Photos from Rupert Grint’s New Film “Cherrybomb”


Jan 13, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Several new photos from Cherrybomb, starring Rupert Grint are now (UPDATED) available here in our image galleries: one, two, three, and four. As reported previously, Cherrybomb will premiere next month at the Berlin Film Festival.

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Avatar Image says: I can't wait for this film! His skin! omg his skin!Avatar Image says: WOW a big step away from Driving Lessons and Harry Potter. I can't wait for it and Wild Target.Avatar Image says: I'm so glad this film is premiering at the largest film festival in the world! I wish I lived in Berlin!Avatar Image says: I just wish I lived in Europe, Sam! I'd hop on a train like a robber.Avatar Image says: WOW! I can't stop giggling :)Avatar Image says: I think I need to force myself to step away from the computer. This is just too hot...too awesome....Avatar Image says: I'm liking the Elvis hair.Avatar Image says: omg i know!!!love the hair!! every time i see that little curl i jut cant stop laughing. ickle ronnikins!!Avatar Image says: Wow, this looks really interesting. Mr. Grint has really grown up, hasn't he? Kudos to him.Avatar Image says: I've got to say, Rupert looks really hot! Certainly not a kid anymore, is he? The film looks really interesting as well, I'm looking forward to it.Avatar Image says: I hope you could post it here so we could generally see it right here and there!Avatar Image says: I am still squeeing like a maniac over these new pics!!! THE YEAR OF THE GRINT! It just got exciting ya'll. The movie trailer for Cherrybomb...mmmm.... any day now!!!Avatar Image says: Too hot! He's looking so good :DAvatar Image says: My gosh! Reaaaaaaalllyyyy NICE! :) Not to say more! hot as hell.. cant wait for the movie! Avatar Image says: O.M.G.!!! :o Rupert's going to be the death of me!!!Avatar Image says: YIKES! HOT, HOT, HOT!Avatar Image says: Perfection. Rupert is perfection. Avatar Image says: Love his haircut! Avatar Image says: O_O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooooooooo wow! he looks so hot.I can't wait for that movie anymore!Avatar Image says: I am quite pleased with the pics. I remember ages ago when I wasn't too sure about the quiff, but it absolutely looks good on him. Avatar Image says: That one pic of him with his shirt off and they look like theyre about to kiss... her profile kind of looks like Emma Watson there..lolAvatar Image says: Oh dang, shirtless Rupert, and all the girls go "Squeeeee!" We've had nekkid Dan too, so we better get Emma in the sexy-witch Bellatrix dress in Deathly Hallow dangit! At least!Avatar Image says: As Rupert might say, "Cool!"Avatar Image says: he looks so intense and sweet. i wonder if the rumor is true that he is secretly seeing his co-star. they are rather cute together. (i know shipping real people is considered silly, but hey it does happen, brad and angelina anyone?)Avatar Image says: ^^^^^^^ these pics are great, it just makes me more anxious for the they're not dating as both parties have stated. & kim has a before & they've been in a very lond relatinship.Avatar Image says: Hey Em, I was just thinking the same thing - the profile of that girl does look like Emma Watson... perhaps they have started filming Deathly Hallows already... ;-)Avatar Image says: he's only 20, he's only 20, he's only 20, he's only 20, he's only 20, he's only 20, he's only 20, he's only 20, he's only 20... You know what... that's not too young. i'll stop feeling like a creep i guess. Avatar Image says: Kerri, II feel your pain Oh to be 20 again All of the HP guys are just to cute!!! Avatar Image says: WHO IS THAT GIRL ??? She looks ok !!! Rupert...... OMG.... he looks awesome!!!!!Avatar Image says: Her name is Kimberley Nixon - she's a wonderful actress, and yes, beautiful too. The other guy in the pics is Robert Sheehan. But yeah... Bloody hell Rupert!Avatar Image says: OK! I'm singing the American "Unfair come WE don't get to see these great films? Sing along, fellow "outcasts"..[to the tune of 'High Ho' from'Snow White'...NOT FAIR, not fair. Just look at Rupert's hair! We want to see, how great he'll be..Not, fair. Not faire. NOT FAIR!!!! Not fair, not fair! Just look at Ruper's hair.... Avatar Image says: Those rumors aren't true as far as what the tabloids said. The pictures they showed were taken at a cast party in July, not on New Year's. And Rupert and Kim weren't alone at all. The directors were even there! Kim has had a boyfriend for a long time and she came out on her website and publicly denied the rumors. They could have a thing, we don't know. We're not in their business and we shouldn't be. But they are both beautiful people, that's for sure. She is curvy and buxom and incredible. UK residents can watch her in Cranford. I wonder where all of our favorite Rupert haters are right now? Doesn't he look amazing!? That man can sure set a scene with just his expression. It almost like watching an entire movie in one shot. He's a porcelain god.Avatar Image says: @ Confederate Lady: I expect we will get the film. I mean, we got Driving Lessons (albeit in a limited release) and it didn't get nearly as much buzz. Ha. It seems like some of the media (I've been googling to see who else is covering it to help out ICM) have forgotten that Rupert even did DL, in which he was also shirtless (briefly), had a kiss scene, and an implied love scene. Anyway, yeah, the Rupert and Kim rumors aren't true. I'll just add to what Sam said and say that Kim has a boyfriend.Avatar Image says: Erudite, don't call out the haters, they don't have anything to do with this. This movie seems really cool, I wanna see it.Avatar Image says: Well even if we only get the DVD here in the US I will be happy. I thought Rupert was good in DL, and Emma's Ballet Shoes is my niece’s favorite movie and Dan in My Boy Jack made me cry. Not a huge fan of December Boys but I think Dan was good in it but the editing was a bit weird for me. I think they are all going to have great careers after Potter and they seem to choose roles which help them grow instead of just any old role just to be in a film. On the girlfriend/not girlfriend front-I think that if Rupert and this girl date that is great if they are not then they are not. The HP guys and girls are all young adults now are going to be seen dating people. If you are a true fan of them be happy when they find love don’t hate on the girl or guy they are dating. I mean there have been some really nasty things said about Tom Felton’s girlfriend that are just down right mean. We don’t know this girl or for that matter any of the girlfriend or boyfriend so why tear them apart for no other reason then because they are dating your favorite HP star. Avatar Image says: I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS MOVIE! I am so dragging my flatmate with me if it comes out here. Although I've sort of converted her to the Rupert love, so actually dragging may not be necessary.Avatar Image says: Thanks, Pete, I was about to say that. Don't call out anyone.... Don't stir up anything. Just enjoy...Avatar Image says: The year of Grint is gonna be a he11 of a amazing year. Rupert Rocks! Avatar Image says: You're welcome lol. I'm straight, but for a freakin redhead, Rupert looks good lolAvatar Image says: Michele: I don't think anyone has bashed Kim, have they? Maybe I missed it. If it wasn't for the fact that she has a boyfriend, I would be so happy for both of them if something was going on, it's just not. I know for a fact that the pictures were taken in July and they were there with cast and crew.Avatar Image says: "I wonder where all of our favorite Rupert haters are right now?" Aaaaawwwww,,,,an nice....buuuuut I´ll think I´ll have to pass this one....maybe some other time....But thanks a billion time.... Avatar Image says: He's too hot! He's just too hot!Avatar Image says: Is that a curler in his hair?!Avatar Image says: rupert looks GREAT, and kimberly is so sexy. i really want to know what's the story about and can't wait for it!!Avatar Image says: Thanks, Karin. I really do hope she is a very nice actress 'coz I haven't seen any of her movies but in those very little pictures of her she looks fine !!!! And in the snog one, she does look a little like Emma. But no one can beat Emma !!! Seriously !!!! WHY IS RUPERT LOOKING SO CUTE ????Avatar Image says: It's not a curler in his hair, it's a quiff. the filmmakers wanted Malachy to be very trendy.Avatar Image says: His hair is amazing and I'm so excited! (:Avatar Image says: WOW ! YOU HAVE GROWN UPAvatar Image says: Regarding the quiff, from what I've read from an interview with the makeup/dress people (don't recall exactly where, I saw it at ICM), Malachy and Luke are like 16, and at that stage when they are "trying" to look older than they are. From hearing from the people that we've come in contact with from NI, they say guys don't really sport quiffs. Way earlier on, I wasn't to sure of it, but it suits him and it does give character to Malachy. It makes me think of how Duckie Dale's style of dress defines him. I LOVE DUCKIE!!!!! I can't wait to see this movie and TONY in WT!!! TONY!!! Grrrrr..... Oh gosh, SO not the place to fangirl. Hehehehehe...Avatar Image says: It's a mark of Rupert's versatility that Tony and Malachy look like completely different people just from the pictures we've seen. Tony is sexy in his own way (scruff and muscles), while Malachy is clean and trendy. Avatar Image says: So excited about this movie, I just hope we'll get it here in Portugal (we got DL, so hopefully...). Rupert looks gorgeous and hot in this pics, and I also wasn't sure about the quiff at first but now I'm sure it's perfect for the character and Rupert will rock it, as always :) hope he gets loads of media recognition for this oneAvatar Image says: Rupert should have stuck with HP.Avatar Image says: to elie, why? He's talented so I don't see the reason why he should stick with hp.Avatar Image says: Maybe elie thinks Rupert has left HP completely to do these other movies? But that is not the case (fortunately :( ) He will complete the HP movies in his role as Ron, he just used the time between filming HBP and DH to do Cherrybomb and Wild Target. Yippieee if you as me. :DAvatar Image says: Well, one day HP will end. This is the best time for him (or any young HP actor), to explore differerent roles to see what direction their career should go. I wish he had more time to fit in something else.... Avatar Image says: As far as we've heard, Rupert won't be doing any full-frontal scenes. At the most we might see his rear, which wouldn't be bad. I think it's great for Rupert that he's got Cherrybomb, HBP, and Wild Target all coming out in one year. I really hope the Pottercasters go see CB and WT, they both sound like great movies, and I'd love to hear their opinions on Rupert's non-HP roles.Avatar Image says: Um, wow. I never thought I'd say this but Rupert is getting to be quite the hot one now isn't he? (*feels so weird saying that about our little roonil wazlib but oh well little boys grow up hehe*)

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