Report: Stuntman for Dan Radcliffe Injured on Set of “Deathly Hallows”


Jan 28, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

UK tabloid The Mirror is reporting tonight that a stuntman “who doubles for Harry star Daniel Radcliffe,” was injured as part of prep work for filming on Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. The paper says that the accident with the stuntman happened while “rehearsing a flying sequence using a harness when he was sent
plummeting by the blast, which was part of the stunt. He was conscious
after smashing to the ground but told horrified colleagues: “I can’t
feel my legs.”

The paper continues:

A source said: “The stunt double was badly hurt. He was rehearsing a
flying scene which involved an explosion and it seems to have gone
badly wrong. The guy was rigged up to a harness for the scene and was
flying through the air.It is thought he may have been caught by the explosion and hit the ground very hard.”

UPDATE: The UK Press Association now has more on this incident, with their article stating an “East of England Ambulance Service spokesman confirmed a man in his 20s had been injured on set.

said: “Paramedics were called to Leavesden Studios after a man in his
20s sustained a significant back injury. He was stabilised at the scene
and taken to Watford General Hospital.” Watford General Hospital refused to comment on the man’s condition, but said he had been transferred to another hospital.

The Mirror does contain a quote for a rep from Leavesden studios as follows: “We can confirm a member of the Harry
Potter production was injured in an accident. We are awaiting further
news.Out of respect for the family we are unable to comment further.”

TLC is working to obtain additional information on this matter, and will update when we can.

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Avatar Image says: Oh no! hope he's ok! Avatar Image says: Oooh, poor fellow. I do hope he is certainly wouldn't do any good for anyone involved if he is badly hurt. Avatar Image says: Wow, I'm sorry to hear that happened.Avatar Image says: *Gasp!* Well we can't have these sorts of accident's can we!Avatar Image says: oh no i really hope he is ok i feel so bad for him! Avatar Image says: Stuntmen getting injured already? Awesome. I can't wait to see the awesome action sequences.Avatar Image says: Bet WB use this as an excuse to release it 8 months later than planned!!! I hope hes OK though! Although its all for a good cause...Avatar Image says: Awwww I hope hes ok!! :(Avatar Image says: I hope he's ok! That's terrible! Could it be the seven potter's scene? I'm trying to think of a scene where there flying. That or the dragon is all I'm coming up with.Avatar Image says: lol Anti-WB... i do hope he's okay, better now than later....Avatar Image says: Aaah! I sure hope is okay. I think is could be the seven potters. But it could also be that he tripped on the anamatronic version of crookshanksAvatar Image says: Oh my gosh. I just actually read the article My sarcasm was defenitly not appropriate. I hope he's okay! *__*Avatar Image says: If its the dragon scene then they must be splitting it after that...but its probably the Seven Potters scene...Sirius' bike!!! :DAvatar Image says: Wow, i hope he is okay too. That sounds pretty bad. This film sounds rough. It could be the exit from bathilda's house at godric's hollow. I think that scene sounds amazing in the book. I hope that it goes off well in the film. I hope the guy is able to recover well. Avatar Image says: Oh my gosh, I really hope he'll be alright! I think it's definitely the seven potters scene. My best wishes to him and his family!Avatar Image says: Oh wow. That's terrible. I feel so bad because he's not only doing this for money, but also for us. I bet it's when they're disapperating from the Lovegood's. They're flying (or at least falling down a story) and there are explosions. That's the first thing that popped into my head. But it could also be The Seven Potters with Hedwig exploding.Avatar Image says: despite the fact that the stunt dude was legit hurt (dont worry he'll be paid buckets for it) im really curious trying to guess for what scene he got busted. so its early work? like, without the actors? and its a harry doub. hmmm my initial thought was godrics hollow with bathilda, but since its so early on it may be the 7potters. but i dont think they would have a full scale explosion for the 7 potters, well of course they might, but im thinking the big honking explosion would be for bathilda. any thoughts?Avatar Image says: OMG! When I saw the title on my LJ flist (I have the Leaky feed), I thought he had maybe broken his arm, but he can't feel his legs? Oh no. D: That's horrible. It sounds like the Seven Potters to me.Avatar Image says: i would think it was the dragon scene because their is an explosion, usually in the duels their isn't much explosions..............but i do hope he is okAvatar Image says: Did anyone think to use the spell "Arresto Momentum" while he was falling? It worked for Dumbledore when Harry fell of his broom during a Quidditch match. Hopefully Madam Pomfrey will have him up and about in no time. Our prayers and best wishes will be with him.Avatar Image says: Ok, all together now -OMG I HOPE HE'LL BE OK!! Geeze. Enough of that same line. lol. ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ `~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyway, WHAT SEEN IS IT? LEAKYCAULDRON PEOPLE, PLEASE TELL US!!! Avatar Image says: I can't believe some of these comments. Totally appalling. Who cares what scene it is? If he can't walk again, that's pretty serious. Avatar Image says: D:Avatar Image says: OMG I hope he is okay!!! My best wishes go to him and his family!!Avatar Image says: I hope he's ok! That sounds horrible! It could be the scene where Fred (RIP) dies, like the explosion of the wall blows Harry backwardsAvatar Image says: holy moley man... poor dude....Avatar Image says: I really don't care what scene it is. If someone can't feel their legs, that's a really big deal. I hope he doesn't have a serious spinal injury or something and that him not being able feel his legs was a temporary situation.Avatar Image says: Oh my God this is so awful!!!!!!!! I hope he feels alright!!!!!!! :( It's either the 7 potters or bathilda's house.... there aren't any explosions when they're on the dragon.Avatar Image says: I see bebe said the same thing. Exactly...Avatar Image says: i agree w/ AJWC1-- not feeling your legs after hurting your back is a VERY bad sign.Avatar Image says: That was probably the scene when they're in Godric's Hollow and Voldy shows up.Avatar Image says: I'm with bebe on this. I'm surprised at some of the calous comments. And who cares about buckets of money if you could be paralized. I'm saying a quick prayer that he's not, that that was just initial shock or something. ps: you folks know that they dont film movies in order, right? doesnt matter that it's early in (pre) filming. Could be any part of either movie (it's going to be filmed all at once, as if it were 1 very long movie, so it has no indication on which movie its part of.Avatar Image says: I'm with bebe on this. I'm surprised at some of the calous comments. And who cares about buckets of money if you could be paralized. I'm saying a quick prayer that he's not, that that was just initial shock or something. ps: you folks know that they dont film movies in order, right? doesnt matter that it's early in (pre) filming. Could be any part of either movie (it's going to be filmed all at once, as if it were 1 very long movie, so it has no indication on which movie its part of.Avatar Image says: Wow - this poor guy has been transferred to Stoke Mandeville according to the tv reports which means he has possible paralysis and all some care about is what scene it's from. Avatar Image says: Oh no!!! I wonder what Dan was thinking when he saw that. Good thing he doesn't do his own stunts.. But woah, that really sucks! Sounds like he hurt his spine real bad if he couldn't feel his legs...I hope that's not permanent damage, for his sake. I'm wishing you luck, stunt double! Avatar Image says: oh my god this is soo awful! i reallyf eel for him and really really hope he gets better and turns out not to be permanent, i just can't believe it !!Avatar Image says: Some of these comments are disgusting. I'm just as big a Potter fan as the next guy in here, but this man may never walk again and people are trying to figure out what scene he was injured in. Or trying to rectify the situation by saying at least he'll get paid off. The worst are the ones saying that they hope this doesn't push the movie back further. Is getting the movie a few months earlier really the biggest concern here? The people who are looking at this from the wrong angle should really apologize on the comments. Some of the comments though maybe unintentionally are very offensive. Personally I hope the best for the young man and that he makes a full recovery. My thoughts are with him an his family. Avatar Image says: Wow. That sounds terrible... I do hope he's ok! My thoughts go out to him and his family!Avatar Image says: I'm sorry, but who gives a tinkers dam wether it's "a reason for WB to delay the movie" or which "scene" it's part of. A man was seriously injured. All stunt men know the risks of their jobs, but they do get hurt. I hope he is not seriously injured and sympathise, with his family, durring the wait. I wish the man well, and a good recovery.Avatar Image says: Thank you, Sam. You said it better than I ever could. folks, this is not the time to worry about "which scene", "can't wait to see the action scenes" or "at least he'll get paid off"....I'm pretty sure Dan would also find these comments insensitive! Avatar Image says: Wow. That is horrible. I really hope it's just bruising around his spinal cord that is causing his paralysis instead of something worse. I really hope he'll be okay.Avatar Image says: I agree Sam and Confederate Lady.Avatar Image says: In respose to a comment by Laura - I think you're right, it would have to be the seven potters scene - what other scene would have both flying at explosions? On another note, I hope this guy is okay... it would really suck to be permanently injured, particularly considering his chosen profession is rather physical - if you were an office worker who had a back injury you could still do your work sitting down - not so easy to get work as a stuntman when you can't walk. Avatar Image says: Someone send him to the Hospital Wing and ask Madame Pomfrey for a dose of Skele-Gro!Avatar Image says: Some of the comments here are the reason I like to think of myself as just an HP fan and not a part of the fandom. Idiots.Avatar Image says: wow! i hope he get's better! but i guess that there would always be some risks with being a stuntman... i mean isn't that the point of being a stuntman?Avatar Image says: Good Morning, Conf Lady, Mollywobble and everyone, though it is a sad one. I too agree with Sam. Please let's pray in what ever faith we believe in, for this very young man's recovery. It is apparently bad as he cannot feel his legs and GMTV states he has spinal injury and will be undergoing emergency surgery. Time to take reality check everyone. Stunt men are the people who risk so much for our entertainment. They are the unsung heroes who give us film scenes that we so often cherish. This isnt a time to think of what scene he was doing, in fact they really should suspend filming and do a thoroughly investigation. Yes I hotly anticipate the movie too but health and safety takes priority. These accidents must stop happening. Even actors get injured. Daniel Craig suffered minor injury on the last Bond. That's not right. Of course the film industry have come a long way in improved health and safety regulations but maybe they need to do more. I wish the young stunt man a speedy recovery.Avatar Image says: The comments appear to have been taken over by idiots today. This morning's news reports are stating that this is a 25 year old man who has been parylised by the accident and that he's going to have surgery today. If he has been transferred to Stoke Mandeville then this would back that up, because this is about 30 - 40 miles from Watford, but is the country's leading spinal injuries centre to which the most serious cases are transferred. The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital is about 5 miles from Watford so if he's been sent to Stoke Mandeville rather than there I would imagine that it's a very serious injury. God help him, my thoughts are with him and his family.Avatar Image says: The comments appear to have been taken over by idiots today. This morning's news reports are stating that this is a 25 year old man who has been parylised by the accident and that he's going to have surgery today. If he has been transferred to Stoke Mandeville then this would back that up, because this is about 30 - 40 miles from Watford, but is the country's leading spinal injuries centre to which the most serious cases are transferred. The Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital is about 5 miles from Watford so if he's been sent to Stoke Mandeville rather than there I would imagine that it's a very serious injury. God help him, my thoughts are with him and his family.Avatar Image says: Aww hope he gets better!!Avatar Image says: Omg I really hope he's ok!!Avatar Image says: Hi leaky, I just heard this on the radio and apparently it's really bad and the accident was on prep work for half blood prince not DH anyways I hope he's okay!Avatar Image says: I hope I'm not considered to be an inconsiderate commenter. Some people just try to think of all the details of a tragic situation or else it just doesn't seem real. At least, that's they way I am. There are definitely some comments that are just utterly tasteless, though. I'm speaking to the people who seem to have no concern for his well being at all. I've heard of temporary paralysis from trauma and if he truly couldn't feel his legs, I hope that was the cause and it's not anything permanent. Avatar Image says: Sorry for double post. @peteek: HBP is done, there's no prep work needed for it. They were scheduled to begin filming in a couple of weeks. I agree with another commenter, though, and that filming should be halted to investigate exactly what happen just to ensure it doesn't happen again.Avatar Image says: Oh no! That poor guy! I hope he's alright and it's not permanent...Avatar Image says: Oh my! I do hope he recovers fully. My prayers go out for him. Clearly, a safety reassesment should occur before filming proceeds.Avatar Image says: I hope he gets well soonAvatar Image says: Has anyone read the link below The Mirror article, 'The Curse of Harry Potter'? What a non-story! Films always have mishaps, yet the way they tell it you'd think everyone was dropping like flies! Hope this poor guy recovers. :(Avatar Image says: I hope he is already getting better. Avatar Image says: Hopefully he'll be alright. Must be a terrifying time for him and his family. I think it's a little inappropriate that people are even speculating about what scene they were rehearsing for. Put things in perspective people!Avatar Image says: gosh, that's pretty bad. hope he's ok,Avatar Image says: @ Vulcan Potter: you should be ashamed by yourself! Saying "awesome" and thinking only about the film, when a young man could have really bad injuries. I really wish he's ok now. Sorry for any grammar error, I'm italian. Avatar Image says: Hope this dangerous action scene doesn't scare Dan. He's going to do the close up scenes of that particular clip after all. . and yeah...hope that stuntman is okayAvatar Image says: I just read all the comments: I am astonished by the insensibility of some people. I can't believe that all you can think of is what scene he's been injuried in. It really doesn't matter if he's payed for his dangerous work. This doesn't make what happened to him less terrible.Avatar Image says: I hope he'll be allright!.Avatar Image says: geeze! I hope he's not paralyzed!! That would be aweful. :-\ I hope he recovers... Avatar Image says: Thats just horrible. And I must say some of the comments here is rather tasteless. Avatar Image says: How horrible! My guess is definitely 7 Potters. Hedwig explodes, the brick wall comes out of the bike, the dragon fire comes out of the bike, I'm sure that's what is was. This is so sad! I really hope he gets well and is not paralyzed. Poor guy....Avatar Image says: Someone posted an idiotic comment about skelegrow a few pages back under my name. Please remove it.Avatar Image says: Why are there any comments about what scene it is? It sounds like this man is seriously injured and has been taken to a top notch hospital dealing with spinal cord injuries ( thank you to those gave that update). I would hope all the comments would be genuine wishes for his recovery, not self serving tasteless speculation about the scene! Avatar Image says: thats bad. get well soon!Avatar Image says: oh poor thing, hope he is ok!! but WHOA!! I didn't even know and they are already started filming and stuff!! That means they must plan on releasing it in november like they planned, hope they won't move it again because of the New Moon movie which is planned to be released at about the same time, that would make me really, to use a mild expression, upset!!Avatar Image says: Ah no! I hope he's alright. It's still so early in the process of making that movie. I don't think speculating on the scene is insensitive, it just gives an idea of why a man was injured in an explosion while flying. That's not your common injury.Avatar Image says: OMG! That is terrible!... I hate to hear this... I really hope it is not as serious as it sounds!.... Let's all hope this guys comes out of it being fine!...... How could they allow something like that to happen!??? Shame on them.... seriously.......Avatar Image says: I hope he is all right and has a quick recovery. Our best wished from Leaky! And of course I hope the stunt team will be more carefull if this is filmed again with him or other stunt memeber or Daniel. I wonder how many of these accidents have hapened before that we have never get to hear about.Avatar Image says: Wow, I hope he is able to make a full recovery. My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his loved ones. Hopefully they will use this, a serious accident on set for a big-name movie, as a way to give more attention to potential hazards on sets and make them afer for everyone. I like to believe good can come out of bad accidents like this. I hope that they are able to figure out how this happened. I agree with people above who said they should put filming on hold until they figure out why this happened.Avatar Image says: Still totally disgusted by those commenting on what scene it is from. Shame on you. Sympathies and prayers to the stuntman and his family. Avatar Image says: My thoughts and prayers are with him! Avatar Image says: I hope the guy recovers, it's no laughing matter if the stuntperson gets injured (or worse, dies from his injuries) -- the film company might get sued and the guy could end up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. This incident is a clear reason why virtually all film productions (and some TV shows) have stunt doubles -- so that the actual actor doesn't get hurt and delay production. Heck, even Warners didn't want Christian Bale to ride the Batpod for the action scenes in "Dark Knight" in fear that he might injure himself. And as far as we know, this happened in pre-production. Radcliffe doesn't start work on DH until a week or two from now (as does Emma and Rupert), and the director and crew want to go over the big set pieces and make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. This won't delay production and release of DH pt. 1 unless one of the actors get injured.Avatar Image says: Ouch that sucks! Not feeling your legs is never a good sign.......hope he recovers.Avatar Image says: My prayers are with him, but on another note that must be the risk of a stuntman. I hope he recovers, if not they must have another to fill in for Daniel I mean they cant just quit the sequence. It sounds as though they were filming the the Seven Potters chapter to me. That Death Eater chase and fight and blast in the sky. Wow makes me happy to know that may be.Avatar Image says: I know that Helena doesnt start her work as Bellatrix until February sometime and Alan doesnt start his work as Snape until March because that is when he and Ralph Fiennes are both available to work together. Avatar Image says: I hope he gets better! It's front news on Yahoo! now... But could we not get ahead of ourselves and wait for an official comment. I mean it' the Mirror reporting, think of it as an army of Skeeters waiting for an accident and spinning it into a tragedy. Avatar Image says: I sure hope he recovers. Thanks to those of you from the area who have been able to report on his transfer to the specialty hospital and the surgery. I pray that the doctors will be able to repair the damage, so he can walk again. May the rest of the filming be injury free.Avatar Image says: That is sad and my prayers go out to the stuntman and his family. I agree with the people who said filming should be stopped. I hope the stuntman's not paralyzed. I know that stuntmen are trained in how to land and deal with crashes to minimize long term damage. As bad a state as the stuntman is in, he likely saved himself from something even worse. The regular actors aren't trained that way and will be using the same eqipment. Daniel will have to be on the harness, too, for closeups, and who knows how many other actors/stuntmen. So I pray for a full recovery for the stuntman and that they stop the filming and figure out what went wrong. Better to be overcautious and double check everything than someone else get hurt.Avatar Image says: I hope he is ok. Avatar Image says: Spinal injuries are scary, I hope he'll be able to recover and walk again.Avatar Image says: I'm with the ones just hoping the guy recovers okay. Discussing what scene it was is a little creepy, in my opinion. Does it really matter when the guy might never walk again? Jeez.Avatar Image says: Marcheline, I agree. I don't care what scene it was. If it's a back injury, it could be very serious. I hope he's going to be OK.Avatar Image says: This is horrible and tragic! My heart and prayers goes out to the poor boy. This is not a moment for comedy guys, so please drop the tasteless comments. Here we have a HUMAN BEING who has been seriously injured, could potentially be paralyzed and may have just ended his career. This is no laughing matter. I was at Universal Studios not too long ago and the tram guide made a joke about being able to replace stunt doubles when they get hurt that absolutely disgusted me. They are STILL PEOPLE and still have dignity and worth. Our only concern right now should be his health and recovery. It doesn't matter how much worker's comp he'll get, what scene they were prepping, will this delay the movie, what silly magic spell would have saved him. We should be caring about the person right now. Maybe Leaky can organize a Get-Well card drive or something? I truly hope he gets out of this okay and recovers swiftly. He'll be in my prayers.Avatar Image says: I am very sorry to hear about this. I will keep the young man and his family in my prayers. Hope to hear that he will be OK. Avatar Image says: I agree with everything eiVega wrote. Poor man, I hope he'll ricover soon.Avatar Image says: This is terrible! I can only image what it would be like to fall from such a height (I assume that they were practising/preparing for The Seven Potters, if he was flying through the air on a harness). Not to mention not feeling your legs, just from filming a scene in a movie. He's in his twenties, and this could ruin his life! Please recover quickly. The Harry Potter movies are great, but they're not worth somebody losing their ability to WALK over! Some people would probably break people's legs if they could see the movie sooner. That's the problem with fandoms, people get too obsessed soemtimes. :( My thoughts and prayers go to him and his family.Avatar Image says: omg i hope he's ok :'( poor guyAvatar Image says: I hope he gets better soon! And he wasn't too badly hurt xAvatar Image says: i know i wrote a minute ago but i just feel really sorry for this guy and his family i hope he recovers quick all my hopes are for himAvatar Image says: I really hope and pray this young man is going to be ok. I will pray for his recovery and for his loved ones who are dealing with this right now. For those of you who make the comments about which scene they were working on or delaying the movie you are just sick. What are you 5 or something? A young man was injured very badly from what it sounds like. Who cares right now what scene they were prepping for or if this delays the production in anyway; this is a man’s life you are so callously disrespecting. Avatar Image says: Poor guy ... I hope he'll be all right soon. Even if his job is stuntman, it doesn't mean that this accident doesn't matter. It's a man like everyone else ...Avatar Image says: Get well soon stunt man whose name I do not know! I really hope it is not serious, and that you can be back to work and normal life soon! This is very sad and he must be feeling really depressed now, like when people who play sports break a bone and can't play for a while. I bet he is going to need some recovery and he must be anxiously waiting to get back to work and out of the hospital. I'm hoping it's a veryquick recovery and that he will be fine. Best wishes from the US!Avatar Image says: The 101th person to comment! Cool. hope he ok. :(Avatar Image says: Really people it is a pity ((It is necessary to Garik to do tricks) Avatar Image says: I hope we hear some news soon. The thought of the poor guy not being able to walk again makes me ill. Hopefully it isn't permanent and he will heal and make a full recovery, but from what little I know about back and spine injuries, it won't be a quick recovery. Avatar Image says: oh my god 7 potters!Avatar Image says: Daammm Ithat crazy. I really hope everything goes well.. Avatar Image says: how awful for that young man, and his family. I wonder if he's the same stunt double we saw in the 2nd DVD disc of Goblet of Fire when he was telling Dan about coming down the roof at Hogwarts (dragon scene). He seemed so charming and likeable.Avatar Image says: oh no! i hope he's ok! it made me happy-ish that leavesden has so much respect for his family. thats good. Avatar Image says: Some people should be ashamed of themselves for getting hyped up about what scene they think it was. THIS ISN'T THE TIME. Someone said he actually got paralysed (they said this on Channel 5 news, but I watch ITV so I wouldn't know). I don't care how much I like HP, it isn't worth someone loosing the ability to walk over, and the fact that so many of you are more concerned about what scene he was shooting and how awesome the film must be shows how overly obsessive you are over this whole fandom. If I was JKR I would be appalled. You wouldn't be so flippant about it if it was Dan or Rupert or Emma in the accident, would you? Anywho, I can only hope he recovers as much as he can.Avatar Image says: *and forget the anywho...that was tasteless*Avatar Image says: Best wishes go to him and his family. Luckily, it seems like Leavesdon is taking good care of it.Avatar Image says: that's awful! poor guy!Avatar Image says: Oh no! I hope he's going to be okay... My first thought when I saw this article was "wow, dangerous stunts! the action sequences are gonna be awsome!" But then I read the whole thing and felt horrible!! I know that's the risk of being a stunt, but I truely hope he'll have a full recovery. No movie is worth someone getting paralized or worse. All good thoughts to him and his family.Avatar Image says: @ Tiddywinks: In a lot of action/fantasy/adventure films, during filming injuries are almost always inevitable in some form -- mostly minor ones. Viggo Mortensen broke his big toe when shot the LOTR trilogy, Anne Hathaway accidentally cut herself when shooting "Get Smart," Thomas Haden Church broke some fingers in his hand when shooting "Spider-Man 3," etc.. I just hope that this the only instance where a serious injury has happened during shooting of the HP films. I emphasize with the stuntman -- breaking any kind of bone is extremely painful (even doubly so when it's a spinal injury). I hope he recovers.Avatar Image says: Its not that I dont feel Sorry for him, I would be devistated. We are given little to work with here. I said my prayers are with him. I did not mean that the scene he was shooting was more important than his life, I would never mean something like that. I was thinking outloud or merely wondering. I cant do anymore but say I hope hes alright. But lash out and assume that Im a low person who cares more about a movie than someones life. Avatar Image says: I meant to say DONT lash out.Avatar Image says: Besides Im not going to get into it, but I have witnessed many times on here when insults were flying left and right at someone because they were overly obsessed about that character and their looks. That too is acting like a child. I dont care how devoted you are, be happy with who is cast not who you vision. Cough! Narcissa! Cough! Helen Cough.Avatar Image says: Goodness... thank God he wasn't... DEATHLY injured.... Ok, that joke was so lame and bad I think I got cancer out of it... No, but seriously, I hope he gets perfectly well soon, cause it's a work of art what stunts do in this era where digital animation fills the screens from left to right. Avatar Image says: great idea eiVega for a get well card drive. Avatar Image says: Bless him and his family.. oh, and he was only trying to help us all with his work. Bless them.. Avatar Image says: OH YES - LET'S PLEASE DO A CARD DRIVE FOR THIS STUNTMAN - Melissa or Sue, will you please post on the news how you want this handled?? Thanks for all you do for us and the Harry Potter families..Avatar Image says: Our thought and prayers go out to him and his family. We hope that the stuntman will be able to recover soon. Avatar Image says: i hope this stunt man is okay with no permant injuries, that being said i can agree with the possibilities mentioned dfor what they were filming the 7 potters, the dragon scene, or the escape from the lovegood's house , with my thinking that it is the 7 potters scene, but as much asi want to the see the DH movies, ii want more for this fine fellow to be okay Avatar Image says: Thats terrible! Poor guy! I hope its nothing too serious - I've seen things like this go very badly - but then again, I have also seen things be blown way out of proportion. Prayers to him and his family!! Avatar Image says: The guys name is David Holmes (hes the guy seen in a behind the scenes clip on the GOF extras DVD talking to Dan about a stunt) I hope he makes a full recovery and my best wishes and thoughts are with him and his familyAvatar Image says: Hi i just read this website. its very very bad news. i hope he gets better soon. and can't for his last film.Avatar Image says: I am truly appalled that Vulcan Potter thinks that it's "awesome" that a stuntman was injured. Oh yes, 'a stuntman is paralyzed and they don't know if he will recover. Cool!' What an arse you are Vulcan Potter.Avatar Image says: That's so sad.. I hope he will be ok.. Avatar Image says: Yikes. My prayers go to him and his family. Not a good start. Avatar ImageHarriettPotter says: I really hope he's alright, this doesn't sound good at allAvatar ImageMapache says: I really hope he is OK.Avatar ImagePottertwin2 says: That is terrible news to hear. I do hope he will be alright.Avatar ImagewrockfangirlSQUEE says: aww that's soo sad poor guy!!Avatar ImageGarden State Geek says: Ouch. These movies are so hard to make, and the dangers to cast are so challenging.

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