High Res Photo of Harry, Dumbledore in Office


Jan 14, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Last year we first saw several scans of a photo showing Harry (Dan Radcliffe) and Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) in the Headmaster’s office, including this and this from a calendar for the upcoming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. You can now see a high res version of the same photo here, courtesy of Oclumencia.

Thanks to Oclumencia!

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Avatar Image says: I cant wait till July, time seems to be going so slow atm! :( Hopefuly there will be more pictures or something soon. Avatar Image says: The Gaunt ring? Except the hand isn't blackened. I've been looking forward more to DH but now I'm starting to remember all the good stuff that should be in this film.Avatar Image says: Anne, i have been noticing the same thing about his hand, how can they leave THAT out? its sooooooo important. DH is gonna be a mess explaing all the missing pieces they've left out to the movie-only people (lazy bums=D). i understand they cant put it all in, but they have cut some things that have made me say "who's in charge here?"Avatar Image says: no, i know for sure the withered hand is in. cuz do you remember that sneak peak we got ages ago, the one that came with the ooto dvd? it showed a glimpse of dumbers getting up out of his chair and the hand he used to push himself up was covered in green screen stuff. not unless theyve decided to remove that part, but i dont think so. maybe the burned and blackened hand in his right one, the one we cant seeAvatar Image says: Nice. I'm really getting excited for the movie. I just wish Dumbledore would wear his half-moon spectacles; I always picture him with that.Avatar Image says: Taylor, good thinking, you could be right, as it's DDs wand hand that's damaged and we are seeing the left.Avatar Image says: To everyone who thinks the cursed hand of dumbledore is left out: Look at the first trailer (not the 15 second one - that's no trailer to me) there you see at 01:07 that Dumbledore puts the Gaunt's ring on his middle finger of his RIGHT hand. And simultaneously you'll see that the rings on Dumbledore's left hand (on the photo) look nothing like the Gaunt's ring. So that means the blackened hand is still in the film (I hope XD)Avatar Image says: Anne is right! Not only that part of the trailer but also the part that he is going to Apparate with Harry and when he says 'Take My Arm', there you could see his right hand was blackened! And none of the rings at his left hand is the Gaunt Ring so .... xD Avatar Image says: Kevin, I said that about the trailer, not Anne XDAvatar Image says: i cant wait til the film comes out omg this is so bugging me love Harry Potter Avatar Image says: Haha, I love DUmbledore's beard!Avatar Image says: everyone listen up dumbledore's blackened hand is there didn't you see that picture with dumbledore with a green glove, and you saw the blackened hand in the international trailer so people can you now shut up about dumbledore's hamd, im getting fed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Avatar Image says: everyone listen up dumbledore’s blackened hand is there didn’t you see a picture a few months ago with dumbledore with a green glove on, and you saw the blackened hand in the international trailer so people can you now shut up about dumbledore’s hand, im getting fed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Image says: gorgeous photo of dan radcliffe!!!! but, uh, if this isn't about the gaunt ring, what scene is this?Avatar Image says: dan looks old D: he was hot in ootpAvatar Image says: Where Dumbldore's blackened hand?!?! I was rereading HBP and Harry must've asked "What happened to your hand, sir?" like ten times!! There is NOOO way they can leave that out. AND it's key to the story. It explains the whole horcruxes carrying curses idea. You can't have the diary possess Ginny without the ring cursing Dumbledore!!!! -million sad faces times a billionnn!- :(Avatar Image says: @anisha, read the comments before posting! cos a million and one people have already said to calm down about that!!! take a deep breath!Avatar Image says: Can it be time for the movie yet? Summer where are you? sigh...Avatar Image says: i just wished they made dan's hair more scruffy like harry's should be...honestly how hard is it for the make-up people to grab a bit of hair gel and ruffle it up...not very hard if you ask me!!Avatar Image says: I think it would be really easy.... i would get his hair all messy in a bit if I had the chance! hehehahheh :PAvatar Image says: It's about time they start releasing more pics, don'y you think? I don't know what happened with this movie but I have the feeling I have only seen a few pics and don't know much about it. Which is good because usually they show too much of the movie before it comes out and when I watch it I feel I've had already seen most of it. But on the other hand I would really like to see more pics of the cave scene and Harry and Ginny together. :) I think Dan looks like Harry is supposed to look, the right age and they made his hair a little more messier than it was in OotP. I've noticed he is letting his hair grow since he is in NY so I hope the make-up people are not stupid and let it just like it's now, it's perfect like that. And I don't know about DD's hand but I remember a pic or video where he has a green glove so I'm sure in the movie it's going to look black. But I wonder if the right he is wearing is Riddle's ring or just a random one...Avatar Image says: Sue Upton? I read about you in Harry, A History. Tell Mellissa Annelli I said That I admire her work, if you could. And I know you have meet Jo Rowling, so answer this. Is she totally and completely awesome?!!!!???!!Avatar Image says: Is this picture of Harry and Dumbledore their last lesson before they journey to the cave? I noticed in the trailer that Dumbledore´s hair was longer and had a grey colour outside the cave, and it also was in this picture. I think his blackened hand is in the film because they who saw the test-scrrening said so. I hope this film will be fantastic! Some of the memories were cut, but they were acly a bit booring. It look like the filmmakers are going to explain it in other ways (in HBP and DH 1 and 2). After the reviews from the test-screening, we are all prepared for the balance between romantic comedian and the darker stuff. The change book/film at the atronomy tower when Snape arrives, will probably work. In the film Harry will, at Dumbledore´s word, hide himself and not be frozen like in the book. He is also told to not interrupt what´s going on. Perhaps Harry trust Snape because Dumbledore does. He listen to Snape when he arrives, and keep quiet. Snape doesn´t tell the deatheaters about Harry but send Dumbledore to his death. I am not sure about how the audiens who have not read the book, will feel about this. Perhaps they are not going to be surprised, but I hope there are left a sense of mysterious whether Snape is good or evil. I´ve heard the battle in the end is cut. That´s sad, but Harry who angry runs after Snape and the deatheaters, are not left. In the book Harry was in focus, when he ran throughout the battle, so still, it look like the film keep faithful to the book. A PG-rating worry me a little bit. The intensity in some scenes will hopefully not be toned down. A rating doesnt mean a thing to how awesome the film will be, because this film must be as good as possible. We deserve that after the delay!

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