Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, the Claymation


Feb 12, 2009

Posted by SueTLC

Harry Potter fans are well known for their talent and creativity; tonight we have another clear example of that in action. A fan has made a claymation movie of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows that is now available to watch online.

,br>Starting here with the dramatic opening at Malfoy Manor, the stop -action claymation fan film runs over four hours in length, and is in 26 parts. While this is clearly a fan adaptation, labor of love and the filmmaker’s personal vision of the beloved final book in the Harry Potter series, you can see some truly amazing work as depictions of things like the adventures in Gringotts, the heartbreaking moments at Shell Cottage, the epic battle for Hogwarts, the pivotal events with Nagini, Snape and the Prince’s Tale, and the emotional Forest scene are all vividly brought to life. Enjoy!

Thanks so much Thiego!

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Avatar ImageGF_of_Seamus says: BEST IDEA EVER! Way to go you guys, this is really cool!Avatar ImageTiahn says: Oh wow! This is so cool! I want to see it! Dang beaten to first :PAvatar Imagekrystledm says: Merlin's Beard.... That is amazing...He deserves some kind of special award.Avatar ImageTiahn says: And posted by Sue! LOL The badger is back!Avatar ImageMelissa Anelli says: This is pretty much the best thing I have seen on YouTube in my life.Avatar Imageanimalz10 says: ...wow that must have taken... 1000 yearsAvatar ImageTiahn says: Really? I want to go watch it now.Avatar Imageobockstal says: This is incredible !! So much work into it !Avatar ImageBre Sartain says: This. Is. Amazing. I have found what I'm going to be doing this weekend..Avatar Imagemichaelabraham says: seriously, There needs to be an internet Oscar award for whoever made this. Avatar Imagejenbabe705 says: I can't even imagine how much time that took! It's amazing though and I'm totally watching all four hours.Avatar ImageMadamPenna says: MADE. OF. EPIC.gimme his contact number cuz i want a copy before WB shuts his butt down!!Avatar Imagetreebeliever says: Wow... that's extremely amazing. And all the sets and the little prop details. Fantastic. :)Avatar ImageNarcissaABlack says: This is incredible and should be available for DVD. Warner Bros. are you out there watching. This is what fans want four hours of pure love.Avatar ImageMadamPenna says: you know what this is? it's CLAYMAZING!!!Avatar Imagemolasses says: I can't wait to watch it!Avatar Imagegaminette says: ahahahahaha - this is almost as good as Lord of the Peeps! \o/Avatar ImageJenleigh says: Wow. Just wow. I am very, very impressed!Avatar Imagethursrain says: Oh my god, the detail of this is amazing, and that fact that its claymation, makes it so more stunning.Avatar ImageZivlok says: 4 HOURS?!?!?!?!?!?! Wow. I'm not going to sleep tonight, am I?Avatar Imagejfrancis04 says: That is simply AWESOME!!! Video #25 is the final battle with Voldemort and all I can say is WOW! It's amazing how much passion and feeling this film maker can create with these little clay figures. WB should hire this guy right now and I hope and pray they don't make him take these down!Avatar ImageRave N Claw says: This video is full of win.Avatar ImageFlourished Blot says: That is phenomenal. What more can I say?Avatar ImageVerity Weasley says: Wow, that is truly amazing. I have only watched parts 1 and 2 so far, but the work that must have gone into that is phenomenal. Avatar Imagejessh324 says: whoa...how long what this have taken? Why do they have American accents?Avatar ImageCourtney Quirke says: omg. awesome.Avatar ImageGobbledygook says: I am going to try to watch it in one sitting. This is amazing. I wonder how long it took to make it?Avatar ImageGroupie-Sock says: This is THE most amazing thing I've ever seen. I'm in awe.Avatar ImageMissHagrid says: Wow! That took a lot of work.Avatar ImageJesse5683 says: This is pretty epic. Wow. Voldemorts "oddly familiar" line is great.Avatar ImageAlyonka says: My God,that's incredible!Go on guys!Avatar Imagenonnankobra says: can't wait to watch it!Avatar Imagesevered_lies says: HP folks are some of the most creative people ever.Avatar ImagexxIBelieveInNarglesxx says: Wow,that's AMAZING! Avatar ImageSarabi says: Wow! I mean really, that must have taken a LOT of time and effort...I'm impressed :)Avatar Imagesgarime1 says: This is really cool!Avatar ImageLeo_Lovegood says: Nice!!Avatar ImageLeo_Lovegood says: Nice!!Avatar ImageLeo_Lovegood says: Nice!!Avatar ImageAccioCloak says: Excellent - what a great amount of work went into the detail on this. Well done to the creators! And thanks Sue too!!Avatar ImageNoella_Mansrot says: Great Good GODS! This is way too cool! I actually jumped when Voldy yelled at Malfoy, and the little details in Harry's room are wonderful! I look forward to seeing the rest...Avatar Imagea1000wtp says: OMG!!!! This... is awesome!Avatar Imagem_winnike says: This is so amazing! I feel like such a untalented slacker when I watch this. Avatar Imagespiritbound says: Wow that is just outstanding it really is. I am so watching all 4 hours of it. The person/people who made this deserve some sort of recognition, it's just wow ! Avatar ImageProfessorPotter says: HOLY VOLDY!!! This is incredibly impressive. The mood. The use of sound track (mostly GOB but I hear other work which I cant quite pinpoint). the lighting. The camera angles. For amateur standard, the voice acting is terrific. Wow, if the quality is this standard throughout, this is going to go down as one of the greatest fan made films of all time. I have seen many many. from Star Wars to Batman to Titanic. And their are some truly great ones but this has potential to be up there with the likes of Pink Five and Troops.Avatar ImageAynil says: Wow, that is seriously amazing! Must have taken forever! Good job!Avatar ImageSally_Zaar says: This is amazing! So well-made...i am in awe of their talent and persistenceAvatar ImagelittleL says: omg amazing.. that must have taken ages! I remember trying stop motion and just doing a tiny scene took foreverAvatar ImageDarkGrindelwald says: This is Amazing beyond words, he has done such great work, how cool is this :)Avatar ImageFonty says: I´m downloading it From YouTube right now, before it vanishes. :) Let´s hope that Warner Bros. Pictures and their executives have a sense of humour and see this as "fair use" and just let it stay online. :) Avatar Imagerinanorreh says: Wow. So cool!Avatar Imageskywitch says: i've just done watching this movie a few minutes ago, and actually it's really great, unbelievable movie especially for me and other hp fans! wow, it's just....so great... i'm sooo impressed....TT it's worth calling no claymation but movie.Avatar ImageTarsieS says: I am floored by this! He got Voldie's positioning perfectly - I could see Ralph Fiennes standing the same way. Awesomeness!Avatar Imagexhandler says: So many changes to lines etc you could think it was the WB adaptations...Avatar ImageNiphai says: WOW.. This is absolutely AMAZING!Avatar ImageMcGiggles92 says: That was amazing. It looked great. I love the white peacock. Charity Burbach sounded rather manish.Avatar Imagecalliet2b4g says: can you imagin how long that would have taken?Avatar ImageSophiespell says: Wow... whoever did this deserves some type of award for awesomeness. WOW. Avatar Imageapxq12 says: Dude that is freaking AWESOME! The fact that someone actually took the time to do this at all is just amazing! It had to take him months and months to do! (being an animator myself, I'd know.) Now THAT'S what I call a real fan!Avatar ImageChrissyPuff says: HP fans are the best! So creative! I cant wait to watch it when I get back from work:)Avatar ImageDeliaDee says: This is amazing! HP fans are so incredible. I am in love with this community!Avatar Imagegandhfan says: Amazing. Just absolutely amazing. A true labor of love and extremely generous to make it so easily available to all fans.Avatar ImageHermione_Granger1987 says: That is Amazing!!! Avatar ImageGryffindorGal87 says: That was AWESOME!!!!!! :)Avatar ImageGryffindorGal87 says: That was AWESOME!!!!!! :)Avatar ImageFairfortune11 says: this is amazing! well done! you obvs put a lot of effort into this....Avatar Imagesecretinnocent says: That is FANTASTIC! Gave me goosebumps!! Well done!Avatar Imagesp00kym00ny says: this is amazing...they had to have started it the day the book came out! AND Harry's bed is made out of Charmin!! That just made my dayAvatar ImageEcrof G says: I am deeply impressed! It had everything… Ambiance, Atmosphere, AWESOMENESS!!!Avatar Imagescarletti1 says: This is brilliantly made. It's Awesome!Avatar ImageGoury says: Dobby's and Snape's deaths really made me cry!Avatar ImageMartok says: The best fan made film I've seen so far!Avatar ImageHermionie17 says: This is one of the coolest harry potter clips i have ever seenAvatar ImageAmanda979 says: WOW!!! That's amazingly awesome!!!Avatar Imageaymzie says: That is so cool. Must have taken about forever to make though... Wow...Avatar ImageAgrippa1 says: This is so cool! The mood music is great and the voices are perfect. And all the little details are there - like the white peacock at Malfoy Manor! Can't wait to watch the whole thing - I wish we could download it!Avatar Imagecheeserpleaser says: This is just unbelievable. I will watch it as soon as I can. I applaud the makers of this movie for all the effort and the work they have done.Avatar ImageRinny says: wow- i've only watched the first segment so far, but this is amazing! i can't imagine how long it must've taken him to make and do all of this! i wish i had time to watch it all now, but it'll have to wait for a little while, at least, as i have a test to study for... yuck.Avatar Imagecdewson says: wow this is amazing.Avatar ImageElinJ says: Fantastic! My children are hooked and they don´t understand a word English.Avatar ImageWill Weasley says: Oh wow, that's amazing!Avatar ImageLauraKeaton says: This is awesome! I can't imagine how much effort and work went into this. I've only just watched the first episode...but all the little details. Wow. Fantastic job. And now I know where my weekend is going to be spent...watching little clay wizards on the computer.Avatar ImageMathiasa says: annoying background noise :(Avatar Imagevicky granger says: That's so cool ! Avatar Imagepoterlily says: IT WAS GREAT I CAN ONLY HOPE THAT THE REAL MOVIE IS JUST AS GREAT.Avatar Imagepotterfan2121 says: that was soo well made. wow. it really is claymazing! i wanna keep watching! more!!! :)Avatar ImageFumblelaw says: Thats absolutely incredible!! I want the dvd!Avatar Imagemewthree says: i want to watch it all.Avatar Imagebookmonster79 says: This is soo cool. Someone has way too much time on their hands, though. I know that took ages to do. The work on it is exceptional.Avatar Imagehericus says: This is actualy really good i think its fantastic how it was made. If i had to be super critical (which i dont but anyway) is it me or harry sounds very posh? lol but i'll shut up because it was a great jobAvatar ImageDobbyandWinky says: Thats great! really GREATAvatar Imagehippochip says: This was really amazing. Nice and original :)Avatar ImageArthur22 says: What else can you say but wow!!, it is good.Avatar Imagepottershrink says: Thank you to the person who did this, it's astonishingly good! Oooh, makes me long for the movie even more, though! Sad to say, we have capped internet limits and there is no way I'll be able to watch more than these 9 minutes. Sue / Jon / Melissa, please could you interview the artist for a PotterCast? I would be fascinated to hear the story behind the claymation - was it for a varsity project, or just for fun, or what?!Avatar Imagekiwimci says: THIS IS SIMPLY THE MOST AWESOME THING EVER. I'm sorry but everyone watch this immediately because Warner Bros is DEFINITELY going to close this downAvatar ImageCatherine says: Wow that is really cool! Avatar ImageCatherine says: AMAZING! Avatar ImageCatherine says: AMAZING! Avatar Imagespringtosprung says: wow. this is amazing! they must be some very dedicated and talented fans. well done!Avatar ImageWingardium says: WOW this is amazing. I'm so impressed. Here's hoping the WB film will be as good :) Well done!!!Avatar ImageWingardium says: Emmm question......in the US version of DH....does Mr Weasly come for the Dursleys? Or did the claymation goes do a WB and make a few creative changes ;)Avatar Imagehp29 says: that was so amazing, the work it must have taken, i envy him, this is so amazing lol Avatar ImageeiVega says: Oh man this is so awesome!! Did they do this for a student film in school? Where do you have time for a personal project of this size? I've been wanting to do small videos forever, but work just drains me too much to continue animation elsewhere. Now, I actually want to sign up for the claymation workshop at Azaktraz! I wish I did Harry Potter projects when I was still an animation student!Avatar ImageMelissa Anelli says: We've already asked the artist to be on PotterCast, so expect that soon. :)Avatar ImageWingardium says: How cool! Thanks Melissa!Avatar ImageeiVega says: Oh man...so now that I've watched the first one I've realized I'm not going to get ANY work done at all today!! Sorry Simpsons, but I got some HP animation to work on and enjoy! Yay for animation!! I love it! The geek inside is soooo joyful right now....Avatar Imagearkapain says: Oh wow, that is just amazing! I can't believe someone could do something like that! Wait-- I think I'm forgetting what fandom this is ;)Avatar Imagejalawood says: Oh my god I can't even BEGIN to imagine how much time the entire 4 hours took to make! That is so cool!Avatar Imagehermyone08 says: That's really something you have to see to believe!Avatar ImageUndesirable No. 1 says: Will take a long time to watch...making this had to take months!Avatar Imagegrednforge7 says: wow, that was epicAvatar Imagebookishgal says: Fantastic!Avatar ImageRobbie Rowe says: Brilliant video. Can't find part five, but the first four are great.Avatar Imagespicefan1978 says: This is so cool!!!Avatar Imagehptwerdfighter says: That's really, really awesome!!!!!Avatar ImageAccio Jacob says: This truly is amazing! You must have put so much time into making this film.. I applaud you greatly.Avatar Imagelucky709 says: This really is a great video!! I love claymation!! :*DAvatar ImageBeAchL0veEr05 says: It is not even funny how awesome this is. I can't believe how long this took to make! Wow! Just absolutley FANTASTIC! =D Nagini looks awesome :) Avatar ImageHROAR Mudblood Proud says: Wow! They must have been working on this since their first read of the book. That's fantastic.Avatar ImageSophie Treklemmer says: wow! four hours of stop-motion capture? These people are film making heroes! I can't wait to see it ;DAvatar Imagecheekysnake09 says: the detail is amazing! this must have taken a billion years! o_OAvatar Imagebadger666 says: Wow! That is so amazing. I can't wait to watch it. It is so cool that there are so many fan films of parts of Deathly Hallows out there. It really makes the long wait for the real movie more bearable. And there are some truly brilliant fan films out there. But I've never seen one that did the whole entire story of Deathly Hallows. Again, wow. This is too awesome!Avatar Imagebadger666 says: This is wonderful so far. I love it!Avatar ImageYodatheHobbit says: "Emmm question……in the US version of DH….does Mr Weasly come for the Dursleys? Or did the claymation goes do a WB and make a few creative changes ;)" OK, I know you said this in a non-serious, and totally innocent playful manner. But I just wanted to take this oportunity to stand on a soapbox for a moment. DO A WB?!? It's not a WB. Do you think we're so special? Do you think we're the only victims? Do you think we're the only fandom whose movies are different from the source material? Look around more at other adaptations over the many years and see just how lucky we are with everything WB as included in these movies. There are other stories of fiction which have received much, much, much, much, much, much more changes to the story than Harry Potter ever has.Avatar Imagepromote_elfish_welfare says: Wow.. this is so amazing. It must have taken forever. I've only seen the first part so far, but when I have time to spare I'm certainly going to sit down and watch the whole thing. Avatar ImageLucia Meadows says: I've only seen the trailer and the epilogue of this miniseries, but I feel that it's a much closer representation of DH than the WB may give us. This is what I had in mind as an adaptation of this series when I first read SS in 1999: an animated miniseries.Avatar ImageeiVega says: I've watched the whole thing now...it was wonderful! I can't wait to hear from him on Pottercast and I hope we can help him find a job! :)Avatar Imageugurbocegi says: Unbelievable! I love it! Avatar ImageProf_Tofty says: Oh. My. Goody-good-goodness. That was amazing. The Avada Kedavra from Voldemort actually sent shivers down my spine. Avatar ImageSash1113 says: Wow! Thank you for making this!Avatar Imagedcrazmo says: This is pretty terrific. Is Warner Brothers having a fit?Avatar ImageEmily Erland says: Ooo cool! (runs off to watch videos)Avatar Imageaimeelani says: That was amazing!Avatar Imagewizardinventor says: That is amazing!Avatar ImageScarlette says: Wow, that's so neat!Avatar ImageSpiffia says: This is insane and fantastic. I'm glad they're sharing it so everyone can watch!Avatar Imagehpbruin says: This is so AMAZING! I can't wait to sit down and watch the whole thing. Thankfully it's a holiday weekend. :) Melissa, you guys need to get the filmmaker on Potter Cast and do an interview with him.Avatar ImageThe Hufflepuff Giraffe says: This is my favourite thing ever. Why doesn't Warner Bros. see that This is what we want? This will definitely hold me over until HBP. I'm so excited, squee!Avatar ImageGinaC says: I agree that WB better be watching this and taking lessons! Wow!Avatar Imageahorsegirl220 says: Oh my gosh that is so cool!!!! :DAvatar Imageahorsegirl220 says: Oh my gosh that is so cool!!!! :DAvatar ImageThio says: That's beyond awesome!! I'm dying to see all of it!! "Great and fantastic bloody well done" job!!Avatar Imagepie_eater61 says: OH MY GOSH!!!!! this is sooooo amazing (or claymazing, as it has been put)! I LOVE it!!!!! Avatar ImageErinM says: I'm absolutely amazed. This must have taken an extremely long time to make. Thank you for creating this for us to enjoy. I'm glad that you're going to talk with Leaky to give more info on how you make it, how long it took, etc. You definitely deserve credit for creating something so cool.Avatar Imageteach3 says: This is so incredible! Cant' wait to see the whole thing!Avatar ImageDolemite says: That's so amazingAvatar Imagenetsrikb says: that is so amazing!!!!Avatar Imageelfinblaze says: Amazing how much time and effort must have gone into this. Well done to the creator. I suppose Americans find the accent invisible, though I find the American accent decidedly distracting. Oh well. Apart from that, I'm still impressed with the effort and dedication that went into this.Avatar ImageAga Veneficus says: XD This is impressive. Most impressive.Avatar Imagenoe_lover_42 says: this is AMAZINGAvatar Imagehufflepuff18 says: this is so cool! I watched it like 9 timesAvatar Imagedcrazmo says: Have been watching, and it's truly amazing. Some of the effects are simply fantastic, and his use of the movie scores is genius. I just wish more had gone into the voices and their performance. But that's a minor quibble about a major, major achievement. I truly hope Warner Brothers doesn't step in and pull it down.Avatar ImageAmy Darlene says: this is the coolest thing EVER!.. ok... next to the actual books and Jo and life...life is good... but this is cool too. Avatar ImageSareptheRavenclaw says: I just finished the whole thing. Sooooo amazing! LOVE IT!!!!Avatar Imageeruanna317 says: I am seriously blown away by this.... this guy is seriously talented! The amount of time this must have taken. The attention to detail. It's just... mind-boggling. WOW.Avatar Imagelgghanem says: Haha this is incredible!!!!! I myself was thinking of doing several scenes of hand-drawn animation, but THIS is EPIC!!!!Avatar ImageHeidiT says: It's absolutely fantastic - we at Azkatraz were so thrilled with it that we asked Lecter to come to Azkatraz and teach our Claymation Workshop at ZEUM on July 20 - and we'll be showing the film, too! It's wonderful on youtube but I can't wait to see it in its full-length form. Avatar ImageChantyBabez says: I've suscribed Whoop! Gonna watch one every day :D xxxAvatar Imageheythereharripotter says: love. it. :)Avatar ImageAmy Darlene says: Kreature kicks Voldemort. (now i'm not generally in favor of that)... But I couldn't help but laugh..... OoOoOo and I love that Molly gets applause in the middle of the fiercest fighting... sooo goodAvatar ImageX-Lillie-Lovegood-X says: ITs amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can I download it anywhere!!?? ITS KEEPING ME ALIVE UNTIL HALF BLOOD PRINCE IS OUT!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH"!!!!!!!!!!Avatar Imagekendra.dumbledore says: It's so long!! I subscribed to his channel and I'll go back and watch it when I have more time. :D I did watch a bit of the first part though! So awesome!Avatar Imagemugglemom4 says: This makes me even more anxious for the film to come out. This is brilliant! Potter fans rock!Avatar Imagedillypoo says: I spent the afternoon glued to my computer watching the entire thing. Amazing!!!Avatar Imageneglegens says: Bloody Brilliant!~Avatar ImageHarry89 says: It was rediculous I saw most of this and I'm completely blown away!Avatar Imagertpuppydog says: I did enjoy watching the first few clips, Wow! the time it would take to do that... One thing that bothered me, was how the talking in the video would just stop. Example: Harry: Whats Going on Hagrid! Then we see Hagrid say nothing for a few seconds... Harry: Your right, we better hurry. Avatar ImageHinkypunkmum says: I watched this whole thing last night. I cannot believe I cried during Dobby's deatha nd Fred's and seeing Tonks and Lupin but i did ! I did ! At claymation ! Heaven help me when the real film comes out. These people deserve an award for this. So well done ! One minor quibble: Hermione's voice actor...too " oh yah ! Like....we need to hide...ya know ...like yah ! with a bad English accent that she kept forgetting. Otherwise - this was incredible.Avatar ImageFelipe_Q says: It's Sooo amazing!!!! I can't stop watching these on my spare time, It's got a pretty good script and the artistry is just amazing. I'm a fan! WB looks pretty bad next to this... =P Avatar Imagefresh-pickled toad says: WOW this is absolutley amazing...Im so happy and THANKFUL that someone took out to make out the book the right way hahaAvatar Imagebadger666 says: Wow! This film is absolutely amazing! Anyone who hasn't watched it yet, you must go watch it now. Words can not express how awesome it is. It really feels like a real movie. Definitely makes the wait for Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows more bearable. Avatar ImageRoman says: wow. just wow...i think i'm going to give up my day off to watch the whole thing.Avatar ImageRoman says: wow. just wow...i think i'm going to give up my day off to watch the whole thing.Avatar Imagevandy says: He's done a wonderful job .............Now if someone asks me which one is my fav movie, I'll say HP DH claymation. :DAvatar ImageWizBang101 says: This is just amazing effort and vision. I really hope that this gets the recognition that it deserves.Avatar ImageDeltaZetaHPuff says: I just watched the entire thing and it was marvelous and really entertaining! Hermione's voice sucked though.. Oh well! HahaAvatar ImageBellaBlack1992 says: That's amazing. I hope the real movie is as great.Avatar Imagelajackson says: I am amazed at the quality of this production. Well done.Avatar ImageAduende says: Pretty freaking impressive.Avatar Imageangelcakes says: Really great and fantastic, and I admire his dedication. But... will it make me sound ungrateful or something if I complain about some of the minor changes? I get that some things had to be shortened, but would it be so difficult to make a Dedalus Diggle character? Arthur saying "Muggles" disparagingly was a bit much for me. And would it have been difficult to suspend Charity with fishing line? I know, I know... ungrateful. But its just when I see a fan-made thing I expect it to be a little truer to the book than a WB production.Avatar Imagechoirgeek says: This is beyond awesome! I wish I had creativity like this hahaha.Avatar ImageCrown Victoria says: wow no lifeAvatar ImageMaven Cree says: It's already being pulled for copyright. The first part is down. Never post sommat like this on youtube...Avatar ImageFleur-de- Lily says: Why is it not one eney more?Avatar Imageherpothefoul says: its gone =[Avatar Imagechaos35 says: it's gone! :( i meant to watch this sooner but i was too busy. does anyone know where i might be able to find it on the internet? or download maybe...Avatar Imagemewthree says: would love this on dvd.Avatar Imagemewthree says: first part is still up. just watch the beginning. had to stop. will wait for real film to come out.Avatar ImageMuggleQueen says: Yeah I haven't had time to watch it - I was about to now, but grrrr WB have pulled it :( Please, anyone know where I can see it?Avatar ImageB.R.Longbottom says: :( I missed it. This is what happens when I study for midterms instead of focusing on important things like HP. I won't be making that mistake again.Avatar ImageTWisM19 says: missed it :(Avatar Imageclashcityrocker13 says: WMG TOOK THE VIDEOS DOWN!! BSSSSSSAvatar Imagejustinthemighty says: Well... poo! :( I just found out about this on Pottercast today (I'm behind on the episodes, due to work) and it's all gone now. :/ Warner sucks in ways I can't say without being banned. Grrrr!!!Avatar Imagecrom says: Just letting you guys know its on Youtube again http://www.youtube.com/user/lecter63.

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