Image says: THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! HOW CAN THIS ONE OF ALL THE HARRY POTTER MOVIES BE RATED PG...... IT'S CRAZYY HBP IS ONE OF THE DARKEST IF NOT THE DARKEST OF THE HARRY POTTER FILMS.Avatar Image says: LAWDY LAWDY I SAY WE IS DOOMEDAvatar Image says: Here's PG-13 for you: Inferi. I had nightmares about them after reading HBP. Are they not appearing in the movie?Avatar Image says: Thanks, Kate, for the review. How exciting for you that you've seen it already!Avatar Image says: Thanks for the mini-review Katie, I'm glad to see you liked it. As long as the movie itself is good, I'll be fine. :DAvatar Image says: wait harry dont chase snape down i heard he does Avatar Image says: i dont know i guess the imagery of having your soul sucked out is pretty scary and you see it kinda happening in PoA and that a PG so i reckon a death and a slashing- not saw type style can still be done with in the PG guide lines. we will have to wait and see. Happy New Year All!Avatar Image says: Agreeing with ScottMan, here, and also, it all depends on how much a director decides to show. The Dark Knight, which should have easily been an R-rated film, scraped by with a PG-13 because its most horrible scenes didn't happen right there in front of everyone.Avatar Image says: whatever. much ado about nothing. just something new for haters to hate on. hate hate hate. blah blah blah.Avatar Image says: I'm not sure Kate actually said she liked it, just that she liked aspects of it and was disappointed with a number of things also. She definitely did not answer where she would rate it compared to the others (I believe that was a question posed). IMHO Malfoy and Snape have been reduced to mainly comic relief the last 3 movies and HBP should give them proper due of the important characters they are. It doesn't sound like they have been given that due though. I hope I'm wrong. Avatar Image says: This is not good...not good at all...If this movie is going to be toned down to the point of being rated PG, then its not worth my time or my money...I want the book in a movie form...not some video trying to make the book seem less violent than it actualy is...kinda pisses me off alittle bit...Avatar Image says: Wow so many people get all mad about this. Everyone needs to calm down. It's really not that big of a deal.Avatar Image says: PG??? How is that possible?? This book is definitely PG-13... Deathly Hallows better be PG-13...Avatar Image says: KATIE IS LYING!!!!Avatar Image says: Ya....Lying!Avatar Image says: Quit telling us to calm down. We are all totally lame for placing comments on this site, so just sit back and accept the fact that we're all losers. Losers who care, losers who don't care, losers who are pissed off at everyone, and losers who try to calm everyone down. LOSERS ALL. It doesn't matter what kind of loser YOU are, as long as we can all come together and spout off our B%LL S(#T together, without fear of persecution.Avatar Image says: Let's think about this. Consider some of the ratings other WB films have received within the last year. Dark Knight easily should have been rated R. How it got a PG-13 rating is a big mystery. So maybe WB thought they'd make more money if they got a PG rating and fudged, whatever needed to be fudged, to get it. Maybe the MPAA is corrupt? Or maybe the end of HBP is just weak, which would stink.Avatar Image says: EVERYONE DONT WORRY. THE MPAA HAS CHANGED/ UPDATED THEIR PG RATNG. CHECK THE WEBSITE. IF YOU LOOK BACK IT SAYS GOBLET OF FIRE AND OOTP WERE BOTH AND I QOUTE "Rated PG-13 for sequences of fantasy violence and frightening images." AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE IS RATED, AND I QUOTE "Rated PG for scary images, some violence, language and mild sensuality." SO IT REALLY ISNT BAD. TO BE HONEST I THINK THE REASON FOR THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE RATING SOUNDS ACTUALLY SCARIER THAN JUST FANTASY VIOLENCE AND FRIGHTENING IMAGES. AND WHEN U LOOK BACK AND WATCH THE FIRST 3 MOVIES THEIR STILL SO GOOD SO IF YOU ARE A FAN I WOULD NOT BE WORRIED. IT WILL BE A GREAT GREAT MOVIE. THANKS JACOBAvatar Image says: This is ridiculous. Although I am hoping this will not change the quality of the flim. All I can think is that whoever rates these movies must think kids can handle more. Anyone see Marley and Me? That DEFIANTLY should have been PG-13. And Prince Caspian as stated before. I know my younger siblings will not be seeing it- parental guidance or not. I read the books and know what in it!Avatar Image says: I hope that they didn't dumb it down just for the kids out there. It stopped being a kid's movie 2 movies ago. Its got me worried that they are cutting a lot out, even editing out some of the action scenes. I'll keep my fingers crossed!Avatar Image says: I'm not 100% confident about this fact, but I believe one of the aspects that can force a movie to be rated PG-13 is the visibility of blood - GoF and OotP both have scenes with this element (The Graveyard Scene in GoF and the Attack on Arthur Weasley at the Ministry). I'm guessing that the battle scenes in HBP will not be "realistic" in this sense (think of the recent Narnia movies, which both have a PG rating - epic battles, but the main characters only receive minor cuts that are visible). The only other element of Book 6 that I would think may push it to a PG-13 rating would be the use of potions (if construed as "drug use").Avatar Image says: WOW I have to say I was kinda shocked to hear this. This book was my favorite and it was also one of the darkest, more mature books. I really hope the movie can still have the same feeling as the book with a PG rating. Avatar Image says: All You Complainers, Naysayers, and whiners are SO STUPID! You are judging something based on what you dont know. Stereotypes. PG DOES NOT mean kiddie flicks, or dumbing down anything. Have you guys been watching the same trailers as me? PG- big fricken whoop. It was the same with Helen McCrory when she was cast as Narcissa Malfoy, " She is not a blonde, with blue eyes, long blonde hair, she's too old, Naomi Watts should play her eventhough they are the same age., We dont care if Jason has brown hair and plays a long haired blonde but hell we have to discriminate her and not even give her a chance because she doesnt meet our minds qualifications." Gee while your at it you might as well discriminate Alan Rickman on that one, he doesnt got long jet black locks. I know this is for OPINIONS, but come on could we keep it together a little more instead of always being so cynical. We have read the books, then watched the movies and they are always as close as they can be. And NO rating is changing the material. We have to remember that the books and our minds put together there are no boundaries, but even with all movies can do there is a limit.Avatar Image says: this sucks so much.Avatar Image says: If its PG in america it will most likely be a U in the UK. lolAvatar Image says: picaso: I'm sorry you consider yourself a loser, that's certainly not how I see myself, or the majority of people on this site.Avatar Image says: man thats not cool. cuz now it probly wont be as good cuz they will cut out some fights. =/ but still im soooooooooo excited. and im reading your book melissa.Avatar Image says: OH EFF THAT. Is this going to be a sugar-coated frosting HBP film?Avatar Image says: well thats the PROBLEM isnt it, thats the book! that has some 'pretty violent and bloody scenes' in it, HEY! now you guys have made the movie too damn short, thats your own fault this time! now you guys have really done it this time with making the movie from the book, the shortest of ALL the predecessing films have been...now thats JUST it, and look whats happend purely just because its so damn short! youll barely see much in the amount of time that it isAvatar Image says: I agree with some earlier posts, I think there's a possibility that some Adults will not go to see this film for the fact that it is PG and that PG is usually stereotyped as a 'kiddish' movie. Avatar Image says: i dont get the big deal. So what if its PG. It has to be dirty or extremely viloent to get respect.Avatar Image says: Im extremley angry over this, but i highly doubt its true. like is that even a valid website?? If some of the more intense and grusome scenes are portayed the way they were intended, their should be no problem. Im jut afraid the toned them down? I mean i know they must have toned down some of them, cuz seroiusly the whole sectumsempra thing is certainly R worthy as is dumbledore drinking the potion in the cave. Avatar Image says: this is from the MPAA's website, looks pretty official to me. It seems very likely that the intense scenes have been toned down, unfortunately. Which sucks. Avatar Image says: Toned down - dumbed down? Can someone please point me to the humor in the book, because I can't find it. I was going to do the first week boycott, now my RG will just boycott entirely.Avatar Image says: You guys are rediculously laughable. " Im extremely angry, EFF that, this sucks, the movie will be bad, Its for kids now, they dumbed it down, Adults wont see it now that its PG."... blah blah blah. Do you guys not know how dumb you sound? Or are you just that naive? Or is it both. We should have a Harry Potter site for sore losers.Avatar Image says: Oh and I have actually heard the word " Boycott" over a PG rating? To all who suggested they are going to boycott the film for delay or PG, please seek mental help. The rest of us love this series just as much as you but there is a fine line between love and being insane.Avatar Image says: I am outraged by this certification, a 12a would have been lower than morally acceptable, given the violent content of the book. But a PG!!! If the rating is the same in the U.K. where I live, though I want to see the film, I will not out of protest at this abomination. Whoever certificated this film, clearly has had a bludger to the head, if they cannot see how unsuitable it will be for young children. Dumbledore dies for heaven's sake, not to mention the Inferi, which gave me nightmares and I'm 26. Imagine how scary they would be to child of seven!! What in Harry's name are they playing at?Avatar Image says: They will ruin the movie. It won't be the same as the book. I know that they will ruin it. It can't be done faithfully to the book if it is only PG rated for christsakes.Avatar Image says: Im going to tell a story, I am in college and I took a class called ethics. We learned to ask the question why, and analyze things from everyones perspective. THERE are no opinions in that class. Opinions dont matter in the real world. Well they do, but in order to say something is bad, or terrible you have to be able to give a legitamit reason otherwise its begging the question which means its only a one sided affair and you cant prove yourself so its not true. I would say that statement is true for 95 % of you on this board. Good luck being delusional.Avatar Image says: I don't think it really matters what the movie is rated - as long as the rating doesn't come with scene cuts to accommodate that rating. If some idiot wants to rate Draco getting slashed open by Harry as PG, then so be it. The makers of the movie have absolutely nothing to do with the rating of the movie other than the fact that they made it. Some independent association makes the decision on ratings. It's not like WB is going out of their way to cut pieces of the movie to make it PG. And given that we've already had PG-13 rated HP movies, I doubt WB is doing anything to make this next movie PG.Avatar Image says: well they already made the movie so i dont get y e/o is all heated up..its not like now they r gonna take out parts to make it PG (or at least i hope not). wat im confused is the mild sensuality part. a kiss falls under tht category??? or is there more....Avatar Image says: I don't understand this. When HBP first came out, I considered that the movie might be R because of the Sectusempra scene. Now they pull this PG crap? I think David Yates shoud step aside for another director who will give it the adult tone it so clearly needs--I thought the movies were supposed to be getting darker! Instead this has the same rating as little kid stuff like Madagascar and Wallace and Gromit. Disappointing...Avatar Image says: IDIOTS! YOUR ALL IDIOTS! who keep making too many assumptions. JUST SHUT UP! Go somewhere else and be stereotypical about PG ratings. Its not Kid stuff and unless I have been in acoma the movie has not been released so none of you have any evidence to support your theories that its childish or WB sucks now, or David Yates should step aside. BE Smart for once.Avatar Image says: Harry Potter and R rating don't belong in the same sentence. Avatar Image says: This rating scares me. The entire book is centered around the idea of a horcrux, which is very dark material in my opinion. I hope they don't cut out all of the harry/dumbledore talks like they did in the last movie. That and the fight in the bathroom is one of my favorite parts in all of the books...that and when harry uses the imperius curse in the seventh (best moment in any of the books imo).Avatar Image says: same, what about the BATHROOM scene??? especially that one.... I fear they wrote that spell out and made Harry do something else. omg. and I agree with everyone about the inferi. but personally, I don't think the tower greatly affects any rating. It's neither violent nor scary nor... sexually loaded. Or maybe I read the book wrong ;)Avatar Image says: IDIOTS! YOUR ALL IDIOTS! who keep making too many assumptions. JUST SHUT UP! Go somewhere else and be stereotypical about PG ratings. Its not Kid stuff and unless I have been in acoma the movie has not been released so none of you have any evidence to support your theories that its childish or WB sucks now, or David Yates should step aside. BE Smart for once. Posted by BellaSnape on January 13, 2009, 12:54 AM Ahem. First of all, it is "you are or you're" not "your all". Try putting a space between "a" and "coma" and "BE Smart for once" has too many capitals. Go back to school and get an education and then perhaps mommy will let you go on her computer again.Avatar Image says: thats not rightAvatar Image says: Loads of good movies happen to be PG or less, but I seriously doubt that this particular film could get away with it unless things were toned down. I think I read somewhere that the final battle has been deleted, so we'll have to wait and see. It sounds like the bathroom scene is toned down as well. Ugh, after the mess of a story that was POA (they couldn't even get the werewolf right!), the toning down of OotP (that last battle should have been kind of gruesome, I thought), and the hacking up certain plot points of GOF (Rita's an animagus and no Dobby or Winky), I was hoping that this film would do justice. And for those who mentioned Prince Caspian, were we watching the same film? That one warranted a PG rating. I actually don't remember feeling intense at all - quite bored, actually. Although I did appreciate that they didn't completely tone down the battles.Avatar Image says: To be fair, I'm just starting to think that it's more and more difficult these days to earn a PG13 or R rating, and it doesn't speak to the actual gruesomeness of the movie or what have you. A PG rating means a wider audience, and a wider audience means more money.Avatar Image says: It really doesn't sound PG from the warnings. I mean some violence, mild sensuality and language? PG is Happy Feet! Avatar Image says: To ScottMan, we don't need a PG-13 rating because that will make it more awesome, we want one because of the dark tones throughout the novel. A sense of menace and conspiracy was held throughout the entire novel, and while the fight scenes are few, they are very intense and very graphically depicted. The PG rating upsets us because it shows that the movie is not going to be completely true to its source material ALA OOTP

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