Broadbent on Slughorn in Half-Blood Prince: “A Good Man, A Decent Man, but a Weak Man”


Jan 09, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

The LA Times has posted a new feature on actor Jim Broadbent and his role in the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The Oscar winning actor joins the cast this year as Potions professor Horace Slughorn, and Jim Broadbent says of his character: “a good man, a decent man, but a weak man.” Jim Broadbent goes on to praise the trio of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint (“so contained and brilliant and professional,”) and also has high marks for the care and dedication to the original source material found in the Harry Potter novels by J.K. Rowling. Quotage:

“I saw the first film when it came out, and it was so brilliantly
conceived,” Broadbent said. “You read the book and then you see the
film and every moment you think, ‘That is exactly how I imagined it.’
It was not absolutely faithful because you cannot be when you take it
to film, but the feel and look of it was terribly meticulous. That care
led to this great success. The reading audience has been satisfied with
it and wanted more and gone along with it.”

As released last year and just recently, you can see several high res photos of Jim Broadbent as Professor Slughorn here, here, here and here via our image galleries.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will be released July 17, 2009. Thanks Kristina!

31 Responses to Broadbent on Slughorn in Half-Blood Prince: “A Good Man, A Decent Man, but a Weak Man”

Avatar Image says: Interesting commentary...Avatar Image says: Cool. He makes a perfect Slughorn to me. Padfoot LoverAvatar Image says: Yes I was always happy with him being Slughorn. When I saw him I really did say "That just how I imagined him!" :)Avatar Image says: thats such a perfect description of sluggy! good insight broadbent! i always get annoyed if a cast member hasnt read the books and im glad to see the broadbent is keeping up and taking good notes :DAvatar Image says: I'm so glad he read the books! Three cheers for Jim Broadbent! And he's also got Slughorn's character down pat... "a good man, a decent man, but a weak man." PERFECT!Avatar Image says: I really like his quote about Slughorn. It really sums him up in my opinion.Avatar Image says: Slughorn needs to be larger!Avatar Image says: Oh thank Merlin, this guy actually has a clue! True, I pictured Sluggy fatter, but this'll do. Also, can't wait to see Broadbent in "Inkheart"; the corresponding books are some of my favorite fantasy books (nothing on HP, of course)Avatar Image says: what a dusty actor, gain some weight big Jimmy. I thnik Slughorn is the worst character in the books, should either be a squib or a muggle. Lets go boys hbp better be good or im gonna dummy somebody. Pretty sure it shouldnve been out already but thats no biggy eh boys. Warner Bros Licks.Avatar Image says: "a good man, a decent man, but a weak man." Good discription, he's a Slytherin after all. As Phineas says they avoid fighting if they can. But he was brave also, he decided to fight against V. face to face. That's a big bonus point for him. He also is exellent at potion.Avatar Image says: i heartily approve of this casting choice! he seems to really understand slughorn, and will play him admirably! and i love how he looks in the film. straight out of a 40's boarding school. which is of course the last time he taught. they have the look down pat!Avatar Image says: I probably read a different book. Or I have an other idea of the words "good" and "decent". He, as we have a saying here, "sells his mother with the coffin" for a comfortable place for his buttocks and a box of pineapples. He absolutely has no backbone! Remember guys, he only gave Harry the memory when Harry filled him up.And he judges people by their Paris-Hilton-Factor! But I can understand that( the much too slim Mr Broadbent )wants to be a good guyAvatar Image says: That's bogus Giant Fairy.You're only proving Broadbent right. Slughorn has indeed got no backbone and he surrounds himself with powerfull people, that's excactly what weakness intends. But he's not a bad person. Look at the facts, he never ever stood on the darkside. Okay, he didn't fight it either, but that's the weakness part again. To say that he is evil for doing nothin is like saying all the people in Germany were evil at the time of world war 2.Avatar Image says: As Eva points out, lets not forget that Slughorn was given the opportunity by Prof McGonnagal the choice of taking his house to safety, staying out the way or to join her fighting. And boy did he shine, as he lead his Slithering army and fought Voldermont with Shacklebolt and Mcgonnagal side by side. It was a time of rectifying his ways. He may have been weak before but his better conscious won over him and showed a person can change his ways upon reflection and regret of the things done in the past. Another of Jo's great complex characters.Avatar Image says: He does not Charles.Avatar Image says: I like Jim's opinion on the character, so it gives the me the impression he knows what he is doing with Slughorn and the character. I have to say, I didn't imagine him like that, but that's fine. I imagined him as a fat chineese man for some reason. Anyway, I always like that graduation hat they put on him, good idea...Avatar Image says: correction; the trio of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson.Avatar Image says: "correction; the trio of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson." by m.a boon. Errr, why do switch the nameplaces if I may ask? Avatar Image says: Emma's name comes last, of course. Ha. You get used to the anit-Emma crap on these sections after while, sigh....................................Avatar Image says: Great interview. I must admit that he's not how i imagined Slughorn. In my mind i see a fat man, but, you know, just my opinion. In the end, what is fundamental is the interpratation.Avatar Image says: @m.a boon and all the other trolls, their names are listed in order by popularity.Avatar Image says: redbeard: This probably isn't the forum on which to get into this, but there is something to be said against those who sit back and allow evil to happen without standing up to in WWII. Inaction is easy, comfortable; action hard, messy & dangerous. Ignorance of a law (or the existence of a law) is no legal excuse for breaking it; similarly, a society that allows for the rise of something like Nazism has to be held accountable, even if its individual members may not have been directly linked. There is such a thing as a national psyche. It's the American national psyche that got us into the economic/mortgage mess, this culture of more more more for less less less. And now we're all paying the price. Slughorn not acting against evil (and therefore enabling it) may not make him evil himself (as popularly defined), but one could make a great argument for his inaction being as dangerous as the actions of those who actively collaborated...If that makes sense!Avatar Image says: BTW, to add to my earlier post, I always got the feeling that that was Rowling's whole point re the Slughorn character: That inaction is, in itself, a dangerous choice in dire times. Avatar Image says: I cannot wait for the scene in the movie when Harry, hopped up on the Felix Felicis, gets the final memory from Slughorn. I'm picturing pure brilliance from Jim and Daniel - "She gave me her life, but you won't give me a memory". *Chills*Avatar Image says: i think he makes an ok slughorn but needs to be much fatter!Avatar Image says: When I first heard Jim Broadbent was going to play Slughorn, I was very excited. Jim Broadbent is a brilliant actor, Ive loved him in all his recent movies. "Hot Fuzz" and "The Cronicles of Narnia". When I saw him playing Slughorn, I was a little baffled. Slughorn has a walrus mustache and a big round belly. Our slughorn doesn't have these, but Jim will play the part perfectly, as he is an incredible character actor. I can't wait to see the new movie. I hope they don't delay it further.Avatar Image says: Well, I do absolutely agree with you dcrazmo. I just can't help but thinking that I wouldn't have been more brave in such situations then Slughorn (or nazi Germany for that matter. Just try being brave with a gun to your head. I think Slughorn represents the majority of the people, because honestly, most people would hide away too if they thought their lifes were at stake. But ofcoarse you're right, fear doesn't excuse it.Avatar Image says: redbeard: Hope I didn't imply that I would necessarily "do the right thing." I don't think I'm any braver than you or anyone else. I live a very comfortable life, and don't really know how far I'd go to protect that. I can't imagine -- thank God -- ever being in the position that people were in during WWII, or that Rowling's fictional characters found themselves in. I do think that good people make bad decisions, and that their weaknesses don't automatically make them evil. I'd just love to think that there is in all of us that little bit of courage that would help us go, like Harry, into the woods.Avatar Image says: Amen to that.Avatar Image says: wow, that HBP clock is just crawling...I think the next film will be the best of them all, only to be BLOWN out of the water by what they do with Deathly Hallows...God, I can't wait!!!!!!!!! Good or Bad, Slughorn comes through in the end, just as Dumbledore knew he would....Slytherin folk are none I could call friend I think, but I respect them for coming though in the end! :0)Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: And actor must find the good in his character to give an effective performance. If you hate your character, you cannot play him.

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