PotterCast 182: MoshiMoshi New Trailer!


Jan 27, 2009

Posted by EdwardTLC

The newest episode of PotterCast, our Harry Potter podcast, is now online with fresh discussion of the latest Harry Potter trailer (which can be viewed right here) to appear online. The show starts out with Sue’s News, which contains the information behind one of the working titles of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, more video from The Tales of Beedle the Bard release, charitable donations from J. K. Rowling and Emma Watson, Deathly Hallows test shoots, and, of course, the new trailer from Japan. The quartet then focuses on the new trailer, discussing the new clips from the film, actor Alan Rickman (Severus Snape), Greyback and the Death Eaters, Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes, movie Dumbledore vs. book Dumbledore, and much more. We then take some live calls from listeners who give their opinions on this latest look at the upcoming Half-Blood Prince film. We then bring you the next installment of the PotterCast Acting Troupe, which features the continuing journey of young Albus Severus during his first year at Hogwarts. The show then wraps up in the drums with a most special announcement about the next episode of PotterCast, LeakyCon 2009 registration rates, and a reminder to be sure to keep your eye on LeakyNews.com for more fun. To listen, just
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“MoshiMoshi New Trailer!

  • A thousand awesome items.
  • The Krum Saga.
  • The last time we get Hagrid’s Hut.
  • Japanese Trailer Frame by Frame in our Galleries.
  • Harry is becoming the man.
  • “Diagon Illy.”
  • Calls and opinions from listeners.
  • The PotterCast Acting Troupe.
  • “Browser, A History.”
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35 Responses to PotterCast 182: MoshiMoshi New Trailer!

Avatar Image says: I can't wait to hear the next installment of Albus Severus. i tunes does not have it yet.Avatar Image says: yes! hooray for pottercast!Avatar Image says: yay! time for pottercast. see you guys on ustream on thursday. i can't wait!Avatar Image says: Awesome!! I'm so excited for the new chapter of the acting troupe! And the title of this episode is so funny XD "Moshi moshi!"Avatar Image says: i think Victor was just bumbed that he couldn't date Hermione... and he respects Fleur for her performance (even though she lost... really really lost) in the triwizard cup. at least it shows that he has good taste and likes confident intelligent women. makes me realize that Harry is surrounded by wonderful women. even Petunia has her good qualities... she really really loves her family.. (even Harry but in a backwards kind of way...she thought the best thing to do is to squash the magic out of him...because that's what took lilly away... kinda sad isn't it?? like she got cheated out spending quality time with her sister because of her prejudice against magic and her jealousy of Snape ok... i deviated... she should be a reporter... snoopy enough) my point (yes, i kinda found one) I don't think Victor's so bad... there just wasn't any spare Weasleys to marry. I claim Charlie :)Avatar Image says: Seriously.. The name of this episode is so KAWAII!!! :3Avatar Image says: Seriously.. The name of this episode is so KAWAII!!! :3Avatar Image says: LOL Melissa should go rent the original Die Hard for pre-HP Rickman/Snape. And (spoiler alert!) it's kinda interesting how Rickman's character in that movie meets his end...Avatar Image says: Yeah, yeah, I know of and have seen him do different acting. I'm just WAITING FOR IT IN HARRY. :) I'm sure he can do it. Ijust want to SEE it.Avatar Image says: Snape shhhing Harry is not a hint! It's completely ambiguous! I just don't get how it ruins anything.Avatar Image says: I'm in this one!!!! Thank's for letting me talk to you guys!Avatar Image says: Yeah it's notnok iTunes yet........Avatar Image says: nooooooo, its stillll not on itunes :( im desperate to hear MoshiMoshiAvatar Image says: Thanks for the show, PotterCasters. Oh, and I LOVE the acting troupe. Great job to everyone who worked on this most recent installment! Can't wait for the next one! @ Swim Dude and iLoveDolores: That's weird. I got it from iTunes last night, but it seems to have disappeared now.Avatar Image says: I agree with YodatheHobbit: Snape on the tower with Harry is NOT giving away anything. As much as we've seen, Snape could be silencing Harry, making him trust him and then laugh in his face after he killed Dumbledore. I'll hold my judgement on that scene back until I've seen the whole of it. It totally depends on how they've set it up. And Melissa: Just watch ALL other Rickman films. It's only in Sweeney Todd that he talks like/resembles Snape. And I guess he's just not allowed to really act in HP or he would be doing it... Look at Dan... He's pathetic as Harry, totally NOT like book Harry and I don't think that's Dan's fault... All of these actors in the HP films can really act - just not in the Potter movies. Wondering why.Avatar Image says: Re: Arithmancer - that is weird, if it was available earlier??? lol, guess i will just have to wait to listen to the new episode, i sent a message to itunes. and i can NOT wait to hear the acting troupe. i absolutely LOVED the first episode :D Love Pottercast!!Avatar Image says: Grrr you people, snape shhing harry DOES NOT give away the plot. He shhh's him, harry thinks he's on his side, snape goes up and kills dumbledore so that tells us no he's not on the good side, Harry is betrayed, and therefore chases them off. The audience are left with clear proof that snape is on the bad side. Avatar Image says: Other RIckman roles that are un-Snape -- The Metatron in Dogma, and Alexander Dane in Galaxy Quest.Avatar Image says: Well stef, that's your opinion. In my opinion he does a great job with what he is given, same happens with Rickman. They are great actors, they hve proved it outside Potter. They do all the can with those horrible scripts they are given, which degrades their characters so other less important ones will have more importance than they have in the books. The problem is not the actors, the problem is the scriptwriter and the producers, because the directors have changed so they can not be blamed.Avatar Image says: Ok I'm listening to it now. I saw the trailer before listening to the show. I've watched it a few times infact, and I must say complaining about the Snape shooshing is kinda unnecesary, because we don't know when that happens, or even if it will actually take place in the movie. We know from previous trailers that there are scenes in them that we never see in the actual theatrical release. That shoosh may have been put in to incur discussion from those fans who have only seen the movies--those who have no intentions of reading the novels. I just think it's WAY too early to whack out about facts not in evidence so to speak. As far as Rickman goes, I kinda agree with the view that we see so little of Snape in the movies, that when we do it's usually in the same or similar situations. I've seen him in loads of movies and in the overwhelming majority he acts as the role calls him to act. Some of the roles he's taken are Snapish roles--those of brooding, surly people, either anti-hero or villain. I know you didn't mean to offend anyone, and you didn't offend me. I'm just calling to point that he is called to do such roles more than others, because he's so good at it.Avatar Image says: One word: FINALLY!!Avatar Image says: in response to the "what are dumbledore and harry doing in a train station" question i think that is the start of the movie, and how dumbledore picks harry up (since we know there's no dursley action in this one)Avatar Image says: Rotfang, I think that John is right, they are waiting in the underground station waiting for a portal to Narnia....which also explains where Luna gets her hat. (Bad Aslan joke, sorry).Avatar Image says: bahaha ravenclaw that too. also can i just say how hard i laughed at "browser, a history"?Avatar Image says: Yeah, it was a contest between my laughter and Frak's when I heard that! The PotterCast quartet slay me!Avatar Image says: Hey, I'm surprised you guys don't know what song "The Drums" are from. It's just the opening of "Swing, swing, swing" looped, a lot, haha. It's my favorite jazz song of all time.Avatar Image says: Also, didn't Harry have detentions or something with Harry that kept him from Quidditch? Maybe not, but I personally don't think that they are at the astronomy tower when Snape "shh's" him.Avatar Image says: It's at the Tower - and its before he kills Dumbledore. At the time, Harry doesn't really know what to think of Snape, but at that point decides to trust him and lets him go up to the Tower (note, Harry hides under the lower level). Then Snape goes up and kills Dumbledore, so Harry feels total mistrust in Snape then.Avatar Image says: Melissa, what I meant was try watching his performance in Die Hard and thinking of him as a young Snape (or, I suppose, Proto-Snape). It's hilarious, especially with that '80s hair.Avatar Image says: I just watched the Japanese trailer, and after pausing it during the infamous "shushing" scene, I don't think Snape and Harry are on the Astronomy Tower, but in a room (it looks like a spiral staircase behind Snape, the kind we've seen in offices). So this may not be in the "killing" scene at all.Avatar Imageicianom says: Great cast guys!Avatar ImageThe Whomping Willow says: Love the acting troupe- I also liked the subtle hinting towards something big at Leaky! Avatar Imagemaimiaa says: love pottercast! way way amazing.Avatar ImageWolfie Wolfgang says: Hey Pottercasters! Love the show. Is there any way we can download the Acting Troupe segments as separate audio files and assemble them as an audio book like my other Potter books? Yes it's that good! I want more! Cheers WolfieAvatar ImageThe Crookshanks says: umm alan rickman actually has some sort of difficulty with his jaw which makes it unnaturally tight- that is the main reason for his voice being as it is in all his films. don't bag on the rickman man... i'll get you

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