Dan Radcliffe Talks Theater, Politics, Potter, and More in New Interview


Jan 26, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

There is a new interview online today from The Daily Beast with actor Dan Radcliffe (Harry Potter), which features the actor speaking at great length about a number of subjects related to his craft, his experience in America, the political and social climate of today, growing up in the spotlight, and much more. (Note: Caution to parents of younger readers regarding the mature nature of portions of the interview). Among the topics Mr. Radcliffe discusses is his experience during the run of the play Equus, noting it is something he’ll be “very sad” to see end. Mr. Radcliffe says that his work in the theater has brought him a “certain amount of respect. It will always be my first experience on the stage,” before going on to note that would be open to doing a musical in the future, ” It’s just a matter of finding the right one.”

Mr. Radcliffe goes on to more of his experience in the States, relating a particular privilege to be here during the recent inauguration of President Barack Obama. Quotage:

I am so proud and happy for this country. He is everything the rest of
the world liked about America and now likes again. He is both Martin
Luther King and JFK. He is a pioneer. He is a symbol of progress which
is what we dig about this country. What you love about England is all
the old buildings and such. The traditions. I love that, too. But this
is what we want from you.

Continuing on this subject, the young actor speaks of the landscape of the British political future, his British heritage, which tends to make him “go doubly British when [he is] away from home.” The actor also extends a personal invitation to the daughters of President and Mrs. Obama for “a private tour of the Harry Potter set.” Speaking then in relation to the world of Harry Potter, Dan Radcliffe observes that he has developed “two personas” to balance his day-to-day life with the sudden rise of fame. He relates:

“It’s not even a conscious thing. Something happens… People
always say to me, “Oh, you’re so funny in interviews.” And I go, Well,
I’m not really in real life particularly. That’s what fame does to you.
You acquire another self.”

The conversation continues, with talk of Goblet of Fire co-star Robert Pattinson’s (Cedric Diggory) rise to fame and Dan’s emotional approach to acting. Daniel credits poet John Keats’ theory of negative capability for this, and notes: “The truth is to be found in the things that are not certain and not solid and not easy and not simple. Keeping your childlike attitude is important too. Having a sense of
wonder about everything in the world. Harnessing that wonder is what
acting is about.”

Finally, the subject then turns to Mr. Radcliffe’s work on the stage, and the kind of experiences he has had with various theater colleagues over the years. Acknowledging variances in the culture of theater verses film production, Mr. Radcliffe credits a wide circle of friends and homosexual colleagues during his youth as providing him with a different perception of homosexuality than his friends, who had “a rather different attitude toward it than I.”

The full interview with actor Dan Radcliffe can be read via this link.

69 Responses to Dan Radcliffe Talks Theater, Politics, Potter, and More in New Interview

Avatar Image says: aww!! dan's so sweet and insightful. i love reading his interviews.Avatar Image says: first comment! yay!Avatar Image says: First Post. That is a first for me. This is my first ever post and i am the first person to post as far as I knowAvatar Image says: Guess not!!!Avatar Image says: First post, yes, but have you got anything to SAY? Read the interview at all? It was rather an interesting interview, covering a wide range of subjects. if you're going to post, at least post something worthwhile, or what's the point in your existence?Avatar Image says: i think...i think this might be my favorite interview he's ever done! so witty and clever, and the interviewer wasn't a complete bubbleheaded jackass either!!! very impressive :) Avatar Image says: Daniel is just so darn eloquent. I have to say, I am incredibly jealous. He always has something interesting to say. Great interview.Avatar Image says: AWESOME interview!!! DAn is sooo intelligent. He always gives the BEST interviews. Avatar Image says: Another WONDERFUL interview from Dan!!! His interviews are always GREAT. Every time I read a new one, it seems even better than the last. He is so insightful and I LOVE his sense of humor! I mostly liked the interviewer's questions, but the talk about Rob Pattinson's sex appeal has gotten OLD. Since Twilight was released, too many in the media love to compare Dan and Rob. I loved Dan's response in this interview. I guess I have a fondness for fidgety types!Avatar Image says: I love his interviews! He always makes such interesting statements. It's wonderful to hear that he's so open minded. (You know, I actually thought I was going to stop crushing on Dan as I grew up, but nah.. I'm still as in love with him at 18 as I was at 11. Probably more as we know now that he's a semi-genius and not just a pretty face.) Avatar Image says: I'm seeing Equus the 7th and I was going to bring something HP for him to sign if I get the chance to see him at the stage doors but I was told he won't sign anything HP-related? I'm guessing because of copyright issues or something. Maybe he'll sign my playbill if I'm lucky...Avatar Image says: Billy: I´ve read somewhere that he does sign HP related stuff, but he´s very reluctant (spell????) about it...It has nothing to do with copyright issues. So I think your best chance for an autograph is to bring your playbill...Oh and he only signs one autograph for each person. So there´s no need to bring 20 playbills from friends or family... Good luck :-)Avatar Image says: Best DR interview ever!!! Love him!!!Avatar Image says: He's so gorgeous! I love his interviews, they always put a smile on my face with his witty comments. Avatar Image says: I LUV DAN RADCLIFFE!! it would be so totally awsome to be in a broadway musical with him or any broadway show at all.Avatar Image says: I am not a huge Dan Radcliffe fan but he does say some insightful stuff. This was a great interview. I completely agree with tory. I hate when the interviewer is so...sigh...a jack*ssAvatar Image says: i hate it when entertainment mix up with politics. i love dan and i don't think that's is his ideaAvatar Image says: Oh, those lucky Obama girls! I wonder if they'll find out about Dan's invitation? I can just see it now..."Mom! Mom! Mom! Can we go? Can we, huh? Can we? We can go this summer after school lets out. Oh, please? Pleeeeeeeease!!" Ha Ha! I want to go with them. Dear President Obama: I am a Harry Potter fan and I voted for you. May I please join your daughters on their personal tour of the set? May I, please? Pleeeeeeeeease! :) Avatar Image says: lmao iamminervaAvatar Image says: What a fantastic interview! Dan is always so eloquent, and it was great to hear him talk about some new topics, rather than just answering the same old questions.Avatar Image says: Kudos to the interviewer for asking him some different questions (except for the Pattinson one, but oh well). Dan is interested in many things and was asked about Obama - no harm in answering. I really like how outspoken he is and am pleased about his openness in general. That's what makes a good role model - not that he's obliged to be, of course.Avatar Image says: "You're sexy Daniel. Come on. Own it" Damm straight! But..despite his very appealing outer looks, he is FIERCELY intelligent and witty (he can't tell me he's only funny in interviews!) and charming and real and that's what I love about him. He really does practice "negative capability". What a wonderful person to represent the Harry Potter character. I'm going to the closing performance of Equus..and that makes me sad it will be over soon :(. Avatar Image says: I have to admit Mr. Radcliffe (or at least his sibling) is funny at interviews but it really rocks when the interviewer is also funny himself. Questions were good and very informal. kudos to both.Avatar Image says: That was a very insightful, fun, interview. That was sweet of him to say that about Rob Pattinson. He does stand there and smolder, it melts my bones....but Dan, I think he would intimidate me if I met him. He's so intelligent.Avatar Image says: I know - right?! Haha, my friend and I have been quoting this American saying since Mean Girls was released 5 years ago!! Brilliant.. Awesome interview, finally some original questions!Avatar Image says: Very revealing interview. Our Dan is getting political these days. And he has forceful opinions. Not just your typical intelligent young man but one with confidence to speak about his beliefs. Bravo, Dan. And aaww, he's just being his modest self when he said he's not sexy. I'll pick Dan's fidgety, intelligent funny self any day of the week over Mr. Pattinson's "trying hard to be sexy" smoldering . lol Avatar Image says: I totally agree DRJ fan! I've met him a few times through Equus stage doors and an auction, and he is very polite, charming, jokey and a little shy. What I would give to be able to chat with him for an hour!Avatar Image says: He always seems soooo smart and brilliant! However, I don't see any "mature nature portion of the interview". You meant the homosexuality thing? Avatar Image says: Hurrah for an interviewer with a real interest in Daniel Radcliffe as grown man; it makes such a difference to the topics under discussion. At last Dan has been allowed to come of age, probably due to his long run in Equus and the added status as an actor. I hope that all other interviewers will take note despite the fact that he has to return to is HP role for the final two films. It is a blessing that that DH has such a grown-up feel to it and so little time is spent at Hogwarts. Avatar Image says: It's great to read interviews like this with Dan. He's always so intelligent and articulate. I agree with what he says about New Labour. Unfortunately, as disappointing as they have been in the past few years, I'd still prefer them to a Conservative (Tory) Party in government. And I'm also glad about what Dan said about the stupid idiot Prince Harry. Happy that Dan is so open minded and not paranoid and insecure like a lot of young men are (yes, I'm talking about with having gay friends). Really wish that Emma & Rupert would give interviews like this - actually I wish they were interviewed by people like this - as most of the time the reason an interview is boring is because the interviewer is rehashing tired questions. Avatar Image says: Dan also loves kids, he is so sweet to invite Sasha and Malia to the Harry Potter set and give them a tour himself.Avatar Image says: dan is awesome to interview! Avatar Image says: It would be so sweet to visit the set. They should take him up on his offer. Only a select view have that privalige. Also in every interview I seen Dan give he was always jumpy or in a hurry, so it looks like he is becoming more comfortable in the public eye. keep up the good work Dan & thanks for giving a couple of nice kids a chance to visit a place millions would sell their left kidney to see. Avatar Image says: What an intelligent interview from both sides, the Interviewer and the interviewee. Shagge Dame Diana Rigg. Doesn't that mean to go to bed with her? Am I missing something here?Avatar Image says: Serge Gingras, look up Dan on Extras on youtube. Its a skit he did. All a Joke.Avatar Image says: His interviews are always great! I love him!!!!Avatar Image says: Rupert's a much better actor than talentless Dan.Avatar Image says: That's weird, why does one have to be considered better than the other? They are different from each other, and they are both talented. Variety is the spice of life.Avatar Image says: I love this interview. Dan is great, what he said about gay men and Sasha and Malia Obama is great and I love how he is so modest and totally his own person. I think he would enjoy the leaky blogger jon's (i don't know if there is supposed to be a capital letter here?...) blogs, they are awesome and i think they (dan and jon) might have some of the same opinions. yay for awesome actors and decent interviewers! Avatar Image says: Rupertfan you are such a troll and you are jealous of him.Great interview!!he is so intelligent.Avatar Image says: LOL. "Britain is better than America. That's how I stay so modest."Avatar Image says: that was an awesome interview. i always hated daniel radcliffe (i personally don't like his portrayal of Harry) but since i've been watching/reading some interviews with him, i've decided that he is quite alright. quite marvelous actually. i laughed SOOO hard when i saw the video of the Gypsy of the Year thing! it was wayy too funny. and dan is so smart too. haha :)Avatar Image says: Pres. Obama would probably like a tour of the set himself; he's read all the books.Avatar Image says: I've coined a new term. rupertfan is the perfect example of a "mo'ron"- geddit? When rupert does more than blend into the wallpaper or furniture, i'll get back to ya, ruperttroll. To Miriam, you forget that those same interviewers are asking Dan the same questions. He manages to make memorable interviews all the time. As rupert would say, " cool!" Hopefully with these new movies under his belt, rupert will be able to say more than 4 words (or 1 word, whatever)Avatar Image says: to sarah and radcakesfan don't get fooled by that rupertfan. she pretends to be a fan of rupert and been bad-monthing dan and emma for quite sometime now. can't you see it?? you honestly thought that she's a fan of rupert??she's hypocritical and tried to make people hate rupert and rupert's fans. i can't believe that you two still can't see it, yet???Avatar Image says: Karin, you ARE new to this fandom. Radcakesfan don't give a I'll say "flip" about Rupert. Avatar Image says: @ radcakesfan - I know that they all end up getting the same questions, and most of the the Dan elaborates well and the interviewers tend to warm to him, but Rupert and Emma are both intelligent young people that should be able to at least come out with something half-decent. I've realsied that Emma has only ever revealed surface information - she never lets her true opinions through on topics. I've heard her talk about about clothes and her acting, nothing about her own passions (aside from those two I suppose, and none in any great depth). And Rupert has never said anything at all interesting. I find it astonishing after all these years he's still a blank canvas. I haven't got a clue about what type of person he is. Avatar Image says: I LOVE THE MOVIES, LUV THE BOOKS AND DANIEL IS VERY TALENTED. HOWEVER, I THINK HIS COMMENTS RE: OUR RECENT PRESIDENTIOAL ELECTION SHOW HOW TRULY YOUNG THE FELLOW IS, OBVIOUSLY. THOUGH IT WOULD BE NICE FOR THE WORLD TO BE DOING BACK FLIPS FOR WHO OUR PRESIDENT IS, IT IS NOT A AMERICAN IDOL SPINOFF. THEN AGAIN, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT IN ENGLAND. OH WELL.Avatar Image says: Thank you, Rose.Avatar Image says: How young he is? I find that Daniel's comments show a very old soul and very knowledgeable. Over several interviews he's made insightful comments on Obama's policies and leadership style that shows that he appreciates substance over style, which is what a majority of America did and of course, Obama won the election. I'm sorry your candidate didn't win, but don't go insulting Obama supporters and calling them "young"- at least we can spell Freedom. And no one held a gun to his head and forced him to talk politics. He's like me, you ask and I'll give you an earful. And after watching and reading several Rupert interviews he is more than a blank canvas. He reminds me a lot of my best friend, where if he doesn't know you, he doesn't really say anything to you. But, once you get to know him he's very interesting. He seems to be very open in his performances, but as a person he's very quiet. I think it has a lot to do with confidence about being a character vs. being himself. He probably doesn't enjoy talking about himself. I notice he tends to open up more about Ron than he does Rupert. And there's nothing wrong with that, I've noticed Dustin Hoffman is the same way, and it hasn't affected his acting. It also doesn't make them less intelligent or valid. But this was a great Dan interview. In this arena he never fails. For me, he's an okay Harry, but I loved him in every other project he's done and I like to watch his interviews, because we're surprisingly a lot alike and I think he's a pretty cool dude. I not a big fan of the interviewer, but he did his research and asked great questions, so I let the little things slide. I'm a huge fan of the Daily Beast and it's great to see him on there! I hope he's doing well on Broadway and enjoying New York. Avatar Image says: Cat Obama has no experience, but he makes a good speech. That is the very definition of style over substance.Avatar Image says: That was such a great interview! Very funny. I would definetly pick him over Robert Pattinson even though I am a big Twilight fan. Twilight will never beat Harry Potter! Maliah and Sasha are so lucky!!!!!! I loved the "I know - right." comment! Hilarious!Avatar Image says: Kosmo - Obama has been in office for 8 days, and he's hit the ground running. He's already showing a great deal of substance. Let's see what happens (and, at least he can make a speech. I'm thrilled that we have a president who I'm pretty sure is smarter than me). As for Dan - I think he's very well spoken and well-informed for a 19 yr. old. His interviews are very entertaining. I also am sometimes iffy on his portrayal of Harry, yet, at the same time, I can't imagine anyone else playing him at this point. I'm sure I'll enjoy him in Half Blood Prince, and I really feel that his Equus experience is going to affect his Deathly Hallow's Harry very positively. Avatar Image says: Funny, he kept his promises on how he would run his campaign and is now doing and setting up doing the very things he promised he would as president (even while he was Pres-elect). THAT'S substance. Avatar Image says: So the correct phrase you're searching for is style AND substance. Because Obama rocks.Avatar Image says: @radcakesfan, I'm a big Dan fan too and I usually get a kick out of your "affectionate" posts about him. But honestly, you can love Dan and still not bash Rupert. IGNORE THE TROLLS. They're not worth your time. Avatar Image says: I'm happy for you that you love Obama, but to say you voted for him as substance over style is laughable when he had no experience. You even cited his leadership "style" as an example of his substance. A little slip? Avatar Image says: @ Kosmos - did it occur to you that people voted for Obama because the alternative Replican nutters probably would have been the last people they wanted in charge of their country? Gun-toting, septegenarians just aren't that popular these days. And their, frankly weird, "caribu-Barbies" aren't all that encouraging either... And going for the style/substqance angle - be that as it may - but at least Obama didn't have his Dad's reputation getting him into office like Bush... Avatar Image says: Apologies, I meant to type "Republican" and "Caribou". And also - the politics discussed in the article are intersting, but it's certainly not THE most interesting part of the interview. Dan's views on religion, homosexuality, acting as a profession, racism and the royal family, not to mention class, are a lot more interesting. Avatar Image says: Obama's so popular nowadays, one would fear for his life if one badmouths him. lol. But I'm with Dan. Obama represents change and hope and that's more than you can say for some politicians. Anyhows, let's wait at least until his first 100 days in office for that change to really matter. As for the best interviewee among the trio, hey, Dan has said it himself. When you're there on the spot and someone's shoving a mic down your throat, you're put under tremendous pressure and you respond in ways that may be the opposite to what you usually do. It's fortunate that Dan is an expert in "Grace under pressure" and still comes out eloquent and intelligent in his response. Emma tends to be rattled sometimes and as for Rupert, he clams up and only says 'cool' and 'yeah'. Hopefully, with his solo movies he'll get used to talking for himself and not rely on his co stars to deal with the press.Avatar Image says: CAT, I CORRECTED MY SPELLING MISTAKE, EXCUSE THE HECK OUT OF ME. I SIMPLY THINK THAT WHEN YOU ARE YOUNG, THE PERIOD OF HISTORY THAT YOU DRAW FROM TO FORM YOUR OPINIONS, POINTS OF VIEW, ETC IS VERY SMALL. WE HAVE HAD PRESIDENTS WITH SIMILAR IDEOLOGY, AND, ONE CAN INVESTIGATE HISTORY AND SEE WHAT THE RESULT OF THAT IDEOLOGY WAS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. TO IGNORE THAT, WHICH IS WHAT AN OBAMA VOTER HAD TO DO, AND FOCUS ON ORATORY SKILLS, CLEVERYLY CUT SUITS OR THE SIMPLE FACT THAT HE IS NOT SOMEONE ELSE (I.E. BUSH) IS AT BEST NAIVE AND AT WORST MORONIC.Avatar Image says: Freedom First, you're being very presumptuous about Dan and any people that voted for obama. Dan is a keen historian, i doubt he hasn't any idea of the bigger picture. And i also doubt that only under 30 year olds voted for obama. It's a presidency, not the mtv awards.Avatar Image says: 'He is everything the rest of the world liked about America and now likes again.' Wait, so Dan didn't like us before Obama was President? Avatar ImageSylvieTheHufflepuff says: I think this is the video that the Twilight fans went ape over... wasn't it?Avatar ImageGinevra86 says: This was definitely the funniest interview from Dad I've read thus far! The little American-isms he talks about are incredibly accurate, as well. His sendoff was also incredibly witty, if you ask me. :) He is definitely coming into his own and its a pleasure to see how well he is maturing. Avatar Imagethereshegoes says: This has to be one of the best interviews with Daniel Radcliffe. I at least got more respect for him after this :)Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: It is amazing how well he does in interviews. Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: I'm sure there has to be a lot of pressure on a young actor of his stature. He's managed to hold up pretty well. Avatar ImageBrosia23 says: I am looking forward to his work after Harry. He is very talented and so hot, he could be a big Hollywood heartthrob in no time.

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