Live PotterCast Recording – Movie and Snape and CCs, Oh My


Jan 15, 2009

Posted by Melissa Anelli

Hey gang: Tonight we invite you to special live PotterCast 181 recording (which will not have Nargles this time, we hope). We have a lot of news to discuss, and then you’ll be present for the recording of three canon conundrums about Severus Snape. It starts at 7 p.m. EST. You can listen in or call in to interact live, so here’s the info:

We will be using TalkShoe so that you can listen in and take part in the episode. We will be soliciting your Snape input, and frankly, we’re worried that you all are kinda opinionless on him, so read up and try to figure out what you think about it, OK? ;)

Here’s what you have to do:

If you would like to listen via the Internet, click here. You will be directed to a chat, but do not have to be a member to be part of it nor do you have to actually chat. Audio of the recording should start playing on your computer.

If you would like to listen via phone, you can call 1.724.444.7444 and enter the call ID 28012#. You will then be prompted to enter a pin number:

-If you are a member of TalkShoe (you don’t have to be) you can enter your TalkShoe pin ID to be recognized by your name on the call.
-If you are not a member of TalkShoe, you simply follow the instructions (most likely pressing “1″ and then “#”) to listen in on the call.

We will routinely be taking questions from the chat and from callers (and more frequently from those who are members of TalkShoe, as we can determine order of call for members), so please join us! See you there!

62 Responses to Live PotterCast Recording – Movie and Snape and CCs, Oh My

Avatar Image says: The same night as MuggleCast Live? Seriously?Avatar Image says: Because of the fact that I may be posting the first comment, then maybe the recording hasn't started yet? I have to check the time difference ^^,Avatar Image says: I wish I could listen, but, NO, I have to take my son to his violin lesson. This sucks. Too bad he can't play hooky right now. He has to be ready for auditions this spring.Avatar Image says: When are you guys going to be doing Bit By Bit of the Silver Doe?Avatar Image says: We actually just started that last night, eruditewitch. Peevish - it is? OK. This is when we're recording, and you'll notice is the same day of the week our other two live recordings were. Thursday nights, we record, so any other time you wouldn't have a show to listen to. (Except last night, which was a rare exception.)Avatar Image says: cool!! ill listen,, but where do u listen to it at>???Avatar Image says: is it a pottercast? 181??Avatar Image says: lol nvm im only 13, so dont expect alot from me...goshAvatar Image says: Will the Silver Doe discussion be inluded in the live chat? (I liked that last time, even though we were there for like 4 hours) It's just my favorite chapter in the series and I would love to be a part of it. Avatar Image says: What the same night as Mugglecast! Come one, exams are comming up and now there are two live podcast the same night. But on the other hand I am excited! This shall be fun. Thanks PotterCast!Avatar Image says: Come on Melissa!!!! what happens to the pepole who acoaly like Mugglecast AND Pottercast???? there is no way you will be done with pottercast by the time mugglecast starts! (8:00) anyway mugglecast has had the notice up on thair site since the 10th! you'd think you might have noticed! i still love pottercast but really! a little overbord!Avatar Image says: Mills, sorry, it's either tonight or not at all. Getting four people's schedules in line to record is a hard thing, and this is the only time we're doing it this week. We didn't go live last week, and did the week before, etc. It's only the 15th; it's usually well more than 5 days between my checking of MuggleCast and I'm sure they'd say the same of PotterCast. But we understand if you can't listen, it's totally fine! Avatar Image says: (If you want to know the truly funny thing: John and Andrew live in the same house. So both shows will be live from the same place.)Avatar Image says: ugh I would honestly rather not have this live and just have it as a regular pottercast this makes me so sad because I want to listen to both. can't you do a different episode live? sorry to be so whiney (that is spelled wrong sorry) because I know the scheduling thing IS hard. Avatar Image says: Oh wow Melissa, that is funny!Avatar Image says: I sorry i was kinda whiney, but i did wanna listen to both. and it is funny about John and Andrew! it's close in time ya might as well make it a leaky mug at this point! (please don't take me sirusly and give me a leachtre on how it'd never work) Btw i love your book Melissa!Avatar Image says: ohhhh this will be cool... i've never done this before... i'll just study 4 my stems test later in the evening...tee-hee. you can start listening or leave at any time right? sorry to sound so stupid, but as i said, i've never done this before.Avatar Image says: I'm torn! Mugglecast or Pottercast? I guess i'll listen to Pottercast then at eight i'll switch...too much of a good thingAvatar Image says: Guess what? some pepole (like me) complained about the Mugglecast Pottercat on the same night thing, but i just looked at the Mugglecast post and no one cares! weird... Avatar Image says: Either way it will be a very happy Harry Potter night...oh and btw I loved Harry, a History too! :) Avatar Image says: Why does it say that nothing is scheduled on the TalkShoe page?Avatar Image says: I am amused that there will be two Harry Potter podcasts recording from the same house tonight. Maybe this time I'll call in though. What ever happened to Leaky Mugs? Any chance of one before Azkatraz?Avatar Image says: I wanna ring, but i'm in the UK :(Avatar Image says: HAHAH wow. that's really funny that both are recording at the same time and place! :D I'l love to be part of the movie discussion, so I'll be listening in!Avatar Image says: I think I've figured out the time correctly. So ... shouldn't it be on now? Why doesn't it work? :(Avatar Image says: Oh no, both podcasts live on the same night only one hour apart? I guess I can somehow listen to an hour of Pottercast then somehow switch to mugglecast at 8pm...and then listen to both fully when they come out on iTunes. Why I'm surprised that this happened is because Andrew, Matt and John live together; wouldn't they realise that they all have a live show on the same night? lol but I can make do. One hour left for the show to start! I have a question; is TalkShoe just for american listeners? I'm Canadian :P Avatar Image says: Im always shocked to know that people listen to one show and not the other. I thought everyone listened to both like me. I will listen tonight then switch over to mugglecast when you guys finish at pottercast.Avatar Image says: Oh... So it'll start in an hour. :D Oh... That'll be 01:00 am for me. Gosh, i'm so tiredAvatar Image says: Actually, if you go to the link, they're on right now! But I don't think the show has officially begun and this is pre-show talk (making sure everything is working etc.) But I may be wrong...:PAvatar Image says: I'm on the link, signed up on TalkShow, but I do'nt hear anything..? And it still says that nothing is scheduled. Do I have to do something to hear them?Avatar Image says: Can't wait! I've never been able to make a live Pottercast before. :DAvatar Image says: why am i blocked from chatting??Avatar Image says: Being blocked from chat is no fun, especially when I was in the first 10 or so to get there! The chat starts and it crashes my internet. I return and I can't chat. Ustream is so much better, it isn't limited. Although, admittedly, you can't have guest speakers.Avatar Image says: Oh, we've already had Nargles. D: John-abductin, sound-screwing naNrgles!Avatar Image says: Becca- same thing here. :/ I was chatting, Firefox crashed, and now I'm blocked. D:Avatar Image says: I keep getting logged out for some reason. good show though!Avatar Image says: Becca - same thing has happend to me a few times, I was there early and could talk, but now Im blocked. -_-Avatar Image says: I hope more people leave for MC so I can chat. >.>Avatar Image says: You know what would be awesome? A PotterCast from the Inauguration. Too bad they're not going. D:Avatar Image says: how come new people are signing up to the chat all the time and i'm blocked from chatting? i have a talkshoe account.....Avatar Image says: I dunno daate. I'm a member too! I keep thinking "oh, so many people are logging out, I'll be able to chat!" But I can't. :/Avatar Image says: saaad, that it only work with this number. I would love to listen but since I'm in Europe that's not going to happen. well, I'm looking forward to the recording :)Avatar Image says: well kristeen we both got on eventually!!!:) Avatar Image says: Ah, that was awesome! Thanks!Avatar Image says: Oh it was so much fun! But Melissa in the middle you said "should we take another caller?" ..."# 324" that was me! You were about to, but then john said something and you guys moved on! I was so close!. Hahah well maybe next time. :) Thanks for the great show! Avatar Image says: aww...i missed it.: (Avatar Image says: @Alatarielle: Everyone can listen via the Internet through the link on the TalkShoe page, you don't need to call the number on Skype. I'm in Norway and just finished listening. :) I love these live PotterCast recordings, they're always fun to listen to. It's really cool that you incorporate us ordinary listeners like that. Thank you so much, guys!Avatar Image says: :( I always seem to miss when you are doing a live show. I saw this message at 7pm (PST) Arghh!!! Oh well. I'm not complaining just sad I missed a chance to call.Avatar Image says: is it over??Avatar Image says: I missed another live PotterCast -.-"Avatar Image says: I think they need to post the pacific time as well as EST.Avatar Image says: Someone want to do something about the above comment? It isn't very nice to call someone names...and I don't think they are joking.Avatar Image says: @ Joanne: There is no need to be disrespectful. Melissa and her fellow podcasters and Leaky staff work very hard to give us, the fans, entertainment and information. They do this extremely well because they care enough to want to share their love of Potter with us. Also, to others complaining about the sudden live show: They did their best to accomodate as many people as possible. Why not look at it as a surprise treat, instead of something you were "left out of" ? If you listen to enough Pottercasts, you know they appreciate their fans. They don't owe us anything, and yet they share the love weekly. Why complain when they do their best?Avatar Image says: WAIT! Did you just say that John and Andrew live together? And P-cast and M-cast hyave been acting like separate, competing entities all this time? Jeez-o-pete, that makes all skeevy competition posts pretty much irrelevant . . .Avatar Image says: This will be dowloaded on The Leaky Cauldron/ iTunes at some point, right? Please tell me this was just a live recording session of it and not the only opportunity to hear it, because I really want to hear it (even if I can't participate in it), especially since I'm a big Snape fan. Avatar Image says: LOL it was hilarious when John was like everyone Spam Mugglecast and then someone on the Mugglecast chat told Andrew this and Matt went and told John off and John had to come in and be like guys stop spamming hahaha Love you all!Avatar Image says: you guys should email people or send messages via facebook or something before you have live internet shows. i would love to hear one but i didn't find out in time. hope to be a part of the next one. keep on rockingAvatar Image says: but i agree with lumosshimmy whole heartedly!Avatar Image says: HMM!! what time is seven in britian????!! xxxxxAvatar Image says: So will we be able to listen at some point? I hate that I missed this!Avatar Image says: Wonder if this Pottercast and others will have written transcripts available and how I can get them? I have a hearing loss so won't be able to listen in and I am sure others may have the same problem. Thanks!Avatar Image says: is there a way to listen to this after the fact? i tried on the linked page but i could only listen/download episode one.

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